Chapter 1318 Reinforcements Arrive


Although Chen Feng’s group managed to kill off a few Divine Princes in the beginning, the enemy eventually regained the upper hand. At the same time, the enemy also began displaying some of their other cards. The rate of fire from the energy cannons decreased, but it instead began firing at unpredictable intervals, giving Chen Feng’s group a big headache. 

In addition, there were also some special killing-type magic arrays and illusion-type magic arrays thrown into the mix. After the enemy turned the situation around, two Divine Princes on Chen Feng’s side fell. 

That made Chen Feng feel very distressed. His force was limited to begin with. Every loss mattered. That said, there was nothing they could do about it. They had already done their best. But even so, there was still a very big gap between them and the enemy. 

Two Slaughterers entangled Chen Feng. One was a Blade Monarch while the other was a Sword Demon. Their formidable killing power made it so Chen Feng could not afford to be distracted. 

As for Magiris’ team, they were targeted by a Space-time Slaughterer. With the help of Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature, they would have been able to finish off the Space-time Slaughterer, but a cultivator from the Holy Light Clan suddenly appeared to turn the situation around. If it weren’t for Heng Ri, who used his body – the body of a variant wyrm – to block the attack, Magiris’ body would have blown up from the attack. 

Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others were also occupied with their respective enemies. Their enemies were strong. More, they had the numerical advantage. It was a dire-looking situation for them. 

Boom! Boom!

Longevity Edge and Divine Prince Great Force, riding on war chariots, charged their way over. However, one of them fell into a killing-type magic array while the other one was struck by an energy cannon and his war chariot was destroyed. 

“Little brother, are you alright?” Longevity Edge shouted. 

“Why did you come inside?!” Chen Feng grew apprehensive. 

“I’m worried about you fellows,” Longevity Edge replied. 

Chen Feng shook his head. Given the circumstances, saying anything else was useless. They should just concentrate on dealing with their present situation. 

“By the way, where are the reinforcements?” Chen Feng asked. 

“It’s the reinforcements from the Celestial Carefree Plane. At present, they are heading out to support another stronghold,” Longevity Edge said. 

Chen Feng revealed a wry smile. Given the situation, what else could he say? Only, continuing this battle would only result in more casualties.

“Seniors, work together to break open a path. Do our best to escape!” Chen Feng blocked the attack from the Sword Demon and the Longevity Lance in his hand sent the Sword Demon flying. Suddenly, another Slaughterer that had been hiding in the dark appeared and its massive blade slashed Chen Feng’s body, creating a dent on the Longevity Combat Armour that Chen Feng was wearing. 

“A stealth-type Slaughterer!” Chen Feng was shocked. Unexpectedly, there were still Slaughterers hidden in the dark within the chaos. More, he had actually failed to detect this Slaughterer. That said, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. The attack was not particularly strong. It was only at the level of the regular Ageless Gold Immortal.

This Slaughterer had a very strange appearance. It resembled both a spider and a scorpion. It had a pair of blade-like pincers at the front, a pair of sharp needles coming out from its torso and a long pincer that resembled a battle lance coming out from its back. 

“Urgh!” Magiris, who was beside Chen Feng, grunted. A wound had suddenly appeared on his body. The space-time extra-terrestrial creature roared and his soundwaves shook the space. As a result, another Slaughterer – similar to the one that Chen Feng was facing – appeared from void space. 

“Who knows how many more of them are hiding in the dark?” The Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back abruptly flapped and a Slaughterer that had only just revealed itself was sent flying. 

“It would appear that we are incapable of breaking out,” Divine Prince Iceform said calmly.

“If so, just kill more. As long as we don’t end up losing more, that’s fine.” Divine Prince Heavensfire was already badly wounded, but he continued to maintain a strong will to fight. However, the fire dragon that he was riding had become several notches smaller. 

“This time, our Celestial Longevity Plane is in trouble. To think that we would end up facing so many enemies.”

“Just kill! Thinking too much about it is pointless.”


