Chapter 1328 Return (Teaser)


“By the way, Senior Iceform, I hear that you and Senior Heavensfire have known each other since your younger days. More, in the beginning, the relationship between you two was not good and you two would often get into fights. How did you two end up becoming friends?” Chen Feng asked with a chuckle.

“Err.” Divine Prince Iceform’s face took on a somewhat awkward look. 

“Ha ha, this is a somewhat complicated matter. It is quite a long story. You should go ask Heavensfire,” Divine Prince Iceform replied with a laugh. 

“Very well.” Chen Feng nodded. He could not see that Longevity Edge, who was behind him, was slowly stretching his palm out. On his palm was a talisman.

Meanwhile, the face of Divine Prince Iceform, who was still chatting with Chen Feng, began taking on a somewhat odd look.


Longevity Edge swiftly swung and the talisman in his palm was pasted onto Chen Feng’s back. 

After that, a smile appeared on the faces of Longevity Edge and Divine Prince Iceform. But before the smile could pass, Chen Feng had disappeared. 

Sword light flashed and Longevity Edge’s hand was severed. Then, Chen Feng appeared behind Longevity Edge, his hand plunging into Longevity Edge’s body. 

A look of disbelief was etched on Longevity Edge’s face. Following that, his body wriggled...

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