Chapter 1335 True Monarch Turbulence


After that, the two sides stopped fighting. Following Chen Feng’s suggestion, Divine Prince Stormwind arranged a life-bearing planet for the other party. The cultivators from the Wilderness Immortal Region did not object. Speaking of which, if it weren’t for the fact that their Paramount Gold Immortal had given the order, they would not have continuously tried to attack this star region. At any rate, the amount of power on their side was somewhat lacking.

Three months went by and Chen Feng grew somewhat impatient. It was then that the two Paramount Gold Immortals finally appeared. Once the two of them appeared, they returned to their respective camps.

And so, Chen Feng finally met True Monarch Turbulence. Unlike True Monarch Triple Yang, True Monarch Turbulence gave off a formidable and impactful aura. When their gazes met, Chen Feng felt his sea of wisdom falling into a state of turbulence. 

This was a formidable cultivator with an imposing presence. He was also somewhat fickle and temperamental, but Chen Feng sensed something else as well. Although True Monarch Turbulence appeared normal, with a restrained aura that felt as profound as the ocean, Chen Feng did sense a hint of discomfort in his aura.

Looks like the fight between the two of them was very fierce, Chen Feng thought.

That said, Chen Feng had still respectfully moved forward to salute him. “Junior Longevity Celestial greets Sir True Monarch Turbulence.”

“Oh, it’s Longevity Celestial.” Upon seeing Chen Feng, True Monarch Turbulence nodded and Chen Feng immediately felt a formidable gaze attempting to pierce through him. The Longevity Scripture within his sea of wisdom then shook and True Monarch Turbulence’s gaze swiftly turned to enter the Longevity Scripture.

“Not bad, young one. I had met you back when you were born.” There was a faint smile on True Monarch Turbulence’s face. Divine Prince Stormwind and the others, who were standing nearby, became secretly surprised. It would appear that this Young Master Longevity Celestial was able to command quite the show of respect.

“Senior…” Chen Feng had wanted to say something only to be stopped by True Monarch Turbulence.

“I already know why you came. In truth, if it weren’t for this incident, I would have already led my army back. Come, tell me about the present situation of our Celestial Longevity Plane first,” True Monarch Turbulence said. At that very moment, the impression that True Monarch Turbulence gave Chen Feng changed. The impactful atmosphere of oppression had completely disappeared. It was as though he was just an ordinary cultivator. 

Naturally, Chen Feng was aware that this was a deliberate action from True Monarch Turbulence. By completely releasing his aura, a Paramount Gold Immortal could kill off Divine Princes with their atmosphere of oppression alone. 

Although some cultivators may be at the same level, the combat power of some could be categorized as Heaven while the combat power of some others could only be categorized as Earth. Within the Ageless Gold Immortal stage, rookies who had only just reached the dao of agelessness could die instantly when facing veteran Ageless Gold Immortals. Meanwhile, some veteran Ageless Gold Immortals were no match for Divine Princes. And above the Divine Princes were the Divine Monarchs.

The same held true for the Paramount Gold Immortal stage.

Take this True Monarch Turbulence as an example. It hadn’t been all too long since he entered the dao of paramountcy. In the face of True Monarch Triple Yang, he could be considered as a junior. However, he was a bona fide True Monarch who had stepped upon the dao of paramountcy. In terms of combat power, he was not too inferior when compared to True Monarch Triple Yang. 

Moving on to another example, Immortal Emperor Blackfang, whom Chen Feng encountered back in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. As someone who had only just made contact with the dao of paramountcy, he had attained the title of Immortal Emperor. Back then, just his one clone was strong enough to leave Chen Feng with no place to run. If it weren’t for the Dark Kirin, who went all out to stop him, Chen Feng would have been incapable of escaping. 

And yet, the renowned Immortal Emperor Blackfang could not even be compared to dregs when facing True Monarch Turbulence.

True Monarch Turbulence listened to everything Chen Feng said with a calm expression on his face. He did not seem surprised at all. However, when he spoke, a hint of worry could be heard within his voice. 

“Looks like things will become very chaotic again. Moreover, this time, it will be even more dire. Unexpectedly, our Celestial Longevity Plane would be the first to bear the brunt of this situation,” True Monarch Turbulence said. 

“We may not necessarily be the first. At present, I still do not know what is happening in the other Celestial Planes. But no matter what the situation in the other Celestial Planes may be, our Celestial Longevity Plane now has to face several forces. Additionally, our Celestial Longevity Plane is also not united. In order to prevent some unexpected incidents, there is a need for some Paramount-level seniors to keep an eye on the situation,” Chen Feng said.

“Not an issue. My clone will head over immediately.” After True Monarch Turbulence said that, a cultivator with an imposing presence emerged from his body. It was none other than his clone. After coming out, the clone took a step forward and disappeared from Chen Feng’s sight.

“With my movement speed, I will be able to arrive very soon. Now, let’s talk about what’s going on here.” After his clone had left, True Monarch Turbulence said. 

“Senior, I hope you don’t mind. Earlier, I took the lead and negotiated for a ceasefire with the other party,” Chen Feng said. 

“You did well. Truth be told, I have already made peace with True Monarch Great Wilderness.” True Monarch Turbulence nodded. 

“True Monarch Great Wilderness!” Chen Feng grew somewhat surprised. His gaze peered through space to arrive at another planet, but it was immediately stopped by a formidable power.

“What is it? You know True Monarch Great Wilderness?” True Monarch Turbulence grew puzzled.

