Chapter 134: Five Elements Capturing Light


“I’ll fight!” Elegant Gentleman’s face turned grim as he regretted his actions of provoking Chen Feng. To his shock, the powerful killing intent that Chen Feng was sending towards him was accompanied by an unstoppable murderous sword.

“Driftflame Swiftwind Flight!”

Elegant Gentleman gritted his teeth and growled out. The fan in his hand abruptly spread open to release surging flames. Wind and flames stimulated each other and a surging fire dragon charged towards the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

At the same time, the short, middle-aged cultivator made his move. He reached out with his hand and extended five fingers towards the sky. Next, with a grasping motion, a large, black-coloured vortex suddenly appeared. The vortex spun furiously and the surrounding flow of energy, demonic energy and even the Flaming Spiritcrows were sucked into it. They transformed into surging energy currents, making the vortex grow even stronger.

“Five Elements Capturing Light. It is that secret magic!” Mo Ji herself was unable to stop herself from blurting out in shock as her calm face grew shocked once more.

Naturally, Mo Ji had noticed the fight breaking out between Chen Feng and Elegant Gentleman. Firstly, there was not enough time for her to interfere. Secondly, and more importantly, she wanted to check out Chen Feng and Elegant Gentleman’s power.

Mo Ji had not revealed a shocked look when Chen Feng displayed out the Overwhelming Astral Sword. She had already expected this display of power from him. However, when the short, middle-aged cultivator took action, Mo Ji grew dumbfounded. The magic technique that he was using was a long-lost magic. She had only just heard rumours about it.

The scorching fire dragon and the large vortex charged forward, one following the other, making their way towards the Overwhelming Astral Sword. When they collided, the scorching fire dragon was dispersed and the fan in Elegant Gentleman’s hand was set ablaze, turning into ashes in the process. To Chen Feng’s surprise, the large vortex sent forth by the short, middle-aged cultivator was not dispersed in the collision. Instead, it was constantly chipping away the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s power.

Finally, after stopping the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s attacking momentum, the large vortex disappeared without a trace. Chen Feng waved his hand and the Overwhelming Astral Sword circled back to hover before him. Next, it flew about in every direction for a moment and the surrounding Flaming Spiritcrows were all killed.

What kind of magic technique was that? It is so sublime. It could actually block off an attack from a Prized artefact. Chen Feng himself was feeling shocked. The short, middle-aged cultivator’s performance had surpassed his expectations. After witnessing how he casually dealt with his attack, Chen Feng knew that he would be incapable of scoring any hits if they were to continue the fight.

As Chen Feng had chosen not to attack again, Elegant Gentleman and the short, middle-aged cultivator chose to do the same. For Elegant Gentleman, that earlier attack had destroyed his high-grade Magic artefact, causing his heart to ache. And yet, he dared not attack again. The power of a Prized artefact was not something that he could contend against.

As for the short, middle-aged cultivator, his eyes shone for a bit before regaining a calm look. It seemed he had come up with a plan.

When the short, middle-aged cultivator cast out the large vortex, a look of shock flashed across Ye Ziming’s face. It seemed he had recognized the magic technique.

As both sides had their own scruples, they stopped fighting and continued combating the surrounding Flaming Spiritcrows.

“Elegant Gentleman, you got lucky this time. I wonder if you can block the next one?” said Chen Feng with a sneer. A moment later, a sharp sword energy flowed out to form a circle, wrapping up another Flaming Spiritcrow. This time, however, it was no longer one that moved according to his mere thought, bereft of the wondrous state he had entered earlier.


A loud booming sound rang out as the minor Five Elements battle formation that the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain formed was broken by a powerful flock of Flaming Spiritcrows. Fourth Pot Bro and Fifth Pot Bro were wounded quite a bit and scorch marks could be seen on their bodies.

