Chapter 1321 The 1st Stronghold


It wasn’t just Chen Feng. The faces of the others were also contorted to the extreme. That was especially so for Longevity Edge, Huo Zhuo and the others, who roared angrily. Their eyes had become blood-red. Many of the killed cultivators were companions who had fought alongside them before. The killed cultivators had also contributed towards the establishment of this stronghold. 

More, this stronghold held too much of the Boundless Family’s might. Just the destruction of this one stronghold would seriously damage the Boundless Family’s strength. Additionally, there was also no telling what had happened to the 1st stronghold. 

“What’s the enemy background?!” Chen Feng shouted. Given the situation, feeling sad about it was pointless. The most important thing to do here was to figure out who the opponent was and to exact revenge. 

“It’s the Immortal Court and the Slaughterers!”

In truth, not much effort was needed to figure that out. The aura of the Slaughterers and cultivators from the Immortal Plane was simply too strong. Moreover, they could also see the corpses of cultivators from the Immortal Plane there. 

“Now is not the time to feel sad. Straighten yourself. We’ll head to the 1st stronghold right now. Our Big Brother is still there,” Chen Feng said calmly, displaying the most composed demeanour amongst them all. However, the situation did weigh down on his heart. Furthermore, his mind was also occupied with some other thoughts. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chen Feng’s mind was in turmoil. At present, the Immortal Plane was busy battling the other worlds. It should not have any strength left to care about anything else. And yet, it actually launched an attack at the Celestial Planes. 

At the same time, he came to realize that his previous assumption was wrong. He had assumed that the Immortal Plane intended on taking down the other worlds before attacking the Celestial Planes. He did not think that the Immortal Plane would partner up with other forces like the other Heaven-defying races and some Celestial Planes to attack the other Celestial Planes. This was a serious issue. 

While he was uncertain what was happening with the other Celestial Planes, it was a fact that the Celestial Longevity Plane was targeted. More, it was his family. 

The Boundless Corps was the most powerful force in their family. Should it be destroyed, the Boundless Family’s position would plummet like a straight line. It would not even be considered a third-rate force in the Celestial Longevity Plane, a negligible existence in the entire Myriad Celestial Planes. 

This was a long-term view of the situation. In comparison, Longevity Edge and the others, who were feeling enraged, were not thinking about that. Chen Feng, on the other hand, was already considering how some forces who were thinking about joining the Boundless Family might change their minds after finding out about this. 

“Third Brother, get a hold of yourself. Even if the Boundless Corps fall, we cannot fall, otherwise it will be the end for our entire Boundless Family. Although I have this force with me, it is a borrowed one in the end. It is not truly the force of our Boundless Family. Look, some fellows are already having second thoughts.” Chen Feng sent a secret vocal transmission to Longevity Edge.

True enough, Longevity Edge saw some strange looks on the faces of a few Divine Princes. His heart tightened and his face turned calm. 

“Let’s go. We’ll head to the 1st stronghold,” Longevity Edge said. 

Chen Feng sighed to himself. The Boundless Family had a total of eight strongholds. On his way here, he had seen troubles befall nearly all of them. More, according to the information they had obtained so far, the 1st stronghold was also in trouble. Additionally, something might have happened to their Big Brother as well. 

“Let’s go. The Boundless Corps could already be considered as the strongest army corps of our Longevity Clan. If it is destroyed here, our Celestial Longevity Plane would likely have a very hard time defending against future offensives,” Divine Prince Iceform said with a sigh. 

“Sigh! If others find out about this, not only will they not feel worried like us, they might actually gloat at the Boundless Family’s predicament.” Divine Prince Heavensfire scoffed. 

“I have already relayed what happened here back. Hopefully, some reinforcements would come,” Divine Prince Iceform said solemnly. 

“Hopefully,” Divine Prince Heavensfire responded noncommittally. 

