Chapter 1324 Summoning Technique


It was the same thing that they had previously encountered. The two cultivators were at the Divine Prince level, but they had received a power boost from a Paramount Gold Immortal. It could already be considered as another type of Paramount Gold Immortal clone.

The sudden burst of power from the two Divine Princes forced the cultivators around them to give ground again and again. Meanwhile, the two Divine Princes were already close to grabbing Chen Feng and Longevity Edge.

It was at that moment that two torrents of power suddenly appeared to blast the two Divine Princes back before engulfing them. 

Chen Feng then waved his hand and 12 massive pillars of energy surrounded the two Divine Princes. There were countless formidable great arrays on each of the pillars. By combining the pillars together, however, they formed a Great Heavengulping Array.

Divine Prince Iceform and the others then moved forward. A total of 12 Divine Princes landed on the 12 pillars to control the array cores before using the magic arrays to extract the power within the two enemy Divine Princes. 

Chen Feng and the others had long since prepared themselves. They were not careless. As for the two torrents of power earlier, those were from the hundreds of unique creatures of chaos that Chen Feng had arranged beforehand. 

With this much power, even a genuine Paramount Gold Immortal would be trapped and refined. 

Cries of misery kept emerging from within the great array. Soon enough, the pillars of energy disappeared and Divine Prince Iceform and the others walked out, a smile on their faces. 

This was also another move from Chen Feng. He had let the 12 Divine Princes split the power of the Paramount Gold Immortal within the two enemy Divine Princes. Thus, they had netted quite the harvest. Due to that, they felt nothing else but gratitude towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was aware that he could not simply take it all for himself. 

“I figured these two fellows weren’t idiots. As expected, they came prepared. However, this action from the Department of Elders has crossed the line,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said in a rather displeased tone. 

“Yes, to think that even their Paramount Gold Immortals would intervene. Sigh! Looks like the corruption within the Department of Elders has reached a terrible level.” Divine Prince Iceform scoffed. 

“Those two are just vanguards. Now that we have killed them, I believe that the Department of Elders will definitely not let this slide,” Divine Prince Timeflow interjected. 

Some of these Divine Princes had originally only wanted to put an appearance of helping the Boundless Corps without actually fighting to the death. But after the receiving some harvest from the earlier incident, they changed their minds. 

“Just bring it. The Department of Elders still cannot control everything. Besides, given our current strength, there is no need to fear the Department of Elders,” Chen Feng said. Naturally, he was referring to the force consisting of the unique creatures of chaos. However, the Divine Princes who came after did not know about the unique creatures of chaos. Thus, they assumed that Chen Feng was being arrogant here. At any rate, even back then, the unique creatures of chaos did not reveal themselves. 

“Longevity Celestial, it is not that simple. The Department of Elders is still a very formidable force. You must know, the location of the Department of Elders is known as the Palace of Divine Princes. This alone should tell you how big of a problem this is. Number wise, we are inferior compared to them,” said Nether Deity Redpeak. 

“That’s true. Now that the Boundless Corps has come under attack and its strength greatly reduced, I believe that some other forces will try something. One such example will be those from the imperial family,” Divine Prince Timeflow said as well. 

“Ha ha! Fellow seniors, your words are reasonable. I will not be careless. However, since you came late, there are certain matters that you do not know of. I believe that you will soon come to know why I said those words earlier,” Chen Feng said, laughing. 

“You’re referring to Sir Longevity Tower!” Old Hegemon Sword Ghost was quick to say. 

“Something like that.” Chen Feng did not go into the details. That said, Tower was indeed the one who provided the unique creatures of chaos.

“Eh, someone else has come.” 

A fleet of warships appeared in the distance. Observing the magnificent appearances of the warships, everyone was able to instantly recognize where the warships came from. 

“They are from the Palace Corps. The Longevity Palace must have sent them,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said, turning to look at Chen Feng.

“If that’s the case, they are not enemies, but reinforcements.” The other Divine Princes were aware of the relationship between Chen Feng and the Longevity Palace. Back when Chen Feng was undergoing his tribulation, the Longevity Palace had already made known their intention to help Chen Feng.

There was a total of nine warships. While this appeared somewhat great, the number of cultivators was actually not that high. 

Two Divine Monarchs, three Divine Princes, around 10 Ageless Gold Immortals and over 10,000 Heavenly Immortals. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that they were only here to show the Longevity Palace’s stance. At any rate, the Longevity Palace occupied a very special place in the Celestial Longevity Plane. Normally, they would not participate in large-scale wars. 

Of course, as they were supporting him, Chen Feng would give them a warm reception. 

Following that, some more forces from the Celestial Longevity Plane came. Surface wise, they were here to help the Boundless Corps. However, Chen Feng could tell that most of them bore ill will. Some others were simply here to watch the show. Only, after arriving, they saw how formidable of a force the Boundless Corps still possessed. And so, they chose not to stir up troubles and simply waited. 

These fellows knew that some formidable forces would come to stir up troubles for the Boundless Family.

A few days later, space rippled as clumps of light flashed in the starry space. Next, they transformed into wondrous runes that rapidly gathered up to form a massive teleportation array. The teleportation array activated and a massive spatial passageway appeared with a boom. 