These Flaming Spiritcrows are truly powerful. Even if you disregard Big Pot Bro, who is at level 5 of the Concealed stage, the other four are all at level 4 of the Concealed stage. After forming that battle formation, they could even fight against a level 6 Concealed stage cultivator. Unexpectedly, these Flaming Spiritcrows could so quickly break the battle formation and wound them. Chen Feng pondered silently.

At that moment, Lu Ta staggered backwards and had to struggle despite Ye Ziming’s assistance to repel off a Flaming Spiritcrow.

“Huh! The demonic energy here is too thick. Just the effort needed to fight off the demonic energy here is exhausting 30 % of my primary energy,” said Lu Ta, his face somewhat pale as black strands of energy flowed across his face.

“Right. How did I forget about the demonic energy?” Chen Feng was stunned. Only then did he recall that everyone was in a disadvantageous position by virtue of their environment.

However, the longevity-type primary energy I cultivate seems effective in dispelling the negative effects of the demonic energy. I wonder, can it allow me to absorb and refine the demonic energy here? Chen Feng thought to himself.

As he was considering that, the Overwhelming Astral Sword swiftly flew forward to circle once around the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain to kill off the tens of Flaming Spiritcrows around them.

“What a pity! Those are all good materials for the concoction of medicinal pills,” said Chen Feng with a sigh.

“Fellows, stay close to me and don’t stray away!” Chen Feng shouted. Since he had already brought it out, he simply continued to send his Prized artefact out to kill the yao beasts. Wherever its sword light went, Flaming Spiritcrows would constantly be killed. Instantly, flames burst out and potent energy waves flowed out haphazardly. After that, a secure zone appeared around Chen Feng.

Seeing that, all the surrounding cultivators swarmed towards Chen Feng, hoping to gain his protection.

After a good two hours, more than 1,000 Flaming Spiritcrows had been slain. Seeing that, the remaining Flaming Spiritcrows understood just how powerful their opponents were and they all fled, leaving the wounded cultivators who swore about endlessly.

“Again, more than 10 cultivators died in this battle. However, the ones to survive are all the elites, each more powerful than the other,” said Chen Feng.

“Almost all the cultivators at level 3 of the Concealed stage had died just now. However, despite the brutality of the earlier battle, some have not gone all out. They are concealing their true powers,” said Ye Ziming with a sneer.

The expressions on Mo Ji’s group remained calm. However, some cultivators sent furious glares at Ye Ziming in response. Yet, seeing the Overwhelming Astral Sword hovering before Chen Feng, looks of hesitation appeared on their faces. Of course, there were also looks of greed.

“Revealing the Prized artefact will surely cause problems,” said Ye Ziming, who shook his head.

“There was no other choice. However, as long as the opponent is not a Sky Human stage cultivator, they can forget about snatching my Prized artefact away,” said Chen Feng with a smile. The Overwhelming Astral Sword transformed into a stream of light before flowing back into his Heavenly Origin acupoint.

The Thunderhawk’s sharp claw is quite good. Surely, it can be used to forge a flying sword at the Prized artefact-tier. There is an artefact forging technique within the Longevity Scripture. It seems I will have to spend some time reading through it. Right now, my two Magnetic acupoints are still lacking the aegis of two Prized artefacts. Chen Feng pondered silently. 

Next up, Chen Feng attempted to absorb the surrounding demonic energy. To his surprise, after circulating the Longevity Scripture’s cultivation technique, the demonic energy he absorbed was transformed into pure spiritual energy before fusing with his longevity-type primary energy.

In the beginning, Chen Feng was feeling somewhat worried. However, after this experiment, Chen Feng grew relaxed. Unexpectedly, the demonic energy here, capable of transforming cultivators into demonic humans, was no different to other spiritual energy for him. It was simply a source of supplement.

If so, there is no need to fear about energy consumption. Absorbing the demonic energy here can become another way for me to replenish my energy. Chen Feng considered.

“Miss Mo Ji, we are severely exhausted. We need some medicinal pills to replenish our energy,” a cultivator suddenly said with a cold tone.

