Chapter 1323 Responses from the Various Sides


“No wonder Longevity Soul would become so strong. So, someone had snatched his body. Only, it would appear that the body-snatching process is not complete. Part of Longevity Soul’s divine sense remains,” Divine Prince Soulchaser said. 

“The number of cultivators from the Soul Lodge Clan is very small, but they are very mysterious and strong. In situations where both sides are at the same level, they would be able to easily snatch the other party’s body. In this case, the one in Longevity Soul’s sea of wisdom is clearly somewhat stronger than Longevity Soul.”

“If it weren’t for the fact that Longevity Soul has a mutant soul, the other party would have wiped out his soul imprints long ago.”

Chen Feng and Longevity Edge exchanged glances before simultaneously using the Soul Subduing Mantra. As expected, after the Soul Subduing Mantra fell upon him, the expression on Longevity Soul’s face changed and the chaotic aura on his body began stabilizing. He also stopped attacking the cultivators around him. 

“My little brothers, something is trying to take over my body. I am unable to control myself. Hurry up and get away!” Longevity Soul appeared to have regained control of himself for a moment. 

“Take action!”

Divine Prince Iceform and the others rapidly took action and ropes formed using energy intertwined to quickly bind Longevity Soul. 

The actions triggered Longevity Soul and the expression on his face changed as he attempted to break free. A formidable wave of power charged out and the ropes binding him blew up. 

But the Divine Princes kept forming new ropes to bind him. In the beginning, they were just ropes formed using energy. Later, they brought out real ropes and magic treasures for it. 

Chen Feng utilized his Longevity Chains. At the same time, both he and Longevity Edge were also using the Soul Subduing Mantra. In the end, he even utilized the Primary Self-anchoring Mantra on Longevity Soul. 

A total of 13 mid-grade Divine-tier chains tied up Longevity Soul’s body. With that, he could no longer break free. Additionally, Divine Prince Iceform and Divine Prince Soulchaser also brought out a Soul Subduing Talisman each to paste on Longevity Soul’s body. Following that, Longevity Soul fell silent. 

“We’ve finally stabilized him. Let’s head to the stronghold first. We’ll slowly figure a way to deal with this,” Chen Feng said. 

This was the 1st stronghold of the Boundless Corps and their strongest stronghold. At present, though, the soldiers from all eight strongholds had been gathered here. 

After entering the stronghold, they first made a headcount. The initial headcount left Chen Feng, Longevity Edge and the others with a contorted expression on their faces. Although they had already prepared themselves for it, finally confronting the number of casualties was still not easy. 

“The number of soldiers has fallen by half and many of the remaining soldiers are wounded. Although we were not wiped out, we only have one third of our strength left,” Longevity Edge said, his throat feeling terribly parched as he said those words. 

“There is no helping it. It is still better than getting completely wiped out. Moreover, the other party sustained even greater casualties. Objectively speaking, we have won. We simply had to pay a heavy price for it,” Chen Feng comforted him.  

It was the truth. Thanks to the participation of Chen Feng’s group, the enemy’s plan to wipe out the Boundless Corps failed. Additionally, the several forces from the enemy’s side took terrible damage in the battles. In truth, the number of casualties on the enemy’s side was double that of the Boundless Corps. In addition to the Gold Immortals, they also lost two Paramount Gold Immortal clones. 

Despite knowing that, they continued to feel unhappy. No matter how many casualties they inflicted upon the other party, they would not be able to bring back the killed soldiers on their end. 

Moreover, this was a force that the Boundless Family had to spend countless years accumulating. Given the instability of the current time, strength was of utmost importance. Longevity Edge and the others could already imagine it. After news of these losses spread out, some forces would be sure to cast predatory and vengeful looks at them. 

“Everyone, hurry up heal your wounds. We may have to face more battles next,” Chen Feng said.

They had repelled the external enemy. Now, they had to be on guard against internal enemies. That said, Chen Feng was in possession of a group of unique creatures of chaos, which emboldened him somewhat. 

Chen Feng arranged for the uninjured unique creatures of chaos to hide themselves. There were 800 of them in total. By Chen Feng’s estimate, should an enemy force come, a sudden charge from the 800 unique creatures of chaos would surely be able to inflict heavy casualties upon the enemy. 

Everyone then joined forces to establish a link with the Celestial Longevity Plane, causing streams of essence power from the Celestial Longevity Plane to surge down and the wounded soldiers were able to heal up 10 times faster than normal.

“Young Master, someone is here! It’s the Tower Corps,” someone came to Chen Feng to report. 

At that very moment, something had happened to Longevity Soul while Longevity Edge was working on his recovery. Thus, Chen Feng was left in charge of the Boundless Corps. Moreover, be it his identity or strength, he was the strongest one here. 

“The Tower Corps.” Chen Feng nodded, not feeling surprised about it. The Longevity Tower had taken back the Tower Corps. This meant that the Tower Corps was the equivalent of his own force. 

“Qing Lang, Huo Zhuo, Heng Ri, space-time extra-terrestrial, you fellows go meet up with them and make arrangements for them. After that, have their Gold Immortals come meet me,” Chen Feng commanded. Given his current position, he would not go to personally meet them. 


In truth, by scanning them with his divine sense, Chen Feng had long since found out how many people had come. 

Swiftly, 20 Gold Immortals appeared before Chen Feng. They saluted him respectfully. All of them were regular Ageless Gold Immortals. The few Divine Princes led by the Tower Prince had already gone against the Longevity Tower and defected to Limitless. 

