Chapter 132: Flaming Spiritcrow


“Good. Keep this desire to courageously advance.” Tower’s voice took on a comforting tone.

“All of that is just nonsense in the end. I am still in the dark right now. I am currently practicing the Longevity Scripture, but I do not know anything about its origins or yours. Surely, you did not break out from some stone, did you?” said Chen Feng in a dissatisfied tone.

“Fine, I will tell you one thing. The Longevity Scripture that you are practicing is the sect guardian-level cultivation formula of Longevity Palace,” said Tower after a moment’s consideration.

“Longevity Palace? Which sect is that and where? I have never even heard of it,” Chen Feng asked inquisitively.

“Naturally, it is not in this world,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“Not in this world, then where? In the Immortal Plane?” Chen Feng began speculating.

“I do not know the answer right now. At any rate, I came from that place. The Longevity Scripture too, came from that place. It is likely the same for you. As for the specific reasons and how, I do not remember,” said Tower with a serious tone.

“Longevity Palace, Longevity Palace! In other words, I may be from this Longevity Palace.” Chen Feng considered it.

“Right. You mentioned that you only became like this because you were badly damaged. If so, how powerful were you in the past? I mean, when you weren’t damaged,” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Let’s put it this way. My current strength is only one of a trillion of that from my prime. Back then, when I was at my best state, one sneeze from me could decimate this Eternal World,” said Tower coolly.

“Braggart.” Chen Feng did not believe it.

“He he.” Tower simply snickered in response without mounting any rebuttals.

“Right, you did not explain what is going on here. Why is there demonic energy here? Could you have gone to the Demon Plane? But this doesn’t feel like it,” Tower suddenly asked.

“Demonic energy. Is the demonic energy here the same as the demonic energy in the Demon Plane?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he asked.

“Parts of them are similar. There are also auras from other worlds mixed in. Could this be the Demon Soul Valley?” Tower suddenly said.

“You recognize it?” Chen Feng was shocked. According to Tower earlier, he had been in a state of slumber all this time. Thus, he should not know too much about this Eternal World.

“Heh, Eternal World, Median World, Prime World, Chaos World, some immortal planes, Demon Plane, Yao Plane and countless celestial planes. I have visited them all before. Thus, I do know a little about this Eternal World,” said Tower with a pleased tone.

“Median? Prime? Chaos? What a mess! I have yet to even step out from the Northern Plains. There is no point in saying all that. Tell me more about this Demon Soul Valley,” Chen Feng shook his head and said.

“Demon Soul Valley. This place should have quite the history. I believe this is the remains of a battle between Demongods. It is connected to other spaces, even other planets. There might be the remains of some Immortal Humans and Demongods here. I think I have not come here before. Still, the environment here is very special. There should be some Soulguard Flowers growing here,” Tower slowly said.

“What level have you recovered up to now? This place is too dangerous, I will need your help,” said Chen Feng.

“The level of strength that I can unleash right now is the equivalent to that of a Sky Human stage cultivator who has undergone four Lightning Tribulations. However, if I can take the opponent by surprise and suck them into the Longevity Tower, not even a Human Immortal can escape,” said Tower arrogantly.

“In that case, I have nothing to worry about. If another Great Yao appears, find an opportunity to capture it for me. Suppress it and tame it to become my helper,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“I told you just now. I am only awake for a while. It is about time I return to sleep.” After saying that, Tower went completely silent.

“Hey, hey. I still have some questions for you,” Chen Feng hastily called out. However, no matter how loud Chen Feng called out, Tower remained silent. Clearly, he had fallen back to sleep.

“This fellow.” Chen Feng could not help but shake his head. Truth be told, Chen Feng understood. Part of the reason Tower did this was to have him hone himself. He could not always rely on external assistance. He had to rely on himself for cultivation. By borrowing external assistance, he would never be able to reach the apex.

His 1st and 2nd sea of wisdom layers were merging together. Waves of energy kept colliding as they melded together and Chen Feng’s divine sense too, kept growing stronger. The intensity of his Soulflame grew and his Heavenly Origin acupoint and Magnetic acupoints churned and roared ceaselessly. Moreover, they were constantly expanding in size. It was as though they had each become a parallel dimension. As long as Chen Feng could pour in enough power to open them, they will continuously grow stronger.

Woah! Woah! Woah!

His flesh and blood kept growing stronger as a result. Both the quantity and quality of his longevity-type primary energy began undergoing an earth-shaking change. After breaking through one level, the power within a cultivator’s body will begin multiplying. Chen Feng, however, was practicing the Longevity Scripture. Thus, the increase in his power was much higher.

After one hour, Chen Feng could feel the power within his body slowly stabilizing. Although his strength continued to rise, he had mostly stabilized the fluctuations brought about from his breakthrough.

Huh! I have now reached level 2 of the Concealed stage. My strength, primary energy and divine sense are at least 10 times stronger compared to my previous self. Feeling the tidal wave-like power coursing through his body, Chen Feng was very pleasantly surprised.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

With a thought, the sword light shining around his body slowly seeped back into his body. Then, Chen Feng leapt up to join the rest.

“Brother Chen, you succeeded?” asked Ye Ziming in a whisper.

“Mm.” Chen Feng nodded his head and said nothing else about it.

“It’s been hard on you all,” Chen Feng continued.

