Chapter 1322 Longevity Soul


After Divine Prince Iceform utilized the Sealing Ice Technique, the flaming blade in Divine Prince Heavensfire’s hand slashed down. The ice shattered, killing off the frozen Slaughterers along with them. 

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

Suddenly, a loud sound rang out from various directions. Following that, dazzling holy light flared upwards to quickly form a massive shield that obstructed their path forward. 

“It’s a Super Holy Light Shield!” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

All the Gold Immortals from the Holy Light Clan had joined forces to set up the obstruction. While this move did not possess much in terms of offensive power, it could stop Chen Feng’s group for a short time. 

“Attack together!”

Chen Feng waved his hand and the thousand plus unique creatures attacked at the same time. And so, striking streams of energy surged forward and the Holy Light Shield was instantly broken apart. Even the tens of thousands of Slaughterers in their path were shredded to bits by the wave of attacks. 

Suddenly, over 100 Gold Immortals from the Immortal Plane worked together to fire out a massive image that resembled a yin yang symbol. Oval in shape, energy streams coursed through it and it pressed down on Chen Feng’s group like a seal that could overturn the Heavens. 

“Hurry, evade! That’s the Immortal Plane’s Immortal-locking Array Diagram!” Divine Prince Iceform shouted. 

“Not enough time for that! Attack together, break it!” The battle lance in Chen Feng’s hand swiftly thrust forward. Next, he felt as though the entire universe had smashed into him and he was sent hurtling backwards. A high number of cracks also spread across the Longevity Combat Armour that he wore. 


The array diagram came crashing down. After that, hundreds of the Gold Immortals on Chen Feng’s side fired out torrential streams of power towards the enemy. The clash between the two sides shook the surrounding space and some Gold Immortals who happened to be hovering close by were quaked to death by the shockwaves. Even the Heavenly Immortals who were staying far away were sent tumbling from the shockwaves. 

For Chen Feng, it felt as though there were booming sounds all around him. And while his formidable body was rapidly recovering, the unbearable feeling would not disappear anytime soon. 

When he recovered, he saw that several Gold Immortals on his side had died in battle. Over a thousand half-step Gold Immortals and Heavenly Immortals were affected by the clash. 

Chen Feng’s eyelids twitched. It had not been easy gathering up this force. Every life mattered. 


Chen Feng released a furious roar and transformed into his 50,000-zhang-tall Chaos Gold Body. More, he also mobilized the power of the Blood Mustering Bead. 

“Blood Ignition Technique!”

Mighty waves of blood energy kept emanating out from Chen Feng’s body like steam before transforming into spherical waves of bloody light. Once again, Chen Feng’s Chaos Gold Body, which shone with brilliant golden light, grew in size, reaching a height of 60,000 zhang before stopping. Some blood-coloured runes also appeared all over his Chaos Gold Body.

“Kill!” Chen Feng strode forward, the Longevity Lance in his hand swinging to pierce the Slaughterers without respite. He swiftly carved open a bloody path forward. 

“Ha ha ha! This little guy’s going all out!” Divine Prince Heavensfire said, his body pulsing to grow in size as well, assuming his 50,000-zhang-tall Ageless Gold Body. The flaming blade in his hand also grew in size. Every swing of the sword could rip space apart. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! 

Affected by the atmosphere, the Gold Immortals on Chen Feng’s side all transformed into their Ageless Gold Bodies, tens of thousands of zhang in height. From afar, it looked as though *** were constantly converging and colliding. 

But the thousand plus unique creatures of chaos put on a more magnificent display of power. They transformed back into their original forms. Almost every single one of them was over 100,000 zhang tall. Some of the larger unique creatures went beyond that. The giant interstellar creatures’ bodies far outsized even large warships, reaching a height of half a million kilometres. 

This showed that every one of the giant interstellar creatures was the equivalent of a large mobile and fast-moving planet.

And so, the situation grew even more chaotic and Chen Feng’s side began gaining the upper hand. With every passing breath, tens of thousands of enemy soldiers would be killed. 

After inflicting serious casualties upon the Slaughterers, they then clashed against the cultivators from the Holy Light Clan and Immortal Plane. 

There was no nonsensical exchange of words. There was only one thought in everyone’s minds, to kill off even more enemies. Due to the increasingly ferocious attacks, the soldiers besieging the stronghold fell into a state of confusion and the soldiers within the stronghold felt the pressure on them lessening greatly. The soldiers inside the stronghold had been feeling suffocated all this time. And so, after taking a breather, they counter attacked. This pincer attack from the Boundless Corps caused the soldiers on the Immortal Plane’s side to fall into a greater state of chaos. 