“I have heard of him before.” Chen Feng did not say too much about it. In addition to True Monarch Great Wilderness, Chen Feng also knew about Grand Emperor Cyancloud, Grand Emperor Wilderness Sea and some other formidable characters. However, he only knew their names. And while he knew that they were very formidable, he did not know the details about them. 

“Truth be told, there is a reason why True Monarch Great Wilderness would appear in our Limitless Immortal Region. Sigh! Looks like our entire universe is going to be in turmoil this time.” True Monarch Turbulence then shook his head.

“Reason?” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised to hear that. He had many speculations about the situation himself. But now, it would appear that these Paramount Gold Immortals knew something about it. 

“The invasion of otherverse creatures!” A deep voice reached Chen Feng’s ears and True Monarch Great Wilderness appeared all of a sudden before Chen Feng.

“This kid is quite good!” True Monarch Great Wilderness looked at Chen Feng and nodded, a look of approval in his eyes. Suddenly, though, his face froze.

“The Chaos Constitution!”

After saying that, True Monarch Great Wilderness extended his hand forward to grab Chen Feng. Instinctively, Chen Feng had wanted to evade, but found himself incapable of doing that. It was then that True Monarch Turbulence waved his hand. Next, Chen Feng’s figure shook and True Monarch Great Wilderness’ grasping move missed.

“This is the Young Master of our Boundless Family. Great Wilderness, you’ll have to show him some respect,” True Monarch Turbulence said coolly. 

“Ha ha! I became too excited earlier. Little brother, please don’t mind me.” True Monarch Great Wilderness smiled at Chen Feng, completely lacking the formidable atmosphere of majesty and dignity that an expert should have. 

“Senior, you’re too courteous. I wonder, when you said otherverse creatures just now, what do you mean? Could it be the Slaughterers?” Chen Feng asked with a smile as well. 

“The Slaughterers are indeed from another universe. However, they are but one of the creatures from another universe. In addition to the Slaughterers, there are also Destroyers, Soul Hunters, Devourers and some other monstrous creatures. Their formidable combat power aside, their numbers are simply unimaginable. Although your Limitless Immortal Region has also come under attack, it is a far cry compared to what happened to our Wilderness Immortal Region. Our entire immortal region is already on the verge of falling. At present, even our Paramount Gold Immortals are already taking action,” True Monarch Great Wilderness said. 

“So serious?!” Chen Feng was truly astounded to hear that. He had thought that the Slaughterers were already hard enough to deal with. Unexpectedly, in addition to the Slaughterers, there were also other creatures. Moreover, judging by what True Monarch Great Wilderness said, these other creatures must also be just as difficult to handle as the Slaughterers.

“It is very serious. The reason I led these fellows over is to find a safe place for them. After this, I will have to head back to the Wilderness Immortal Region to join the war. The Slaughterers’ side has already sent out their Paramount Gold Immortals.” True Monarch Great Wilderness shook his head and sighed. 

“Senior, I have a question. This otherverse that you mentioned, does it refer to one universe beyond our universe or multiple universes?” Chen Feng suddenly asked. 

“Multiple universes!” 

“This is truly problematic. However, I wonder. Since the Slaughterers are invaders from another universe, how did the Immortal Court end up colluding with them? Or rather, what methods are they using to control them?” Chen Feng then turned to look at True Monarch Turbulence.

“Don’t look at me. I am wondering about that myself.” True Monarch Turbulence shook his head.

In the beginning, True Monarch Great Wilderness had felt puzzled to hear that. But when Chen Feng informed him about it, he grew shocked.

“To think that something like that could happen. Looks like something is up with that Immortal Court that you mentioned. How about this? In order to thank friend Turbulence’s assistance and also for the sake of figuring out some of the issues here, I will leave a clone of mine here.”

After saying that, True Monarch Great Wilderness’ body shook slightly and a clone walked out.

“I’ll go to your Celestial Longevity Plane as well.” After saying that, True Monarch Great Wilderness took a step forward and disappeared as well. Chen Feng had wanted to say something but he failed to do it in time. 

“What is it?” True Monarch Great Wilderness was somewhat puzzled at Chen Feng’s actions.

“It’s nothing.”

Chen Feng shook his head, not saying anything about it. In truth, he had wanted the clone to take him along as well. Unexpectedly, the clone was so quick to leave.

Following that, Chen Feng and the two True Monarchs chatted for a while before bidding farewell. Before leaving, however, Chen Feng also obtained an imprint from True Monarch Turbulence. It could be considered as a harvest for his trip here. 

Add that with the imprint left inside him by True Monarch Triple Yang, Chen Feng now had two killer moves. During critical moments, the imprints could give him two extra lives.

Chen Feng rode the gigantic Starlight Overlord Beast to return home. Along the way, he encountered the Slaughterer forces several times. Every time, Chen Feng would kill them all. By the time he arrived at the Celestial Longevity Plane, over a million Slaughterers had died to him and the Starlight Overlord Beast.

Entering the Longevity Heavensrange, he then headed to the Longevity Celestial Summit. To his surprise, there were three Divine Princes waiting for him there. 

“Fellow seniors, what is it?” Chen Feng said with a smile. He had some knowledge about the three Divine Princes. All three were born in the Celestial Longevity Plane. They were not members of the imperial family and the longevity genes within them were not particularly strong. The fact that they could cultivate up to this level showed that they had quite the talent and luck. 

One of them waved his hand and a crystal bead appeared on his palm. Within the crystal-clear bead was a clump of black energy, which wriggled non-stop. Occasionally, it would form a ghastly face. 

“A soul!” Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light. 

“This is the soul of Divine Prince Tattoo. We killed him,” the Divine Prince said, waving his hand to send the crystal bead flying towards Chen Feng.

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