Chapter 1337 Provocation


As Chen Feng was not getting to the main point, the Divine Princes began feeling apprehensive. Just as they were about to ask again, Chen Feng said, “But now that the Longevity Scripture is in my hands, I make the shots. I can bring out the secret techniques within it. I can bring out the Soul Subduing Mantra and even the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, but you fellows will need something of equivalent value in exchange for them.”

“I can help you kill Divine Prince Carefree,” the Divine Prince from the imperial family was quick to say.

“Ha ha! I’ll get straight to it. I can give you the cultivation method for part of the Soul Subduing Technique from the Soul Subduing Mantra. However, three Divine Princes are needed in exchange for it. It’d be better if they’re captured alive. If you cannot capture them alive, I still need their corpses. The other party could be Slaughterers or the guys from the Immortal Court. As long as they are my enemies, it will suffice,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Three Divine Princes? Isn’t that a little too much? Moreover, the reward is not a complete Soul Subduing Mantra.” The Divine Princes revealed a slight frown. The complete Soul Subduing Mantra was made up of four parts, Soul Subduing Technique, Soul Lock Technique, Soul Refining Technique and Soul Anchor Technique. The one that Chen Feng was offering was only part of the Soul Subduing Technique.  

“Not at all. This is no ordinary secret technique. This is the Soul Subduing Mantra, the high-grade secret technique from the Longevity Scripture.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Gold Immortals. What about regular Gold Immortals then?”

“Naturally, that works too. However, the number required is increased tenfold. In truth, Heavenly Immortals will do as well. Only, the number required is 10,000 times higher. I don’t think you fellows will be attacking cultivators beneath the Gold Immortal stage.” After saying that, the Longevity Wings emerged from Chen Feng’s back. With a flap of the wings, he disappeared from sight. 

“Fellows, if you want to make a transaction, you can head to the space stronghold to find me.” Chen Feng’s voice remained.

After Chen Feng disappeared, the faces of the Divine Princes finally changed, and drastically at that. It was as though they had been putting on a disguise in front of Chen Feng all that time. And now, they ripped their disguises down. 

“This kid is going too far!”

“He is indeed going too far. Earlier, I was nearly incapable of holding back. Fellows, we have so many Gold Immortals. By working together, we should have no problems capturing one little fellow, no?”

“Why didn’t you take action then? If you had attacked, I would have followed suit.”

“Are you fellows joking around here? If we had attacked, all of us would be dead by now. Ever since this kid arrived, despite his arrogant behaviour, he has been living a good life. More, the force under him has been growing increasingly strong. If we had truly wanted to take action, would we have chosen to come here and exchange nonsense with him?”

“Sigh, given how strong the Longevity Tower is, one breath is all it needs to kill us all.”

“Fellows, I have a suggestion. Let’s work together. Killing off some Divine Princes is not that difficult. We can also consider this as a contribution to our Celestial Longevity Plane.”

“That makes sense. There are so many Slaughterers right now. By killing off a few of them, we can obtain the secret techniques within the Longevity Scripture. This transaction is worth it. Only, capturing them alive will be somewhat difficult.” 

“I am currently facing a bottleneck. I don’t need any secret techniques. I just need one of the cultivation insights by our predecessors left in the Longevity Scripture.”

“The price for that will probably be even higher.”

“It’s nothing. We just have to kill off a few more Gold Immortals. That said, I hear that Divine Prince Tattoo was killed. Ha ha! Looks like some fellows are even faster than us.”

“What are we waiting for, then? Let’s find some more men and take action!”

Ignoring the discussion, Chen Feng utilized a spiritwalking technique to arrive at the 1st stronghold. As for the Starlight Overlord Beast, since returning, Chen Feng had sent him into the Longevity Tower for cultivation. This giant interstellar creature would be serving him for a million years. Having him become stronger would allow him to better assist Chen Feng.

Arriving at the 1st stronghold, Chen Feng saw that everything was operating normally. The magic arrays around the stronghold had been set up once more and teams of soldiers kept patrolling around. They appeared somewhat anxious. 

“Longevity Celestial, you’re finally back. I was looking for you.” Seeing Chen Feng return, Divine Prince Iceform came looking for him. 

“Senior, I have not been staying idle all this time. I found three Paramount Gold Immortals to keep watch here,” Chen Feng was quick to say. 

“That is indeed thanks to you. More, we also managed to invite five other Paramount Gold Immortals. With that, we now have eight Paramount Gold Immortals keeping watch here. We no longer need to worry that the other party would mobilize Paramount Gold Immortals,” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

“What?! You managed to invite five more Paramount Gold Immortals over? Why are these legendary experts popping out everywhere like cabbages now?” Chen Feng became somewhat surprised.

“We’ll talk about that later. Come, let’s head to the conference room. We’ll exchange the information that we’ve gathered during this time,” Divine Prince Iceform said, leading the way. 

After arriving at the conference room, Chen Feng noticed that there were already some people waiting there. There were also some new faces. That said, Chen Feng was able to quickly determine that a number of them represented a force each. 

Chen Feng did not hesitate to move forward and sit on the head position of the conference room. Next, he noticed a hint of displeasure flashing across the faces of two of the people there. He secretly scoffed. It would appear that there were still some who did not acknowledge him. However, he was not worried. This place could be considered as his headquarters. Without hundreds of Gold Immortals backing them, they could forget about challenging him. 

