Chapter 1331 Starlight Overlord Beast


After that, Chen Feng swiftly transformed into his 50,000-zhang-tall Chaos Gold Body and the Longevity Sword in his hand became 30,000 zhang long. Without wasting any time on pointless words, he charged, wanting to deal with this opponent before more troubles get lured over. 

In the face of this attack by Chen Feng, the Starlight Overlord Beast, with a planet-like body spanning a length of half a million kilometres, charged forward. At the same time, the starlight shining across its body flared. It was as though countless dots of light had connected to form a massive starlight barrier that encased its body. Its power abruptly elongated to a great length, becoming like a mountain as it continued to charge forward. 

Despite its colossal body, the movements of the Starlight Overlord Beast did not cause any turmoil in the surrounding space. It was as though it was within another space. 

Chen Feng had rarely had to face this type of attack. Moreover, this was also his first time facing such a massive opponent. The moment the Starlight Overlord Beast unleashed its power, Chen Feng sensed a formidable power of oppression pressing down on him. And so, Chen Feng’s body pulsed as it grew bigger again, reaching a height of 60,000 zhang in one fell swoop. Like a massive waterfall descending at a slanted angle, the Longevity Sword in his hand flew forward to slash at the Starlight Overlord Beast. 

Chen Feng had assumed that this would result in a violent collision. However, just as the two of them were about to make contact, countless motes of light sprayed out from the Starlight Overlord Beast’s body to quickly engulf Chen Feng. 

“A meteor shower attack!” Chen Feng snickered, swinging the Longevity Sword in his hand. Sword energy surged forward to shatter all the motes of starlight. By then, the Starlight Overlord Beast had already arrived before Chen Feng. Even the speed at which it was charging forward rose all of a sudden. 


The two parties collided. Following that, the Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back spread out and Chen Feng rapidly flew backwards.

More motes of starlight swarmed forward, forming a river of stars to wash over Chen Feng. At the same time, the Starlight Overlord Beast extended two massive paws, which it swung towards Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. 

Each of the two paws was at least 50,000 kilometres in size. The swing from the two paws trapped Chen Feng in the middle while creating a separate world. 

“Oh, a decent offensive move.” Chen Feng chuckled as he advanced, the Longevity Sword in hand. He faced the river of stars, cutting open a path while breaking apart the motes of starlight coming at him. More, he also evaded the attack from the paws and landed on the Starlight Overlord Beast’s colossal body.

Four starlight chains flew forward to swirl around Chen Feng and a massive blade of light appeared above him. Seeing that, Chen Feng laughed. This attack was similar to the attacks unleashed by the Space-time Slaughterer that he had encountered in the past. Perhaps, large unique creatures preferred using this type of attacks. Only, the attacks from the Space-time Slaughterer were formed using the power of slaughter while the attacks from this Starlight Overlord Beast were formed using pure power of stars.

Sword light flashed and the chains and blade of light were destroyed. At the same time, the Longevity Lance stabbed deep into the Starlight Overlord Beast’s body. Although the Longevity Lance had the word ‘Longevity’ in its name, it instead devoured the blood energy from the Starlight Overlord Beast’s body without respite. And while it had vast amounts of blood energy, the rate at which Chen Feng was devouring its blood energy was too much for it. 

And so, the Starlight Overlord Beast furiously spun around, forming several formidable wind blades to attack Chen Feng. At the same time, the two massive paws arrived before Chen Feng again. 

But that was not all. All the starlight radiating from the Starlight Overlord Beast’s body suddenly disappeared as one ferocious bone spike after another jutted out. The incredibly long spikes grew at an extremely fast speed and were as sharp as swords.

“This does make you look like an overlord.” Chen Feng nodded, the Longevity Combat Armour on him firing out one blade of light after another to shatter the wind blades shooting towards him. Then, the Longevity Wings on his back abruptly retracted and Chen Feng disappeared, causing the paw attacks to miss. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

It was then that a number of the spikes shot out. Like a group of flying swords, they locked down on Chen Feng’s position.

Chen Feng, who had been darting around swiftly, stopped moving to allow the spikes to hit him. At the same time, the Longevity Lance in his hand stabbed into the Starlight Overlord Beast’s body again. Surging, tsunami-like power coursed through the Longevity Lance to enter Chen Feng’s body.  

If this had been any other Gold Immortal, the two attacks would have allowed Chen Feng to completely devour his opponent’s power, reducing them into a withered husk. But for this colossal Starlight Overlord Beast, those two were but minor wounds. 

Of course, if it could not shake Chen Feng off, this Starlight Overlord Beast would eventually become a withered husk, no matter how great its life force may be. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Those were the sounds of explosion caused by the spikes hitting Chen Feng’s body. Chen Feng kept backing away as the Longevity Combat Armour was constantly changing shape, a result of taking all those attacks. However, his face remained calm. It was as though the attacks had not landed on him at all. 