As all the cultivators had to resist the streams of thick demonic energy while advancing, the rate at which they were consuming their primary energy and magic power was high. After moving forward for two hours, they found a place to set up camp. They set up layer after layer of restrictive magic arrays and began recovering their energy.

“These restrictive magic arrays that Mo Ji’s group set up are quite interesting. It could actually stop demonic energy from coming in. A pity, they can only resist the demonic energy for a moment. Besides, it seems some demonic energy can still make their way in,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“The demonic energy here is growing stronger and stronger. The way I see it, it won’t be long before some of the cultivators fail to resist them. And we are still just at the peripheral areas. I wonder, just how dangerous is the core area of Demon Soul Valley?” Chen Feng wondered.

“Hey, hey. If not for the fact that Brother Chen has a Prized artefact, the two of us would not have chosen to come here,” said Lu Ta with a smile.

“Prized artefact. After coming in here, I realized that having a Prized artefact alone is not enough to ensure our safety. If another Great Yao appears, tsk, tsk, most of us are as good as dead,” said Chen Feng while shaking his head.

Chen Feng had only just finished uttering those words when he felt a gust of hot air approaching from afar.

“Everyone, be on your guard. Those are Flaming Spiritcrows.” Mo Ji’s calm voice rang out once more. 

“Flaming Spiritcrows. That sounds like a fire-type yao beast,” Chen Feng said inquisitively. 

“Sigh, here comes trouble. Some of these cultivators are going to die. Individually, Flaming Spiritcrows are easy to handle, but they would usually appear in groups. Each of them possesses the strength of a level 1 Concealed stage cultivator,” said Ye Ziming.

“Yao beasts that flock together. Thankfully, it is not a Great Yao.” Chen Feng did not feel too concerned. He had only just broken through to level 2 of the Concealed stage and the blood energy in his body was growing exuberantly. Coincidentally, he needed an opportunity to unleash his power.

“There are so many Flaming Spiritcrows. I can make use of this opportunity to concoct some fire-type pills!” a cultivator shouted.

Majority of the cultivators, however, revealed anxious looks. The Flaming Spiritcrows had yet to arrive, but the intensity of their aura had already exceeded that of the poisonous insects they encountered earlier. Additionally, now that they no longer have the Sky Soaring Warship’s protection, some of them would surely die.


A powerful heat wave swept forward and the hard ground was scorched to the point of blowing up. Even the air seemed as though it was being scorched. A suffocating sensation swept into their minds.

Each of the Flaming Spiritcrows was three chi square in size, around the size of a normal eagle. Its entire body was black, like that of a crow. However, it exuded raging flames. Even before reaching their camp, every one of the Flaming Spiritcrows opened their beaks and sent out fire arrows. The surrounding restrictive barriers exploded with a series of snapping sounds (1 chi = 0.333 m).

After the restrictive barriers were shattered, thick demonic energy and roiling heat waves swept over all the cultivators there.

“How could there be so many Flaming Spiritcrows?” Chen Feng’s face sank somewhat.

“There are at least a thousand of them.” Ye Ziming was somewhat dumbfounded by the sight.

“All of them are yao beasts. This is terrible. Everyone, hurry up and get into formation. Work together to fight against the enemy!” The other cultivators panicked.

Chen Feng found the time to glance at the distant Mo Ji and noticed an emotionless expression on her face. It was as though this scene before her was not a threat to her at all. The same was true of her four bodyguards, who remained still, their faces impassive. The young escort cultivators, on the other hand, revealed excitement on their faces. Some were even revealing looks of joy.

Sigh. For cultivators with low cultivation bases, these Flaming Spiritcrows are yao beasts, but for those disciples from immortal dao sects with high cultivation bases, these Flaming Spiritcrows are just high-quality supplements. Chen Feng thought to himself as he inspected the situation.

Some cultivators were anxious while some revealed eager looks on their faces.

“As expected from loose cultivators used to accepting various tasks. It seems they have gone through quite a bit.”

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Tens of fire arrows quickly fused together to form stronger and larger fire arrows. The large fire arrows shot towards the crowd of cultivators.

“This is the Flaming Spiritcrows’ long-range attack. As long as we can dodge this wave of attack, we can close in on them and kill them,” said a tall and young cultivator. He was wielding a two-zhang long dragon spear. Charging forward, he abruptly twisted his body to transform into a charging dragon, which clashed against one of the large arrows (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

The battle was joined.

“Assume formation!” The Five Heroes of Pot Mountain shouted and all five of them quickly came together to form a small-scale formation. After that, the aura radiating from their bodies began rising. Surprisingly, it was a minor Five Elements battle formation.

Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta formed a triangle and they were on high alert.

The large fire arrows had seemingly gained sentience and they constantly struck the crowd of cultivators from certain angles.

Chen Feng’s group of three had only just assumed their formation when a big pillar of fire descended from the sky. It was crashing down into the middle spot within their formation.

“Don’t face it head on. Dodge!” Ye Ziming quickly utilized his Voidslip technique to avoid the big pillar of fire.

Rumble! Rumble!

A one-zhang deep crater was formed from the resulting explosion. Although the ground was not as tough as rocks, it was still 10 times thicker than the soil outside. Chen Feng was quick to determine the power behind this fire arrow. It could instantly kill off normal level 3 Concealed stage cultivators and seriously wound cultivators at level 4 or 5 of the Concealed stage.

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