“Kill them all!” Chen Feng shouted ruthlessly. Even if it meant paying a certain price, he wanted to kill them all off. By finishing off all the enemy soldiers here, they would be able to inflict pain upon the Immortal Plane.

“Be careful!”

As Chen Feng was pondering the issue, Divine Prince Soulchaser and Divine Prince Iceform suddenly appeared before Chen Feng to defend him. 


Chen Feng watched as a beam of golden light – mixed with purple light – flashed forward. Following that, the two Divine Princes before him were sent flying. Swiftly, Chen Feng brought out the Longevity Shield and placed it defensively before him. After that, he felt his whole body going numb before he too, was sent flying.

After stabilizing himself, he saw Magiris and several other Gold Immortals besieging a cultivator in a golden suit of armour. 

Golden light flashed and two Gold Immortals were sent flying, one of them breaking to pieces while in mid-air. Next, Magiris cried out wretchedly as the Illusory Demon Edge in his hand was knocked away. 

“A Paramount Gold Immortal!” Chen Feng shouted. 


The many Gold Immortals failed to stop the cultivator, who charged forward to arrive in front of Chen Feng before unleashing a punch at him. 


Chen Feng hastily brought the Longevity Shield up in front of him. 

With a booming sound, the shield was broken and the punch struck him. 

The Longevity Combat Armour burst into pieces and a deep fist mark appeared on his chest. Then, a power of devastation invaded his body to snap apart the streams of longevity-type primary energy inside his body. 

So formidable! The thought rushed through Chen Feng’s mind and an intense feeling of danger enveloped his body. He was aware that failure to deal with this would result in either his death or grievous injuries. 


The Longevity Sword flew out. With a flash, it sent out a thick curtain of swords. However, the curtain of swords was destroyed the very moment it was formed. Next, another fist grew in size before Chen Feng’s eyes.


Chen Feng then disappeared from sight and the punch missed. The Great Roc of the Nine Heavens had saved Chen Feng.


The Tempest Tiger roared from a distance and a formidable hurricane swept towards the golden-armoured cultivator. However, the golden-armoured cultivator destroyed the hurricane with just one punch. 

Following that, though, the other Gold Immortals arrived. Divine Prince Iceform and Divine Prince Heavensfire stood side by side, Divine Prince Soulchaser and Divine Prince Mountains and Rivers rushed forward to attack. Additionally, there were also over 30 Gold Immortal stage unique creatures led by the Tempest Tiger. Magiris, the space-time extra-terrestrial creature and two other cultivators proficient in spatial techniques began preparing their secret techniques. 

Seeing that, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. Next, his eyes shone with light as he pushed his eye technique to its limits. 

“So, he’s not a real Paramount Gold Immortal. He is also not a clone of a Paramount Gold Immortal. Only, paramount power had been injected into his body, the body of a Divine Prince. Even so, this is already a violation of the rules. Is the Immortal Plane planning on starting an all-out war with us here?” Chen Feng scoffed. Two clones emerged from his back, the Longevity Blade and Longevity Sword swiftly appearing in their grip. Add the Longevity Lance in his own hand, all three attacked at the same time, joining the fight. 


In Chen Feng’s opinion, with this much power on his side, even a genuine Paramount Gold Immortal would have a hard time against them. Meanwhile, their opponent was not even a clone of a Paramount Gold Immortal. This person had wanted to target Chen Feng. Unfortunately, he was not strong enough. He could not even grievously wound Chen Feng.

As predicted, after a few rounds of intense battle, the golden-armoured cultivator was left with only half his life. Chen Feng swiftly moved forward and his hand plunged into the golden-armoured cultivator’s body as he began to furiously devour his power. The other Divine Princes who had cultivated the Heavengulping Absorption Technique looked at each other before – despite feeling tempted – giving up on it. 

Swiftly, a semi-transparent, faint-purple law was pulled out. Seeing that, the envious eyes of the surrounding Divine Princes turned blood-red. 

“This is not a real Paramount law, just a stream of power split off from a Paramount law. Even so, for me, this is a great harvest,” said Chen Feng, who kept the semi-transparent law. 

The golden-armoured cultivator was likely the strongest one within the enemy camp. With his death, the enemy forces fell into a greater state of confusion. Chen Feng watched as the Space-time Slaughterers opened up their spatial passageways and the Slaughterers, cultivators from the Holy Light Clan and Immortal Plane scrambled towards the spatial passageways. 

“We cannot let them flee!” Chen Feng shouted, the Longevity Sword transforming into a stream of light to slash towards one of the Space-time Slaughterer.

However, a massive palm suddenly appeared to firmly hold the Longevity Sword. 

