Chapter 1334 Wilderness Invades


“Greetings to the Young Master!” After entering an opulent building, the three Divine Princes respectfully saluted Chen Feng.

“Fellows, there is no need to stand on ceremony. I am here on an important matter that requires meeting True Monarch Turbulence,” Chen Feng said. At the same time, though, their attitudes caused Chen Feng to breathe a sigh of relief. 

“Ah, we know about that,” Divine Prince Stormwind said. 

“You know?” Chen Feng grew somewhat surprised. These fellows had not recognized him earlier. 

“Before this, Sir True Monarch Turbulence had informed us that someone from the family would come. Only, we did not know that it would be you, Young Master. However, Sir True Monarch Turbulence is presently fighting against the enemy. We do not know when he would return,” Divine Prince Stormwind said. 

“Fighting? The enemy has a Paramount Gold Immortal?” That surprised Chen Feng. 

“Yes. Speaking of which, it is quite peculiar. Our Turbulent Star Region has always been a very tranquil place. Back then, after receiving news of the Slaughterer invasion, we had prepared to return to the Celestial Longevity Plane. Suddenly, though, we came under attack from the cultivators from the Wilderness Immortal Region. The number of enemy soldiers is not particularly high, but they do have a Paramount Gold Immortal. Half a year ago, Sir True Monarch had headed out to fight the other party, but even now there is no news of him. During this time, the enemy soldiers had been constantly attacking our Turbulent Star Region. If it weren’t for Young Master’s and your friend’s sudden arrival, they would not have retreated so easily,” Divine Prince Stormwind said. 

“So, that’s how it is.” Chen Feng nodded, several thoughts racing through his mind. 

“No news. If so, we also do not know how Sir True Monarch Turbulence is doing?” Chen Feng asked after a moment’s consideration. 

“Sir True Monarch should be fine. The soul lamp that he left behind is still burning.”

“Very well. I’ll wait here for a while.” Chen Feng nodded. He had travelled across several star regions to get here. To return after failing to find True Monarch Turbulence on his first try was not right. Besides, this Turbulent Star Region could also be considered as a territory under the Boundless Family. As it was presently under attack, he could not simply leave. 

And so, Chen Feng stayed. It did not take long before he gained some understanding towards the situation in the Turbulent Star Region. The star region was very big and there were tens of thousands of life-bearing planets there. There were many cultivators there. However, most of them were low-level cultivators. As for the Gold Immortals, almost all of them were cultivators that True Monarch Turbulence had brought over from the Celestial Longevity Plane or those he subdued. 

In this fight against the invading cultivators from the Wilderness Immortal Region, their disadvantage lay in the fact that they had too few high-level cultivators. At any rate, this star region was something that True Monarch Turbulence developed by himself. No matter how talented in cultivation the living creatures here may be, cultivating up to a high level was something that required a long time. Cultivators like Chen Feng were rare, one in millions.

To Chen Feng’s relief, the number of invaders from the Wilderness Immortal Region was not high and they were not particularly formidable. And now, with him here, the other party would have a harder time getting the upper hand. 

Suddenly, a thought flashed across Chen Feng’s mind. “Do you know the reason behind their invasion?”

“It’s simple. They want to take our Turbulent Star Region by force,” Divine Prince Stormwind said. 

“If that’s the case, we should be able to negotiate with them. Only, I wonder what True Monarch Turbulence thinks about this,” Chen Feng said, a plan forming within his mind.

“Young Master is thinking of having us accept them?” Divine Prince Stormwind was in a slight state of disbelief.

“The other party must have their own reasons for invading. We just need to figure it out. Next up, I will capture some of them and interrogate them for answers,” Chen Feng said. 

One month later, the cultivators from the Wilderness Immortal Region entered the Turbulent Star Region once more. Divine Prince Stormwind and the others, who had prepared themselves for this, led their men forward to attack.

