Chapter 1319 Mysterious Enemy


With this force, Chen Feng’s thoughts on the situation changed. The others were thinking of the same thing. With this force, they would be able to resolve the issue with the other strongholds. Assuming, of course, that they succeeded in getting there in time. 

“Ha ha ha! Longevity Edge, this little brother of yours is too amazing!” Divine Prince Great Force said. 

“Naturally,” Longevity Edge said proudly. 

“You’ll have to help me out in the future.”

“Not a problem.”

Following that, everyone continued onwards. At the same time, they quickly healed their injuries. Even though they now have a fresh group of soldiers, every one of them still wanted to join the battle. They wanted to kill off the enemies to vent the rage within them. 

As they were advancing, Chen Feng’s group also encountered some of the other scattered soldiers from the Boundless Corps. Although their numbers were small, it showed that not everyone from the 6th stronghold was killed. This comforted them somewhat. 

Naturally, their next objective was the 5th stronghold. This stronghold was more elusive compared to the others. Generally speaking, even Gold Immortals would have a very hard time finding it. The reason for that was that the stronghold was built in a special space. More, some stealth-type magic arrays had been set up around it. Additionally, the force within the stronghold consisted mainly of Dark Soulsmen. In addition, there were also some fresh soldiers. Of course, all of them would become Dark Soulsmen in the future. 

Once again, Chen Feng was met with surprise. Not long after setting off, they made contact with the 5th stronghold. As they were approaching, several Gold Immortals appeared to receive them. The ones leading them were Divine Prince Kill Soul and Divine Prince Dark Soul.  

Looking at the force behind Chen Feng, the faces of the two Divine Princes who would normally show no expressions, turned into one of delight. 


After a brief greeting, they all went into the 5th stronghold. Everything within the stronghold was intact and there was no trace of battle at all. 

“This place?” Longevity Edge asked in puzzlement. 

Knowing what was on Longevity Edge’s mind, Divine Prince Dark Soul quickly said, “We did not come under attack.”

“This place is quite the hidden place. Normally, it would be very difficult to find the exact location of this stronghold.” Longevity Edge then nodded. 

“Truth be told, we had wanted to join the battle. However, we received a command from the Eldest Young Master to wait here. As a hidden force, we should only take action during the most critical moment,” Divine Prince Dark Soul said. 

“Big Brother’s command.” Chen Feng and Longevity Edge exchanged glances. 

“Given how serious the situation is, why would Big Brother issue such a command?” Longevity Edge said, suspicion in his tone. 

“Yes. It is strange.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“However, it is indeed the Eldest Young Master’s command. The soul waves of the command are indeed his,” Divine Prince Dark Soul said. 

“In addition to that command, did he say anything else?” Divine Prince Iceform asked. 

“No. He only commanded us to stay here and wait.”

Divine Prince Iceform then pondered it for a moment and said, “I think we will be encountering something soon.”

Suddenly, space fluctuated and the hologram of a Gold Immortal appeared before them all. Before any of them could ask any questions, the hologram opened its mouth and said, “A high number of warships has appeared half a billion kilometres away from here. A high number of warships has appeared half a billion kilometres away from here.”

The expressions on everyone’s faces changed. Given their present situation, no questions were needed to know that these newcomers were enemies. Add the previous command from the Eldest Young Master, many thoughts went through the minds of all present. 

“Which stronghold is mother in?” Chen Feng suddenly asked. 

“She’s not in any of them. A hundred thousand years ago, she left. According to the news I received, she had gone to the Abyssal Zone,” Longevity Edge said. 

“The Abyssal Zone?” Chen Feng grew somewhat surprised. He also felt somewhat concerned. Although her cultivation level was very high, the Abyssal Zone was still a very dangerous place. 

“Why did she go to the Abyssal Zone?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from asking. 

“I think she was trying to find something.”

“Now is not the time to talk about that. Let’s handle the current situation first,” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

Chen Feng nodded and he quickly issued out the orders. The thousand plus unique creatures of chaos assumed a formation and hid themselves, waiting for Chen Feng’s order to attack. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, if the opposing force was not too strong, there would be no need for these unique creatures of chaos to assume a formation. Rather, just one charge from them should be enough to wipe out the enemy force. 

Only, in order to reduce needless casualties, a proper plan was needed. 

As for the others, every one of them was a leading figure from the Longevity Clan. Thus, they possessed incredibly vigorous vitality. Additionally, they also possessed the ageless body. And while the earlier battle did leave them with grievous injuries, they were already almost fully healed thanks to their Heaven-defying rate of recovery. 

“Come, let’s go check out the identity of the other party. This time, we must be sure to have them all die here,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said coldly. 

“Young Masters, how should we do this?” The Divine Princes Dark Soul and Kill Soul stepped forward and asked them for instructions.

“Gather up all of our Gold Immortals. As for the others, have them stay here. This time, it doesn’t matter who the enemy is, they will not be able to stop our attack,” Chen Feng was quick to say. 

The two Divine Princes nodded. With this force that Chen Feng brought over, they would indeed be able to do that. 

“I didn’t think so many Gold Immortals would appear. It’s been a million years since I last saw something like this,” Longevity Edge said, a somewhat exhilarated tone in his voice. 

Chen Feng knew what Longevity Edge meant. The war that happened a million years ago was even greater and more brutal. In addition to the many Ageless Gold Immortals, even the Paramount Gold Immortals and top-tier magic treasures of the various worlds participated in the war. Cultivators who approached the central area of the war – even Divine Princes – would die to the shockwaves.

“Prepare for battle.” Chen Feng nodded. At the same time, he felt his heart stirring. Back then, he had thought of borrowing soldiers from the Boundless Corps. To think that something like this would happen. 

