Chapter 1330 Taking Action


Chen Feng did not worry too much about what the two of them were thinking. He had many more matters to deal with. After Magiris left, Chen Feng found Longevity Edge and asked him about the Paramount Gold Immortals affiliated with their Boundless Family. As their father was not here, Chen Feng would have to go about this from another route. 

“I know of two Paramount-level seniors. One of them is a member of our Boundless Family while the other one used to be father’s follower,” said Longevity Edge after a moment’s consideration. 

“If so, do you know where they live?” Chen Feng grew delighted.

“I do. Only, there is no telling if they are there or not. In truth, our Celestial Longevity Plane has existed for so many hundreds of millions of years. We have quite a high number of Paramount Gold Immortals. This is why our Celestial Planes are superior to the other worlds. However, these Paramount Gold Immortals are all seeking the grand dao, wanting to study higher-levelled laws. They would rarely take part in matters like these. Take the war back then as an example. Many Paramount Gold Immortals did not return despite the war. There are very few things that could attract characters at that level,” Longevity Edge said. 

“Humph! That’s not what I’ve heard. In the war back then, many chose to not come not out of disdain, but out of fear that they would die. These fellows are all selfish, caring only about their own interests. Even if our Celestial Longevity Plane falls, these fellows would probably not step forward as well,” Chen Feng said with a derisive smile. 

“Sigh! There are indeed people like these.” Longevity Edge sighed as well. 

“After I advance to the Gold Immortal stage, when I am strong enough, I will utilize the Longevity Scripture and the Longevity Tower’s power to establish a link with the Celestial Longevity Plane’s essence power and plunder those fellows’ longevity imprints and longevity essence,” Chen Feng said icily. 

Hearing that, Longevity Edge felt his hairs standing on end. He thought to himself, this little brother of his was too ruthless. But after thinking about it, having that happen would be quite pleasant. He himself was also feeling dissatisfied with those experts who cared nothing about others. Only, Longevity Edge did not have the power to do anything about it. 

This little brother of his, on the other hand, possessed a great cultivation talent, the Chaos Constitution, the Longevity Scripture and even the Longevity Tower. In the future, by reaching the Gold Immortal stage, he might be able to do just that. 

After obtaining the information from Longevity Edge, Chen Feng headed back to the Celestial Longevity Plane. This time, he did not bring anyone with him. Instead, he chose to travel alone. He was, however, maintaining contact with Tower as he inquired Tower some matters regarding the Paramount Gold Immortals. 

The other Divine Princes also had their own tasks to handle. Given the situation they were in, there were practically none who remained idle. Some of the uninjured Gold Immortals formed teams to patrol the space around the Celestial Longevity Plane. Should they find any Slaughterers or other hostile forces like those from the Immortal Plane, they would immediately attack. 

Some Divine Princes headed to the other Celestial Planes, where they contacted some other forces, hoping to gather up even more men. 

Chen Feng did not know about that. He had already returned to the Longevity Heavensrange in the Celestial Longevity Plane. 

Chen Feng was looking for True Monarch Triple Yang, a member of the imperial family and also a member of the Boundless Family. He cultivated the grand dao of the three yang. He made contact with the dao of paramountcy several hundred million years ago. Naturally, he had also participated in the war back then where he lost two clones. His main body, though, was not badly wounded. This was why Chen Feng chose to come find him first. 

By following the information given to him by Longevity Edge, Chen Feng quickly arrived before an inconspicuous-looking valley. Next, his gaze flowed out like a stream of water and a faint-looking barrier swiftly appeared before him. In the face of Chen Feng’s gaze, water-like ripples spread out across the surface of the barrier. 

“As expected, a barrier set up by a Paramount Gold Immortal.” Chen Feng halted his steps. He knew that his strength alone would not be enough to enter the barrier.

“Junior Longevity Celestial is here to visit Senior Triple Yang!” Chen Feng said loudly. 

No response.

Chen Feng called out three times in a row, but received no response. And so, he brought out the Longevity Scripture. A gentle energy wave swept out and a door appeared on the barrier. Chen Feng then entered. 

Upon entering, he arrived at another world. It was like paradise and spiritual energy greeted him. Laws flowed about without respite and the sound of the grand dao rumbled. Instantly, Chen Feng felt his entire soul undergoing a cleansing process. 

Before Chen Feng could even appreciate the scenery, he saw a cultivator appear. In the beginning, the cultivator’s figure appeared illusory, but it gradually turned more and more tangible before finally appearing before Chen Feng.

This person was clad in cyan clothes. He revealed a calm expression on his face and his gaze gave others an impression of a surging power and that of the unfathomable.

“Greetings, senior!” Chen Feng recollected himself and quickly said respectfully.

“You are Longevity Celestial. Unexpectedly, you have already cultivated up to this level. I know why you are here. Contributing to the Longevity Clan is my responsibility. I will follow you to the stronghold in outer space.” True Monarch Triple Yang did not even wait for Chen Feng to ask him before agreeing to go. 

Hearing that, Chen Feng grew delighted. He had not expected things to go so smoothly. 

“Thank you, senior!” Chen Feng hastily said. With a Paramount Gold Immortal staying in the stronghold, even if he did not take action, it would still become a form of deterrence against their enemies. 

“Don’t get too happy just yet. My main body will not be going. What you see here is just one of my clones,” True Monarch Triple Yang said again. 

Although Chen Feng felt disappointed to hear that, he also knew that this was also the most he could gain here. Thus, he did not reveal any change on his face. 

True Monarch Triple Yang was very satisfied with Chen Feng’s attitude. With a wave of his hand, a stream of light flowed into Chen Feng’s glabella. 