“Not an issue. Everyone gets 20,000 Basic Yang Pills,” said Mo Ji coolly. With a wave of her hand, a big pile of medicinal pills appeared on the ground once more.

With the Basic Yang Pills, the battered morale of the cultivators there rose once more. Some of them hastily used the Basic Yang Pills to recover their strength. As for Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, they possessed plenty of Magic crystals on them. Naturally, the medicinal pills were nothing in their eyes. Besides, Chen Feng’s goal this time was not those 100,000 Basic Yang Pills. Rather, it was the Soulguard Flower.

Since departing from the Sky Soaring Warship, Chen Feng had been secretly searching around. Unfortunately, there were not much vegetation in Demon Soul Valley. Rather, it was pitifully scarce in that regard, comparable to a great desert.

“Didn’t they say there are Soulguard Flowers growing here? I have been looking around for so long, but have yet to see even a blade of grass.” Chen Feng could not help himself from muttering in a hushed tone.

“Plants capable of growing here are all extraordinary in nature. No need to be anxious, Brother Chen. Since we have already come here, we have all the time we need to search for it,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“I wonder, what is it that Miss Mo Ji wants to look for here?” a cultivator stepped forward and asked.

“There is no need for you fellows to know that. You only need to follow my instructions. Also, you fellows are mercenaries experienced in taking and completing tasks. Your employer’s affair is not something that you can casually inquire. Don’t you know that?” Mo Ji answered coolly.

“Heh heh. We just don’t want to die for nothing,” replied the cultivator with a chuckle.

“We are heading towards a primordial ruin. There are plenty of Prized artefact fragments there. There might even be some other items there as well. My objective is a magic treasure that was lost within that place. As long as I can obtain that item, you all will definitely be rewarded. Besides, you can also try your luck there. It may be possible for you to acquire a Prized artefact there,” said Mo Ji after a moment’s consideration.

“Primordial ruin, Prized artefact. He he, I think that place must surely be very dangerous, right?” another cultivator said with a sneer.

“I believe everyone in this world understands how dangerous Demon Soul Valley is. Since you fellows have accepted this task, there is no need to regret it now. I will say it again. Any of you who regrets your decision may leave at any moment.” Mo Ji’s voice took on a cold tone.

“All right. Since we have come this far, we should pull together in times of trouble. Accepting a fee to perform a task. Since we have already accepted this task, there is no need to grumble,” a white-haired old cultivator suddenly said with a hoarse voice.

The old man was one of those whose cultivation base eluded Chen Feng’s gaze. By Chen Feng’s estimate, he should be on the same level as the short, middle-aged cultivator.

A harsh environment, with yao beasts that could appear and disappear at any moment and other unknown dangers. That was the feeling Chen Feng and the others felt after entering Demon Soul Valley.

The next day, their group was ambushed by poisonous insects and yao beasts again. Coils of poisonous snakes that could cover the entire stretch of land, peculiar and poisonous insects blotting out the sky. They were even attacked by some spiky rattans. After finally finding some vegetation, it turned out the plants were life-threatening ropes.

In that one day, another 20 more cultivators were killed. By then, only around 80 plus cultivators of the 100 plus cultivators remained. If it were not for Chen Feng’s protection, the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain would likely have fallen. Even so, Fourth Pot Bro had still gotten seriously wounded. His fellow brothers had to carry him as he nursed his injuries.

“The degree of danger is becoming increasingly high. If not for the Prized artefact, we would have been seriously wounded. I am starting to consider turning back,” Chen Feng secretly discussed the matter with Ye Ziming.

“Turning back now will be more dangerous for us,” said Ye Ziming.

“No. With a smaller group of people, we will not attract as many yao beasts. Besides, we have a Prized artefact to protect ourselves. Turning back now should not be an issue. However, not finding any Soulguard Flowers is disappointing,” replied Chen Feng. Demon Soul Valley was too dangerous and he did not want Ye Ziming and Lu Ta to die with him.

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