Chen Feng brought out all of his combat power for this and he singlehandedly fought against three Slaughterers. Thankfully, his opponents were Slaughterers. He had fought them many times before and had accumulated a great deal of experience on how to face them. Furthermore, Chen Feng’s cultivation base had also improved since then. Thus, he was able to face a Blade Monarch and two strange-looking Slaughterers without falling into a disadvantageous position. That said, Chen Feng was aware that this was only temporary. He could already sense two more formidable auras targeting him. 


Heng Ri’s body was blasted into two. Seeing that, Chen Feng brought Heng Ri into his bodily world. This was only possible because Heng Ri was his subordinate. If it had been any other Gold Immortal, that person would not have been able to enter Chen Feng’s bodily world.

Soon enough, even the space-time extra-terrestrial creature became badly wounded. Helpless, Chen Feng brought him into his bodily world as well. 

As Chen Feng was going all out, his bodily worlds began shaking and cracks began appearing across their spatial barriers. 

Bang! Bang!

An attack sent Chen Feng flying, but he instead made use of the opportunity to cleave one of the Slaughterers into two. Next, he brought out the Blood Mustering Bead. An invisible wave of energy rapidly swept outwards. Following that, blood-coloured motes of light swiftly swirled over in a converging fashion to finally enter the Blood Mustering Bead. 

Chen Feng was extracting the blood-coloured motes of light from the bodies of their enemies. Every single one of the motes of light was formed using blood essence. This was the effect of the secret technique that Chen Feng had secretly set up earlier. 

Although the motes of light were very small, they slowly grew in size. Due to the loss of the blood energy, the combat power of the enemy cultivators began falling. However, it was not as effective as Chen Feng had hoped. It could not turn the situation around. 


The Blood Mustering Bead swiftly flew out to smash a Slaughterer before flying back to Chen Feng’s hand, but a beam of holy light suddenly pierced Chen Feng’s body. As a result, his life force fell rapidly. In addition to that, two cultivators from the Holy Light Clan charged towards Chen Feng. One of them was equipped with the Holy Light Shield while the other one was equipped with a blade. One was in charge of defence while the other one attacked Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s heart sank. The participation of these holy light cultivators informed him that the other Gold Immortals on his side may have died. 

Bang! Bang! 

The attacks from Chen Feng were easily stopped by the opponent’s Holy Light Shield while the sweeping attacks from them left him somewhat flustered. 

The opponent’s holy light was quite special, capable of continuously sapping away Chen Feng’s life force. And while the longevity-type primary energy was still working, Chen Feng did not have enough time to fully mobilize it.


An avenue made from dazzling holy light shot towards Chen Feng. Struck by the attack, Chen Feng was sent tumbling. The Blade Monarch and Sword Demon pounced on this opening and their attacks landed on Chen Feng’s body at the same time. 

Their attacks left Chen Feng with only half his life left. 

Huh! I wonder, when will Tower’s reinforcements arrive? Chen Feng began growing anxious. 

He forced himself to unleash his triple combat power mode several times to knock the Sword Demon and Blade Monarch away. However, doing so only further aggravated his injuries. Meanwhile the two cultivators from the Holy Light Clan charged to arrive before Chen Feng.


The Holy Light Shield and blade shot forward and the collision sent Chen Feng flying, cracks spreading out across the Longevity Combat Armour on his body. 

Chen Feng’s divine sense swept outwards and he found that Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others were already on the verge of falling. As for the regular Gold Immortals, almost all of them had fallen. Even Longevity Edge and Divine Prince Great Force were struggling bitterly just to hold on.

A booming sound rang out and Magiris was sent flying, but Chen Feng quickly caught him. Magiris’ eyes were closed and almost all the bones in his body had been broken. 

“Looks like we really can’t charge out.” Chen Feng then waved his hand and the Heavensdao Seal appeared before him. As expected, upon seeing the Heavensdao Seal, even the Slaughterers took several steps back and they hesitated.

“The Heavensdao Seal is not that strong. We can break it,” said the Divine Prince from the Holy Light Clan. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Suddenly, the surrounding space shook violently. A formidable power was in the midst of breaking its way in. 

“Reinforcements have arrived!” A look of relief appeared on Chen Feng’s face. 

“Reinforcements? What reinforcements?” Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others were somewhat surprised. They did not understand what Chen Feng meant. 

“It’s the reinforcements that the Longevity Tower dispatched,” Chen Feng explained. 

