Chapter 1327 Illusion


In truth, the thought had only just popped up. However, Chen Feng quickly acted on it.

After saying those words, Chen Feng felt the method to be very feasible. He would only have to bring out some secret techniques for others to take action on his behalf. There were so many secret techniques within the Longevity Scripture. Bringing some out would not cause him much distress. 

The more he thought about it, the more it felt like a good idea. He even began admiring himself somewhat. 

“Little Brother, you…” Longevity Edge had wanted to say something, but he chose not to say it in the end. 

“Longevity Celestial, this action of yours might cause some chaos,” Divine Prince Iceform said with a slight note of concern. 

“Ha ha ha! Fellow seniors, our Celestial Longevity Plane is already in chaos. I’m doing this in order to reduce some troubles.

“Besides, by doing this, I can gather up many cultivators. If everyone is willing to contribute to defend against those foreign forces, bringing out some secret techniques will not be an issue. The Longevity Scripture belongs to the cultivators of the Celestial Longevity Plane to begin with. I’m already getting a bargain with this action of mine,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“It’s good that you think that way. Earlier, the arrival of Sir Limitless’ will proved that exalted characters like them also do not want to see our Celestial Plane split apart. Only, with his appearance, the guys from the Limitless Corps will become insufferable. I wonder, how is Sir Boundless doing?” After saying that, Divine Prince Iceform stopped talking. 

“I can solemnly tell you all, my father is doing well. The reason why he hasn’t shown up is because he is cultivating, that is all,” Chen Feng said in a serious tone. 

Having received the words of assurance from Chen Feng, the Divine Princes all felt relieved. 

Although Chen Feng had the Longevity Tower as his backer, the master of the Boundless Family was still Boundless. Should Boundless return, all the issues that happened earlier would not happen again. 

From a certain perspective, the deterring power of Boundless was even greater than that of the Longevity Tower. Boundless represented the Boundless Family, one of the forces within the Celestial Longevity Plane while the Longevity Tower represented the entire Celestial Longevity Plane.

Suddenly, Longevity Soul, who had been staying still all this time, flared with a dazzling golden light. Then, he transformed into a stream of light as he swiftly flew away. Chen Feng and Longevity Edge were shocked. Next, they simultaneously utilized the Longevity Wings to give chase. Several of the Divine Princes also followed suit. 

However, Longevity Soul was simply too fast. Additionally, he had also cultivated the Longevity Wings. Due to that, after chasing Longevity Soul across several star regions, they finally lost track of him. 

At that very moment, the gap between Chen Feng and the rest was revealed. He was the fastest amongst the group going after Longevity Soul, followed by two Divine Princes. Behind the two Divine Princes was Longevity Edge and behind Longevity Edge were several more Divine Princes. 

Failing to catch up to Longevity Soul made Chen Feng somewhat anxious. And so, he linked up to the Longevity Tower, hoping to get Tower’s assistance. However, what Tower said made him decide against continuing the chase.

“The kid has his own serendipity.”

With those few words, Chen Feng grew relieved. He did not doubt Tower. Moreover, given his present level of strength, he was still incapable of catching up to Longevity Soul. 

And so, he chose to head back. But as he was in the process of returning, he came under attack. Speaking of which, Chen Feng had proceeded with extreme caution. However, the opponent’s illusion technique was simply too formidable. After flying through the starry space for some time, Chen Feng then noticed that he was lost. 

Naturally, he did not believe that he would become lost. Having reached his level, a single thought was all a cultivator needed to traverse through a star region. Due to that, Chen Feng knew that he had most likely fallen into a trap. 

That said, the fact that the other party laid out a trap for him meant that the other party was not confident in their ability to deal with him. After figuring that out, Chen Feng began preparing himself for a battle as he pondered who the other party was. 

After spending some time pondering who the other party was, Chen Feng found that he could not figure it out. He could not even find any clues about it. As he was thinking about it, Chen Feng realized that the number of enemies he had was somewhat high. Only, for the other party to be able to figure out his present location, they must be those that he had only recently faced. 

Having reached that line of thought, waves of his divine sense spread out. Even the Longevity Wings were rapidly flapping. Quickly, he found a weak point and he furiously charged forward. But just as he was about to reach the weak point, a Gold Immortal wielding a sword appeared. 

“An Ageless Gold Immortal.” Chen Feng scoffed. This person was not even a Divine Prince. And yet, he dared to stop him. With a crash, Chen Feng sent the other fellow flying. 


Just as Chen Feng was about to break out, he abruptly stopped. The expression on his face turned serious. It would appear that he had been a little careless. He had underestimated the situation. 

Considering that, Chen Feng then swung the Longevity Sword in his hand and domineering beams of sword energy criss-crossed forward to rip space apart. Following that, he saw a formidable and massive great array moving towards him. 

The Gold Immortal that he sent flying earlier had disappeared. 

It really is a trap within a trap. The other party’s illusion technique is quite good. A pity, the Gold Immortal that he sent out was too weak. If that had been a Divine Prince, then I would have fallen for it. Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light as he utilized his eye technique. His gaze swept around and the area of space before him exploded. His surroundings then transformed and he saw eight Slaughterers looking at him with predatory gazes. 


The eight Slaughterers before him were identical, but this was his first time seeing this type of Slaughterer. More, all of them were at the Gold Immortal stage. Though, from what Chen Feng could sense, their combat power should still be inferior compared to his combat power. 

Were the Slaughterers planning to besiege him with this little force? That left Chen Feng puzzled. He wouldn’t have been surprised to find stronger Slaughterers appear there. 