“Those are some of my cultivation insights. Consider it a greeting gift from me. I will head out now. It is up to you to invite the other True Monarchs.” 

By the time Chen Feng recollected himself, True Monarch Triple Yang had already disappeared. And so, he left as well. 

An imprint had been left within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. It was something that True Monarch Triple Yang had left, containing some of the cultivation insights from him. For Chen Feng, this was even more important compared to a Divine artifact. In addition to the insights, the imprint could also – when Chen Feng was in danger – unleash one attack at the Paramount Gold Immortal stage.

While this wasn’t something particularly noteworthy for True Monarch Triple Yang, it was an extremely valuable gift for Chen Feng. 

In addition to helping Chen Feng with his cultivation, the imprint also gave him another life-saving measure. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, an attack from a Paramount Gold Immortal was enough to deal with most dangers.

“Hopefully, True Monarch Turbulence will be as agreeable.” Chen Feng then continued onwards to his next objective.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, True Monarch Turbulence was not in the Longevity Heavensrange. He was not even in the Celestial Longevity Plane. Charging up into the sky, Chen Feng then entered outer space.

According to the news that he had just obtained, True Monarch Turbulence was in a special space located far away from the Celestial Longevity Plane.

Although it was quite far, Chen Feng only hesitated briefly before choosing to head to outer space. At present, the Celestial Longevity Plane was not in a good spot. As for the Boundless Corps, the vanguard force of the Celestial Longevity Plane, the situation was even more severe for it. Recruiting another Paramount Gold Immortal over to oversee the situation would give the Boundless Corps another layer of assurance.  

Moreover, the insidious Paramount-level clones that Chen Feng encountered previously caused him to feel greatly alarmed. Although Paramount Gold Immortals would normally not intervene in the affairs of the Gold Immortals, there was no guarantee that the other party would actually not intervene. 

Regardless if the other party would dispatch their Paramount Gold Immortals or not in the future, it was necessary for Chen Feng’s side to have Paramount Gold Immortals overseeing the situation for them. 

At present, there was a high number of Gold Immortals standing guard over the stronghold. Additionally, there was also the force from the Longevity Palace. Thus, Chen Feng did not feel too concerned about that for now. Besides, the path leading to the special place also lay across the Dark Plane. This was also one of the reasons why Chen Feng would choose to head over.

Unbeknownst to Chen Feng, after he left, the Longevity Tower, which had been standing guard over the Celestial Longevity Summit, performed a special technique to obscure Chen Feng’s Heavenly Plot. With this move from the Longevity Tower, not even Paramount Gold Immortals would be able to find out Chen Feng’s whereabouts.

Naturally, that did not mean that Chen Feng would not encounter danger.

The place that Chen Feng was headed towards was known as the Turbulent Star Region. This place was created by True Monarch Turbulence using magic. Although there was a great distance between this place and the Celestial Longevity Plane, with countless folds of space and tens of star regions and river of stars in between them, for experts who had comprehended the grand dao of paramountcy, this distance was nothing. For them, their will alone could bring them through a seemingly endless distance to instantly arrive there. 

Even though the Longevity Tower had obscured Chen Feng’s Heavenly Plot, Chen Feng had still – not long after he left the Celestial Longevity Plane – come under attack.

A giant interstellar creature obstructed his path. 

It was so massive in size that it shocked Chen Feng for a moment. Half a million kilometres in length, it was the biggest creature that Chen Feng had ever seen. Although Chen Feng also had some giant interstellar creatures amongst his subordinates, they had never revealed their full size. 

However, while this giant interstellar creature was gargantuan, it did not exude a formidable aura. All Chen Feng sensed from it was the assault from its gaze, but there was no feeling of oppression on his soul. 

This meant that the other party was either so much weaker than Chen Feng to the point where it could not threaten him or it was much stronger than Chen Feng to the point where Chen Feng could not even detect it. Or perhaps, it was deliberately keeping its aura restrained. 

The body of this giant interstellar creature was rectangular in shape. Comparison wise, it looked somewhat similar to a fish. It did not appear like a combat-type creature. Rather, it looked more like a massive interstellar vessel.

Its body was covered with spots that shone continuously with starlight. In the beginning, Chen Feng had assumed that it was a Starlight Beast, but he quickly came to realize that it was a Starlight Overlord Beast that came from the Chaos Dimension. It was also an old enemy of the Boundless Corps. 

In truth, there was a reason behind the appearance of this Starlight Overlord Beast. The Celestial Longevity Plane would often dispatch their cultivators and army corps to fight against the unique creatures from the Chaos Dimension. Likewise, the other party would also dispatch some forces to intercept and kill off the cultivators from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Coincidentally, this Starlight Overlord Beast ended up intercepting Chen Feng. Under such circumstances, the Longevity Tower’s action of obscuring the Heavenly Plot for Chen Feng was useless. Moreover, this giant unique creature had yet to even reach the Paramount Gold Immortal stage.

A Starlight Overlord Beast. There is quite a sizable number of them in the Chaos Dimension. The Boundless Corps has killed off some tens of them recently. Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light. In the face of Chen Feng’s eye power, the giant Starlight Overlord Beast became practically incapable of hiding anything. 

So, it is a unique creature at the Divine Prince level. However, the blood energy within it is simply too vigorous. It is several times stronger compared to a human cultivator on the same level as it, maybe even more. However, having reached this level, strength is only one factor. Its understanding of laws and how much of the grand dao it had begun to comprehend make up the rest. Naturally, there are also some external forces to consider. Chen Feng then brought out the Longevity Sword. Since the Starlight Overlord Beast was obstructing his path, he would have to deal with it. Although it was somewhat dangerous, this was not beyond his abilities to handle. 

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