Chapter 1338 Suppress


“Young Master, should we take action?” Divine Prince Dark Soul and the others felt the urge to take action. The destructive powers that Divine Monarchs possessed were simply too great. Should this fight be allowed to continue, the buildings here would all be destroyed. 

“There’s no need for you to take action.” Chen Feng shook his head. Next, four more Divine Monarchs stepped forward. Two of the four Divine Monarchs were from the Longevity Palace, one was from the imperial family and another was from another part of the Celestial Longevity Plane. At present, all four were under the Boundless Corps’ command.

It was a six versus two. There was no suspense to be had as Divine Monarch Prime and Divine Monarch Heavenspeak were captured. With their cultivation bases sealed, they were incapable of even struggling. All they could do was glare with fiery eyes, seemingly desirous of burning down everything before them. 

“Bring them out in their restrained states and have everyone see it for one month. We’ll let others know the consequences of not following the rules,” Chen Feng said. The Divine Monarchs did not say anything as they brought Divine Monarch Prime and Divine Monarch Heavenspeak out.

“Longevity Celestial!” The two Divine Princes Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit were incapable of staying still. A stir rose up from a few fellows from the imperial family as well. This action from Chen Feng was too ruthless. Having reached this level, many cultivators cared about their reputation. Not even the actions of cutting off their arms would be as bad as this. Needless to say, a grudge had formed between the two Divine Monarchs and Chen Feng.

“What is it? Do you want to stand up for them?” Chen Feng asked.

“Longevity Celestial, this action of yours is too much. Are you not afraid that this force that we’ve had to labour to gather up will become divided?” Divine Prince Jolt Immortal said. 

“Divided? I don’t care. If someone doesn’t want to join this group, they may leave now. Don’t blame me for being rude if they choose to defy orders later,” Chen Feng said. 

“Such hubris!” After Chen Feng said that, several Gold Immortals immediately stood up. All of them were from the imperial family. Their relationship with the Boundless Family was never good to begin with. 

“Your Boundless Family is too used to being overbearing! Don’t think that you can act wantonly just because you’ve gathered up some forces. Without our support, I’d like to see how your Boundless Family plans to stop this coming calamity!”

“Let’s go!”

Several Gold Immortals then walked out. Surprisingly, though, Divine Prince Jolt Immortal and Divine Prince Jolt Spirit, who stood up earlier, sat back down. 

“Anyone else wants to leave?” Chen Feng’s gaze swept around and he asked coolly. Although he was not yet a Gold Immortal, the atmosphere that he was emanating gave the hundred plus Divine Princes there a sense of pressure.

“Very well. Looks like the ones who chose to stay behind are all on the same wavelength. Now, let’s continue our meeting,” Chen Feng said. 

The meeting room quickly returned to an orderly and calm state, but just as quickly, it grew noisy once more. As they began their discussion, these exalted Gold Immortals discarded their bearings and some even slapped the table as they shouted.

The first agenda was naturally the news that they had received regarding what was happening all around them. Every one of them had their own unique methods for obtaining information. After tabling the information that each of them had obtained, they first screened through them for some useful information. In the end, they obtained a piece of information that surprised and worried some of them.

Some other Celestial Planes had come under attack as well. This meant that the Celestial Longevity Plane was not the only one under attack. 

Speaking of which, this piece of information should have made them somewhat happy. However, things changed after they obtained more details of the situation. 

The forces attacking the other Celestial Planes were somewhat odd. There were the Slaughterers, the Immortal Court and the Heaven-defying races from the Chaos Dimension. More, there were also attacks from the other Celestial Planes.

That last one was most worrisome. In the case of a calamity, even if tens or over hundreds of forces were to suddenly appear to attack the Celestial Planes, by uniting their forces, the Myriad Celestial Planes would have no issues dealing with them. Every one of them was aware just how strong each Celestial Plane was. The combined might of the Myriad Celestial Planes was enough to take on an entire immortal region. 

