Chapter 1320 Supreme Origin Clan


The opponent’s force was very strong, but Chen Feng’s force was even stronger. There was simply no need for them to mobilize the soldiers from the stronghold for this. Just the thousand plus Gold Immortal stage unique creatures of chaos were enough to wipe out the enemy force. 

Even so, they had still chosen to activate the stronghold’s energy cannons and killing-type great arrays to attack the enemy. Following that, Chen Feng and the others rushed forward to enter the battlefield. 

The sudden appearance of over a thousand Gold Immortals threw the warships into a state of panic. These fellows had a perfect plan in mind. With this formidable force, they would wipe out this small stronghold before continuing ahead to attack the other strongholds. 

At that very moment, however, the force that they had to face had exceeded their expectations. The Divine Monarchs on their side even assumed that they had fallen prey to an illusion. 

But when the two sides clashed, they became shocked to discover that this was no illusion. That one clash resulted in the destruction of several warships. 

“It’s a trap!”

“Divine Princes stay behind! Divine Monarchs, use your techniques to send away the remaining forces.”

The enemy was very decisive and quick to react. They immediately decided on what should be done. Knowing that this was beyond their abilities, they decided to sacrifice the Divine Princes to save the others. 

The might of Divine Monarchs was truly formidable. Despite the chaos rampaging around them, they were able to work together to create a spatial passageway. Following that, one warship after another flew into the spatial passageway, fleeing the battlefield. 

“Under such circumstances, you still think you can escape? Are you looking down on us here?!” Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others also worked together to utilize a secret technique to interfere with space. As expected, the enemy’s spatial passageway shook a few times before disappearing. That said, over 10 warships did manage to escape through it before it disappeared. 

“Don’t fall into a state of disarray! Attack together!” The strongest few unique creatures of chaos oversaw the formation, focusing the might of the formation to unleash attacks upon the enemy. These unique creatures were no fools, after all. By gathering their strength, they would be able to unleash their strongest attack to kill off the enemy. This would also reduce needless deaths amongst them. 

On Chen Feng’s side, every team – consisting of a hundred Gold Immortals – was led by a Divine Prince. Every clash would result in the destruction of the enemy warships. Many of the enemy cultivators were killed. Even the act of joining their tens of warships together failed to stop the power behind this attack. 

“Kill off their Gold Immortals and capture their Heavenly Immortals!” Chen Feng ordered.

The enemy had a lot of men. It’d be a pity to kill them all. They could capture them alive and turn them into slaves for mining work, pill concoction, herbal field work, construction work and even cannon fodders. This was a very common situation.

After receiving Chen Feng’s order, the teams of unique creatures changed their formation. A portion of their regular Ageless Gold Immortals split off from their respective teams to capture the fleeing Heavenly Immortals and half-step Gold Immortals. 

Divine Prince Heavenslip, who was millions of li away from the battlefield, had already noticed what was happening. Despite having witnessed many things before in the past, this scene had still caused him to gape. 

“What a large-scale battle! Did the two sides start a great war? But why fight at this stronghold?”

Despite how strange the situation was, Divine Prince Heavenslip quickly lead his men over to charge into battle. He was here to help to begin with. At present, the one that he was supposed to help had managed to gain the upper hand. Should he do nothing here, wouldn’t this trip be for naught?

That said, he was also aware that there was no need to go all out now. He only needed to seal off the surrounding space. 

“Mobilize our energy cannons. Blast them!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Coincidentally, two warships managed to flee the battlefield only to be stopped by Divine Prince Heavenslip. In the face of the bombardment from Divine Prince Heavenslip’s force, the two warships were blasted to bits. 

“Good!” Divine Prince Heavenslip grew somewhat excited and he flew out of his warship. Brandishing a great halberd, he charged, followed by several other Divine Princes.

After a round of battle, they managed to kill off all the enemy cultivators from the two destroyed warships. 

“Heavenslip, this is strange. Where did these fellows come from? I have never seen them before,” a Divine Prince said, puzzlement in his voice. 

“Yes. I have also never seen them before.” Divine Prince Heavenslip was feeling puzzled as well. 

“We’ll find out once this battle is over.”


