Chapter 1342 The Planned Reinforcements


Besieged and wounded, the Gold Immortals from Chen Feng’s team had been suffering from a gradual decrease in their combat power and fighting spirit. However, upon receiving the secret vocal transmission from Chen Feng, a formidable combat power abruptly burst out from them.


Suddenly, a fist – flashing with purple light – descended from above and Chen Feng felt an incredibly formidable pressure bearing down on his soul. It was so strong that his ability to think turned haywire. Divine Monarch Blackmourn, who was beside Chen Feng, had used his wooden staff to block it only to be sent flying.

“Hurry, evade! That’s a move from a True Monarch!” Divine Monarch Blackmourn shouted anxiously. Not even someone like him could stop it, let alone Chen Feng.

“Don’t worry!” Chen Feng said coolly. Next, True Monarch Triple Yang appeared before Chen Feng. His palm pushed forward and a blazing sun flew out to blow up the fist. Following that, two more blazing suns flew out. The first blazing sun blew up to force a cultivator to come out from hiding. Then, the second blazing sun blew up to send the cultivator flying.  

Both of them were clones of a Paramount Gold Immortal, but it would appear that True Monarch Triple Yang was a notch stronger.

“For their Paramount Gold Immortal to be interfering in this situation. Aren’t they a little too shameless?” Divine Monarch Blackmourn scoffed.

“Because our reinforcements have arrived,” True Monarch Triple Yang said, his whole body transforming into a beam of light before shooting forward. He swiftly engaged the enemy Paramount Gold Immortal in a fight. However, after several rounds, both of them disappeared at the same time. The two of them, not wanting their fight to affect the others, moved their fight into another space.

“Reinforcements have arrived!” Divine Monarch Blackmourn grew excited.

“It’s here.” Chen Feng nodded and he unleashed his triple combat power once more to charge towards three Divine Princes.

It did not take long before the pressure on Chen Feng and the others lessened, but the situation around them grew even more chaotic. Two streams of light appeared as Divine Prince Dark Soul and Divine Prince Kill Soul led several Gold Immortals over and they came to a halt behind Chen Feng.

“Young Master, are you alright?” Divine Prince Dark Soul asked, concern in his voice.

“I’m fine. How did you fellows come in?” Chen Feng was surprised. This enemy force from the Immortal Court was simply too strong. Even though the reinforcements that he arranged had arrived, it would still be a tough battle. It could not have been easy for them to break in. 

“We are worried about your safety. Our two Divine Monarchs worked together to shift us in,” Divine Prince Dark Soul said, moving to defend Chen Feng and they charged together. 

“Don’t worry about me. Go find the others first,” Chen Feng said as one of his clones held a Longevity Bow to kill off a distant Gold Immortal.

“No. Our job is to protect you, Young Master. There will naturally be others tasked with rescuing the other cultivators.” Divine Prince Dark Soul shook his head.

“Fine. Don’t surround me like this. Just work together with me to break out.” Chen Feng shook his head. He did not force the issue. Brandishing the Longevity Sword, he charged ahead. At that very moment, Divine Monarch Blackmourn was stopping two enemy Divine Monarchs. Chen Feng, on the other hand, had to deal with a considerable number of Gold Immortals and an endless number of other enemy cultivators with varying cultivation levels. 

Seeing Chen Feng charge forward, Divine Prince Dark Soul and the others quickly followed him. The reinforcements that Chen Feng arranged had finally arrived, but the situation only grew even more chaotic and brutal. 

Their battlefield stretched across three star regions. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that by the time their battle ended, the three star regions would be reduced to ruins. 

Chen Feng’s divine sense rapidly made contact with Longevity Edge. After that, he linked up with another Divine Prince. His divine sense then became like cobwebs as it – thanks to the help of several Gold Immortals – covered a large stretch of the battlefield. And so, Chen Feng was able to clearly see part of the battle situation within his sea of wisdom. 

The situation doesn’t look too good. Chen Feng shook his head. While it seemed as though the Celestial Longevity Plane had gained the upper hand, their victory will come at a great price. For every 1,000 enemies killed, they would lose 800 men. Chen Feng’s original plan was to launch a surprise attack, using certain means to wipe out some of the enemy’s vital forces. He did not want to take on serious casualties for the sake of inflicting massive damage on the enemy. In Chen Feng’s opinion, this was not the time to be fighting a decisive battle. Moreover, these reinforcements were only part of the Boundless Corps’ power. 

Should we retreat now? This time, our goal is a sudden attack. The enemy must surely also have their own reinforcements. If their reinforcements arrive… Chen Feng fought his way forward as he pondered the situation. It did not take long before he felt the pressure around him lessening as the space before him became clear. He had succeeded in breaking out from the chaotic battlefield. 


A clump of black light suddenly appeared in the starry space. Following that came a thick and bloody light. Like holes in the universe, the two clumps of light then burst outwards. In but the blink of an eye, countless patterns elongated outwards. Runes flashed, enveloping a stretch of the starry space. 

“These fellows have finally arrived!” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. This was also part of his plan. 

Due to the collision between the power of darkness and blood, a massive spatial passageway was opened. Next, two torrential rivers surged out from it. One of the rivers was actually the army from the Dark Plane, led by the Dark Kirin. The other river was the army from the Blood Plane, made up of a high number of cultivators. 

They were followed by the arrival of the armies of the Demon Plane and Nether Plane. 

“Chen Feng, we’re not too late, are we?” After coming out, the Dark Kirin transformed into his original form. His colossal body - shining with a bizarre, black-coloured lustre – gave off quite the impactful atmosphere. 

