Chapter 1316 Ambushed


“A half-step Gold Immortal killing Divine Princes? Why does it feel like a thing of legend for me?” Divine Prince Great Force shook his head. Just talking about it made him somewhat dizzy. 

“Ha ha ha! For the average cultivators, are we not legends?” Longevity Edge then said, laughing. 

“If so, Longevity Celestial is a legend amongst legends,” Divine Prince Great Force responded with a smile. 

“Alright, you two. Enough about me. Let’s go check out the other strongholds first.” Hearing those two talk about him made Chen Feng feel somewhat embarrassed. 

“Yes. The other strongholds must have come under attack as well.” Longevity Edge nodded and his face turned grim once more. 

“The 8th stronghold was attacked by the Soulgobbling Clan while the 7th stronghold was attacked by the Holy Light Clan and the Lightning Plane. I wonder what happened to the other strongholds. This time, the other party knows what they are doing. If I had to guess, they must have prepared thoroughly for this. Given our present level of strength, we are likely incapable of changing the situation. Even if we could beat them back, it would involve a serious number of losses,” said Chen Feng after a moment’s consideration. He had been considering this issue. 

“Longevity Celestial’s words make sense. I am only able to mobilize my own subordinates for this. Getting my clan to join in is simply impossible,” Divine Prince Great Force said. 

“Even if it means getting killed by the enemy, we from the Boundless Corps will not back down. Let’s head to the other strongholds. We now have the forces of two strongholds with us. We should be able to do something,” Longevity Edge said and he began giving orders to the soldiers while making arrangements for the warships.  

“Kid, it’s not looking good. Our numbers are somewhat low.” Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others approached Chen Feng.

“The other party is well prepared. Meanwhile, we do not have enough manpower.” Chen Feng nodded. Next, he utilized a secret technique to contact Lei Long and the others who were in the Celestial Longevity Plane. Lei Long had some tens of thousands of cultivators under him. And while there were no Gold Immortals amongst them, given the circumstances, it could still be considered as a sizable force. 

At the same time, Chen Feng also issued commands to Jin Liu and Feng Gang, who were still in the Longevity Celestial Summit. They were to try their best to get the other Gold Immortals to escort Lei Long’s forces, which will be heading towards the 6th stronghold as fast as they could.

“What’s up, kid? Did something happen?” Suddenly, Tower’s voice made its way over to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng quickly informed Tower of what happened. In truth, Chen Feng had no intentions of letting the Longevity Tower take action. The situation was quite chaotic and they were still incapable of figuring out the exact details of what was happening. Additionally, the Longevity Tower had yet to fully recover its strength. Having it appear too frequently might instead attract some troubles over. 

It was the same as back then. If Chen Feng had been strong enough, he would not have constantly revealed the Longevity Tower – his biggest trump card – so quickly.

“I’ll help you out some,” Tower said. 

“You’re going to take action?” Chen Feng was startled by that. Should the Longevity Tower take action, they would have no issues sweeping aside all the problems they were facing. 

“No, I will not be taking action for situations like this. Likewise, the other Paramount Gold Immortals will also not take action. Anyways, I have been spending all those years exploring the starry space for energy sources to recover my strength. Along the way, I had also subdued some giant interstellar creatures and unique creatures of chaos. I’ve been keeping them inside me all this time. This is a good time to let them out and let them get some air,” Tower said.

“Unique creatures of chaos!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. Next, he asked, “How many of them are there and what level are they at?”

“You’ll know once they arrive,” Tower said mysteriously before cutting off the connection. 

With those words from Tower, Chen Feng grew at ease. Only, he did feel somewhat curious about the unique creatures of chaos that Tower mentioned. He was also feeling expectant. 

Hopefully, this force from Tower can turn the situation around, Chen Feng thought. In the beginning, Chen Feng had thought that he already possessed a force to call his own. And yet, in a battle of this scale, his own force could only create a small ripple. Of course, given how the Immortal Plane was rapidly developing, Chen Feng would not mobilize his own assets unless as a last resort. 

At the same time, he was also feeling worried. The Boundless Corps had a total of eight strongholds in outer space. The number given to the strongholds represented their respective strength. The 1st stronghold was the strongest while the 8th stronghold was the weakest. In other words, the two strongholds that Chen Feng had been to so far were only the two weakest strongholds. And yet, they had already encountered such formidable enemy forces. He could already imagine how much more brutal the enemy forces attacking the other strongholds would be. 

More, Chen Feng also had another relative there. However, despite feeling terribly anxious about it, he chose to wait until the situation with the stronghold had stabilized before setting off. 

Following Chen Feng, several other Divine Princes set off as well, moving ahead of the army to head to the 6th stronghold first. 

The 6th stronghold was slightly far away and the number of soldiers manning it was not high. Only, it had several formidable figures defending it. More, it also had a number of formidable energy cannons and several mid-grade Divine-tier warships. Most importantly, the defensive power of this stronghold was very strong. It had several killing-type magic arrays that had been passed down since a long time ago. 

Due to all those factors, the combat power and defensive power of the 6th stronghold were far superior compared to those of the 7th and 8th stronghold. 

After finding out about that, Chen Feng secretly prayed that the stronghold would be in a better situation. 

