Chapter 1339 Sudden Attack


“Last time, they had to retreat after losing. For them to attack again, they must be prepared,” Chen Feng said.

“If so, do we go ahead with our previous plan? If the enemy attack is too strong, our actions of dispatching our soldiers forward will only weaken our strength here,” Longevity Edge said worryingly. 

“Third Brother, do not worry. Just follow the plan. This time, what our Boundless Corps need to do is to stop one third of the enemy force. The rest will be up to the entire Celestial Longevity Plane. If not for the fear of something unexpected happening, I would have gone to the Immortal Plane already to start a ruckus there,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“Sigh! Hopefully, the number of casualties will not be too high.” Longevity Edge grew more concerned.

“Don’t worry. Our Celestial Longevity Plane has many big bosses who are still hiding in the dark. Even now, there has been nothing from our father and the Planar Lord. The same goes for some of the ancient super monster-level guys. This means that the situation has yet to reach a particular level of severity. The way I see it, those fellows will only appear once it truly becomes dangerous,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Little brother, back then, you said that father has recovered and is about to exit his cultivation retreat. Is it true?” Longevity Edge suddenly asked. 

“It was a guess,” Chen Feng replied calmly.

“What?! A guess?” Longevity Edge grew shocked and his eyes widened in surprise. 

“Of course. You and Big Brother have been staying here in the Celestial Longevity Plane, but even you two do not know how father is doing. How could I know?” Chen Feng said smilingly. 


“Enough. Let’s not talk about that anymore. Although it is a guess, it can also be considered as a hunch. My hunch will not be wrong.” Chen Feng did not want to continue discussing the topic. 

“Young Masters!” Some guards came in. 

“I know. You fellows can withdraw.” Chen Feng nodded. Given his cultivation base, he could see that some people were coming. 

“It’s Divine Prince Jolt Immortal and the others. Looks like they are here to plead for leniency,” Longevity Edge said. 

“I figured they would come.” Chen Feng smiled.

“What do you plan on doing? Prime and Heavenspeak can already be considered as seniors. More, they are also Divine Monarchs. For us to publicly punish them, when they are released, they will surely go all out to fight us,” Longevity Edge said. 

“Releasing them early or releasing them later will not make a difference. The other party already bears a thorough hatred towards us. Would they feel grateful towards us because we released them early? That’s impossible. Moreover, the Paramount Gold Immortal backing them did not say anything. This means that person has accepted our actions,” Chen Feng continued.

“What now?”

“Naturally, we’ll wait until the one month is up. Since it has been decided, it doesn’t matter who comes to beg for leniency. Not even a Paramount Gold Immortal can make me change my mind,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Very well. Honestly, they only have themselves to blame for thinking so highly of themselves. All they have is the fact that they’ve lived a bit longer than most. There are many in the Gold Immortal stage who are older than them. They’re already so old, but instead of focusing on their cultivation, they keep going around to put on airs. Thankfully, they are only Divine Monarchs. If they end up reaching the Paramount Gold Immortal stage, they can probably pierce the Heavens with their noses alone,” Longevity Edge roasted them savagely. 

“Ha ha ha! When that happens, they’ll probably look down on everyone.” Chen Feng laughed as well. 

“Longevity Celestial!” The two Divine Princes Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit walked in. 

“Greetings, seniors. Forgive me for not going out to receive you,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Ha ha! We’re all on the same side. There is no need to stand on ceremony. Longevity Edge is also here. This is good. It just so happens there is something I want to discuss with you two,” Divine Prince Jolt Immortal said. 

“Senior, if you want to plead for leniency, don’t,” Chen Feng said. 

“Plead for leniency?” The two Divine Princes were taken aback for a moment. After chatting for a bit, they immediately understood what Chen Feng meant and they laughed. 

“We’re not here to plead for leniency. We are here for something else,” Divine Prince Jolt Immortal said. 

“Oh, so you two are not here to plead for leniency on their behalf. Looks like I was overthinking it. I wonder, why are you two here then?” Chen Feng chuckled. It would appear that he had jumped to conclusions here. 

“Actually, the reason we are here is for the matter of sending men to the Immortal Plane,” Divine Prince Jolt Immortal said. 

“Didn’t we already finish discussing this? The number of men is already enough and they will be leaving the day after tomorrow.” Chen Feng felt puzzled. 

