Chapter 1314 Holy Light Clan


An attack from a Divine Prince! Chen Feng dared not be careless about this. And so, he fired out a Great Longevity Palm to block the lightning hammer. 


The Great Longevity Palm was smashed to bits while Chen Feng’s figure disappeared. 

After shaking off the lightning cultivator, Chen Feng quickly moved forward while utilizing a secret technique. The blood energy within him began churning. This was the power of genes, allowing him to quickly find those who were of the same race as him. Chen Feng’s objective was to quickly find his third brother. 

As intended, it did not take long before he found the aura of Longevity Edge. 

Longevity Edge was Chen Feng’s third brother. They were biological brothers. Thus, the moment their genes sensed each other, the link would not disappear. 

However, Chen Feng was not able to get any response from his third brother. Due to that, he grew somewhat apprehensive. Locking down on the position of his third brother, he then made to fly forward. 

But the enemies there would not give Chen Feng an easy time. Two beams of lightning radiance seemingly descended from the Nine Heavens; one blocked Chen Feng’s path while the other slashed down on his head. 


This obstruction instantly made Chen Feng furious, but he could not do nothing about it. The Longevity Lance in his hand swung to shatter the two beams of lightning radiance, but a cultivator clad in lightning armour and a spear in hand charged towards him. 

“A Divine Prince!”

Chen Feng did not retreat. Rather, he charged. The huge Longevity Wings brought forth two hurricanes while the Longevity Lance in his hand violently clashed against the incoming spear. 

Every clash resulted in a dazzling burst of lightning radiance. With a flash of the lightning radiance, the two hurricanes were swiftly destroyed. Chen Feng, though, quickly rushed forward, his two phantom silhouettes promptly emerging from his back. One blade attack and one sword attack sent the lightning cultivator who was exuding a ferocious atmosphere of majesty flying.


Chen Feng pounced on the opening, the Longevity Lance in his hand piercing the opponent’s body. His triple combat power burst outwards. As predicted, he managed to grievously wound the lightning cultivator. However, just as Chen Feng was about to finish him off, a blade – formed using holy light – shot towards Chen Feng’s back. 

“Another Divine Prince!”

Chen Feng frowned. He was unwilling to let this opportunity to kill off a Divine Prince slip away. And so, clenching his teeth, he continued onwards. Sword and blade flashed forward to shred the lightning cultivator into pieces. Then, opening his mouth, Chen Feng devoured the opponent’s power.

Meanwhile, the blade of light landed on Chen Feng’s back. However, the huge Longevity Wings abruptly closed up to block the blade of light. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Fierce explosions rang out and the Longevity Wings were ripped to pieces. Then, one of Chen Feng’s phantom silhouettes brought out the Longevity Bow. With one arrow, it punched a large hole through the body of the Divine Prince from the Holy Light Clan who had launched the sneak attack against him. 


Killing energy billowed out from Chen Feng as he charged towards the Divine Prince. The devastation of his Longevity Wings had depleted a large amount of his power, but a seal then flew out from his body. The seal split into two before pasting themselves on his back. Following that, black and white streams of energy surged forward and another pair of Longevity Wings was rapidly formed. 

This pair of Longevity Wings was different from the previous one. It was formed by fusing the power of yin and yang and the Heavensdao Seal. Although it was not as fast as the pure Longevity Wings, this one possessed formidable offensive power.

More, due to Chen Feng’s will to fight, one power of law after another surged into the Longevity Wings and it did not take long before a high number of runes covered the surface of the wings. Even more shocking was the oppressive atmosphere of power of the Heavensdao coming from it. 

“The Heavensdao Seal!”

As expected, sensing the aura that Chen Feng emanated, the other party became terrified and they stopped obstructing him. Rather, they would quickly evade him. 

Chen Feng had predicted that this would happen. He swiftly rushed forward to cleave the Divine Prince from the Holy Light Clan into two with a vertical slash. After that, he did not bother checking to see if the other party was dead or alive before quickly charging forward. 

The pressure on Chen Feng had lessened and he quickly made his way into a chaotic part of the battlefield. 

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers were fighting there. There were war chariots, energy cannons, large magic treasures and Gold Immortals who kept flitting about. It was a most chaotic situation. 

“Fourth Brother?!” Finally, Chen Feng received a message from Longevity Edge’s divine sense. 

“Third Brother, it’s me! Are you alright? I’m coming!” Chen Feng replied. 

“I’m fine. You be careful!” Longevity Edge responded and his voice disappeared. 

Chen Feng grasped and five beams of golden light flew. The hundred plus Heavenly Immortals blocking his path were thus killed. After that, Chen Feng brought out a small teleportation array. Space fluctuated and Magiris, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature fell out from it. 

“The spatial energy here is so chaotic. You actually dare to use the teleportation array? Are you not afraid that we might end up getting lost?” Magiris said in a somewhat displeased tone. 

“Deal with these soldiers.” Chen Feng pointed.

Looking around, Magiris was able to immediately identify several Gold Immortals. He quickly shook his head and said, “We can’t.”

“If you can’t deal with them, just hold them off for a while,” Chen Feng said, his figure dashing to make his way past one Gold Immortal after another. Any Gold Immortal who attempted to stop him would be stopped by Magiris instead. 

While using his eye technique to locate his third brother’s position, he unleashed all his strength. His two phantom silhouettes allowed him to unleash triple his combat power without respite. Every now and again, some enemy cultivators would attempt to stop him only to be instantly sent flying. The 10,000 plus soldiers before Chen Feng were nothing but lambs to the slaughter. Even Divine Princes felt terrified upon seeing him. In fact, two Divine Princes had attempted to stop Chen Feng only for him to pummel them aside. 