“This must be Longevity Celestial. I have long since heard of your famous name,” said a Gold Immortal whose entire body was enveloped in thick blood energy. 

At the same time, the leaders of the forces from the Nether Plane and Demon Plane stepped forward. With the exception of the Dark Kirin, all of them were Divine Monarchs. 

The Divine Monarch from the Nether Plane was clad in a suit of armour filled with mysterious-looking patterns and nether fire flowed continuously across its surface. In his hand was a nether lance and killing energy billowed out from his body. 

The Divine Monarch from the Demon Plane, on the other hand, surprised Chen Feng somewhat. 

To think that it would be a Devourer Beast. No, this must be a Divine Heavengorging Beast. I wonder if the Demonic Heavengorging Art that he cultivates is the complete one. Chen Feng’s eyes flashed.

“The Ghost Plane is presently going all out to stop the Slaughterers. Although the Yao Plane is assisting, we cannot stay here for long.” The Dark Kirin came forward and informed Chen Feng. The number of men that the four of them brought over was not high, but they were all Gold Immortals. It was all for the sake of quickly finishing this battle. 

“The Yao Plane is participating as well?” Chen Feng was surprised. In the past few years, it had always been the Dark Plane, Nether Plane, Demon Plane, Blood Plane, Ghost Plane and some weaker worlds who allied together against the Slaughterers and Immortal Plane. This sudden participation by the Yao Plane surprised Chen Feng. However, it also made him somewhat at ease. 

There was a saying, yaos and demons were a family. In truth, there was an inherent difference between yaos and demons. Even so, there was no denying the fact that both were very formidable. 

But if one were to compare the two, the yaos were undoubtedly slightly stronger. Yaos had a very important place within the development of the universe. From a general perspective, some unique creatures, spirit monsters, magical beasts and many living creatures that could cultivate could be classified as yaos. Rather, even humans were one of the races that evolved into being from yaos. 

Comparatively speaking, if the Celestial Planes and Immortal Plane were to be put aside, the strongest world would be the Yao Plane. Only, the Yao Plane was always a very mysterious place. Although various yao beasts would often appear from it, the Yao Plane had not participated in any of the conflicts happening within the past millions of years in any major way. 

For the Yao Plane to actually intervene, this meant that the Dark Plane, Demon Plane and the others had gained a formidable ally. As for the Immortal Plane, it meant the addition of a formidable group resisting it. Long ago, for a certain period, the yao clan had once ruled over the Immortal Plane. 

“Yes. The Yao Plane has allied with us. According to the information we received, the Yao Plane has come under attack from otherverse creatures. They’re taking action for the sake of finding more allies as well.” The Dark Kirin sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission. 

“What? The Yao Plane has come under attack as well? What creatures? Slaughterers or Destroyers?” Chen Feng grew even more shocked. 

“You know of the Destroyers?” The Dark Kirin was taken aback, but he then said, “It is not Slaughterers or Destroyers. It is Soul Hunters and Devourers!”

“Soul Hunters, Devourers.” Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light and the introductory information of the two creatures quickly appeared within his sea of wisdom. 

“Looks like the things written in the records by our predecessors really do exist. Hopefully, no other forces would participate. Things are chaotic enough as it is.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“No, you’re wrong. I am personally hoping that more forces would participate in this. That way, the situation would become even more chaotic and the Immortal Plane would lose control of the situation. When that happens, they’ll be dragged into this mess for real. That is a good thing for our worlds,” the Dark Kirin countered.

“That’s too dangerous. If the entire Immortal Plane is dragged into this, one careless mistake is all it takes for your Dark Plane, the Demon Plane and others to be destroyed. Even our Myriad Celestial Planes may not be able to hold.” Chen Feng shook his head. He had always had this outlook, hoping that the immortal region would be at peace for some time. That way, his force would be able to develop. At present, however, the situation had become too chaotic. They were one uncontrolled escalation away from destruction. 

That said, Chen Feng had to admit that there was some truth in the Dark Kirin’s words. The Immortal Plane was too strong. Without stirring the situation, making it even more chaotic, the Dark Plane and some other great worlds will surely end up being annexed by the Immortal Plane. With that, the Immortal Plane’s power would skyrocket and the Myriad Celestial Planes – even if they were to unite – may not be able to stop it. Additionally, the Myriad Celestial Planes were filled with conflicts. Uniting them all was simply an impossibility.

“We don’t have the time to be talking about that. Right now, we need to do our best to kill off the enemies. We’ll need to retreat in one day’s time. That’s the longest we can stay here,” Chen Feng said, bringing out the Longevity Bow. Pulling and releasing it, he instantly fired out 10 thick beams of light into the enemy soldiers. This time, his targets were the Slaughterers. The attacks were like hurricanes, sweeping up any Slaughterers standing in their path before ripping them to pieces.

The ten beams of light cleared ten passageways that had seemingly no end. All the Slaughterers in their path had been killed. 

“One day is enough. And here I was wondering how long it would take.” The Divine Monarch from the Blood Plane gave an even more theatrical display as his body transformed into a surging sea of blood. Wave after wave of blood charged forth and the enemy cultivators engulfed by the waves of blood were all blown up, all their essence power merging with the sea of blood. 

The Divine Monarch from the Nether Plane charged into the enemy soldiers, his body wreathed in nether fire. As for the Divine Heavengorging Beast, he transformed into his original body. With but one charge, he smashed a Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer into bits. Following that, a vortex appeared before disappearing just as quickly and every part of the smashed Slaughterer disappeared. 

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