Thankfully, Chen Feng still had a formidable force under him, allowing them to remain calm in the face of this situation. If it weren’t for that, they would have retreated.

On their way to the 1st stronghold, they would encounter some warships and scattered cultivators. Chen Feng did not hesitate to gather up the soldiers from the Boundless Corps and kill off any enemy soldiers they encountered. 

By the time they arrived at the 1st stronghold, they had destroyed several enemy warships and killed tens of thousands of enemy soldiers. They also managed to gather up 50,000 soldiers from the Boundless Corps along the way. 

That made Chen Feng feel better about it somewhat. This meant that not all of the soldiers from the 2nd stronghold were killed. 

“I can sense Big Brother’s aura.” A look of joy appeared on Longevity Edge’s face.

“What a formidable aura! Isn’t Big Brother at the Divine Prince level?” A puzzled look appeared on Chen Feng’s face. Although there was a high number of enemies up ahead, they could not hide the formidable aura coming from Longevity Soul. 

“Yes. It is really strange. This aura is already comparable to a Divine Monarch.” Longevity Edge felt puzzled as well. 

“Not even a Divine Monarch would have such a formidable soul power,” Divine Prince Soulchaser said. 

“It is strange. Longevity Soul is born with a mutant soul, but no matter how strong it may be, it could not be this strong, no?” The Divine Princes knew quite a bit regarding Longevity Soul’s strength. At that very moment, however, the aura that he was emanating was giving them a feeling of danger. 

“Divine Soul Beast, you check it out,” Chen Feng said, a 100,000-zhang-long sword luminescence suddenly bursting out from the sword in his hand and the enemy before him was instantly killed.

“It is somewhat strange. The other party’s soul power is very strong, even stronger than me. I will need to get closer to investigate it,” the Divine Soul Beast said. 

“Then, let’s get closer,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. Next, the thousand plus unique creatures of chaos split into two different directions as they charged the enemies. Everywhere they went, be it the Slaughterers or cultivators from the Immortal Plane, all would be blown up or sent flying.

The 1st stronghold appeared to be seriously damaged. The number of enemies here was simply too high. 

The enemy army was composed of three different forces, the Slaughterers, the cultivators from the Immortal Plane and the cultivators from the Holy Light Clan. 

Amongst them, the number of Slaughterers was the highest. At a glance, it would seem as though they were endless. Even with his eye power, Chen Feng was incapable of determining just how many of them there were. The number of cultivators from the Immortal Plane was smaller, but that was only relative to the number of Slaughterers. That said, they were the ones directing this attack. Moreover, they had at least a million soldiers. Even the Holy Light Clan had hundreds of thousands of soldiers there. All of them surrounded the 1st stronghold tightly. Charging in or breaking out from the encirclement was incredibly difficult. 

“Slaughterers again!” Chen Feng shook his head. Due to their excessive numbers, they were the most problematic enemy to face. In Chen Feng’s opinion, there must be a universe filled entirely with these Slaughterers. 

Additionally, the enemy army also had Space-time Slaughterers, allowing them to continuously teleport in an unlimited number of Slaughterers.


Brandishing his battle lance, Chen Feng charged forward. Together with Magiris and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature, they fired out one space-time secret technique after another. Magiris’ attacks contained eye power while the space-time extra-terrestrial creature’s attacks contained the dao of space-time. 

Strands of light flowed forward and layer after layer of energy waves swept forth. Next, the thousands of Slaughterers in front of Chen Feng were restrained. The Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back swept forward quickly while his lance unleashed a series of stabs. By the time Chen Feng arrived there, over a thousand Slaughterers had been reduced to pieces. 

“Again!” Chen Feng shouted, hurling the Longevity Lance forward to pierce a Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer and lift it off its feet. 

“Sealing Ice!” Divine Prince Iceform and the others also unleashed their respective secret techniques. Frost energy spread out to instantly create a world of ice and a high number of Slaughterers were frozen in ice. 

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