“Now this is a real problem,” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

“Trouble has come.” The other Divine Princes also shook their heads. 

Teams of soldiers flew out in an orderly manner before hovering in space as they waited there. As the spatial passageway was big enough, in but several breaths’ worth of time, the number of soldiers lined up in space exceeded 100,000. 

The soldiers sported ferocious and clean suits of armour. Standing in a well-ordered formation, every one of them emanated a killing energy that only a veteran of a hundred battles could exude. 

“The soldiers from the Limitless Corps,” Longevity Edge said.

Limitless and Boundless may be brothers, but their army corps were hostile towards one another. As the two of them were on the same level, the army corps under them were also equal in strength. In the past, some conflicts had arisen between the two, but they were all small conflicts. Never had there been a large-scale conflict between the two. 

This time, however, the situation was somewhat different. The Boundless Corps had suffered from serious casualties whereas the Limitless Corps was well rested, possessing a ferocious aura. Many believed that the Boundless Corps was in trouble. 

Moreover, the Limitless Corps did not come alone. Rather, they came together with the Department of Elders. This changed things. 

The Boundless Corps, Limitless Corps and the Department of Elders were pinnacle forces in the Celestial Longevity Plane. The reason the Boundless Corps and Limitless Corps were so formidable was not only due to the soldiers within the army corps. More importantly, the two possessed super strong experts. Both Boundless and Limitless were characters that could deter the Myriad Celestial Planes. Both of them had played pivotal roles in the war back then.

Due to the war, the Longevity Tower was nearly destroyed. However, while Boundless and Limitless were also badly damaged as a result of the war, they did not fall. This showed just how strong they were. 

As for the Department of Elders, the reason it was so strong was because it had a high number of Divine Princes. Generally speaking, only those with the title of Divine Prince would have the qualifications to join the Department of Elders. This was quite the terrifying thing. Without Limitless and Boundless there to lead their respective army corps, even if the two corps were to work together, they would still be no match for the Department of Elders. 

There was, however, one other thing to note. The Department of Elders was not wholly united. Take for example these elders wanting to trouble Chen Feng. Only a small number of the elders had chosen to take part in this. If it weren’t for that, Chen Feng would have no other choice but to just hide in the Longevity Tower. 

Even in the past, any of these two forces would become one of the Boundless Corps’ strongest opponents. At that very moment, though, the two forces had appeared at the same time. And so, the atmosphere there began boiling. 

Hah! Hopefully, all our enemies will come forward. That way, I will be able to deal with all of them in one go. Chen Feng was extremely calm, not panicking in the slightest. He had known that this would happen sooner or later. 

This time, they would be gathering up a high number of cultivators. If all of them could work together to fight their external enemies, then they could come to an agreement. But if they wanted to start an infighting, Chen Feng had no scruples about killing off some of them. 

Chen Feng’s gaze swept around before staring at three cultivators. They were none other than the Tower Prince and his two subordinates. They had betrayed the Longevity Tower, leaving the Tower Corps to join the Limitless Corps. 

There was a team behind each of them, every team consisting of a thousand soldiers. Although they did not appear as formidable as they were back in the Tower Corps, they did have their own soldiers. 

Sensing Chen Feng’s gaze, the Tower Prince snickered while the two Divine Princes beside him revealed awkward looks. 

Chen Feng mumbled something, to the puzzlement of Longevity Edge and the others standing beside him. Just as they were about to ask him what he was doing, they noticed a change coming over the faces of the Tower Prince and his two subordinates. Meanwhile, half of the soldiers behind them – involuntarily – walked out. Due to that, the orderly teams of soldiers fell into disarray. 

“It’s a summoning technique! Ha ha ha! This will be interesting.” Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others laughed. 


Suddenly, the phantom silhouette of the Longevity Tower appeared to hover above Chen Feng. Following that, the soldiers who were not at the Divine Prince level rushed forward. With contorted faces, they knelt before Chen Feng. Amongst them were three Ageless Gold Immortals. 

Naturally, some had attempted to resist by means of some secret techniques. In the end, their seas of wisdom blew up and their souls dissipated away.

The face of the Tower Prince, who had been snickering, also contorted. The other two Divine Princes also struggled as their feet began moving forward. It did not take long before blood trickled out from their seven orifices. 

They were simply too close this time around. Chen Feng had linked up to the Longevity Tower to utilize this summoning technique and not even Divine Princes would be able to resist.

“Are you fellows still not going to kneel?!” Chen Feng suddenly shouted, the phantom silhouette of the Longevity Tower above him becoming several notches more tangible. Next, the two Divine Princes fell to their knees before a formidable power pulled them towards Chen Feng.

With that, only the Tower Prince was left. Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light and the phantom silhouette of the Longevity Tower released a thrumming sound. As a result, the Tower Prince coughed out a mouthful of blood. 

Back when Chen Feng first returned to the Celestial Longevity Plane, the Tower Prince was the first to jump out to trouble him. Later, he refused to obey the Longevity Tower’s summon and defected to another force. He had long since made it into Chen Feng’s must-die list. 

“Are you fellows still not going to attack?!” As he was on the verge of failing to resist the summoning technique, the Tower Prince shouted. Blood was already trickling down his seven orifices. 

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