Every one of the Space-time Slaughterers was protected by four Divine Princes. To Chen Feng’s shock, there were two Paramount Gold Immortal clones in the enemy camp. They wore identical golden-coloured suits of armour, but in their hands was a flaming halberd.

Those two managed to temporarily stop the attacks from 200 unique creatures of chaos. Chen Feng led his men to attack. And while they did manage to kill off a high number of enemy soldiers, they were incapable of breaking the enemy’s line of defence. 


Suddenly, a mighty-looking cultivator in a Longevity Combat Armour charged forward, brandishing the Longevity Halberd in his hand. Swinging the halberd, the enemy soldiers in his path were all sent flying. He moved very quickly, arriving before a Space-time Slaughterer in the blink of an eye. The halberd in his hand swung and the enemy Divine Princes were swept aside. Several more cultivators charged out from the stronghold. All of them were Divine Princes. By working together, they were able to quickly finish off one of the Space-time Slaughterers. 

Next, the cultivator in the Longevity Combat Armour charged towards one of the Paramount Gold Immortal clones. A formidable energy wave swept out and the targeted Paramount Gold Immortal clone’s body trembled as he backed away, a look of dread appearing on his face. 

Following that, over a hundred unique creatures of chaos rushed forward to besiege the clone, blowing him up. In the end, a wolf-shaped unique creature carried the semi-transparent, faint-purple law in his mouth to present it to Chen Feng.

“Big Brother!” Chen Feng and Longevity Edge shouted delightedly at almost the same time. 

The mighty-looking cultivator was none other than Boundless’ eldest son, Longevity Soul. Born with a mutant soul, he then cultivated the Soul Subduing Mantra. Against those on the same level, his soul power was without equal. 

That said, while Longevity Edge was feeling delighted, he also felt puzzled. Longevity Soul had not appeared so strong in the past. That was particularly so for his previous attack. Him sending a Divine Prince flying was understandable, but for his soul attack to force the clone of a Paramount Gold Immortal to back away, that was somewhat unbelievable. 

“Ha ha ha! Third Brother, Little Brother, let’s deal with the enemies first. We can talk later,” Longevity Soul said, unleashing soul attacks again. The other clone failed to stop the attack and was once again swarmed by the many Gold Immortals.

This time, Chen Feng managed to obtain three semi-transparent purple laws. Seeing that, the eyes of the Divine Princes nearly burst with flames. 

With those semi-transparent laws, one would be able to comprehend the dao of paramountcy in advance. From another point of view, those laws were even more valuable than secret techniques and magic treasures. 

Another Space-time Slaughterer was killed. By then, however, a portion of the enemy soldiers had succeeded in retreating. The tens of Divine Princes left behind then utilized a secret technique to break out from the encirclement. Chen Feng’s group did not give chase. Although they did manage to inflict serious casualties upon the enemy soldiers, they had also sustained a high number of casualties themselves. 

“Clean up the battlefield and regroup!” After giving the command, Longevity Soul moved towards Chen Feng’s group. 

“Big Brother, are you alright?” Longevity Edge happily approached him. 

Suddenly, an obscure and shady look flashed across Longevity Soul’s face. Longevity Edge failed to notice it, but Chen Feng did. 

“Something’s wrong! Third Brother, come back!” Chen Feng said, rushing forward.

“What?” Longevity Edge did not understand what Chen Feng meant by that. 


Suddenly, two clumps of fire burst out from Longevity Soul’s eyes while a chaotic aura emerged from his body. The halberd in his hand swung towards Longevity Edge.

It was so sudden that Longevity Edge simply had no time to deal with it. He was still in a state of puzzlement. He could not understand why Longevity Soul would attack him. 


Chen Feng, wielding the Longevity Lance, blocked the attack. Next, a formidable power burst out and both Chen Feng and Longevity Edge were thrown backwards. 

“Young Master!”

“Longevity Celestial!”

“What’s going on here?”


Longevity Soul swung the halberd and several Gold Immortals who came too close were sent flying. 


Following the release of a mighty wave of power, the faces of Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others sank and they hastily joined forces to confront the wave of power. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

It was the sounds of collision between the two sides’ soul powers. Next, several Divine Princes grunted. Incapable of holding on, they gave ground again and again. 

“Two souls!” 

It was then that the Divine Soul Beast suddenly spoke up. 

“What?” Chen Feng quickly asked. 

“He has two souls in his sea of wisdom! It feels like the aura of the Soul Lodge Clan,” the Divine Soul Beast said loudly. 

“Soul Lodge Clan! Body snatching! This is bad.” Chen Feng’s expression abruptly fell. Likewise, Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others, who recalled what they knew of the Soul Lodge Clan, also revealed darkened expressions. They then rapidly spread out, forming a circle around Longevity Soul. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

 1 li = 0.5 km

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