Chapter 1315 Longevity Edge


“You’re despicable!” Seeing Chen Feng attack the other soldiers, the two Divine Princes became enraged. 

“Is it despicable? I don’t think so. I am but a half-step Gold Immortal. If you want to say that I am bullying the weak by attacking these Heavenly Immortals, then what are you two veteran Gold Immortals doing by attacking me? What, do you want to challenge a minor half-step Gold Immortal like me?” Chen Feng said coolly. 

“Very well. I am willing to fight you in a one-on-one duel. Only, it would appear that you fellows don’t even have the balls for that. If so, just show me what you got and shut your trap!” Chen Feng continued with barbed words. 

The lightning cultivator and the holy light cultivator, on the other hand, calmed down. They knew that Chen Feng was trying to rile them up and cause their combat power to fall. 

“No matter what, I will admit, you are the most talented cultivator I have ever met. However, your future ends here. Because I will be personally killing you off!” the lightning cultivator said as he strode forward. 

Chi! Chi!

A beam of lightning radiance and a beam of white light appeared at the same time to attack Chen Feng from two different directions, one fast and one slow. 

Those were the Ageless Light attacks from the other party. The reason why one appeared fast and one appeared slow was due to the laws of space-time mixed into the attacks. In truth, both were shooting forward at the same speed. 

By utilizing his eye technique, Chen Feng was able to instantly see through the opponents’ plan. And so, he stood still, allowing the Ageless Light attacks to cut his body into pieces. 

“No, it’s a clone!”

“Not a clone, an illusion!”


Chen Feng stabbed forward with his lance to pierce the lightning cultivator’s body. The holy light cultivator was about to turn around when Chen Feng swung the Longevity Sword at him. If it weren’t for his fast reflexes and the Holy Light Shield in his hand, Chen Feng’s sword would have cut straight through him. 

Two more Chen Fengs, identical in appearance, had appeared behind them each. Then, they disappeared at the same time. 

Chen Feng then strode forward to stand before the lightning cultivator. A formidable devouring power emerged from his palm to rapidly devour all of the lightning cultivator’s essence power.

“It’s both an illusion and clones,” Chen Feng said. 


A hint of dread flashed across the eyes of the holy light cultivator. His previous thoughts of killing off Chen Feng had broken apart. While proclaiming death for Chen Feng, he immediately transformed into a stream of white light that flew away. 


The Longevity Scripture suddenly appeared, causing the holy light cultivator to bounce back. Next, the Longevity Scripture’s power enveloped the cultivator and a high number of cracks promptly appeared across his body. 

Chen Feng beckoned with his hand and the Holy Light Shield in the cultivator’s hand flew into Chen Feng’s grasp. A series of popping sounds then rang out as all the soul imprints within the shield were wiped out. 

“A mid-grade Divine artifact. Not bad. It just so happens I can use it to improve my Longevity Shield,” Chen Feng said with a smile as he kept the Longevity Shield. 

By then, the holy light cultivator was no longer able to even utter a single word. The moment his Holy Light Shield was taken away, he blew up and his essence power surged into the Longevity Scripture. 

“This fellow!” Chen Feng shook his head. The more Chen Feng used the Longevity Scripture, the more he came to understand about the Longevity Scripture.

Similar to the Dark Scripture that the Dark Kirin possessed, this was not just some ordinary scripture. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was the essence of the entire Celestial Longevity Plane. While a portion of the cultivation techniques and secret techniques recorded in it were techniques that the Longevity Clan members created after the scripture came about, the most important parts were created at the same time as the formation of the Celestial Longevity Plane.

In truth, the Longevity Scripture and the Longevity Tower were existences on the same level. Only, the way they existed were different. 

After devouring the essence of the Divine Prince of the Holy Light Clan, the Longevity Scripture returned back into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Chen Feng could sense some changes coming over the Longevity Scripture. However, he was incapable of telling what the changes were.  

Chen Feng had managed to kill two Divine Princes so quickly. This was beyond his expectations. Part of it was due to the carelessness from the other party, but it also affirmed his strength. 

“Scram!” Chen Feng shouted and the soldiers in his path backed away. Having witnessed Chen Feng kill off the two Divine Princes, some ordinary Gold Immortals dared not even step forward. Rather, some simply turned tail and ran. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A group of over a thousand war chariots rampaged forward, smashing away the cultivators from the Lightning Plane and Holy Light Clan in its path. The one in the van rode a dragon-shaped war chariot and brandished a battle lance. Exuding a highly ferocious atmosphere of majesty, he kept killing off the cultivators in his path. 


With a dash, the cultivator arrived before Chen Feng. This cultivator sported a handsome face, slender but strong body and eyes that shone from deep within with spiritual light. There on his glabella was the phantom silhouette of a small sword. When he saw Chen Feng, a look of excitement appeared on his face. 

“Little brother!”

The cultivator then stepped forward to hug Chen Feng, a somewhat tearful look on his face. 

“Third Brother, you’re getting too excited here.” Chen Feng laughed. 

This cultivator with an extraordinary atmosphere was none other than Chen Feng’s third brother, Longevity Edge. His cultivation talent was quite good and he had managed to score some accomplishments. He had been spending all this time fighting as a member of the Boundless Corps. One hundred thousand years after Chen Feng went missing, he advanced to the Gold Immortal stage. After that, his continued to grow at a rapid pace. At present, his cultivation base was already approaching that of a veteran Gold Immortal, his combat power infinitely close to that of a Divine Prince. He had already killed more than 10 veteran Gold Immortals. 

