Chapter 1336 Transaction


“Divine Prince Tattoo!” Chen Feng pondered for a moment before realizing that was one of Divine Prince Carefree’s friends. Back then, this fellow had followed Divine Prince Carefree to the space stronghold, wanting to stir up troubles for them. Only, they dared not even approach before leaving. 

Looking at the bead in his hand, Chen Feng smiled. It would appear that his words back then had proven useful. Hunting down a Divine Prince was a very serious matter, even in the Celestial Planes. But the present situation was too chaotic. Moreover, there was also the alluring offer from Chen Feng. And so, some people took action in the end.  

Chen Feng did not feel particularly happy about this. Rather, it gave him a feeling of helplessness. Given his current level of strength, killing Divine Prince Carefree and the others was no longer a huge deal for him. Only, for the sake of avoiding some troubles and the need to motivate some people, Chen Feng decided to go with this method of offering a reward. When these people truly took action, Chen Feng came to realize, for the sake of benefits, these fellows did not care about starting an infighting. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the only way the forces of the Celestial Longevity Plane would unite would be if the enemy forces began pressing their world, besieging the Celestial Longevity Plane.

Maybe I need to change my plans somewhat. The thought rose up within his mind. 

“Young Master Longevity Celestial!” Seeing Chen Feng lost in thought, one of the Divine Princes spoke up. 

“Understood. What do you fellows want?” Chen Feng said with a smile. He had stopped addressing them as seniors.

“We want the Heavengulping Absorption Technique!”

“That’s not possible. Change for something else. You fellows should already know that some high-level secret techniques in the Longevity Scripture cannot possibly be given out casually. Besides, the longevity-type genes within you fellows are not that strong. Even if I do let you fellows cultivate it, you fellows will have a very hard time succeeding.” Chen Feng was quick to reject them. What a joke! The Heavengulping Absorption Technique was a top-grade secret technique that even members of the imperial family would not be able to easily cultivate.

The three Divine Princes exchanged glances. They did not appear shocked. Clearly, they had expected this. 

“Then, what of the Soul Subduing Mantra?”

Chen Feng shook his head, feeling somewhat helpless about it. “I say, let’s get straight to the point. Given your status of Divine Princes, you fellows can indeed cultivate some of the secret techniques of the Longevity Scripture, but you have to know your limits. Pick something that’s suitable for yourself.”

The Longevity Scripture was the number one scripture of the Celestial Longevity Plane. It contained countless secret techniques and the cultivation insights left behind by their predecessors. Every cultivator from the Celestial Longevity Plane, upon reaching a certain level, or by dint of having a certain cultivation talent, would be given the opportunity to cultivate one or several of the secret techniques within the scripture. Naturally, there would be certain differences depending on their statuses.

However, when Chen Feng, who had the Longevity Scripture, disappeared, many Gold Immortals were left dumbfounded. Some who had the qualifications grew anxious. This was the reason why so many had come looking for him after he reappeared.

“Longevity Celestial, what do you mean? This is not what you promised back then!” One of them grew somewhat furious.

“Ha ha! It seems you fellows haven’t comprehended the current situation. I did indeed say all those things, but did you think that killing someone like that would allow you to get the Heavengulping Absorption Technique? A top-grade secret technique? Tell you what. I can give it to you, but only a small portion. You need to decide this properly, do you want a small portion of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique or another secret technique that’s whole?” Chen Feng said. 

“We want a small portion of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique.” As Chen Feng had expected, they chose the Heavengulping Absorption Technique in the end. 

Personally, Chen Feng would have suggested that they choose another secret technique, a complete one. However, the fame of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique was simply too great. There were practically none who could resist it. 

At the same time, though, Chen Feng also knew that once they had practiced that portion of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, they would want to learn the rest. At that time, he would be the one setting the terms. In order to obtain the complete Heavengulping Absorption Technique, cultivators would be willing to give up almost everything. 

Chen Feng then jabbed a finger forward and a stream of light flowed into the glabella of the Divine Prince in the middle. 

“That’s the beginning portion of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. Only you may cultivate it,” Chen Feng said coolly. As he was transmitting the secret technique over, Chen Feng also placed some restrictions upon it to ensure that this secret technique would not be leaked. Even if some experts were to utilize a soul-searching technique, they would not be able to obtain this secret technique from the Divine Prince’s sea of wisdom. 

“But we…” The other two grew anxious. 

“You can obtain one by killing one person. You fellows should understand that this type of secret technique cannot be casually given out,” Chen Feng said coolly. 

The other two knew that Chen Feng’s words were reasonable. And while they felt helpless about it, they also knew that they could not change anything. In order to obtain some benefits, they would have to pay the corresponding price. 

And so, the three Divine Princes left. Chen Feng knew that some more people would die next. Perhaps, it would be Divine Prince Carefree.

The death of Divine Prince Tattoo created a slight commotion within the Celestial Longevity Plane. Although some people spoke up, demanding punishment against Chen Feng, this wave quickly dissipated before it could gather momentum. Even the Department of Elders did not make use of the situation to create more troubles for Chen Feng. On the other hand, the cultivators who had a grudge with Chen Feng became extremely troubled. That was particularly so for Divine Prince Carefree, who felt terribly conflicted and anxious. 

He wanted to leave the Celestial Longevity Plane, but was fearful that he would be killed. However, those who were targeting him might come looking for him if he were to continue staying here. And so, he had to go hide in some secret stronghold. 

