Chapter 133: Longevity Sword


“That huge fire arrow was the combined attack by 10 Flaming Spiritcrows.” Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta had only just steadied themselves when two more large fire arrows shot towards them.

“Let me.” As he spoke, Chen Feng stamped one foot down and the Magnetic acupoints on his feet began moving. Thick earthen energy was spurred forth and a faint, yellow-coloured shield of light appeared before the three of them.

Crash! Crash!

Facing the obstruction formed through the power of the earth, the large fire arrows exploded. Chen Feng and the others quickly darted away to avoid the resulting shockwaves.

After having gone through so many life-threatening battles together, the three of them now possessed a highly tacit understanding of each other. Lu Ta rapidly spun his Endless Sky of Turbidity staff to block the demonic energy and heat waves from assailing them while Ye Ziming secretly built up his power so that he could utilize his Voidslip technique when there was danger. As for Chen Feng, he flicked both his hands out and two Longevity Blades were condensed out. Chilling flashes of light were reflected off the edges of the blades as he swung them to meet the incoming fire arrows.

The sound of explosions kept erupting all around them as pillars of flames exploded non-stop. Flames spread out chaotically in every direction, causing the surrounding temperature to instantly soar. There were also wretched screams as sounds of battle and shouts intermingled. It did not take long for the scent of blood, accompanied by the heat waves, to waft into Chen Feng’s nose.

“A lot of people are truly going to die,” said Chen Feng with a sigh. He finally understood why Mo Ji would spend so much money to recruit all these cultivators. Even if they had double their current number, this trip into Demon Soul Valley was still very dangerous. At any rate, they were not Sky Human stage cultivators. Forget encountering Great Yaos, even the act of resisting the thick demonic energy within Demon Soul Valley had forced the cultivators to expend a good amount of their energies. Thus, they were simply incapable of unleashing their full power against the enemies they encountered. 

Puchi! Puchi!

Two level 3 cultivators failed to block off the fierce fire arrows and the arrows instantly pierced through their chests. The intense flames from the fire arrows burned a see-through hole through each of their chests.

“Gale sword cleaves the river!”

“Divine sky-breaking god-slaying dragon spear!”

Suddenly, Mo Xigui and another young cultivator charged towards the sky-encompassing wave of fire arrows. A sword beam, spreading out against the sky, swept out repeatedly and a spear silhouette, resembling a divine dragon raising a tempest, broke apart the incoming wave of fire arrows. They continued to charge into the midst of the Flaming Spiritcrows that were flying before the cultivators. One sword and one spear rampaged about continuously as one Flaming Spiritcrow fell after another, the flames radiating off their bodies fading away.

The Flaming Spiritcrows, with their raging flames, were quite the peculiar yao beasts. When alive, their whole bodies burned with intense heat and flames that danced about. In death, however, the flames faded away and they looked like any other crow.

Due to Mo Xigui and the young cultivator’s charge, the flock of Flaming Spiritcrows fell into a state of chaos. Next, the other cultivators charged forward and the battle was joined. More and more of the Flaming Spiritcrows fell into a state of chaos.

All the cultivators, even those with the air of young masters, Mo Ji’s escorts, were engaged in battle against the Flaming Spiritcrows. However, the situation was different for Mo Ji and her four bodyguards. Although the five of them were constantly killing off any Flaming Spiritcrows attacking them, it was obvious they weren’t giving it their all. Moreover, as long as the Flaming Spiritcrows were not specifically attacking them, they would ignore the Flaming Spiritcrows. Even if someone beside them was being torn to pieces by the Flaming Spiritcrows, the five of them would not do anything to help.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Whenever a Flaming Spiritcrow approached Mo Ji, the four bodyguards behind her would attack. There were no fancy moves. Astral blades shot out and the Flaming Spiritcrows would be cut into two each. 

The four bodyguards are quite powerful. However, they have been holding back all this time. That Mo Ji is even more unfathomable. Watching as these cultivators die while preserving her own power. She is either cold-blooded or she has a reason for that. Chen Feng considered.

After the escort cultivators joined the battle, everyone was finally able to close the distance between them and the Flaming Spiritcrows and they engaged in a melee battle. Like fireballs, the Flaming Spiritcrows barrelled towards the cultivators, looking like meteors as they did.

As Chen Feng was fighting, he was also observing the short, middle-aged cultivator who was with Elegant Gentleman. He wanted to see him in action. However, Chen Feng was quickly disappointed. The cultivator was only displaying the power of a level 5 Concealed stage cultivator. Additionally, his attacks were done nonchalantly. There was a calm expression on his face as he followed Elegant Gentleman. He would only attack when there were Flaming Spiritcrows attacking him and would leave most of the work to Elegant Gentleman.

As for Elegant Gentleman, he was indeed skilled. Utilizing the fan in his hand, he sent out several bursts of strong wind to keep the surrounding Flaming Spiritcrows at bay.

Additionally, Chen Feng also noticed a few other experts. However, Chen Feng was able to conclude that they were all fighting for themselves. Every one of them was only fighting to ensure their own safety, disregarding what was happening to others.

It was not just the others. Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta were doing the same thing. The three of them grouped up and Chen Feng chose not to utilize the Overwhelming Astral Sword. Instead, he utilized the Longevity Blades he condensed out to combat the enemy beasts. Should the pressure they face grow too great for them, Ye Ziming would utilize his Voidslip technique to whisk them aside. In short, they were not going all-out to make a grandstand. Instead, they simply preserved their strength. 

After breaking through, the Longevity Blades that Chen Feng condensed out had grown several times stronger. Chen Feng could feel it. The Longevity Blades he condensed out were comparable to grade 2 Magic artefacts.