Only, the Myriad Celestial Planes were presently not united. Rather, they were attacking each other. At a time when they had to face foreign aggression, this was a troublesome issue. Divided, the Myriad Celestial Planes could be – one by one – easily taken down.

“I’ve been running around for the past few days, but I only managed to recruit some forces over. I’m unable to get all the Celestial Planes to form an alliance with us.”

“Sigh! Our Celestial Longevity Plane is not united as well. How can we hope for all of the Celestial Planes to take action together? The fact that we can recruit some forces over is already a good thing.”

“I’m not finished. The parties that I’ve recruited have also come under attack, some more severe than others.”

“In other words, they are just forming an alliance with us and will not be sending reinforcements.”

“Of course it’s just an alliance. This is what we originally had in mind.”

“The information that Longevity Celestial managed to obtain is very important. I know a bit regarding another universe. I had a clone who entered another universe in the past. Only, I later lost contact with him. Unfortunately, I failed to gain much in terms of useful information. All I know is that the residents of the universe are not Slaughterers, but normal cultivators.”

“Actually, even though the Slaughterers are formidable, that is not the most terrifying thing about them. The most terrifying thing about them is their seemingly endless number. We can kill off a hundred million or even ten billion of them, but they can send out a hundred billion Slaughterers against us. We do not have that many cultivators.”

“The Immortal Court’s role in all this is important. We need to understand this. The Immortal Court is very strong. Speaking of which, it is quite shameful. Our Celestial Planes have been acting too arrogantly all this while. And now, even though we are faced with war against the Immortal Court, we do not know how strong it is.”

“Longevity Celestial, I hear that you have a piece of territory in the Immortal Plane. You even fought against the Immortal Court before. How much do you know about the Immortal Court?” a Divine Prince suddenly asked.

Chen Feng shook his head and revealed a wry smile. “All I did was start some minor fights. I annexed some small sects around my territory and fought against the East Extreme Immortal Palace. However, the other party did not go all out. If they had, just one tenth of the East Extreme Immortal Palace’s power would have been enough to easily wipe out that territory of mine.” 

“Yes. In recent years, I had actually made some arrangements in the Immortal Plane, but all of them had been removed.”

Chen Feng nodded and said, “From what I can gather, the Immortal Court is very strong. Each of the four immortal palaces under the Immortal Court has several Paramount Gold Immortals. Moreover, it would seem that the other party has obtained a type of Heaven-defying military-training technique.”

“Military-training technique! Longevity Celestial, can you tell us more?” Some of the cultivators there grew interested.

“This so-called military-training technique is a method to produce high-level soldiers on a large scale. Take the East Extreme Immortal Palace for example. It has a Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness. By making use of the fountain water, cultivators would be able to greatly increase their levels,” Chen Feng explained. 

“That is quite problematic. However, many races also have this method. Even our Celestial Longevity Plane has it. Only, while doing so could allow one to cultivate a formidable force, there are some consequences and risks involved. To be blunt, the cultivators who had their strength boosted in such a manner will become cannon fodders.”

“I have another interesting piece of information.” After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then informed them about what he experienced back in the East Extreme Immortal Palace.

As expected, after listening to Chen Feng’s story, some of the Divine Princes there revealed thoughtful looks. 

“This is quite interesting. Unexpectedly, the Immortal Court actually has such a formidable creature sealed up there. Although we do not know the other party’s background, one thing is certain. The other party is at the very least at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage. I have a suggestion. Since the Immortal Court is attacking us, we can also send some men over to stir up troubles in the Immortal Plane. Just take that formidable sealed being as an example. If we can set it free, it would be able to inflict a heavy blow to the Immortal Court.”

“Good! A good suggestion! I agree!”

“I agree!”

“Agreed, count me in!”

“And me.”

“Ha ha ha! Honestly, I have been thinking about doing this for a long time now.”