“Stop!” A lightning cultivator’s great fist charged through the starry space, creating thunderous sounds as it moved forward. However, Chen Feng’s lance punched a hole through the arm before the Longevity Staff sent the lightning cultivator flying. 

After that, though, a massive shield made from holy light stopped Chen Feng. Despite attacking it a few times, Chen Feng failed to break through. Two Divine Princes, from the Lightning Plane and Holy Light Clan, had managed to stop him. 

Chen Feng’s state of apprehension slowly calmed down. By facing two Divine Princes here, he would be able to reduce the pressure on Longevity Edge’s group. Having reached this line of thought, Chen Feng stopped rushing forward and stayed behind to fight them. 

“To think that the Holy Light Clan would work together with the Immortal Plane. How amusing! Do you fellows not know that your base is currently under attack by the Slaughterers?” Chen Feng suddenly said, a smile on his face. 

“That is impossible!” the holy light cultivator and lightning cultivator said at the same time.  

“This kid is trying to sow discord among us to weaken us,” the lightning cultivator said, the Divine Lightning Hammer in his hand thrumming. Every thrum would result in the Divine Lightning Hammer becoming a notch bigger while various lightning runes would appear on its surface. More, the lightning cultivator’s body also grew to a height of 30,000 zhang. Behind him, the phantom silhouette of a sea of lightning roiled about. 

As for the cultivator from the Holy Light Clan, he had a massive Holy Light Shield on top of his head while his hand held onto a dazzling Holy Light Sword. He also unleashed a formidable aura that locked down Chen Feng’s position. 

Chen Feng, who had been moving forward all this time, suddenly stopped. He remained immobile and simply watched his opponents. At the same time, the Heavensdao Seal slowly emerged from his body. 

When they saw the Heavensdao Seal, the eyes of the two Divine Princes abruptly narrowed, but they did not retreat. In their opinion, while a Heavensdao Seal of this level was troublesome, it was not impossible to deal with. 

More, through certain channels, they had learned of Chen Feng’s identity. Thus, they would not let him off. 

“Longevity Celestial, the bearer of the Chaos Constitution. If you can grow, you will indeed become a very big threat to our Immortal Plane. However, for you to jump out recklessly like this, you are just courting death,” the lightning cultivator said with a smile. 

“By killing a genius like you, I will have contributed greatly.”

“Just attack. What’s with all this nonsense?” Chen Feng said coolly. 

“We’ve already launched our attacks long ago,” the lightning cultivator said. 

Only then did Chen Feng realize that he was surrounded by a sea of lightning. Wave after wave and layer after layer, the sea of lightning became increasingly fierce. This was no ordinary sea of lightning. It contained blades, swords, spears, staves and various assortment of weapons. There were even lightning nets. One glance at it would strike fear into one’s heart. More, there were thick blades of holy light mixed within them. Judging by how easily the two techniques were complementing one another, Chen Feng could tell that this was not their first time working together. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back flapped to unleash a hurricane-like power, the power of the Heavensdao Seal. As the energy waves swept outwards, the surrounding sea of lightning began flowing backwards. Some of the lightning powers froze before dissipating away. 

The effects of the Heavensdao Seal’s power had surpassed Chen Feng’s expectations. Next, grey-coloured Ageless Light swept out from his glabella. Chen Feng’s Ageless Light had fused with the power of death, the Light of Slaughter, the Heavensdao laws and the power of chaos. Thus, it easily tore out a passageway through the sea of lightning. After that, Chen Feng appeared before the lightning cultivator, the Longevity Lance and Longevity Sword sweeping forward at the same time. 

The lightning cultivator’s response was incredibly fast. The Divine Lightning Hammer moved to defend him while lightning coursed forward like water to form a thick lightning barrier. 

Chi! Chi!

The Longevity Lance and Longevity Sword swiftly broke apart the lightning barrier and the lightning cultivator quickly backed away. However, Chen Feng’s Ageless Light suddenly charged forward to leave a large hole on the lightning cultivator’s body, nearly ripping his giant body apart at the waist. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Suddenly, several beams of holy light struck Chen Feng’s body and corrosive sounds could be heard coming from the Longevity Combat Armour that Chen Feng wore. Next, wave after wave of longevity-type primary energy surged forward to counter the power of the holy light. 

The lightning cultivator’s body began shrinking back to the size of a normal human. Even the large hole on his body had disappeared. Still, his weakened aura proved that the earlier attack had seriously wounded him. 

“So, this is a Divine Prince of the Lightning Plane. Too weak! You can’t even beat a half-step Gold Immortal like me. You fail to live up to your reputation,” Chen Feng said icily.

The expression on the faces of the lightning cultivator and holy light cultivator grew somewhat ugly to behold. Chen Feng’s words were true. And so, they grew even more determined to kill off Chen Feng. 

“Kid, there is a price to be paid for being overly arrogant,” said the cultivator from the Holy Light Clan. 

“What kind of price? Like this?” Chen Feng said, a stream of five-coloured light flowing out from his hand to kill one cultivator after another. By the time the stream of light dissipated away, over a hundred Heavenly Immortals had disappeared. Every one of them was an elite amongst high-level Heavenly Immortals. And yet, Chen Feng had only needed a casual attack to erase them. 


Longevity Edge. Raw: ‘长刃’; pinyin: ‘cháng rèn’. His name roughly translates as 'long edge'. Again, like in Chen Feng's case, I'm assuming that the 'long' part is short for 'longevity'.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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