The Longevity Scripture was incomparably mysterious. Chen Feng had only just begun cultivating it and thus, was only able to gain a superficial understanding of the Longevity Blade. He was incapable of fully unleashing the sagacity contained within the weapon condensation technique from the scripture.

Chen Feng was aware of that. Thus, he had chosen not to utilize the Overwhelming Astral Sword and instead condensed out the Longevity Blades to do combat. This was to hone himself, giving him a deeper understanding of the technique to condense the Longevity Blade. 

Now, let’s try the condensation technique for the Longevity Sword. With a thought, the Longevity Blades in Chen Feng’s hands exploded into fragments, releasing a booming sound in the process. The chaotic potent energy resulting from the explosion quickly converged to condense a broad and thick sword.

Next, the aura of the Longevity Blade that was on the sword disappeared, replaced by an atmosphere of firmness, strength, sharpness, simplicity and balance. Those form the aura of the Longevity Sword. The structure of its energy too, changed. Numerous minute magic arrays upon the surface of the sword kept breaking apart before reforming new ones. The moment Chen Feng held the sword, he felt the atmosphere radiating out from his mind transforming, growing bigger and deeper. With that one sword, he could break everything, lord over life and death, prop up the world and find enlightenment.

The Longevity Sword and the Longevity Blade are completely different. Although both are formed using my energy, they are essentially different. How strange. Still, its power is unquestionable. It seems slightly stronger compared to the Longevity Blade. After reaching that train of thought, Chen Feng abruptly drew a circle in the air using the sword in his hand to cut out strange and mysterious patterns. A ferocious Flaming Spiritcrow ended up getting swept into the Longevity Sword.

The firm and ferocious sword had unleashed a soft sword energy filled with life force. Sensing that, Chen Feng felt puzzled. Then, in the midst of battle, he seemingly understood something.

Prop up the world and seek enlightenment, break through nothingness and seek longevity. It turns out this is not just a sword for killing, it is also the sword of longevity. A wave of clarity spread throughout Chen Feng’s mind as he grasped a hint of the true meaning behind the Longevity Sword. Next, he flicked the Longevity Sword and a suction force erupted from his glabella to absorb the Flaming Spiritcrow into the Longevity Tower where it was then suppressed.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

As Chen Feng continued with his attacks, one Flaming Spiritcrow after another was drawn into his Longevity Sword and restrained before getting absorbed into the Longevity Tower.

Chen Feng’s prowess gradually grew and he slowly immersed himself into a wondrous state. He could feel both his heart and soul becoming more refined and his ability to perceive his surroundings grew. The power within him began churning while also rising in the process. This was a type of realm, an obscure realm that can be sensed but cannot be described. 

The power within the Longevity Sword became increasingly strong and its range expanded. It did not take long for Chen Feng to capture and subdue tens of Flaming Spiritcrows in his surroundings.

“An epiphany, comprehension of the dao. This kid could actually enter this state while in the midst of killing. Extraordinary, truly extraordinary.”

The short, middle-aged cultivator beside Elegant Gentleman noticed something and turned his head to see Chen Feng entering that wondrous state. His face, which had remained impassive all this time, finally revealed a flickering expression.

“Epiphany, huh? Let me end it.” Elegant Gentleman, who was beside him, sneered. He suddenly waved the fan in his hand and the resulting gale swept two Flaming Spiritcrows in. Fire lent its power to the wind and a thick pillar of fire was created as a result. The pillar of fire then shot towards Chen Feng. As the pillar of fire was about to reach Chen Feng, the two Flaming Spiritcrows abruptly exploded and an intense wave of fire moved to engulf Chen Feng.

“Longevity sword ignites the force of life,” Chen Feng uttered softly and layer after layer of firm sword energy radiated out from the Longevity Sword to quickly form a fast-spinning sphere around Chen Feng. It was like a maelstrom appearing within the vast ocean, sucking in all the flames created by the explosion of the Flaming Spiritcrows, leaving nothing behind.

Unfortunately, Chen Feng’s state of epiphany had been broken as a result. An enraged expression appeared on Chen Feng’s face before quickly returning calm.

“Brother Chen, that fellow did that on purpose.” In his anger, Lu Ta spat out.

“I know he is being intentional. Does he think we are easy targets?” Chen Feng sneered. With a thought, the Overwhelming Astral Sword flew out from his Heavenly Origin acupoint and quickly expanded in size. In an instant, it had grown to a length of 10 zhang and a width of 2 zhang. Due to the formidable sword energy emanating from it, the surrounding Flaming Spiritcrows were all sliced into pieces (1 zhang = 3.333 m).


The large sword shone with dazzling sword luminescence as it shot towards Elegant Gentleman. Wherever the sword went, the air around it would explode. Both Flaming Spiritcrows and cultivators caught in its path were blown away. Even the hard ground beneath kept exploding. The power behind the sword shocked all the cultivators present.

Chen Feng was finally enraged. At that moment, there was only the desire to kill within him. Since this opponent had chosen to provoke him, he would use his strongest attack to kill him. Thinking about it on a broader scale, cultivators should always act fearlessly. If you want to fight, fight! If you want to kill, kill! This was the killing dao of cultivators who defy Heaven by stepping on the path of cultivation.

“Not good! It is his Prized artefact. What power!” After breaking Chen Feng’s state of epiphany, Elegant Gentleman was feeling pleased with Chen Feng’s loss. However, when he sensed the power behind the incoming Overwhelming Astral Sword, his whole face turned pale. Although Elegant Gentleman did not view Chen Feng as a threat, the power of a Prized artefact was not something he could casually block.

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