“A good idea. I’ve been thinking about the same thing. The Immortal Court can attack us, but we can go attack the Immortal Court as well. Either that or attack our other opponents. We’ll have them know that our Longevity Clan is not to be trifled with.”

“Count me in!”

The moment the suggestion was tabled, a commotion immediately broke out. Chen Feng’s mouth was open, but he said nothing. In truth, he also agreed with this move. Speaking of which, if it weren’t for the fact that there were too many issues to deal with here, he would have headed back to the Immortal Plane long ago to check up on the development of his own territory. 

“Alright, let’s put it to a vote now. Those who agree with this course of action, raise your hands,” said Chen Feng, who rapped the table.


Ninety percent of the cultivators there raised their hands and Chen Feng nodded before saying, “Then, let’s set the number of people for this.”

After a round of discussion, they finally decided on gathering up a group of 36 Gold Immortals, which will enter the Immortal Plane. Naturally, cultivators at other levels will also be sent out. They will be staying in the Six Daos Alliance.

Although Chen Feng did not say anything, he was inwardly blossoming with joy. This could be considered as them openly supporting the Six Daos Alliance.

The eight Paramount Gold Immortals did not participate in this meeting. Their task was to watch over the stronghold to prevent the other party’s Paramount Gold Immortal from taking action. Generally speaking, these characters would not take action, let alone appear in such a meeting. 

After another fierce round of discussion, they agreed to a few more plans. In the end, a certain proposal from Chen Feng caused an uproar to break out within the room. 

“What, allow the Slaughterers to enter the Celestial Longevity Plane?! No! We cannot!” After Chen Feng made that proposal, someone instantly objected.

“I also do not agree.”

“Longevity Celestial, have you gone mad? How can you even think of doing that? If we allow the other party into our Celestial Longevity Plane, how many lives will be lost? Did you think about that?”

“I don’t understand how you could even think about that. At any rate, I firmly disagree.”


“Disagree. Longevity Celestial, withdraw this proposal and we’ll pretend we did not hear anything.”

Most of the cultivators there were sincerely there for the sake of the Celestial Longevity Plane. Upon hearing Chen Feng’s proposal, many of them could not stop themselves from jumping to their feet.

“Everyone, quiet!” Divine Prince Iceform could not hold back and he shouted. At the same time, a cold and icy aura swept around the meeting room and the sizzling atmosphere immediately cooled down.

“Fellows, shouldn’t you let Longevity Celestial finish first?” Divine Prince Iceform continued. 

“Err.” Only then did they realize that Chen Feng had remained silent after tabling the proposal. There was a calm look on his face. It was as though he hadn’t seen them shouting earlier.

Some of them blushed before going silent. Clearly, they were waiting for Chen Feng to say something. 

“Fellow seniors, you all seem overly anxious. Given such a hot temper, I believe that you will be able to kill off a good number of enemies in the coming battles.” Hearing those words from Chen Feng caused many to laugh out and the room became lively once more. 

“In truth, there is a reason why I want to do that. Fellow seniors, don’t be anxious. Let me finish.

“Previously, all of you had returned to our Celestial Longevity Plane to mobilize and organize manpower, recruit help and try to unite the forces there. But what results did you get? I believe that you all ended up becoming somewhat disappointed in the end. If our Celestial Longevity Plane can show a little more unity, I believe that we would not be the only ones here in this room. At the very least, we would have twice as many Gold Immortal stage representatives here, no?” After saying that, Chen Feng paused for a moment.

As expected, after hearing those words from Chen Feng, the faces of some turned sorrowful. While the number of people here was higher than before, it was a far cry from what they had expected.

No one from the Department of Elders came. 

As for the Longevity Corps that was under the Department of Elders, it was even more unlikely for any of them to come. 