“Actually, the two of us also want to join the group heading to the Immortal Plane,” Divine Prince Jolt Spirit said. 

“Your reason?” Chen Feng grew somewhat surprised. 

“No reason. We just want to go to the Immortal Plane. Additionally, we will also bring over around half of our own subordinates over. That way, we will be able to help out the force that Young Master has in the Immortal Plane,” Divine Prince Jolt Spirit said. 

“But if you fellows leave, this place will end up becoming slightly less coordinated. I believe you two should understand what I am saying,” Chen Feng said after a moment’s consideration.

“We’ve already considered that. As it so happens, Jolt Soul has emerged from his cultivation retreat. So, we can leave our affairs here to him. If there is anything, you can just have Jolt Soul deal with it,” Divine Prince Jolt Immortal hastily said.  

“Senior Jolt Soul!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. This person was an expert. Supposingly, his combat power was even stronger than the combat power of Divine Prince Jolt Immortal and Divine Prince Jolt Spirit. 

“Yes. It is Jolt Soul. He had been spending the past few years cultivating in a stronghold somewhere in outer space. After he finally managed a breakthrough, he had quickly returned to help our Celestial Longevity Plane. Moreover, Jolt Soul is also very strong, possessing some reputation amongst the members of the imperial family. Rather than us two, it would be more suitable for him to stay,” Divine Prince Jolt Spirit said.

“Since you two have decided on it, we’ll do just that. In truth, it doesn’t matter if you stay here or go to the Immortal Plane, both places are dangerous. You two will have to be extra careful.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Thank you, Young Master.”

After the two of them left, Chen Feng and Longevity Edge exchanged glances, a curious look on their faces.

“What are these two fellows up to? Do they just not want to participate in the battle here?” Longevity Edge was the first to speak up. 

“It’s possible. However, the Immortal Plane is not necessarily safer. That said, back then, those two did not choose to go to the Immortal Plane. For them to want to go now, there must be some reasons for that. In truth, it doesn’t matter what they want to do. As long as their actions do not cause any detrimental effects to our interests, it’s fine. Besides, having Jolt Soul stay behind is not bad. Furthermore, the territory in the Immortal Plane is also mine. If anything happens, I will know about it swiftly,” Chen Feng said after a moment’s consideration. 

Two days later, a total of 50 Gold Immortals set off. In the beginning, they had decided on sending 36 Gold Immortals forward. Later on, as they were arranging it, some more Gold Immortals came over, asking to join in. Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit were but two of them. 

These fellows had their own objectives. Some were truly wanting to fight for the Celestial Longevity Plane, some wanted to escape from the incoming battle and some had unknown objectives.

Twenty amongst the 50 Gold Immortals were from the Boundless Corps and 10 amongst them were unique creatures of chaos. 

In addition, there were also several hundred half-step Gold Immortals and several thousand Heavenly Immortals. In the past, this force would already be strong enough to wreak havoc in the Immortal Plane. But now, Chen Feng estimated that, no matter how much of a stir these fellows could create in the Immortal Plane, they would surely suffer from a high number of casualties. 

At the same time, Chen Feng was also feeling somewhat anxious. He wanted to quickly deal with the current situation and make a trip to the Immortal Plane himself. He was still feeling somewhat curious about the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Back then, he had managed to enter the East Extreme Immortal Palace’s Immortal Palace of Treasures and gained quite the haul. Only, he failed to get the fountain waters from the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness. In Chen Feng’s opinion, that was truly something that could allow a cultivator to increase their cultivation bases quickly. 

In the following days, the Boundless Corps would receive some news every day. Divine Prince Dark Soul had led a group of Dark Soulsmen to spy and collect information. After making certain sacrifices, they were able to continuously dig out some secret information. 

The number of Slaughterers was increasing every day. In the end, they openly lined up in the starry space, not even worried about alarming the Celestial Longevity Plane.

In addition, there were also the regular soldiers from the Immortal Court. A number of these soldiers were from the Ministry of Heavenly War and there were layer after layer of Slaughterers defending them. Without charging deep into the Slaughterers, it would be very difficult to find them. Divine Prince Dark Soul had personally snuck into the army of Slaughterers to find that out. 

Other than the Immortal Court and the Immortal Court’s army, there were also some other forces there, but these forces were somewhat hidden and complex. There were the Holy Light Clan, the Soulgobbling Clan, the mysterious Supreme Origin Clan and some other mysterious forces. Unfortunately, the information that Divine Prince Dark Soul managed to obtain about them was too vague and they were incapable of figuring out the other party’s specific movements.