Suddenly, a whip appeared out of nowhere to strike Chen Feng, sending him flying. Even the Longevity Lance was pulled away. After that, a fine and near-imperceptible thread bound Chen Feng. The Starlight Overlord Beast turned its body and opened its huge mouth to reveal sharp sword-like teeth. Only, it did not bite Chen Feng. Instead, it spat out a ball of fire. 

The ball of fire had a width of over 50 kilometres, small compared to the size of the Starlight Overlord Beast.

The ball of fire was formed from the power of stars. Suns were also stars. Thus, one could easily imagine just how strong the ball of fire was.

The ball of fire flew forward, striking Chen Feng’s body before blowing up with a bang to transform the surrounding space into a world of oceans. 

Chen Feng disappeared. 

The Starlight Overlord Beast did not let its guard down. Instead, it released its soul power to search for him. 


Once again, Chen Feng landed on the Starlight Overlord Beast’s body. This time, he launched a soul attack. In truth, Chen Feng’s soul attack was the strongest attack in his arsenal. That was particularly so after he had devoured the illusion-type Slaughterer. It had given his soul attacks a formidable illusion effect. 

After launching the soul attack, Chen Feng continued to devour the Starlight Overlord Beast’s power. As expected, with this, the Starlight Overlord Beast had a harder time shaking Chen Feng off.

Even its colossal body was beginning to become lethargic.

Chen Feng devoured half of the Starlight Overlord Beast’s power in one go before stopping. This was the equivalent of devouring the power of 10 Divine Princes. Even with the Chaos Constitution, this amount was somewhat too much for Chen Feng. Any more and he would be incapable of digesting it. 

But by then, the Starlight Overlord Beast was already weakened enough. Chen Feng fired out two more soul attacks before placing a soul shackle within its sea of wisdom. 

He had forcibly subdued this giant interstellar creature.

Chen Feng then kept his weapon and stood atop the Starlight Overlord Beast before saying coldly, “If you don’t want me to kill you, be sure to perform well.”

Next, this giant interstellar creature became Chen Feng’s mount to carry him across the stars. Although it felt saddened and indignant about it, the Starlight Overlord Beast dared not go against Chen Feng’s orders. Doing so meant death.

While the giant interstellar creature’s speed was not faster compared to Chen Feng’s spiritwalking technique, this did help Chen Feng save up his strength. Moreover, he could also spend the time on cultivation. 

As they were approaching the Dark Plane, they began encountering the Slaughterer army. Chen Feng ordered the Starlight Overlord Beast to smash its way forward. Everywhere it went, a high number of Slaughterers would be smashed to bits. Following that, the Starlight Overlord Beast’s body shrunk, becoming much smaller at only a length of 5,000 kilometres. Chen Feng, on the other hand, transformed into his Chaos Gold Body, brandishing his Longevity Lance to continuously kill the Slaughterers charging towards them.

To think that there would be so many Slaughterers around the Dark Plane. Is there truly no end to these Slaughterers? If that is the case, it would be possible for them to destroy this whole universe. Even the Immortal Court will be incapable of controlling this force. Given the present situation, either there is a limit to the number of Slaughterers or the Immortal Court has a special method to deal with them. Personally, I am hoping that there is a limit to their number, Chen Feng thought. 

Coincidentally, there were no Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers in Chen Feng’s path. The ones he encountered were simply incapable of threatening either him or the Starlight Overlord Beast.

For the average Slaughterers, by gathering up to tens of millions or hundreds of millions of them, they may be able to kill off a Gold Immortal. However, in the face of the Starlight Overlord Beast at the Divine Prince level and Chen Feng, who was even stronger, numbers were useless.

They killed off countless Slaughterers, breaking through the army of Slaughterers to head directly towards the Dark Plane. 

When cultivators from the Dark Plane first noticed the appearance of the giant interstellar creature, they grew somewhat anxious and wary. However, some of them then recognized Chen Feng, who was riding it. And so, the air of hostility from them disappeared and several Gold Immortals took the initiative to approach Chen Feng. 

“So, it’s Young Master Longevity Celestial,” one of the Gold Immortals said with a smile. 

“Greetings.” Chen Feng had a casual chat with the Gold Immortals before entering Dark Night City. Naturally, the Starlight Overlord Beast had already transformed into his human form to follow Chen Feng.

Chen Feng could sense the Dark Kirin’s aura. He was inside the Grand Dark Night Palace. However, Chen Feng’s keen divine sense swiftly noticed something amiss with the Dark Kirin’s aura. 

Is he badly wounded? Chen Feng wondered.

He stopped pondering about it and sped up. Swiftly, he arrived before the Grand Dark Night Palace.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km


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