Chen Feng and the Starlight Overlord Beast charged into the enemy forces, one from the left and one from the right. Their objective was the enemy Gold Immortals. Unlike the Slaughterers, their enemy this time was not that strong. Most importantly, the number of enemies was limited. Their previous actions of killing off several of the enemy Gold Immortals had caused some issues to arise within the enemy forces.

Due to that, the moment Chen Feng and the Starlight Overlord Beast appeared, the other party gathered up close to 20 Gold Immortals to stop them. 

Before taking action, one of them said, “Fellow friends, where did you two come from? This is Turbulent Star Region’s matter. Please don’t interfere.” 

Hearing that caused Chen Feng to burst into laughter.

“You fellows from the Wilderness Immortal Region invaded our Limitless Immortal Region. Any cultivator from our immortal region would take action upon seeing this. More, this place is one of the territories under my family,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“If so, we’ll have to duke it out.”

“In truth, I suggest we talk this through. At present, you fellows are not in a good spot, no?” Chen Feng said, still smiling. 

“What is there to talk about? Unless you fellows are willing to give up this immortal region!” one of the Divine Princes shouted.

“Give up this immortal region?” Chen Feng’s face turned icy. 

“If that’s how you want to do this, attack!” The Longevity Wings abruptly spread out from Chen Feng’s back and he shot forward. The Starlight Overlord Beast transformed into his original, gigantic form and charged towards the regular Gold Immortals. 

In fact, Chen Feng’d had contact with the Wilderness Immortal Region early on. The Divine Cyancloud Palace that he had obtained in the past was from the Wilderness Immortal Region. Later on, he also met the one known as Qing Shan in a mysterious space, who came from the Wilderness Immortal Region as well. The two of them had even exchanged the legacy of Grand Emperor Cyancloud. Back then, Chen Feng had felt some interest towards it. But now, he no longer cared. Even if Grand Emperor Cyancloud was alive, it would not cause Chen Feng to feel desirous or envious for the legacy.

In the beginning, Chen Feng had wanted to talk things through with them. They had too many issues to handle recently. Having less enemies would be for the best. At present, however, it would appear that was no longer possible. These fellows were the type that did not understand how powerful he was unless he inflicted pain upon them.

The instant a battle broke out between their two sides, Chen Feng was able to feel the ancientness and profundity of the Wilderness Immortal Region. Their combat power was very strong, comparable to that of the Immortal Plane. That said, it was still slightly inferior compared to that of the Celestial Planes.

Chen Feng faced off against three Divine Princes and four regular Gold Immortals. By relying on his speed, Chen Feng was able to badly wound one of them in their very first clash. Then, after taking their attacks head on for a moment, he swiftly flew away. Darting around to change his position several times, he then – all of a sudden – transformed into his Chaos Gold Body. At the same time, his two clones also emerged. By then, his two clones were practically identical with his main body. With his triple combat power, he sent the three enemy Divine Princes flying. As for the other Gold Immortals, their attacks landed on Chen Feng’s body but failed to break through his defence.

On the other side, the Starlight Overlord Beast did not hold back. He entangled over 10 Gold Immortals. With one charge, he sent two Gold Immortals tumbling backwards. Similar with Chen Feng, the attacks from the other Gold Immortals landed on the Starlight Overlord Beast’s body only to give rise to minor sparks of starlight.

The cultivators from the Wilderness Immortal Region had quite a few Divine Princes with them. Only, Divine Prince Stormwind and the others were keeping them occupied. Due to that, they were incapable of diverting any more men to deal with Chen Feng and the Starlight Overlord Beast. Back then, the two sides were evenly matched. But the participation of Chen Feng and the Starlight Overlord Beast had shifted the balance of the battlefield.

I had assumed that they would find some helpers. Unexpectedly, it’s the same bunch. Chen Feng chuckled. He unleashed his triple combat power three times and the cultivators who were besieging him were all wounded as a result. Chen Feng did not kill them. He had some plans for them.

