Chapter 1341 Surrounded


“Something must have happened,” Chen Feng said, breathing in a lengthy breath. According to their plan, by using the teleportation array, they should have teleported over to a safe place. At that very moment, however, there were enemy soldiers all around them, a seemingly endless number of enemy soldiers. The situation had escalated. 

“The Immortal Plane, Slaughterers, Supreme Origin Clan and Soulgobbling Clan. No wonder they did not appear back then. They were waiting for us here,” Chen Feng said.

“Longevity Celestial, could there be a problem with the teleportation platform that you used just now?” a Divine Prince shouted.

“The teleportation array was something that the various True Monarchs had worked together to craft. How could there be a problem with it?” Chen Feng said. 

“How else can we explain our current situation?”

“It’s very simple. Our plan was leaked. The other party’s experts then used the information to divine our actions and they arranged their army here to wait for us,” Chen Feng said coolly. 

“Leaked? Who leaked it? Do we have a traitor among us?”

“Now is not the time to be talking about that. At present, the most important issue is how we can escape from this. Longevity Celestial, do you have any more teleportation array platforms on you?”

“I only have that one teleportation platform. Right now, we only have one way to go about this.” Chen Feng took in a lengthy breath. 

“What is that?”

“Fight to the end!” A faint smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. Next, the four Divine Monarchs took action, using a shifting technique to send the hundred plus Gold Immortals into the enemy army. 


Words were pointless here. Even if they knew death was all that awaited them, no one would choose to just stay still and wait for death. The Gold Immortals from the Celestial Longevity Plane silently cursed Chen Feng as they furiously killed the enemy soldiers around them. 

The enemy army was simply too strong. The number of enemy soldiers was practically countless. But more importantly, they had many Gold Immortals. For the sake of wiping out Chen Feng’s team, the enemy had mobilized a high number of their high-level cultivators. 

“The kid will be the death of us this time.”

“Ha ha ha ha! Bring it! I’ll kill them all!”

“You want to kill me? Not so fast! I can leave whenever I want!”

“Is there really a traitor? Who could it be?”

Regardless of what was on their minds, there was no changing what they had to face next. Additionally, the countless enemy soldiers surrounding them would also not give them the time to ponder the situation.  

Chen Feng himself was surrounded by several Gold Immortals who attacked him simultaneously. There were also many Heavenly Immortals around them. The Heavenly Immortals joined forces to launch attacks at Chen Feng. Just one clash had left Chen Feng on the verge of defeat. Due to that, Chen Feng grew concerned. He was very worried that his whole team would be wiped out here. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A figure swiftly flashed forward and the Gold Immortals attacking Chen Feng were all sent flying. Chen Feng pounced on the opening and the Longevity Sword slashed out to kill off two of them. 

The Divine Monarch from the Boundless Family, Divine Monarch Blackmourn, appeared beside Chen Feng.

“Senior, let’s attack together!” Chen Feng said, his body rapidly growing bigger. His Chaos Gold Body grew to a height of 70,000 zhang. Additionally, his glabella abruptly cracked open and Chen Feng shouted as he utilized the Soul Subduing Technique. An invisible soul wave swept out and the surrounding cultivators who were charging towards him froze for a moment. 

Divine Monarch Blackmourn made use of the opportunity to attack. And so, phantom silhouettes of a wooden staff assailed the surrounding space, wiping out everything there. By Chen Feng’s estimate, the enemy cultivators killed by that move included at least 5 Gold Immortals, 1,000 half-step Gold Immortals and 30,000 Heavenly Immortals. 

“A Divine Monarch is truly strong,” Chen Feng praised. However, the crack on his glabella did not close up. Instead, it fired out the Ageless Light. 

After firing out the Ageless Light, Chen Feng then followed it up with a highly formidable eye technique. 

Unleashing three formidable attacks in quick succession left Chen Feng’s aura somewhat weak. Divine Monarch Blackmourn was also not in a good spot. He had been deploying his strongest moves to kill off even more enemies. 

That said, the three waves of attacks had killed over 20 Gold Immortals, 10,000 half-step Gold Immortals and 100,000 Heavenly Immortals. 

This result secretly shocked Divine Monarch Blackmourn. Incredible! Usually, only by having two or three Divine Monarchs working together would it be possible to gain such a result. This kid is extraordinary!

“Senior, let’s go somewhere else,” said Chen Feng, who had sensed danger.

“Sigh! I don’t even get to catch my breath.” Despite saying that, Divine Monarch Blackmourn utilized his shifting technique and the two of them disappeared to re-appear somewhere five million kilometres away. After re-appearing, they attacked again. Once again, Chen Feng utilized the Soul Subduing Technique and illusion techniques, but he did stop using the Ageless Light. As for Divine Monarch Blackmourn, he made use of the openings to kill off tens of thousands of enemy soldiers. 

The second time they shifted away, an expert finally targeted them and they were pulled out in the midst of shifting away. Chen Feng flinched as a lance pierced his body. On the other side, Divine Monarch Blackmourn swung his wooden staff to break apart the skyful of sword beams. However, a mantis-like Slaughterer arrived before him. Two large blade-like limbs swung and Divine Monarch Blackmourn was sent flying as well. 

“Longevity Celestial, are you alright?” Divine Monarch Blackmourn transformed into a stream of cyan smoke to fly by before re-appearing before Chen Feng.

“I’m fine.” Chen Feng pulled out the lance and the wound on his body healed up instantly. 

“It’s the eye technique of the Blood Eyes Clan!” Divine Monarch Blackmourn said. 

“There is also a Destroyer hiding in the dark,” Chen Feng said. 

“A Destroyer? How did you sense it?” Divine Monarch Blackmourn was somewhat surprised. He was several levels above Chen Feng, but he had failed to detect it. 

