Chapter 1317 Defence and Offence


“This secret technique!” Although Chen Feng was attacking, he was also paying attention to his surroundings. Thus, he noticed Divine Prince Soulchaser using the secret technique. Observing the technique gave him a surprise. 

There was an explanation for this secret technique within the Longevity Scripture. More, there was also the cultivation method for it. Bluntly speaking, it was a soul projection technique. Only, Chen Feng was also aware that this was a very monstrous killer move. Unless their soul power was much stronger than the user, cultivators targeted by this killer move would end up dying.

Naturally, such a formidable killer move had its own drawbacks. Using it would damage the user’s own essence and soul power. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a self-harming move meant to attain great results in battle. 

Chen Feng knew. These Divine Princes must be aware of just how bad the situation was. That was the reason why they had chosen to resort to moves that they would not normally use. 

Having reached that train of thought, the waves of energy coming off Chen Feng’s body grew even stronger. It was a critical moment, but he was still secretly communicating with Magiris and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature. 

He did not defend himself. He instead entrusted the matters of defence to Divine Prince Iceform and Divine Prince Mountains and Rivers. 

To Chen Feng’s relief, Longevity Edge and Divine Prince Great Force were not with them. Those two had originally chosen to come with them. However, as they were advancing, Longevity Edge received a message that a friend was bringing reinforcements over. Due to that, the two of them stayed behind to meet up with the reinforcements. Thanks to that, they did not fall prey to the illusion. 

Hopefully, Third Brother and his group will not try to forcibly break their way in, Chen Feng thought. 

The enemy had unleashed a swift attack against them, but Chen Feng’s group had responded quickly as well. In the face of the devastating bombardment, the defence created by the two Divine Princes began melting. 

The fact that they were not defeated in one fell swoop meant that the defence was effective.

“I locked down on one of them,” Magiris suddenly said. 

“Are you confident?” Chen Feng asked. 

“By working together with the space-time extra-terrestrial creature, there is a 50% chance of success,”

“If so, attack!” Chen Feng said, gritting his teeth.

“Alright!” Magiris nodded, but his face quickly paled. After that, he let out a wry smile and said, “It failed. The other party is really cunning.”

“No rush. Proceed slowly,” Chen Feng comforted him. 

“Urgh!” Divine Prince Soulchaser grunted, his face turning pale as the strength of his soul power began weakening. 

Chen Feng waved his hand and longevity energy surged into his body. 

“How is it?” Chen Feng asked. 

“Killed a Divine Prince,” Divine Prince Soulchaser said. 

“However, that is all I can do. This technique can only be used once,” Divine Prince Soulchaser said, bringing out a Longevity Shield to protect himself as he quickly worked on replenishing his power. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! 

The first wave of attacks had consisted of attacks from 36 energy cannons. After it ended, however, a second wave of attacks came. This one consisted of attacks from 58 energy cannons that attempted to devour everything.

Every attack from the energy cannons was the equivalent of an attack from a Divine Prince. Although Chen Feng’s group had successfully blocked the first wave of attacks, they might not succeed in stopping the second wave.

“Thirty Thousand Li of Sealing Ice!” Divine Prince Iceform roared and his whole body became covered with frost. Even his hair turned white. Thick streams of ice-type primary energy then surged forth to swirl around them. 

“World of Mountains and Rivers!” Divine Prince Mountains and Rivers hurled out his Divine artifact, the Bead of Mountains and Rivers. Immediately, a rolling mountain range with rivers flowing around it spread outwards. 

“How is it?” Chen Feng asked again. 

“I’m trying,” Magiris said. 

“I’ll help you determine the position.” Chen Feng then jabbed his finger forward and a mote of bloody light could be seen within Magiris’ eyes. 

“Shift!” Magiris and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature took action simultaneously and space rippled. 

“Success!” Magiris said in delight. 

Chen Feng did not enter the separate space to kill off the enemy cultivator. Instead, he quickly asked, “How long can you seal him up?”

“Not certain. It should be able to last for one joss stick’s worth of time,” Magiris said after a moment’s consideration. 

“That’s enough. Continue teleporting others first.” Chen Feng stretched his hand to point again and Magiris saw a flash of bloody light. Swiftly, he locked down on another enemy cultivator. 

This time, Chen Feng did not attack at all. Instead, he kept utilizing various abilities to locate the enemy cultivators. 

And so, Chen Feng proceeded to guide the way while Magiris and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature worked together. Again and again, they successfully teleported away three Divine Princes into another separate space, all within half a joss stick’s worth of time.  

Although this could only entrap the other party for a brief period of time, for Chen Feng’s group, it was enough. Given the situation they were in, just the blink of an eye was enough to bring about a massive change. 

“The pressure has lessened.”

“I’ll do it again,” Divine Prince Soulchaser suddenly said. 

“No. Your essence power will be seriously damaged. Who knows how long it will take before you can recover?” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

“Let’s just charge.” Divine Prince Heavensfire rode on a giant fire dragon and he charged forward. At that moment, the second wave of attacks from the energy cannons had ended and there was a temporary lull in the enemy attacks. 

The fire dragon’s body was a million zhang long and it also exuded the aura of a Divine Prince. As it was smashing its way forward, it also unleashed constant streams of fire from its mouth.  


The defence that Divine Prince Iceform and Divine Prince Mountains and Rivers set up also burst apart. Although the two of them had exhausted large amounts of their power, they followed the fire dragon in charging forward. Every one of them knew. Given their situation, they could not simply defend themselves. No matter how durable a target may be, it would surely be pierced through in the end. 

“Let’s go!”

After saying that, Chen Feng entered a separate space. Magiris, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature also charged in. Within the separate space was a Divine Prince that they had teleported in previously. 

This Divine Prince was quite strong. It had only been half a joss stick’s worth of time, but he was already close to breaking out from the separate space. Of course, the arrival of Chen Feng’s group put an end to his hopes of escaping. 

The moment Chen Feng appeared, he unleashed his strongest triple combat power attack. Add the attacks from Magiris’ team of three Gold Immortals, they were able to instantly inflict grievous injuries on the enemy Divine Prince. The second wave of attacks from them succeeded in killing off the Divine Prince.

“Another Divine Prince killed.” Light flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes. Every enemy cultivator they killed would result in the pressure on them decreasing somewhat. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, although their enemy had set up a formidable trap for them, losing a few Divine Princes was still a serious loss for the enemy. The weakening energy cannons was a very good indicator of that. 

However, this move could only be used once. The moment they killed off the Divine Prince, the other Divine Princes who were teleported away broke out from the separate spaces holding them to return back to the battlefield. 

They were Divine Princes, after all. After re-appearing, they brandished their magic treasures to quickly regain the upper hand. More, they also had a force consisting of ordinary Gold Immortals. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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