However, one thing was certain. This attack would be even stronger and more brutal compared to the previous one. Everyone was thinking the same thing. For the other party to so brazenly mobilize their troops like this, they must be very confident. 

As time passed, the Boundless Corps began feeling a formidable pressure bearing down on them. Despite having gathered up a high number of Gold Immortals, they were not feeling particularly confident about this. Chen Feng knew that this could not be allowed to continue. If they were to fight under such circumstances, they would end up taking serious losses regardless if the other party was strong or not. 

Chen Feng, though, knew what needed to be done. He then met up with some Divine Princes to discuss his plan to gather up a force for a sudden raid before the other party attacked them. This would allow them to shock the enemy while giving their side a boost in morale. 

In truth, Chen Feng was not feeling worried about the forces from the Immortal Plane and the other Heaven-defying races. Rather, he was worried about the endless stream of Slaughterers that did not fear death. The strength of these cannon fodders aside, there were simply too many of them. Chen Feng was certain that the Slaughterers would be the first to attack to exhaust their strength. 

Chen Feng’s plan received their support and they swiftly gathered up a force. This force consisted of four Divine Monarchs, 20 Divine Princes, 100 regular Ageless Gold Immortals and Chen Feng. As this was a raid, there were no cultivators beneath the Gold Immortal stage. 

Before that, however, something else happened. The one-month period of public punishment for Divine Monarch Prime and Divine Monarch Heavenspeak ended. After their seals were lifted, they did not go after Chen Feng for revenge. Instead, they calmly left the stronghold, to the surprise of the others. Chen Feng, on the other hand, felt a strong desire to kill them off.   

Chen Feng had originally planned on using the opportunity provided from their actions of coming after him for revenge to kill them off. At that very moment, however, it would appear that his plan would not come to fruition. Those two were Divine Monarchs who had spent several hundred million years cultivating. Their own strength aside, they also possessed some forces to call their own. The reason they were not taking action now was because there was no opportunity to do so. But should they take action during critical moments, they would surely be able to cause serious problems for Chen Feng.

“Should I lead some men over to finish off those two?” A voice made its way to Chen Feng’s ear. This was a secret ability of the Boundless Family. The one who spoke up was a Divine Monarch. He was also one of the Divine Monarchs who had taken action to capture Divine Monarch Prime back then. 

“No. These two old fellows must surely be prepared for that. If we fail and the matter is leaked, some people would surely use it to smear our Boundless Corps.” Chen Feng shook his head. Although he really wanted to kill off the two fellows, now was not the time for it. 

“Ha ha ha! Are there any less smears on our Boundless Corps?”

“Senior, there’s no need to say anymore. I have my own plans for this,” Chen Feng said. 

“Up to you, then. You are in charge of the Boundless Family now. We will be sure to get your permission before doing anything.”

Chen Feng did not say anything, but light flashed across his eyes as some of the thoughts in his mind became more pronounced.

“I want to go too!” Longevity Edge said, killing intent radiating out from him. 

“No. Third Brother, you need to stay behind and guard the stronghold,” Chen Feng rejected him. 

“We have so many people in the stronghold, it will surely be fine,” Longevity Edge said. 

“Third Brother, listen to me. I have some other things that I need you to do.” Chen Feng’s voice suddenly rang within Longevity Edge’s sea of wisdom. His face, though, remained the same, not revealing any abnormalities. 

Light glinted across Longevity Edge’s eyes and he calmed down before saying, “No matter what, I must go. I’ll suffocate to death if I stay here.”

However, Longevity Edge began to secretly communicate with Chen Feng.

Surface wise, it would appear that Chen Feng finally managed to dissuade Longevity Edge from joining the raid as they secretly discussed something else. 

It had been but a short three months, but the Boundless Corps had managed to get themselves some reinforcements. Most of these reinforcements were here for the sake of the Celestial Longevity Plane. Some had come on their own for the sake of joining battles. These fellows were battle maniacs who wanted to hone themselves in battle to improve their cultivation bases. Some had stepped forward because they felt it necessary to do so for the sake of protecting the Celestial Longevity Plane. These fellows were more restrained, but they do possess persistence. In the face of an invasion, these fellows would choose to step forward and fight. There were also some who had their own objectives. For example, fame, authority, the favour of Divine Princes and Divine Monarchs or cultivation techniques through contribution. 

