Chapter 1340 Raid


“Yes. Our objective is just to raid them, not to fight them head on.”

In the beginning, in addition to Divine Prince Heavenswind, who had already left the team to fight beforehand, there had been several others who did not think much about the Slaughterers. At that very moment, however, their thoughts about it had changed. Some were even feeling somewhat regretful. 

The number of Slaughterers was simply too high. There were also the occasional Gold Immortals amidst the Slaughterers. The number of Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers had exceeded their expectations. At that very moment, there was one thought running through the minds of every single one of them. If they were to be exposed here and the Slaughterers surrounded them, would they be able to break out?

“I wonder, will our Boundless Corps be able to handle this attack? Look at how strong this force is. We’ll need to mobilize the entire Celestial Longevity Plane. Moreover, the forces we’ve seen so far are only that of the Slaughterers. We have yet to even find the forces from the Immortal Plane.”

“Found it.” It was then that the Divine Monarch from the Boundless Family suddenly said.

“They’re not from the Immortal Plane. They are from the Holy Light Clan!” the Divine Monarch from the Longevity Palace said. 

“Longevity Celestial, what do we do? Do we take action now?” The Divine Monarch from the imperial family asked.

“Let’s wait for a while longer. Coming this far had not been easy. Let’s try to get a better understanding of the situation first,” Chen Feng said after a moment’s consideration. 

“This won’t do. There are too many of us here. How about this? I’ll head out alone to investigate the situation while you fellows find a place to wait,” the Divine Monarch from the Longevity Palace said. 

“I’ll go too,” said another Divine Monarch from another force.

“Very well. Be careful, seniors.” Chen Feng nodded. He knew that this was for the best. Given the abilities of the two Divine Monarchs, they would indeed be able to move about more freely on their own. 

After the two Divine Monarchs left, the others hid themselves in a relatively safe spot. Their wait lasted for several days. During that time, they had evaded the scanning divine senses tens of times. Several times, the divine senses had nearly found them. 

Finally, the two Divine Monarchs silently made their way back towards them. 

“How is it?” Chen Feng anxiously asked. 

“We did not find the guys from the Immortal Court. However, in addition to the Holy Light Clan and the Slaughterers, we did find two other forces here. One of them is the Destroyers and the other one is the Blood Eyes Clan,” the Divine Monarch from the Longevity Palace said, his face grim. 

“What?!” All of the Gold Immortals there exclaimed. 

“The Destroyers have come as well.”

“And the Blood Eyes Clan.”

“The Blood Eyes Clan is from the Chaotic Sea of Blood. Why are they here? Moreover, they are actually working together with the Immortal Court and the Slaughterers.”

“This is a problem, a problem.”

“Do not be anxious. Seniors, what about those from the Soulgobbling Clan and Supreme Origin Clan?” Chen Feng suddenly asked. 

“We did not find them.” The two Divine Monarchs shook their heads at the same time. 

“This will be problematic.” Chen Feng pondered.

“However, the number of Destroyers and cultivators from the Blood Eyes Clan is not high.”

“According to the records, Destroyers are stronger than Slaughterers, but there are very few of them. Longevity Celestial, it’s your call.”

Everyone then turned to look at Chen Feng. Although he had the lowest cultivation level, he was the leader of this team. 

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng said, “Since we have already come here, we will have to follow the plan. If we do not kill off some guys, we will not be able to explain ourselves after we return.”

“But the present situation is unfavourable for us.” Someone objected.

“If the situation is favourable, there would have been no need for a sneak attack. We would have simply attacked with our main army. Enough. Let’s attack now. We’ll end this quick. Regroup after one joss stick’s worth of time!” After Chen Feng said that, the hundred plus Gold Immortals in his team swooshed into their surroundings, disappearing from sight.

Chen Feng swiftly flew through the army of Slaughterers alone before finally locking down on a Gold Immortal from the Holy Light Clan.

It was a regular Ageless Gold Immortal. Chen Feng, who was flying forward rapidly, abruptly halted and the Gold Immortal blew up with a bang. Next, a rapidly-rotating black hole appeared and the resulting streams of energy from the explosion were all devoured before they could disperse away. 


The second Gold Immortal.


The third Gold Immortal.


A Divine Prince.

Chen Feng pushed his strength to its limits to kill off several Gold Immortals in one breath’s worth of time. On the second breath, eight Gold Immortals came together to stop Chen Feng, but he was too fast. With one collision, he smashed one of them to his death and broke out from the encirclement to disappear from sight. 

However, Chen Feng’s whereabouts were already exposed. The Holy Light Clan was very quick to respond. Although the sudden attack had caught them off guard, they were able to respond swiftly. 

As Chen Feng had managed to kill off several Gold Immortals, he felt very pleased. His will to fight soared and he locked down on another Gold Immortal. However, before he could attack, an overwhelming pressure with seemingly no equal swept towards him. 

The other party has dispatched their Divine Monarchs! Chen Feng heart grew tense and his Longevity Wings abruptly shrunk. Surprisingly, his speed rose up. He evaded two will-type attacks and the Longevity Sword in his hand swung out, becoming like a Heavenly River. As a result, the surrounding starry space, spanning a radius of 50,000 kilometres, became a stretch of vacuum. The countless Slaughterers and cultivators from the Holy Light Clan there were all turned into shreds.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Countless attacks converged from every direction to attack Chen Feng. Surprisingly, they merged to form a black hole before enveloping him.

In the face of this attack, Chen Feng simply thrust his Longevity Sword into the black hole. Next, the black hole rapidly shrunk before abruptly expanding. 