The enemy forces took but a short time to arrive within a distance of 50 million kilometres away from the stronghold. The enemy had several hundred warships. Upon arriving, they immediately spread out to completely surround the stronghold. 

Their movements were very fast and there was not much discord between their actions. Judging by the competency at which they were moving, Chen Feng could tell that the enemy came prepared. Furthermore, they also had a very good grasp of the general situation of the stronghold. 

“How is it? Did you manage to find out where they are from?”

“No. It is very strange. They don’t seem to be from the other Celestial Planes. However, judging by the fact that they have over 300 warships, they should have quite a high number of soldiers.”

“By the way, Longevity Celestial, don’t you have a Divine Soul Beast amongst your subordinates? You can use him to investigate the enemy side.”

Hearing the reminder from Divine Prince Iceform, Chen Feng broke into a wry smile. He had actually failed to consider that. Quickly, he contacted the Divine Soul Beast. 

The Divine Soul Beast was quite the special creature. His kind was called the Divine Soul Beast because they possessed a highly formidable power of perception. The radius of his divine sense’s scanning ability was ten times higher compared to cultivators at the same level as him. 

Immediately after making contact with the Divine Soul Beast, Chen Feng was able to receive a great deal of information. The Divine Soul Beast had long since begun to scan the enemy forces. 

“There’s a total of 380 warships, 8 Divine Monarchs, 38 Divine Princes, 108 regular Ageless Gold Immortals, 30,000 half-step Gold Immortals and 300,000 Heavenly Immortals,” Chen Feng informed the rest. As he spoke, his face grew increasingly dark. 

“The strength of this force is already comparable to that of the Boundless Corps. Is the other party planning to start an all-out war?” Divine Prince Iceform said, a slight tremor in his voice. The faces of the other Divine Princes were also ugly to behold. They were feeling thankful for the reinforcements that Chen Feng got from the Longevity Tower. If it weren’t for that, they would have fallen long ago. Not even dregs would remain of them. 

“Third Brother, how strong exactly is our Boundless Corps?” Chen Feng secretly asked. 

“It should be stronger than this force. Even so, it is not that much stronger,” Longevity Edge said after a moment’s consideration. As for the Divine Princes Dark Soul and Kill Soul, they were feeling dumbfounded. Although the force stationed within this stronghold was indeed formidable, surely there was no need to throw this kind of army at it?

Were they simply passing by? Or were they so strong that they wanted to wipe out the force stationed within this stronghold in one fell swoop? The 300 plus warships had the stronghold utterly surrounded, not allowing anything to escape. 

Various waves of energy charged out from the warships to seal the surrounding space, stopping the stronghold from sending out a distress signal. 

Of course, this move was only effective against the regular Ageless Gold Immortal. Perhaps, it would even work against Divine Princes. However, it could not stop the perceptive powers of the Divine Soul Beast. 

“Young Master, two warships are quickly heading this way. Distance, one billion kilometres from here.” The Divine Soul Beast appeared beside Chen Feng.

“Where are they from?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. 

The Divine Soul Beast jabbed his finger forward and an image appeared before him. Two large and identical warships were flying through the starry space. 

“It’s the guys from the Celestial Carefree Plane!” Longevity Edge was able to immediately recognize them.

“Check out how strong they are,” Chen Feng said. In his opinion, as there were only two warships, there shouldn’t be too many of them there. Additionally, as this was Longevity Edge’s friend, this person must be doing this on his own. If so, the strength of this force would be even weaker. That said, the fact that the other party would choose to mobilize their forces at a time like this proved that they are a true friend of the Boundless Corps. Regardless if they would prove helpful or not, Chen Feng felt thankful towards them. 

The Divine Soul Beast’s answer surprised Chen Feng.

“The two warships are mid-grade Divine-tier warships. They have 10 Divine Princes, 30 regular Ageless Gold Immortals, 200 half-step Gold Immortals, 5,000 high-level Heavenly Immortals, 60,000 mid-level Heavenly Immortals, 3,000 war chariots and 30 energy cannons,” the Divine Soul Beast gave a clear description of the other party’s force.

“This is quite the force. The other party is very sincere,” Chen Feng said solemnly. 

“It’s Divine Prince Heavenslip. This fellow. Looks like I did not misjudge him,” Longevity Edge said with a slight feeling of excitement. 

“Divine Prince Heavenslip! I’ve heard of that name before.” Chen Feng nodded. Although he had never met him before, Chen Feng already had a very good impression of Divine Prince Heavenslip. While the force that Divine Prince Heavenslip mobilized could not match this force under Chen Feng, his action here was something that even some allies would not be able to do. Generally speaking, in the Myriad Celestial Planes, whenever something like this happened, most people would either only watch from the sides or kick them when they were down.  

“This fellow could actually mobilize such a force. I feel somewhat embarrassed,” Divine Prince Great Force said with a wry smile. 

“I would feel even more embarrassed if you say that,” Longevity Edge was quick to say. 

“The other party is about to attack.” With the Divine Soul Beast on his side, Chen Feng could clearly tell what the enemy planned on doing. 

“When do we attack?” Longevity Edge grew somewhat impatient. 

“First, we’ll use our energy cannons to open the way. After that, we’ll split our troops to attack. What do you think?” Chen Feng suggested. 

This time, the enemy force was very strong. Although they had over a thousand unique creatures of chaos at the Gold Immortal stage, this battle would surely end up killing off some of them. 

When he thought of that, Chen Feng secretly sighed. At the same time, though, he knew that this was inevitable, not unless he could somehow pull out some more formidable Divine Princes out of nowhere to lead the charge.

“Not a problem. Let’s do that.” Although Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others had yet to fully recover, they were already feeling impatient. 

“Attack. I want to know where they are from,” Chen Feng then said icily. 


1 li = 0.5 km

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