Naturally, after their first meeting, some of the Gold Immortals had specifically went about gathering various forces. By making use of their connections, they were able to gather up quite a number of men. Additionally, the Boundless Corps had also spread the news about them having Paramount Gold Immortals there, which in turn attracted another group of experts over. 

In short, in but a few months’ time, they had managed to gather up a strong coalition of forces. However, these forces were somewhat disorderly. Whether or not these forces would listen to orders and how much combat power these forces would display, on the other hand, remained a question. 

Finally, as the pressure on them kept increasing, Chen Feng and the rest finally set off. They also increased their numbers with 10 additional Divine Princes and 20 regular Ageless Gold Immortals. With that, they had a total of 30 Divine Princes and 120 regular Ageless Gold Immortals. As for the number of Divine Monarchs, they remained the same. In order to avoid any unexpected situations, Chen Feng also invited True Monarch Triple Yang’s clone for this. Although just a clone, he could utilize the power of the paramount dao to easily kill off several Divine Monarchs. 

The four Divine Monarchs worked together to cast a longevity-type stealth technique while tens of Divine Princes casted the Longevity Wings Technique. And so, this raiding team possessed the advantage of both stealth and speed.

For cultivators who had reached the dao of agelessness, a distance of millions of li were no different from the distance between two of their fingers. They could traverse this distance with but a thought. Using their will, they could create a clone to fight their enemies. 

The Slaughterers had gathered up somewhere 50 billion kilometres away from the stronghold. There was more than just distance between the two. Rather, there were also turbulent spatial streams and chaotic folds of space.

The raiding team flew forward rapidly. Some of them had been put in charge of using their divine senses for reconnaissance.

After travelling through a distance of half a billion kilometres, they began coming across some Slaughterers. Although there were no Gold Immortals amongst the Slaughterers, this action from the other party was already an act of seriously provoking the dignity of the Celestial Planes. Only, this territory was closer to the Celestial Longevity Plane. 

As there were Slaughterers, there were also other cultivators there. Even though this place could already be considered as the Celestial Longevity Plane’s territory, these cultivators were actually from various places. They had one objective, to kill these Slaughterers that were scattered all around the starry space. Likewise, they all had one thing in common, their cultivation bases were relatively low. Most of them were Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals. The number of half-step Gold Immortals was low and there were no Gold Immortals amongst them. 

“Looks like our Limitless Immortal Region still has quite a number of cultivators who are filled with fighting spirit.” As the way forward was somewhat boring, some of them began chatting. 

“They’re just killing off some of the scattered Slaughterers. When the army of Slaughterers come, these fellows won’t be able to escape. The way I see it, we should chase them off.”

“Don’t be nosy. We are now in the midst of a mission. Launching a sneak attack on the other party is the most important thing here. If we expose ourselves, the other party will become prepared.”

“Truth be told, why bother going through all the hassle? We should just charge forward. We are all Gold Immortals here. A sneak attack will likely not do much.”

“No. It could at least catch them by surprise. Rather, if the other party is prepared, or if they set up an ambush for us, we will end up on the losing side.”

“Humph! With this force, we can kill even a Paramount Gold Immortal. No matter how many Slaughterers they may have, they would not be able to stop us.”

“You sure can make it sound easy. If we end up encountering an army of 10 billion Slaughterers, the other party can immediately send out over a thousand Gold Immortals to surround us. When that happens, I want to see how you plan on running away. Besides, other than the Slaughterers, there are also other forces in the enemy camp. Our goal is not just to launch a sneak attack on the Slaughterers.”

“Even if there are over a thousand Gold Immortals, they’ll have a hard time surrounding me.”

“Enough. If you’re so good, then make sure to kill more people next.”

“Don’t worry. I will be sure to astound you fellows.”

Hearing their conversation brought a slight frown to Chen Feng’s face. At the same time, he also regretted putting such an arrogant Divine Prince into this team. This Divine Prince was a member of the imperial family. The fact that he could cultivate up to this level proved that he was quite the talented fellow. Moreover, his genes were also quite good and he had also cultivated several of the secret techniques from the Longevity Scripture. He was something of a battle maniac and had volunteered to be part of this raid. Chen Feng himself had thought highly of his combat prowess back then. At present, however, he felt his head aching. He prayed that this fellow was just talking making casual talk and that nothing problematic would happen. 

