Chapter 1333 Turbulent Star Region


After receiving the promise from Chen Feng, the Starlight Overlord Beast flew faster. His cultivation base also rose. Moreover, to Chen Feng’s surprise, this Starlight Overlord Beast was a talkative one. After feeling better about his situation, the Starlight Overlord Beast began taking the initiative to talk to Chen Feng. After just a slight response from Chen Feng, the Starlight Overlord Beast began to chatter without end. Seeing that amused Chen Feng. That said, it made the journey not as boring. 

The Starlight Overlord Beast had been cultivating for nearly a billion years now. And while he was born in the Chaos Dimension, he had been to many places. Additionally, the Chaos Dimension itself was a vast and seemingly endless region. Due to that, Chen Feng was able to gain something from this chat with the Starlight Overlord Beast. The Starlight Overlord Beast did not try to conceal anything regarding what he knew of the Chaos Dimension, informing Chen Feng even matters that some other Celestial Planes were unaware of. Only, he did not say anything regarding the Starlight Overlord Beast race. Chen Feng himself did not inquire him about that subject. Seeing that, the Starlight Overlord Beast secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It also made him more certain that Chen Feng’s words earlier were trustworthy. 

One month later, Chen Feng finally arrived at the Turbulent Star Region. By utilizing a certain longevity-type secret technique, Chen Feng was able to communicate and harmonize with the space there. 

With that, he knew that he had found the right place. 

After entering the Turbulent Star Region, Chen Feng did not dawdle about. Instead, he swiftly released his soul power. In Chen Feng’s opinion, if True Monarch Turbulence was here, he would surely be able to sense his arrival. 

To Chen Feng’s surprise, after his divine sense swept out, he found what appeared to be a scene of battle. Many planets had been destroyed and the laws within the space there were badly broken. Additionally, there were also chaotic streams of energy and an atmosphere of carnage. Two groups of cultivators were in the midst of fighting each other.

“Their power of destruction is very strong. There are Divine Princes participating in this battle. Not Slaughterers. The other party’s background is unknown.” Chen Feng was quick to analyse the general state of the battle. 

“Charge!” Chen Feng felt somewhat vexed, but he decided to intervene in the end. This was the star region that True Monarch Turbulence established, after all. 

The Starlight Overlord Beast roared and his colossal body charged straight towards the battlefield. By the time the opposing army was able to respond, tens of thousands of soldiers had been killed by the Starlight Overlord Beast’s charge.

The appearance of the giant interstellar creature shook the battlefield. Next up, several enemy Gold Immortals charged towards the Starlight Overlord Beast. In order to put on a good performance before Chen Feng, the Starlight Overlord Beast mustered his strength as he planned on killing some more enemy soldiers. However, Chen Feng then brought out the Longevity Bow. 

By then, the Longevity Bow, which was gradually fusing with the Soul Demise Bow, had already reached the mid-grade Divine tier. 

As for Chen Feng, he was someone who cultivated the Longevity Scripture; only by using Longevity weapons would he be able to unleash his strongest combat power. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

After the Longevity Bow was pulled, it began an onslaught. One stream of light after another flashed forward and the enemy Gold Immortals who rushed towards them were killed. 

They were but regular Gold Immortals. In the face of Chen Feng’s attacks, their only fate was to be instantly killed off. 

As for the Starlight Overlord Beast, he targeted a Divine Prince and simply charged. Without the Gold Immortals to obstruct his path, the other soldiers had to run. Those who were too slow were smashed into minced pulp.

Knowing that he could not escape, the targeted Divine Prince rushed forward to face the Starlight Overlord Beast head on. In truth, the other party had several Divine Princes. However, the others were all entangled by the natives of the Turbulent Star Region.

“Isn’t this just suicide?” Chen Feng pulled the Longevity Bow and released, sending a meteor forward. At the same time, the Starlight Overlord Beast opened his mouth to launch a ball of flames forward. The power of this ball of flames was in no way inferior compared to Chen Feng’s attack.

Taking these two attacks meant certain death for the Divine Prince.

Suddenly, a mirror appeared before the Divine Prince. The two attacks from Chen Feng and the Starlight Overlord Beast struck the mirror surface and were immediately bounced back.

Then, the mirror blew up and shattered bits of energy were scattered around chaotically.

Chen Feng’s pupils contracted. Although there was quite a distance between them, Chen Feng’s mind worked swiftly to analyse what happened earlier. The mirror that appeared all of a sudden had deflected 80% of the power behind their attacks while the remaining 20% was easily blocked by the Divine Prince.

“That mirror.” The Starlight Overlord Beast faltered slightly. 

“Is it similar to the Wilderness Mirror?” Chen Feng said. 

“Right! It looks similar to the Wilderness Mirror that I know of,” the Starlight Overlord Beast was quick to reply.