The black hole – formed using the power of countless cultivators – was already unstable to begin with. Due to Chen Feng’s attack, the black hole finally blew up. Circular waves of light swept out into the surrounding space and the emptied space there turned chaotic once more.

Chen Feng’s figure shot out from within the explosion. Like a meteor, he slammed into a team of cultivators from the Holy Light Clan. When he got up, he saw that the Longevity Combat Armour that he wore had become deformed. Cracks had also appeared at certain areas. But light then flowed out with a flash and the damaged suit of armour was swiftly repaired.

This black hole attack is no joke! Chen Feng then stretched his hand out, his palm grasping and opening. Next, the thousand plus cultivators from the Holy Light Clan around him cried out in misery as they all blew up. 

Following that, a grey stream of light shot out from his glabella and a Gold Immortal who was half a million kilometres away was struck by it. Instantly, the Gold Immortal’s body broke apart. 

That was Chen Feng’s Ageless Light, something that had gone through various irregular transformations. Not even Divine Princes would dare take it head on. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Chen Feng strode forward and the Ageless Light kept sweeping forward. Although it only lasted for one breath’s worth of time, it ended up killing over 100,000 enemy soldiers. That included several Gold Immortals. 

There was only one thought in Chen Feng’s mind at the moment, to kill off as many enemies as possible before leaving once the time was up. 


Four Divine Princes arrived before Chen Feng at the same time. Chen Feng managed to stop the attacks from two of the Divine Princes only for the attacks from the other two to hit him. As a result, his body tumbled away, smashing into a high number of soldiers. But before he could steady himself, a blade made from dazzling holy light slashed down upon him. 

A mighty-looking cultivator wrapped in holy light rushed towards Chen Feng. The cultivator raised his hand and Chen Feng felt his whole body stiffening.

A Divine Monarch! Chen Feng abruptly got up, energy streams surging all around him to create popping sounds. Vigorous blood energy charged forth to create a pulse of power and Chen Feng broke free from the restraining power. 

“Eh?!” The Divine Monarch from the Holy Light Clan grew surprised. Next, he sent a fist towards Chen Feng only for another fist to appear, blocking his attack. The collision between the two fists could seemingly shake the entire universe.

It was a Divine Monarch from the Boundless Family. Although everyone in this raiding team was attacking their respective targets, this Divine Monarch had felt worried about Chen Feng. And so, he had secretly followed him. Seeing Chen Feng in danger, he quickly took action. 

Chen Feng made use of the opportunity to evade. With a flash, he charged into the group of cultivators from the Holy Light Clan.

“Don’t let them escape!”

“Slaughterers! Hurry up and seal up the surrounding space!”

The cultivators from the Holy Light Clan were highly infuriated. This sudden attack from Chen Feng and the others had inflicted serious damage upon them and they would like nothing more than to rip Chen Feng’s team to bits.

“Huh! One joss stick’s worth of time is up,” Chen Feng said, crushing the talisman in his hand. Next, the talisman transformed into a stream of light that encased Chen Feng. Then, Chen Feng’s figure was shifted away, unaffected by the chaos around him. The attacks from the cultivators there were instantly deflected by the stream of light around him. 

At the same time, the other Gold Immortals who came with Chen Feng also brought out their respective talismans. Like Chen Feng, flowing light wrapped around them to deflect all the incoming attacks and they all quickly gathered up. 

“The Void Talisman crafted by a Paramount Gold Immortal is indeed extraordinary. It can actually teleport us even with all the chaos around us. More, it can also deflect attacks,” a Divine Prince said with a smile.

“Enough. It’s time for us to leave.” Chen Feng looked around and his face darkened. Although this was a sudden attack, several members of their team had still failed to make it back. That said, when compared to the result of their raid, they had scored a big victory here. Chen Feng alone had killed more Gold Immortals than the number of losses on their side. Looking at the faces of the others, Chen Feng believed that they too, must have inflicted considerable damage upon the enemy forces.

Chen Feng waved his hand and a teleportation array platform formed using various types of energies appeared before them all. Multi-coloured streams of energy flowed and one multi-coloured pillar of energy after another charged upwards to pierce into the endless starry space. A total of thirteen pillars of energy rapidly spun and chaotic streams of energy were swiftly pulled over from their surroundings, where they gathered up before the array devoured them. 

A massive spatial passageway was opened.

The cultivators from the Holy Light Clan and the Slaughterers were charging towards Chen Feng’s team from every direction. In addition, there were also Destroyers and cultivators from the Blood Eyes Clan mixed within them. 

“Hurry up and enter!” Chen Feng waved his hand and everyone entered the teleportation array platform. Countless attacks descended upon them from every direction. However, part of the attacks was devoured by the multi-coloured pillars of light while another part was deflected away. Chen Feng and the others, who were inside the array, were unaffected by the attacks. 

“Ha ha ha! As expected from the work of True Monarchs! I didn’t think that we would have such an easy time here. Back then, I managed to kill off 10 Gold Immortals,” a Divine Prince said, laughing loudly.  


After all of them had entered the spatial passageway, the teleportation array platform – made entirely from energy – abruptly blew up. The formidable power of destruction swept outwards and at least 300,000 soldiers were killed. 

“Huh! We’re finally safe.” Chen Feng and the others emerged within another location in space. However, when they looked around, their relaxed expressions instantly disappeared, replaced by shock and confusion. In the end, it turned into one of panic.

“Longevity Celestial, what’s going on here?”

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