It did not take long before Chen Feng realized that he had made a mistake in bringing this fellow along. To their surprise, the fellow, Divine Prince Heavenswind, left their team. In but the blink of an eye, he had charged into a team of Slaughterers. 

As they were already close to the army of Slaughterers, the number of Slaughterers in the surrounding space had risen. This team of Slaughterers was composed of a thousand Slaughterers and was led by a Gold Immortal. That was also the reason why Divine Prince Heavenswind decided to suddenly take action. 

With one flap from the Longevity Wings on Divine Prince Heavenswind’s back, his speed rose to the extreme and he swung his Longevity Blade. Spinning around, he wiped out the team of Slaughterers. After that, he grasped and all the Slaughterer corpses and energy fragments were sucked into his palm. Following that, his figure dashed towards the distant Slaughterers.

“The fool!” Chen Feng could not stop himself from swearing.

“This Heavenswind sure can stir up troubles. I was against bringing him along. If our operation is exposed, he will have to take responsibility for it.”

“Should we summon him back?”

“Forget it. His actions of attracting the enemy forces can also help to slightly reduce the pressure on us. Look, more Slaughterers have come. It’s getting a little chaotic. We can make use of this to get closer,” Chen Feng said.

“Very well. Hopefully, Divine Prince Heavenswind can cause an even bigger stir. Ha ha! Looks like this fellow is a little useful after all.”

“Longevity Celestial, Divine Prince Heavenswind did come together with us, after all. He can also be considered as a formidable combat power. Will it be alright for us to just leave him?” someone said. 

“If any of you think you have what it takes, you can go bring him back. I don’t mind waiting here for a moment,” Chen Feng said.  

None of them said anything. Two of them seemed as though they had wanted to say something, but they sighed in the end as they shook their heads before staying silent. 

“I hope everyone here can keep in mind our objective for coming here. Also, I am in charge of this operation. Divine Prince Heavenswind is the one who disobeyed orders here. If he manages to stay alive, we’ll bring him back with us when we head back,” Chen Feng said.  

“Everyone, be careful. We have entered the Slaughterer army’s area,” one of the Divine Monarchs said.

And so, they retracted their life signs and the rate at which they were advancing slowed down. It was as though they were moving through another layer of space as they made their way across the Slaughterers. Looking at the assortment of Slaughterers, strange emotions welled up from within their hearts. 

“I really want to jump out and start a bloodbath.”

“If you want to die, you can go ahead. Still, these Slaughterers’ level is too low. We are looking for the experts.”

“No. Didn’t we come out to kill as many of them as we can? That way, we can boost our army’s morale when we head back.”

“That’s the plan. However, killing off these True Immortals and Heavenly Immortals won’t give us much in terms of accomplishment.”

Suddenly, a formidable wave of energy swept out from the central part of the Slaughterers’ camp. Sensing that, Chen Feng’s team swiftly stopped. Their divine senses came together and the four Divine Monarchs quickly took action to utilize a secret technique, helping them evade the scanning efforts of the energy wave.

“The divine sense of an expert!” one of the Divine Monarchs said. 

“What level?” Chen Feng asked. 

“I’m unable to determine that. But it is at the very least at the Divine Monarch level.”

“Looks like these Slaughterers don’t just think about slaughter all the time. They are also concerned that some people would sneak in. Did you find the whereabouts of the guys from the Immortal Court?” Chen Feng asked.

“Not yet. Be careful!” Suddenly, another divine sense swept out. This divine sense was fleeting but swift and everyone there could sense just how powerful it was.

“An atmosphere of coercion from will! This is yet another expert!”

“Let’s go!”

Every once in a while, they would encounter the scanning divine senses from the other party. Although they were able to evade detection, the divine senses managed to slow them down. 

“How many Slaughterers do we have here? It should already be beyond 10 billion, no?”

“Look at that massive Space-time Slaughterer. With these fellows around, they can teleport over even more Slaughterers. When we take action, we must kill off those types of Slaughterers.”

“Maybe these Space-time Slaughterers are capable of directly establishing a link with another universe. There are simply too many Slaughterers. Even if all of us are Paramount Gold Immortals, we would still be incapable of killing them all.”


1 li = 0.5 km

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