Of course, Chen Feng also had some speculations about them. He believed that these two fellows must have formidable backers. For them to dare reveal a look of displeasure towards him, their backers must be Paramount Gold Immortals. 

“Third Brother.” Beside Chen Feng was Longevity Edge, who nodded before sending Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission to brief him about what had happened recently. 

Chen Feng nodded lightly. It was as he had expected. The two fellows’ backer was indeed a Paramount Gold Immortal. Additionally, that person was from the imperial family as well. More, their family branch was somewhat at odds with the Boundless Family. That said, the fact that the other party chose to come here now showed that they cared about the wellbeing of the Celestial Longevity Plane. In the event that the other party did not go overboard, Chen Feng did not mind working together with them. 

“Alright. Almost everyone is here. Fellow seniors, let’s talk about the current situation,” Chen Feng spoke up. 

“According to the information we received, quite a lot of things happened recently. We will not be able to go through them all in a short time. How about I introduce these friends first?” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

“Very well.” Chen Feng nodded.

“You’re Boundless and Blue Rose’s youngest son.” Not waiting for Divine Prince Iceform to make the introductions, someone spoke up in a lazy tone. It was clearly an act of exerting his seniority over others.

Chen Feng’s face sank and he was about to take action when some other people reacted. They were even faster to react than Chen Feng, and more intense.


“Who are you to casually speak Sir True Monarch’s name?!” Divine Prince Dark Soul and Divine Prince Kill Soul, who had been keeping themselves hidden, appeared at the same time. Killing intent radiated out from their eyes. In addition, several other auras also targeted the one who spoke up. The faces of several of the Divine Princes seated in the room also turned dark, but they did not say anything. They simply cursed silently. This is the Boundless Corps’ territory, you death-seeking fellow!

“Longevity Celestial, this is Divine Monarch Prime. He is a senior who has lived even longer compared to some Paramount Gold Immortals. He likes to exert his seniority on others, but his cultivation base is quite good.” Divine Prince Iceform secretly informed Chen Feng. 

“Step back first.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the two Divine Princes who had command over the Dark Soulsmen stepped back into the shadows. Even their auras were retracted.

Chen Feng’s gaze then turned to look at another two cultivators. “Senior Jolt Immortal and Senior Jolt Spirit, were you the ones who invited him over?”

Jolt Immortal and Jolt Spirit were Divine Princes from the imperial family. At that very moment, they appeared somewhat embarrassed. Originally, they had been feeling very proud at having successfully invited Divine Monarch Prime over. More, there was also a big figure backing Divine Monarch Prime who was also a member of the imperial family. With this, they would be able to snatch some authority within the alliance. However, this sudden turn of events caused them to cry inside.

Although they had very little contact with Chen Feng, most of the cultivators there knew how overbearing Chen Feng was and the fact that he should not be trifled with. And while every one of the cultivators there represented a force, the force from the Boundless Corps was the biggest one. More shockingly was the fact that Chen Feng possessed a force consisting of unique creatures of chaos. Add the Longevity Tower as his backer, it would not be an exaggeration to say that even Paramount Gold Immortals had to display a modicum of respect towards him. 

“Err, this is Senior Prime, also a member of our imperial family. He is a veteran, higher in seniority when compared to Sir True Monarch,” Divine Prince Jolt Immortal forced himself to speak up. 

“Oh, so it’s a senior. My salutations,” Chen Feng said calmly. 

“No need for salutations. Get up. That place is not for you to sit.” Divine Monarch Prime had the appearance of a middle-aged man with quite a good-looking face. However, the look of arrogance on his face was insufferably obvious. Moreover, there was one more person beside Divine Monarch Prime. This person gave Chen Feng a glance and scoffed with his nose.

“Looks like some people are not happy about me sitting here,” Chen Feng said, getting up. Next, he slowly sat back down on the same seat.

Seeing the provocative action from Chen Feng, the expressions on some of the cultivators there flickered. As for Divine Monarch Prime and the cultivator beside him, their eyes flashed with light and two streams of light shot towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng did not respond. All he did was reveal a faint sneer. At the same time, two streams of light shot forward from behind him and a booming sound rang out. The streams of light disappeared and the attacks from both parties disappeared.

“You two dare to attack me here? You’ve got guts.” Chen Feng nodded and his gaze swept around. “Looks like some people still do not understand whose territory this is.”

“Kid, enough with your insolence! Back when I advanced to the Gold Immortal stage, Boundless wasn’t even born yet! Who are you to take action here?” Divine Monarch Prime said scornfully before stretching his hand towards Chen Feng.

“Subdue him!” Chen Feng shouted and two Divine Monarchs walked out from behind him, moving towards Divine Monarch Prime. One of them waved his hand to stop Divine Monarch Prime’s hand. As for the other one, he darted forward to appear before Divine Monarch Prime. 

However, the cultivator accompanying Divine Monarch Prime, Divine Monarch Heavenspeak, took action to stop the attack. Next up, the four Divine Monarchs fought and chaotic streams of energy and laws spread out to assail their surroundings. The others quickly backed away.

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