Chen Feng cleaved a Gold Immortal into two at the waist. Just as he was about to move forward and finish him off, a flying unique creature of chaos charged over, smashing the Gold Immortal’s body parts to bits. 

Seeing that, Chen Feng shook his head and turned around to look at the others. 

“Sealing Ice!”

Divine Prince Iceform froze an entire warship in ice while Divine Prince Heavensfire moved forward to fire out a punch. As a result, the warship blew up into shattered bits. 

Despite the one-sided situation, the enemy did have a few experts. That was particularly so of the Divine Monarchs, cultivators who were stronger than Divine Princes. The four Divine Monarchs joined forces to unleash a formidable soul-type secret technique and the vanguard team of unique creatures staggered. Following that, tens of the unique creatures cried out in misery as they tumbled around, their colossal bodies crashing into one another. Chen Feng watched in shock as the vitality of several unique creatures rapidly dissipated away. 

“What a formidable soul attack!” Chen Feng swiftly moved forward to utilize the Soul Subduing Mantra. Several soul-type unique creatures within the group also issued out formidable soul waves. 

Amongst them were the Divine Soul Beast and a unique creature with a mutant soul. 

The Great Roc of the Nine Heavens, Tempest Tiger and others who possessed the strongest might within the army of unique creatures emerged from various directions to surround the Divine Monarchs. 

“Soul Subduing Mantra!”

The threat presented by these Divine Monarchs was simply too big. Longevity Edge, Divine Prince Soulchaser and Divine Prince Void also fired out the secret technique. The others, however, did not cultivate this secret technique. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Space kept ripping apart and booming sounds rang out as the soul power from the two sides clashed. 

Although the Divine Monarchs were formidable, they were incapable of stopping the attacks from so many people. One of them had his head blown up on the spot, leading to his death. As for the other three Divine Monarchs, they bled from their seven orifices and they quickly backed away. 


The Great Roc of the Nine Heavens swiftly dashed forward. With a swipe of his talon, he caught one of them and crushed him. 


The Tempest Tiger flashed forward and yet another Divine Monarch fell. 

The last Divine Monarch resorted to a secret technique and his body rapidly expanded in size only for the concerted attacks from the Blazing Fire Kirin and the Enigma Phoenix of the Sovereign Fire to incinerate him to ash. 

After the Divine Monarchs were dealt with, the enemy’s ability to fight back began weakening. In the end, almost all of the enemy warships that remained on the battlefield were destroyed and a high number of half-step Gold Immortals and Heavenly Immortals were captured alive. Naturally, there were regular Gold Immortals as well. 

The Divine Princes, on the other hand, were not captured alive. For them, characters at this level were not easy to subdue. Keeping them alive was dangerous and there was no telling when they would suddenly launch a counter attack. 

After the war concluded, Chen Feng and the others began clearing the battlefield. Chen Feng controlled the Blood Mustering Bead to devour large amounts of blood essence. However, he was also secretly feeling regretful. In the earlier battle, all the enemy experts were blown up and killed, leaving less than one tenth of their blood essence behind. 

Still, Chen Feng was already very satisfied with this result. The Blood Mustering Bead’s strength had been rising quickly and this would provide it with a sizable amount of power that it would need for its future attempt to advance to the next level. 

“Longevity Edge!”

Divine Prince Heavenslip led a group of cultivators over to stand before Longevity Edge.

“Good brother!” Longevity Edge greeted him excitedly. After chatting for a moment, the two of them then walked towards Chen Feng.

“Longevity Celestial, we’ve met before. Unexpectedly, you have grown this much. Worthy of the Chaos Constitution,” Divine Prince Heavenslip said with a smile. 

“You overpraise me. I was just lucky,” Chen Feng said with a smile. The two of them had indeed met before. However, it was back when he was still a child. Only, those memories were somewhat vague. 

After chatting for a while, they began discussing about the cultivators they captured. After a round of interrogation, they found out where the cultivators came from. 

“The Supreme Origin Clan, a mysterious race from the Chaos Dimension.” All of them looked at one another. Although they were feeling surprised, it was not too shocking. The Celestial Planes were in a constant battle against the creatures from the Chaos Dimension. Thus, they knew quite a bit regarding the situation within the Chaos Dimension. It was said that the various Heaven-defying races had come from the Chaos Dimension. 