The thoughts had merely flashed across his mind for a moment before he attacked. The Longevity Sword flew out from his hand before abruptly swinging, transforming into a thick curtain of swords to attack almost every one of the Slaughterers. Next, Chen Feng brandished a battle lance to attack one of the Slaughterers.


With that one attack, all of the Slaughterers disappeared at the same time and Chen Feng quickly retracted his power. The Longevity Sword also flew back to his hand. 

The expression on Chen Feng’s face flickered. He knew that he had encountered his match. The other party was truly an expert in illusion techniques. Everything that he had encountered since entering this space was an illusion. 

Although there had been no formidable attacks levelled against him so far, the fact that he was incapable of extricating himself from this illusion was a problem. 

Chen Feng then pushed his eye technique to its limits. But while he was able to locate several weak points, he could not be certain if the weak points were real or not. Perhaps, they were traps that the other party had deliberately left behind. With that, he knew that the power of his eye technique was still lacking. 


Chen Feng flicked his finger and a clump of flames began burning. Minor heatwaves spread out from the flames to burn the surrounding space, causing void energies to pour in. Quickly, a void tempest formed, but with a wave of Chen Feng’s hand, the void tempest disappeared. Then, he punched again to strike the void crack. As a result, a small black hole appeared. Chen Feng waved his hand again and a stream of power flowed into the black hole. Due to that, the black hole began growing in size. As the black hole continued to devour more and more power, it began growing furiously.

I don’t believe I can’t force the other party out. Chen Feng smiled. 

Chen Feng rapidly backed away. The black hole before him had already transformed into a massive vortex. Chen Feng watched as everything – be it light or energy – that approached the black hole become distorted before they were devoured. 

Black holes were the destroyers of the universe. Some of the stronger black holes could easily devour even Gold Immortals. Some life-bearing planets would be incapable of doing anything as black holes devoured them. 

In order to make the black hole even stronger, Chen Feng continued to channel some more power of chaos into it. 


The black hole tore space without respite. With a thought from Chen Feng, the black hole then began moving according to his directions. Seeing that, Chen Feng grew delighted, knowing that his experiment had succeeded. This was a black hole that he had created. More, he had also left some of his soul imprints within it. And now, he was able to control the black hole. 

The black hole kept sweeping forward, destroying everything in its wake. Following that, the black hole’s power pulled out a Slaughterer. This Slaughterer had the same appearance as the ones Chen Feng encountered earlier. After it was pulled out of hiding, the Slaughterer panicked and attempted to flee. However, the black hole – under Chen Feng’s control – chased it down. After the black hole successfully sucked the Slaughterer in, the Slaughterer struggled for a bit, causing the black hole to become unstable. In the end, the black hole blew up, but the Slaughterer did not die from that. It was only badly wounded. It was then that Chen Feng swiftly rushed forward, stabbing with his spear to leave several large holes on the Slaughterer’s body. Finally, the Slaughterer blew up and Chen Feng stretched his hand to grab a crystal core. 

After killing off the Slaughterer, Chen Feng did not let his guard down. Instead, he released his divine sense to scan his surroundings again and again. After some time, Chen Feng concluded that the other party was truly dead. 

What a troublesome fellow. Chen Feng shook his head. Then, regaining his bearings, he set off. 

This time, Chen Feng did not become lost. By observing at the surrounding starry space, he could tell that he had flown through this place before earlier. 

It did not take long before he met Longevity Edge.

“Little Brother, did you catch up to Big Brother?” Upon meeting up with Chen Feng, Longevity Edge quickly asked, anxiousness in his voice. 

“No.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“What do we do then?” Longevity Edge grew even more anxious. 

“It’s fine. Big Brother has his own stroke of serendipity. Besides, with our present level of strength, we’ll be incapable of catching up to him as well,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile. 

“There’s no helping it then. Still, I can’t help but feel worried. To think that a Soul Lodge Clan member would try to take over Big Brother’s body. This is so strange. How did Big Brother end up meeting those guys?” Longevity Edge said, a note of pain in his voice. 

“Don’t worry, I have already inquired the Longevity Tower about this. According to Tower, Big Brother will be fine.” Chen Feng comforted Longevity Edge.

“Sigh! Let’s head back first.” Longevity Edge then shook his head.

“I also hope that Big Brother will be fine. By the way, Third Brother, you are currently at the Divine Prince level, right?” Chen Feng suddenly asked. 

“Yes, what is it?” Longevity Edge was slightly surprised by the question.

“I was just asking. It’s nothing. Let’s go.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

And so, the two brothers swiftly flew through the starry space. Not long after that, Chen Feng said, “I exhausted too much of my powers in the earlier battle. We should just ride a warship for this. A war chariot works too.”

“A war chariot, then.” Longevity Edge waved his hand to bring out a war chariot and the two of them entered. The war chariot then flew forward at an incredible speed. Surprisingly, it was even faster than Chen Feng with his Longevity Wings. 

“Oh, someone’s up ahead. It’s Divine Prince Iceform,” Chen Feng said. 

“Is it? Let me have a look. It really is him.” Longevity Edge grew surprised as well. Quickly, they met up and Divine Prince Iceform entered the war chariot as well. 

“Senior, why are you here? How is the situation in the stronghold?” Chen Feng asked Divine Prince Iceform. 

Divine Prince Iceform hesitated for a moment before saying, “I’m not sure either. I flew out right after you fellows did.”

“I see. Hopefully, the stronghold is fine.” Chen Feng nodded. He did not notice the ferocious light glinting off Longevity Edge’s eyes behind him.  

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