“Are you fellows still not going to stop?” Chen Feng stretched his hand to grab hold of two Divine Princes. The Starlight Overlord Beast, on the other hand, went a step further. Several ropes made from the power of stars emerged from his body to tie up over 10 Gold Immortals. More, starlight moved and ropes kept emerging as they flew into their surroundings. This time, they targeted the half-step Gold Immortals. In but the blink of an eye, the ropes tied up over 100 half-step Gold Immortals.

The two Divine Princes who were captured by Chen Feng felt terribly embarrassed and furious, but were incapable of saying anything about it. They also knew that there was no possibility of the others rescuing them.

“Guys, say it,” Chen Feng said coolly. 

“Stop it!” Helpless, one of them then said. In truth, he no longer had a choice. The soldiers on their side were already beginning a steady retreat. In the past, they had fought the Turbulent Star Region many times before, resulting in some wins and some losses. Never had they lost so quickly. 

By then, the number of cultivators captured by the Starlight Overlord Beast had exceeded 1,000. Failing to find anymore half-step Gold Immortals, he then moved on to target Heavenly Immortals. Even Divine Princes had to run in the face of this giant interstellar creature, let alone these cultivators who were not even at the Gold Immortal stage.

This time, the battle ended as quickly as it began. The other Gold Immortals from the Wilderness Immortal Region then rushed over, wanting to rescue their captured Gold Immortals. However, the Gold Immortals from the Turbulent Star Region were quick to respond. They swiftly positioned themselves before Chen Feng. It would appear that another clash was about to erupt. 

“Alright, fellows. Now, let’s talk,” Chen Feng then said.

“Release our men first!” one of the Gold Immortals shouted. 

“Not a problem.” Ignoring the dissuading words from Divine Prince Stormwind and the others, Chen Feng released the two in his grasp. 

“Young Master, this…” Divine Prince Stormwind did not understand what Chen Feng had in mind and he could not help but feel anxious. 

“Don’t worry. If I can capture them once, I can capture them again a second time,” Chen Feng replied coolly. 

Hearing those words left the other party somewhat enraged. In the end, however, they chose not to retort. As for the Starlight Overlord Beast, he retracted the starlight radiating out from his body and the Gold Immortals and Heavenly Immortals that were tied up were released.

“What do you want to talk about?” A Divine Prince stepped out from the Wilderness Immortal Region’s group. 

“Naturally, it’s about stopping this fight. If this goes on, you fellows will unquestionably lose. It is just that we do not want to lose too many men for this. Before that, though, I have some questions. Are you fellows able to make contact with your boss, the Paramount Gold Immortal?” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

The Divine Prince hesitated for a moment before replying, “No.”

“However, you fellows are probably incapable of making contact with True Monarch Turbulence as well, no?”

“Ha ha ha! There’s something that you fellows probably haven’t figured out. This is my territory. I am from a very great family while True Monarch Turbulence is but one of the Paramount Gold Immortals from our family. If I want to kill you fellows, even if you fellows have two more Paramount Gold Immortals, it would still be useless. Not unless you fellows bring all the forces from the Wilderness Immortal Region over. However, I believe that is impossible for you, right?” Chen Feng shook his head.

“I believe you, but we are simply incapable of making contact with Sir True Monarch.” The Divine Prince shook his head.

“If that’s the case, let’s have a ceasefire. We’ll wait until the two Paramount Gold Immortals are done deciding who wins before we talk again,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Very well. We have no objections.”


Note: Divine Cyancloud Palace was first introduced in Chapter 938. Chen Feng found it in the Spirit Essence Tower. Qing Shan was introduced in Chapter 1156. Chen Feng had met him in a mysterious space after entering the wall within the Six Daos Sword Faction. Again, a reminder that the word ‘Wilderness’ used to be translated as ‘Desolation’ in some of the earlier chapters and some changes have been made to related names.

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