There was also the formidable imperial family. Although some of them did choose to support the Boundless Corps, more had chosen to remain silent. Take what happened earlier for example. Two Divine Monarchs had wanted Chen Feng to step down right from the get go. 

Those two forces were amongst the strongest forces available, taking up at least half of the Celestial Longevity Plane’s forces. Naturally, there was also the Limitless Corps, which was just as formidable. Only, as the Boundless Corps and the Limitless Corps were on opposing sides, the Boundless Corps would not send men over to try and invite it. These forces aside, there were also some other forces who did not want to step forward. Many of them shared the same idea. They did not want to be the first to step forward. They wanted others to risk their lives while they simply shout cries of support from behind. 

Furthermore, there was also a sizable number of experts who were not in the Celestial Longevity Plane. These fellows were exploring outer space and it would be quite difficult to summon them back. 

“Go on.” By then, everyone there had understood what Chen Feng meant.

“What I want to do is very simple. In order to mobilize even more of our clan members to join this war, we will have to resort to using certain moves. A uglier way of painting it is, this is a selfish move. But we are only a small part of the entire Celestial Longevity Plane. Why should we be the ones to bear all the pressure?

“And so, I suggest that, when the enemy arrives, be it intentional or unintentional, we can allow some enemy forces to invade the Celestial Longevity Plane. With the enemy forces at their doorstep, I do not believe that those fellows could continue to hide in their tortoise shells,” Chen Feng said icily.  

“Good! Good! This method is good! I agree!” Divine Prince Heavensfire was the first to shout out. 

“This method is not bad. The Celestial Longevity Plane belongs to everyone. Why must we be the one to bear all the pressure? Since they cannot unite, we’ll just have the enemy forces spread out equally. That way, everyone will contribute.”

“I have no objections. This plan from Longevity Celestial is very good. However, we will need to go through the details properly,” a Divine Prince from the imperial family said. 

“Approve!” Several other Divine Princes also nodded. 

“This method is indeed quite good, but wouldn’t it be a little… we’ll get an earful for this,” a Divine Prince said. 

“Ha ha ha ha! Now that it’s come to this, who cares about that? Besides, our Boundless Corps has been fighting against foreign forces at the frontlines all this time. We have killed countless unique creatures of chaos and members of the Heaven-defying races. There is none in the Celestial Longevity Plane with the qualifications to point fingers at our Boundless Corps.”

“That’s right. Our Celestial Longevity Plane has several other great army corps. For example, the Longevity Corps and the Limitless Corps. However, even if they were to combine their contributions to the Celestial Longevity Plane together, it would still be no match to our contributions. That’s especially so for the Longevity Corps. They call themselves the number one army corps, but they spend all their time hiding in the Celestial Plane. Heh! One soldier from our Boundless Corps can take on three of their soldiers.

“Seniors, calm down. Now, let us put it to a vote,” Chen Feng said. In truth, he already knew that this proposal would pass. Additionally, he also had some other thoughts about this. Even if they were to disagree, he would go on with this. At present, he was in control of the entire Boundless Corps. No one could stop him from doing what he wanted to do. 

“We agree with Longevity Celestial’s proposal,” Divine Prince Jolt Immortal took the lead to raise his hand. 

“Our Palace Corps has no objections.”

“We’ll follow Young Master Longevity Celestial’s instructions for this.” These were the other cultivators who wanted to ingratiate themselves with Chen Feng.


“I approve!”

“I support!”

“Ha ha ha! Naturally, we will also follow Young Master Longevity Celestial’s instructions.”

One by one, hands were raised. In the end, the remaining few hesitated for a moment before raising their hands as well. Chen Feng gave a slight nod. Everyone had agreed. 

After that, they began discussing the details of Chen Feng’s proposal before eventually finalizing it.

After the meeting was over, they all got to work. Back when the meeting was about to end, they received news that a high number of Slaughterers were gathering up at a distant star region. Their objective, the Boundless Corps’ 1st stronghold. 

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