He hoped that the damage it took was not worse compared to the damage taken by the 7th or 8th stronghold. That was the most he could accept. 

Even so, there was a faint sense of foreboding within Chen Feng’s heart. It became even more pronounced as they approached the stronghold. Eventually, Chen Feng was able to see it with his eyes. 

“It’s too quiet,” Chen Feng said. 

“Something’s not right. It looks as though it has yet to come under attack.” Divine Prince Heavensfire swiftly appeared beside Chen Feng. 

“Everyone, be careful! Something’s wrong,” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

Divine Prince Void utilized a secret technique and a wave of energy silently pierced into space before a special signal returned. Only Divine Prince Void was able to understand the signal. “There are traces of a great battle in the surrounding space.”

“In other words, either the other party left after successfully taking down the stronghold or the other party had left a trap for us.”

“If the other party had left, the stronghold would not appear so intact. But if it’s a trap, aren’t they just looking down on us? Even a fool can tell that there is a problem with the stronghold.”

“Something’s not right!” Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed. 

“It looks like an illusion technique.” This person was Divine Prince Mountains and Rivers. Since witnessing Chen Feng’s strength when he was undergoing his tribulation, Divine Prince Mountains and Rivers had chosen to follow Chen Feng. Additionally, like Divine Prince Heavensfire, Divine Prince Mountains and Rivers also had a close connection with the Boundless Family. 

“Illusion technique. Indeed, it is an illusion technique,” Chen Feng said, strands of light flowing out from his eyes. Chen Feng’s eye technique had the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight to serve as its foundation. As his level advanced, its investigative abilities also rose. 

Magiris also utilized his own eye technique. As for the Divine Princes there, they unleashed formidable streams of Ageless Light.

As predicted, in the face of their powers, the scene before them transformed. The stronghold was no longer intact. In its place was a torn down stronghold stained with various streams of devastating power. Flames burned and terribly mangled corpses were strewn all over the place. Likewise, broken defensive equipment were scattered all over. Not far away were two damaged-looking warships. They were filled with dents and holes. Despite the sorry state the two warships were in, no cries of misery could be heard from them. This proved that there were no survivors inside. 

Chen Feng’s face was terribly ugly to behold. He could not sense a single sign of life. 

“From what we can gather, two warships managed to escape. However, the other soldiers have all died,” Divine Prince Iceform said calmly. He was a veteran Gold Immortal who had experienced situations like these many times before. 

“Who did this?” That was what Chen Feng cared about the most. There were other thoughts going through his mind as well. In the previous two strongholds, the enemies were from the Soulgobbling Clan, Holy Light Clan and the Immortal Plane. In Chen Feng’s opinion, the enemy this time must be from another force. 

“I sense the aura of the Holy Light Clan and the Immortal Court. In addition, there are also Slaughterers,” Divine Prince Iceform said, his hand moving in a grasping motion. Next, a block of ruins the size of a small mountain blew up and a damaged corpse flew out. The coldness of its aura, the savage blade-like bones and the unique blood flowing out from its wounds proved that this was a Slaughterer.

“The Immortal Court is openly working together with the Slaughterers now. There are also the Soulgobbling Clan and the Holy Light Clan. Only, I wonder if any other Heaven-defying races or Celestial Planes are in on this.” Chen Feng said while scanning his surroundings. At the same time, countless blood-coloured runes emerged from his body to disappear into their surrounding space. 

Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others also began taking some measures. It was very clear that they had already walked into a trap. 

“Fellows, be careful. We’ll probably have to face a brutal battle,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile. The Longevity Wings on his back slowly spread out. The fact that the other party was not taking action gave them the time to prepare. Naturally, this also meant that the other party was preparing their killer move. 

“Humph! This time, I must kill off a few of them!” Divine Prince Heavensfire said, killing energy billowing out from him. 

“Careful!” Chen Feng had sensed a sudden burst of killing intent. However, before Chen Feng even managed to utter out his warning cry, a few of the Divine Princes had already swiftly taken action. Meanwhile, Magiris and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature worked together and their team of three disappeared into a separate space. 

One torrent of power after another – carrying within them the power to destroy everything – shot towards Chen Feng and the others. Everywhere the torrents of power went, space would collapse and Magiris’ team of three that had only just hidden themselves was thrown out in a wretched state.

“Energy cannons! Large energy cannons! Some are reinforced with formidable power of laws, giving them the ability to fatally wound even Divine Princes!” Divine Prince Void hastily said. His body that had appeared like an illusion all this time suddenly turned tangible. Next, both his hands swung rapidly and countless threads shot out from them. Swiftly, the threads then intertwined to form a fist. In the face of the bombardment, Divine Prince Void had – instead of defending himself – chosen to attack. 

“Divine Prince Iceform and I will focus on defence. You fellows can be at ease and attack!” Divine Prince Mountains and Rivers said, opening his mouth to send surging rivers forward. In an instant, the surging rivers swirled around them all. Divine Prince Iceform then flicked his hands and the rivers froze into ice, becoming even thicker. More, the frozen river of ice kept spreading outwards at a rapid pace. 

“Ten Thousand Li of Soul Chase!” Divine Prince Soulchaser utilized a secret technique to unleash a stream of soul power that charged through space.

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