“Because I had devoured too many Slaughterer essence. I have a strong ability to sense Slaughterers. Although Slaughterers and Destroyers are different types of creatures, there are similarities between them. Earlier, I sensed a formidable notion to destroy lurking around. It must be at the Divine Prince level. Only, the other party is hiding within the milling soldiers. It will be hard to find it,” Chen Feng said. 

“If there’s only one, it should be easy to handle,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn said with a smile. 

“There is indeed only one Destroyer, but the number of Gold Immortals from the other forces here is simply too high.” Chen Feng’s gaze swiftly swept out to clash with two beams of bloody light. The bloody light disappeared and Chen Feng closed his eyes. 

“The Blood Eyes Clan is actually interfering. This is truly problematic.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“Will there be any problems with the reinforcements that you arranged? From what I can see, the other party is very strong. We may need the entire Boundless Corps to come,” Divine Monarch Blackmourn asked. 

“Probably not. Should a problem arise, all of us will actually die here.” Chen Feng chuckled.

“Probably? What do you mean by that? Are you not sure about it?” Divine Monarch Blackmourn’s face sank. 

“Of course I cannot be sure about it. Anything could happen. However, I believe that this plan will not go wrong. Before that, though, you will have to use some more secret techniques. Look at how many enemies there are here. We should make use of this opportunity to kill off some more of them so that we don’t need to face this many in the future,” Chen Feng said and his figure abruptly shook. Next, his two clones emerged. One of them utilized the Soul Subduing Technique while the other one utilized illusion techniques. As for Chen Feng’s main body, he charged into the enemy army to attack the cultivator from the Blood Eyes Clan. 

Divine Monarch Blackmourn shook his head and followed Chen Feng. Given the circumstances, all he could do was to display all his might. 

In this sudden attack on the enemy army, only the four Divine Monarchs knew about Chen Feng’s full plan, and only slightly. As for the rest, they were utterly kept in the dark about this. It was no wonder that some of them would inwardly curse Chen Feng.

Naturally, Chen Feng had only made this plan based own his speculations. Back then, he could not be certain if the other party would surround him here or not. 

But now, it would appear that he was right. Only, there were still some slight discrepancies. The force that the other party mobilized against them was much stronger than he had anticipated. 

Looks like we’ll have a bitter fight on our hands even after the reinforcements arrive, Chen Feng thought. By then, he had already started fighting the two cultivators from the Blood Eyes Clan. Failing to force them back after unleashing his triple combat power twice, Chen Feng grew apprehensive. His figure then flashed away as he did not want to become entangled with the two and he attempted to move to a different place in the battlefield.

“You want to flee? Not so fast!” The two cultivators from the Blood Eyes Clan, however, hounded Chen Feng persistently. The two of them were Divine Princes. More, their eye techniques were highly formidable, allowing them to easily lock down on Chen Feng’s aura and position. 

Helpless, Chen Feng had no choice but to turn around and fight. After several rounds, Chen Feng found an opening and darted away again. The two Blood Eyes Clan cultivators had wanted to pursue him only to be sent flying by a Divine Monarch who appeared all of a sudden.

It was the Divine Monarch from the Longevity Palace.

“Longevity Celestial, when will the reinforcements arrive? We are already starting to lose men.” There were several big holes on the durable suit of armour on the Divine Monarch’s body. It would appear that he was not having an easy time either. 

“I am not sure myself.”

“What? You’re not sure?” The Divine Monarch felt an urge to grab Chen Feng. 

“Yes. I have already transmitted my position out. The reinforcing army has surely received it. However, it is hard to say when they’ll arrive. That’s why, you all will have to endure a while longer,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile. 

“Endure, sigh! We have no problems with that, but all those regular Ageless Gold Immortals from our team are about to die,” the Divine Monarch said with a dark look. 

“It should not be that serious, no?” Chen Feng’s face sank. 

“Humph! If they’re too late, even guys like us will end up dying here,” the Divine Monarch said with a harrumph. 

“Ha ha ha! Don’t be anxious, senior. In wars, deaths are inevitable. If we do not make use of this opportunity to kill off as many enemies as we can, when the enemy army descends, we will still have to face them,” Chen Feng said smilingly. At the same time, the Longevity Sword flew forward, killing off tens of Slaughterers before flying back. By then, the number of Slaughterers surging into the battlefield was beginning to rise higher and higher.

The Divine Monarch knew that Chen Feng’s words made sense. Even so, he was still feeling dissatisfied. Only, he did not say anything. Instead, he brandished his halberd to charge into the enemy soldiers, where he killed off three Gold Immortals in one fell swoop.

“Fellows, endure it for a bit longer. Our reinforcements will be coming soon!” All the cultivators from the Celestial Longevity Plane there received Chen Feng’s secret vocal transmission. 

Chen Feng had utilized a Communication Talisman that a Paramount Gold Immortal crafted. Despite the chaos all around him, he was still able to contact everyone there. Only, as he was contacting them, his face turned slightly dim. He could sense that a good number of Gold Immortals from his side had fallen. 

Those who could cultivate up to the Ageless Gold Immortal stage were all geniuses with good fortune. For the Myriad Celestial Planes, Ageless Gold Immortals were important powerhouses. Every Gold Immortal was a valuable asset. Losing this many of them made Chen Feng distressed. But even if it meant that all of them would fall here, Chen Feng would have still gone ahead with this plan. Because this plan would allow them to slaughter a high number of enemies.  


Note: The word ‘shift’ is translated from ‘挪移’; pinyin: ‘nuó yí’. It’s different from ‘teleport’, raw: ‘’; pinyin: ‘chuán sòng’. The author never went into the details, but I imagine it to be like instantaneous teleportation from Dragonball or blink from World of Warcraft. Again, this is just my speculation.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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