Naturally, the Tower Corps also had some other Gold Immortals and Divine Princes. Only, they were not in the Celestial Longevity Plane at the moment. They had headed out to outer space for an adventure. The Tower Corps was also a very ancient corps, after all. While its fame could not be compared with the Boundless Corps, it was not that much weaker compared to it. 

“Greetings, Young Master! Please instruct us!” said the leader of the group, a Gold Immortal known as Xuan Wu. 

“There’s nothing at the moment. You fellows can stay put first,” Chen Feng said. 


Although Chen Feng was putting on a very casual attitude, the Gold Immortals did not reveal the slightest show of displeasure. The entire Tower Corps understood the relationship between Longevity Celestial and the Longevity Tower. In the future, this person before them would be the master of the Tower Corps. 

“Young Master, some more men have come. They are the cultivators from Ancient Star County, Orchid Hill County and Divine Rock County,” someone else entered to report.

Those were the forces that Chen Feng had subdued right after entering the Celestial Longevity Plane. Regardless if they were sincere in following him or not, he had placed his soul imprints upon them. Thus, they had to obediently follow his orders. 

“Let them in.”

One by one, 10 Gold Immortals walked in. In addition to Immortal Monarch Ancient Star, Immortal Monarch Divine Rock, Immortal Monarch Heavenswater and the others, there were some unfamiliar faces as well. They were likely also from the counties. 

“Greetings, Young Master!” These fellows’ feelings of dread towards Chen Feng outweighed their feelings of respect. That was even more so after finding out about the appearance of the Longevity Tower and how their former backer, the Tower Corps, had become part of Chen Feng’s strength. They knew then that they could only submit to Chen Feng. There was no longer any possibility of fighting back. 

“Hmm, why are you fellows here?” Chen Feng asked. 

“Young Master. We heard that you are in need of manpower. So, we took the initiative to rush over. Please forgive us.” The one who spoke was Immortal Monarch Heavenswater. He put on a very subservient attitude, much to Chen Feng’s liking. 

“That’s considerate of you fellows. For now, just rest up. We may have to face a battle again,” Chen Feng then responded coolly.   

“We are willing to serve the Young Master!” the Gold Immortals hastily said. 

After they head to their quarters, Lei Long, leading a group of tens of thousands of Heavenly Immortals, arrived. This was Chen Feng’s own force. 

“Longevity Celestial, some Divine Princes have arrived.” Divine Prince Iceform then came to where Chen Feng was at. 

“Divine Princes.” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“As expected, these fellows have come. I wonder, are they friends, or enemies?” Chen Feng mused aloud. 

“We’ll figure that out once we go look.” Longevity Edge walked forward. 

Since the other party consisted of Divine Princes, Chen Feng would not dawdle. Regardless of what their intentions were for coming, he would have to go meet them. 

“We’re too late.” The first to arrive were Divine Prince Timeflow and Old Hegemon Sword Ghost. Behind them were Nether Deity Redpeak, Divine Princess Jingle and some other Gold Immortals with formidable auras.

When he saw them, a smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. Back when he was undergoing his tribulation, most of them had chosen to help him. This time, their appearance here was unlikely due to any desire to trouble him. 

“Greetings, seniors,” Chen Feng said, but he did not move forward. It was Longevity Edge and the others who went forward to greet them. 

“This must be Longevity Celestial, no?” Divine Prince Timeflow and many others were indifferent towards Chen Feng’s actions, but it did not mean that everyone felt the same. Two Divine Princes at the back walked forward, casting a harsh look at Chen Feng.

“These two fellows are from the imperial family. They possess pure genes. The Department of Elders sent them over to probe the situation.” Divine Prince Timeflow sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission. 

Chen Feng responded with a light nod as he understood what was happening. Next, he said, “I am Longevity Celestial. I wonder, what advice do the two of you have?”

At present, Chen Feng had enough strength on his side. Thus, it was only normal for him to not beat around the bush with the other party. It was simply unnecessary in his opinion. More, there was no telling if any other problems might pop up. Thus, he wanted to deal with these two fellows as fast as possible. 

“Insolence! This is no place for a junior like you to speak! We heard that the Boundless Corps has come under attack and suffered from serious losses. As Boundless is absent, in order to prevent a situation where there is no leader, the two of us, as representatives of the imperial family, have come to take over the Boundless Corps,” one of them said coldly. 

The other fellow was even more arrogant and he said, “Longevity Soul, Longevity Edge, Longevity Celestial. Due to you three, the Boundless Corps has had to suffer from serious losses. Now, seal up your cultivation bases. We’ll deal with you later.”

Hearing those words, every single person there grew astounded. They looked at the two Divine Princes the same way one would look at idiots. A look of rage flashed across Longevity Edge’s face and he was already on the verge of attacking when Chen Feng burst out laughing. 

“Is there something wrong with their heads? Do they not understand the present situation?” Chen Feng said, laughing. 

“Maybe they have some cards up their sleeve,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said with a chuckle. 

“If you fellows have some cards up your sleeve, just bring it out! There is no point in spouting nonsense. If you want something, you’ll have to take it by force,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“If that’s the case, we will not be holding back.” The two Divine Princes suddenly revealed peculiar smiles. Next, two formidable auras charged out from their bodies. Instantly, the strength of their auras surpassed that of Divine Princes. 

“Paramount Gold Immortals!” everyone there exclaimed. 

“Are you still not going to surrender?!” The two of them took action simultaneously, moving to grab Chen Feng and Longevity Edge respectively. 

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