“So, Sir Longevity Tower had arranged for reinforcements. Phew! If that’s the case, we will not be dying today.” Divine Prince Heavensfire breathed a sigh of relief. 


Space shattered and a massive roc appeared all of a sudden. Its broad wings spanned a length of at least 50,000 kilometres. With a swipe of its huge talon, a Slaughterer was easily ripped apart. Next, it flashed forward to re-appear before Chen Feng.

“Greetings, Young Master!” A serious voice rang out. 

A Great Roc of the Nine Heavens at the Divine Prince level. Not bad. However, this is not enough to deal with our present situation. Looking at the great roc before him, a frown appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Seemingly having seen through Chen Feng’s thoughts, the great roc said, “I have the fastest flight speed. That’s why I am the first the arrive.”

“So, that’s how it is. I wonder, what other surprises await me?” Chen Feng nodded.


A gigantic tiger whose body was wrapped in a hurricane charged into the sealed space and let out a roar. The shockwaves instantly enveloped a Gold Immortal who was standing before it. Next, the Gold Immortal who had been cultivating for hundreds of millions of years was reduced to ash. 

“A Tempest Tiger!” Divine Prince Iceform exclaimed. Although the Tempest Tiger was a very rare unique creature, they were not exactly that rare. They were Divine Princes who would spend how knows how long exploring the starry space, after all. Thus, they did encounter this type of unique creature before. 

“A Tempest Tiger that could cultivate up to this level is very rare.” Divine Prince Mountains and Rivers nodded his head. 

After the Tempest Tiger came a gigantic fire phoenix. The arrival of the fire phoenix immediately caused the temperature of the surrounding space to spike upwards. Even the space there began twisting. 

“Enigma Phoenix of the Sovereign Fire!” Divine Prince Heavensfire blurted excitedly. 

After the Enigma Phoenix of the Sovereign Fire came a Heaven-strolling Leviathan. It was followed by a Blazing Fire Kirin. 

The appearance of the five unique creatures of chaos at the Divine Prince level caused the sealed space to utterly burst apart and Chen Feng’s group immediately felt the pressure on them falling away. 

However, that was not the end. One by one, more unique creatures appeared. These unique creatures were either rare creatures or in possession of special genes. There were also those with ordinary backgrounds but formidable strength. All of them were at the Gold Immortal stage.

When the unique creatures of chaos first appeared, Chen Feng’s group had felt delighted. Then, it transformed into feelings of surprise, then astonishment. In the end, they gaped in a dumbfounded manner. 

The number of unique creatures of chaos here was simply too high. In addition to the unique creatures, there were also giant interstellar creatures. 

And so, it became a completely one-sided battle. Just one charge from the hundreds of unique creatures at the Gold Immortal stage was enough to wipe out the enemy. Chen Feng, on the other hand, quickly took action to devour their essence. Naturally, the Blood Mustering Bead also managed to devour large amounts of blood power. 

“This…” Magiris and the others were in disbelief as they watched the unique creatures appear one after another. All of them were at the Gold Immortal stage. This was too shocking of a sight. It felt as though they were dreaming. 

“These are the reinforcements that Longevity Celestial mentioned,” Magiris was finally able to utter a complete sentence.

“When Sir Longevity Tower takes action, it is truly extraordinary. With this, we should be able to resolve our crisis.” Longevity Edge released a lengthy breath. 

“This is truly a shocking sight to behold.” Divine Prince Iceform laughed. 

“Not shocking, but pleasant. Very pleasant.” Divine Prince Heavensfire ignored the wounds on his body and his mouth was grinning so widely, he could not even close it. 

Swiftly, all of the enemy cultivators were wiped out. Next, the thousand plus unique creatures of chaos transformed into human forms to stand in an orderly manner before Chen Feng. These unique creatures who came from various corners of the starry space may possess arrogant demeanours, savage characters and in possession of formidable strength that made them look down on others. However, all of them stood quietly before Chen Feng. Not only did they have to appear respectful, they also had to maintain a solemn appearance. All of them had been subdued by the Longevity Tower. As a result, they also had to indirectly accept Chen Feng as their leader. 

“The next stronghold,” Chen Feng said coolly. 

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