Due to that, they did not feel particularly shocked. Only, they did feel concerned to learn that this Supreme Origin Clan was attacking the Celestial Longevity Plane. The Celestial Longevity Plane already had a number of enemies and every single one of them was a match for them. Should this Supreme Origin Clan choose to launch a large-scale attack, it could signal the end of the Celestial Longevity Plane.  

“Thankfully, the Longevity Tower had some hidden cards to play, otherwise the Boundless Corps would have been incapable of making it through this crisis.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

Earlier, after obtaining the thousand plus Gold Immortals, some ambitious thoughts had emerged within Chen Feng’s mind. But his encounter with this Supreme Origin Clan was like water splashing down on the fiery passion within his heart.

The Immortal Plane, the Soulgobbling Clan, the Holy Light Clan, Slaughterers and now the Supreme Origin Clan. Should their enemies gather together, they would be able to easily destroy the Celestial Longevity Plane. Even if he had another 10,000 Gold Immortals, it would still be useless. 

“What should we do now? Do we head to the other strongholds first? Or the 1st stronghold?” Longevity Edge asked. 

Chen Feng understood what Longevity Edge meant. Judging by the command that their Big Brother gave the 5th stronghold, something must have happened to him. However, disregarding the other strongholds to head directly to the 1st stronghold would be an act of disregarding the bigger picture. 

“Head to the 4th stronghold,” Chen Feng said, gritting his teeth. 

“Very well.” Longevity Edge nodded. Although he was older, he was unable to order Chen Feng around. Moreover, Chen Feng’s position in the Boundless Family was very high. It would not be an exaggeration to say that his position was second only to Boundless, the master of the family himself. As the bearer of the Chaos Constitution, he was someone that even the Planar Lord cared about. 

“We have no objections. At any rate, we are not members of the Boundless Corps.” Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others did not object. 

That said, since the moment Divine Prince Heavensfire chose to help Chen Feng, coupled with him fighting alongside Chen Feng here, he would become part of the Boundless Family in the future. At the very least, for others, he was already a member of the Boundless Family.

The 4th stronghold and the 3rd strongholds were very strong. The number of soldiers stationed there and their combat power were several times stronger compared to the other lower-ranking strongholds. Not only were there a high number of soldiers, there were also vast quantities of cultivation resources kept there. Only, when Chen Feng and the others arrived, the strongholds were empty. 

To their relief, the two strongholds did not appear damaged. Although there were signs of battle, when compared to the other strongholds they had been to, this was relatively intact.

“Strange. What is going on here?” Chen Feng felt puzzled. 

“Let me check it out.” Longevity Edge searched through the stronghold to finally find a crystal ball, which he held in his hand 

“This is?” Chen Feng asked curiously. 

“This is a memory crystal left behind in this stronghold.” Longevity Edge then jabbed a finger towards the memory crystal and the memory crystal rapidly grew in size. Following that, countless images began playing.

After the images disappeared, they all understood what happened here. 

“So, they went to the 1st stronghold.” Chen Feng nodded.

“This information is genuine,” Longevity Edge said. 

“Come, to the next stronghold.”

They then charged towards the 2nd stronghold. When they saw the state the 2nd stronghold was in, Chen Feng’s face immediately darkened. Longevity Edge hastily rushed forward. 

The 2nd stronghold was in a similar state as the 6th stronghold. The massive stronghold had been broken through and torn apart. Remnants of destroyed buildings and killed soldiers were strewn all over the place. There were also raging flames and streams of energy swirling about chaotically. 

However, a small number of soldiers was still fighting there. They were facing a siege and it would appear that they were already on the verge of falling. 

Seeing that, Divine Prince Dark Soul and the other cultivators from the Boundless Corps – without waiting for Chen Feng’s order – charged forward with a furious roar. Swiftly, they killed off all the enemy soldiers. 

“We are too late,” Chen Feng said grimly. He was feeling very dejected as well. This was the 2nd stronghold, the second strongest force under the Boundless Corps. And yet, it had ended up in such a sorry state.


1 li = 0.5 km

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