“Ha ha ha ha! It’s only natural for me to become excited here. We brothers have not seen each other for a million years. Back then, you were only four years old when you went missing. I, Eldest Brother and Second Brother went searching for you for over 10,000 years. In the end, due to father’s order, we had to stop. Still, Second Brother chose to explore the cosmos on his own. I have not met him for hundreds of thousands of years now. By the way, I heard that you’ve been spending all this time in a lesser world? What happened? Aren’t you with Sir Longevity Tower?”

After they stopped hugging, a string of questions emerged from Longevity Edge’s mouth. Hearing that, Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. That said, he felt touched at the affection and warmth.

“Third Brother, it’s a long story. Let’s deal with our current situation first. We can talk about that later.”

“Ha ha ha! You’re right. It’s good that you’re back. I did hear about what happened to you in the Celestial Longevity Plane. Well done killing them! If it weren’t for the fact that I’m unable to leave, I would have led an army over and start a killing. Those old buggers have gone too far. It’s just a matter of time before I teach them a lesson.” Longevity Edge became overly excited after meeting Chen Feng and he could not stop talking despite being in the midst of a battle. 

Next up, Chen Feng and Longevity Edge began attacking the cultivators from the Lightning Plane and the Holy Light Clan. The arrival of Chen Feng’s group seemingly changed the state of the battle. However, the other party had prepared thoroughly for this sneak attack on the stronghold. More, Longevity Edge had already taken some wounds. If the other party were to fight to the end, Longevity Edge’s side would have to pay a very high price to win. 

In order to finish off more enemies, Chen Feng unleashed his strongest attacks. He mobilized the Longevity Scripture and worked together with Longevity Edge to kill another Divine Prince.

Due to that, the enemy side began faltering, falling into a slight state of confusion. The number of Divine Princes from the Lightning Plane and Holy Light Clan was limited to begin with. Thus, they began thinking about retreating. 

Longevity Edge’s attack was somewhat special. When facing the enemy Divine Prince, the small phantom silhouette of a sword on his glabella fired out a ray of sword light, hundreds of thousands of zhang in length, to immediately cleave the Divine Prince in half. 

The small phantom sword was something he was born with, an innate sword luminescence. It was also a formidable trump card. His rate of cultivation for matters regarding the sword and blade was incredibly fast, it would put the other sword cultivators to shame. Other sword cultivators would have to painstakingly cultivate themselves just to achieve what Longevity Edge was born with. 

“Longevity Edge, don’t panic. I’m here!”

Suddenly, a massive warship emerged from the depths of space. One after another, large war chariots flew out from it to quickly form a torrential river that charged into the battlefield. Swiftly, it threw the battlefield into an even greater state of chaos. 

After the reinforcements arrived for Longevity Edge’s side, the cultivators from the Lightning Plane and Holy Light Clan began a steady retreat. In the end, their formation collapsed and only a portion of their soldiers were able to escape. At least 30% of their soldiers had died in the battlefield.

“The Vajra Clan!” Chen Feng said, somewhat surprised. 

“Yes. The Vajra Clan is my reinforcements. I’ll have to properly introduce this person to you later. He is my good friend and also like a brother to me,” Longevity Edge said with a smile. 

“For this person to lead soldiers over under such circumstances, this person can truly be considered as a good brother.” Chen Feng nodded. 

It did not take long before a young cultivator with a large, mountainous body arrived before the two of them. In his hand was a staff and his whole body emanated an impactful aura of power. 

“Longevity Edge, looks like I am a little late,” the large cultivator said with a slightly ashamed tone. 

“You’re not late. Look, you beat the enemy back. This time, our Boundless Corps has taken serious losses. Thankfully, you came,” Longevity Edge said, sincerity in his voice. Speaking of which, since coming under attack, Longevity Edge had requested help from many forces. In the end, only this friend chose to lead his soldiers over. 

“Ha ha ha! Longevity Edge, there is no need to say something like this. We are brothers. I haven’t even thanked you for saving my life back then.”

“I was being inappropriate.” Longevity Edge nodded. 

“This fellow must be Longevity Celestial, no? You can call me Divine Prince Great Force.” The large cultivator then turned towards Chen Feng.

“Divine Prince Great Force. That is a good title. However, I believe that you are probably not the only one in the Vajra Clan with this title, no?” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Cough! Cough!” Divine Prince Great Force revealed a somewhat embarrassed smile. 

“Still, I didn’t think that I am so famous. Even the Divine Princes of the Vajra Clan could recognize me.” Chen Feng then changed the topic of conversation.

“You killed your way back to the Celestial Planes at the Heavenly Immortal stage, fought against Divine Princes, defended the Boundless Family and even went against the Department of Elders. Words of your deeds have spread throughout the Myriad Celestial Planes.” Divine Prince Great Force then cast a curious look at Chen Feng. His face then took on a serious look. Chen Feng was giving him an intense feeling of danger. The might of Chen Feng’s blood energy was actually comparable to his own blood energy.

“Ha ha ha! Divine Prince Great Force, you are correct. This little brother of mine is very strong. Earlier, the moment he appeared, he slew two Divine Princes. How else do you think I can endure this long?” Longevity Edge said with a slightly smug tone. 

“What? He killed two Divine Princes?” Divine Prince Great Force’s eyes widened in shock. 

“Exactly. Although this Fourth Brother of mine is only at the half-step Gold Immortal stage, in a one-on-one duel, he is capable of killing off a Divine Prince.” Longevity Edge grew even more smug.

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