“It must be it, then. But the Wilderness Mirror is at the very least a high-grade Divine artifact. That earlier must be a projection sent out by the main body. If so, the enemy soldiers must be from the Wilderness Immortal Region,” Chen Feng speculated.

In that brief moment, another Divine Prince appeared. And so, one of them charged towards the Starlight Overlord Beast while the other one targeted Chen Feng. It seemed as though a fierce attack would befall Chen Feng the moment he became distracted.

Chen Feng responded with a derisive grin and he pulled the Longevity Bow again. Following that, a cone-like soul wave shot towards Chen Feng, arriving before him in an instant. Chen Feng released the bowstring and a beam of light flew forward to leave a large hole upon the enemy Divine Prince. Meanwhile, a clone suddenly emerged from Chen Feng’s back to break the enemy soul attack.

Chen Feng followed it up with another arrow and the Divine Prince was ripped into two at the waist. With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng then sent a massive palm swinging to smash the body parts of the enemy Divine Prince into pieces.

On the other side, the Starlight Overlord Beast also managed to grievously wound his opponent. Although this giant interstellar creature had lost to Chen Feng back then, it was undeniably very strong. Cultivators at the same level as him would have a very hard time facing him. 


A long bone spike pierced the Divine Prince’s body. Next, the Starlight Overlord Beast opened his mouth to simply gulp the Divine Prince down.  

In Chen Feng’s opinion, these two Divine Princes were not that strong. When compared to the Divine Princes he had encountered in the past, these two were only at the lower-mid level. They could not even be compared to Divine Prince Carefree.

The Starlight Overlord Beast alone would have been able to finish off the two of them. 

Even so, the sudden appearance of this one human and one beast and how they had easily killed off two Divine Princes and several Gold Immortals shocked the entire battlefield. Following that, the enemy soldiers – after recovering from their shock – began retreating. As they were retreating, however, the attacks levelled at them caused their army to collapse.

Chen Feng and the Starlight Overlord Beast casually fired out several attacks to kill off several more of the Gold Immortals who were hiding within the army before stopping. The native cultivators from the Turbulent Star Region, on the other hand, continued pursuing them murderously to the end. 

“Transform into your human form. You are too big.” After Chen Feng said that, the Starlight Overlord Beast transformed into a human with a ferocious air of majesty to stand beside Chen Feng.

There were various thoughts going through Chen Feng’s mind. This place had come under attack as well. Moreover, the attackers were from another immortal region. He did not believe that this was a coincidence.

It was unlikely that the other party was only targeting the Celestial Longevity Plane. Given how many forces they have on their side, with one serious assault, they would have no issues destroying several Celestial Planes. There was no need to do so many things. 

The chaos erupting all around the place, the unending conflicts, the Slaughterers that appeared in the beginning, the Heaven-defying races that appeared after them, the Immortal Court’s unchecked ambition and the attack from another immortal region. Within Chen Feng’s mind, a faint line began connecting the dots.

Looks like something big is about to happen. After some time, Chen Feng then mumbled.

“Fellow seniors, thank you for the assistance.” Three Divine Princes arrived before Chen Feng. While slightly surprised to see Chen Feng and the Starlight Overlord Beast together, they had still respectfully thanked them.

“Fellows, there is no need to stand on ceremony. I am Longevity Celestial from the Boundless Family. We are on the same side.” Chen Feng nodded. Given Chen Feng’s ability to discern, he could tell that the three Divine Princes were from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Who knows? Maybe they were also from the Boundless Family.

“Longevity Celestial. That name sounds familiar. Could it be that Longevity Celestial?” The three Divine Princes exchanged glances, a puzzled look on their faces.

“My father is Boundless,” Chen Feng said. 

“Sir Boundless!” All three exclaimed.

“Sir, could you be the one with the Chaos Constitution, Young Master Longevity Celestial?” one of them hastily said. 

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Forgive my manners! Young Master, please come. Let’s find a quiet place to talk.” After finding out Chen Feng’s identity, the three of them became even more respectful towards him. 

Seeing that, Chen Feng secretly nodded. Their display was quite satisfactory.

The three Divine Princes then led them over to a massive life-bearing planet. Although the planet’s life force was very exuberant, there were turbulent power of laws fluctuating about non-stop there. Chen Feng estimated that True Monarch Turbulence must have created this planet.

Note: Wilderness Immortal Region used to be translated as Desolation Immortal Region. The raw characters for 'wilderness' here are ‘洪荒’, pinyin: ‘hóng huāng’. The characters could mean a wasteland, desolate lands or lands left unchecked that’s overgrown with nature stuff. The author went into further detail about it in Chapter 1049 and Chapter 1051, indicating it meant ‘wilderness’.

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