The few Divine Princes who worked together with Divine Prince Carefree became extremely regretful of their decision. Having heard of Divine Prince Tattoo’s death, they became terrified. Even those with but a minor relationship with Divine Prince Carefree chose to hide, fearful that they would be dragged in as a result. 

It was not that Divine Prince Carefree did not want to fight back, but Chen Feng’s present level of strength was simply too great. In the Celestial Longevity Plane, there was the Longevity Tower keeping watch over the situation. In the space stronghold, there were hundreds or maybe even more Gold Immortals on Chen Feng’s side. More, thanks to Chen Feng’s actions of using the Longevity Scripture as lure, there was no telling just how many people would take action against him. At the very least, if it was him, he would have no way of resisting the allure of the Longevity Scripture. 

Chen Feng, though, ignored the stir. Having someone kill off Divine Prince Carefree would help save him some hassles. And if no one did, he would simply have to do it himself. 

That said, Chen Feng wanted to see how many people would be incapable of resisting the temptation of the Longevity Scripture. If he could gather up a force, he did not mind sharing some of the secret techniques within it with them.

After returning to the Longevity Celestial Summit, Chen Feng entered the Longevity Tower. Chatting with Tower for a bit, he then set off for the stronghold in outer space.

Just as Chen Feng left the Celestial Longevity Plane, he encountered an assassination attempt by several Divine Princes. Some of the Divine Princes were from the Celestial Longevity Plane and there were also some from the Immortal Court. To Chen Feng’s surprise, he did not see Divine Prince Carefree and his pals. He was actually incapable of recognizing a single one of the assassins. More, they were all using a stealth technique that made it so not even Chen Feng’s eye technique could discern their faces. All he could gather was some slight information on their auras.

“Trying to assassinate me here? Isn’t this just suicide?” Chen Feng brandished the Longevity Sword to easily break out from the enemy encirclement. At the same time, over 10 Divine Princes had charged over to support him.

Speaking of which, it was quite interesting. Only a few of the Divine Princes were actually fighting for the safety and honour of the Celestial Longevity Plane. The rest had a different objective, to help Chen Feng kill off his enemies in order to obtain the cultivation techniques of the Longevity Scripture.

Naturally, Chen Feng was aware of that. He thought back to how some people would keep troubling him when he first arrived at the Celestial Longevity Plane. Now, though, it seemed he would be safe near the Celestial Longevity Plane.

While there were some who were hostile against him, there were also those who did not want him to die. 

Quickly, the Divine Prince-level assassins who were targeting him were all eliminated. The Divine Princes who came to support Chen Feng had been ruthless in their actions. They also did not ask any questions as they simply pummelled the assassins into worthless pieces of pulp.

After that, several of the supporting Divine Princes returned directly to the Celestial Longevity Plane while a few moved towards Chen Feng.

“Fellow seniors, thank you for the assistance,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Longevity Celestial, I hear that you offered to give the secret techniques of the Longevity Scripture in return for killing off enemies. Is it true?” a Divine Prince bluntly said. Chen Feng knew, he was from the imperial family. 

“It is the truth.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“I need the cultivation method for the Soul Subduing Mantra. Set your terms, who do you want me to kill?”

“Err.” Chen Feng grew somewhat helpless. This fellow was too blunt about this. That said, he had already noticed that this Divine Prince from the imperial family had decent genes and cultivation talent. Only, they were not at the pinnacle level. This Divine Prince had also cultivated some of the cultivation techniques of the Longevity Scripture, but they were also not high-grade techniques. 

The Heavengulping Absorption Technique and the Soul Subduing Mantra were the two top-grade techniques within the Longevity Scripture. 

“Fellows, at present, our Celestial Longevity Plane is facing both domestic troubles and foreign aggression. Do you fellows not care about it at all?” Chen Feng said.  

“Let’s not talk about that first. Let me ask you. How can I obtain the cultivation method for the Soul Subduing Mantra?” the Divine Prince asked again. 

Light glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes. These Gold Immortals had showed no response towards what he said earlier. Rather, a few of them even revealed a look of impatience. Chen Feng suddenly felt saddened. 

Chen Feng then pondered for a moment before saying, “Fellow seniors, if you want to get the Longevity Scripture from me, there are two ways to do so.”

“What are the two ways?”

“The first way, snatch the Longevity Scripture from me. Only, I think this will be quite difficult for you fellows. Although I am not yet a Gold Immortal, I can confidently say that not even a Paramount Gold Immortal can snatch the Longevity Scripture away from me.” After saying that, Chen Feng revealed a look of arrogance as he looked at the veteran Gold Immortals before him. As expected, there was an entangled look on their faces and they could not refute his words. If it weren’t for that, these fellows would have taken action to snatch it already instead of resorting to other methods.

“The second way would be for me to take the initiative to take the Longevity Scripture out. Only, how could something as good as that happen? Some might say that the Longevity Scripture is the treasure of the Celestial Longevity Plane and we should all share it, so why do I get to take it for myself? All I can say to that is, simply because it’s in my hands,” Chen Feng said before laughing. 

“Get to the point.” Some of them had already grown impatient.

“Very well, I’ll get to the point.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Earlier, you said you wanted to get the cultivation method for the Soul Subduing Mantra. Ha ha! Not everyone has the qualifications to cultivate this secret technique,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. 

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