Chapter 1313 The Seventh Stronghold


After entering the stronghold, Chen Feng headed directly towards the teleportation array. Channelling a stream of power into the teleportation array, he found that the teleportation array was usable. However, whenever an attempt was made to teleport to the other strongholds, the path would become unstable and the coordinates would disappear. 

“Seniors, what do you think?” Chen Feng asked.

“Is there even a need to ask? Something must have happened. Let’s head out immediately,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

“We’ll definitely be heading out. However, this stronghold…” Chen Feng grew somewhat conflicted. 

“It’s simple. Just bring the soldiers from this stronghold along with us. They’ll serve as reinforcements,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

“Let’s do that, then.” Chen Feng nodded. Next up, the Divine Princes brought out three warships and they all boarded the warships before rapidly flying deep into space. 

Before leaving, Chen Feng also set up some magic arrays around the stronghold. This stronghold’s position was good. While they had to leave it, they would surely return in the future. Chen Feng did not want the stronghold to be destroyed just like that. 

Under the Divine Princes’ guidance, the three warships flew forward quickly. Although their speed was incomparable to Chen Feng’s speed with the Longevity Wings, it was suitable for long journeys. 

“There are Divine Princes keeping guard over the next stronghold. Additionally, it also has quite a number of energy cannons. It should be fine,” Huo Zhuo said cautiously. 

“Not necessarily. This time, the other party came prepared. They must have figured out the strength of the Boundless Corps,” Chen Feng said, shaking his head. 

“Wouldn’t that be a problem? Also, why did the Soulgobbling Clan choose to attack our Celestial Longevity Plane?” Huo Zhuo said anxiously.

“Maybe it’s a coincidence. Or maybe, the other Celestial Planes are also under attack,” Chen Feng replied. 

“Do you fellows have any secret technique for contacting the other strongholds?”

“We do. However, we are unable to make contact.”

“We failed to make contact with a single one.”

“Yes, not a single one. Eh, wait! There’s a response!” Huo Zhuo suddenly exclaimed. 

“Hurry, tell us what it says,” Chen Feng was quick to say. 

“There’s a Chaos Heavensroc not far ahead!” Huo Zhuo said. 

“A Chaos Heavensroc!” Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light and his formidable divine sense made its way through the warship to scan everything within a radius of millions of li. However, he failed to find anything. And so, he extended his range of search. Finally, after extending his divine sense to a range of over a billion li, he found a massive unique creature flying about swiftly. 

This unique creature resembled a massive roc. With both its wings spread open, it had a length of at least half a million kilometres and its flight speed exceeded even Chen Feng’s flight speed with the Longevity Wings. Standing atop its wings was a high number of soldiers. The soldiers, however, were mostly wounded. They appeared like a group of defeated soldiers. 

“Found the Chaos Heavensroc!” Chen Feng retracted his divine sense and steered the warship towards it. 

It did not take long before their warships approached the Chaos Heavensroc. The warship under Chen Feng then sent out a stream of light, creating a passageway which pulled the Chaos Heavensroc inside. 

“Hurry! The seventh stronghold is under attack. Casualties, heavy.” Upon entering the warship, the Chaos Heavensroc was only able to say that much before fainting. The soldiers on its wings also fell flat to the floor. 

While he was arranging the treatment for the soldiers, Chen Feng stepped forward. With a wave of his hand, a stream of longevity-type primary energy flowed into the Chaos Heavensroc. 

The Chaos Heavensroc was not seriously wounded. Only, it had flown too quickly earlier, leading to a severe depletion of its essence power. And now, with the nourishment from the longevity-type primary energy, it quickly woke up. 

“Hah! Seniors, the seventh stronghold, the Holy Light Clan and the Lightning Plane are attacking the seventh stronghold. The Third Young Master is still in the stronghold. I was only able to charge out using my skill,” the Chaos Heavensroc hastily said. 

“Third Brother!” Chen Feng was stunned to hear that. Unexpectedly, his third brother was at the stronghold as well. 

The Chaos Heavensroc was a flying-type unique creature of chaos. Its innate skill was a spiritwalking technique. Speed wise, even a cultivator who had cultivated the Longevity Wings may not be able to match it. This was also the reason why the Chaos Heavensroc was able to charge out from the siege. 

More, it was also able to bring along over ten thousand wounded soldiers with it. Through the wounds on the soldiers, Chen Feng could tell how brutal the battle was. 

“The Holy Light Clan and the Lightning Plane. In other words, they’ve partnered up with the Immortal Plane as well.” The faces of Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others turned grim. 

It would appear that a crisis had befallen the Celestial Longevity Plane. 

“Sigh, to think that it would already be here. We are still not united. Rather, we are constantly fighting against one another. Looks like we’ll need the Planar Lord to step forward.” Divine Prince Iceform sighed. 

And so, the atmosphere grew somewhat solemn and everyone increased the amount of power that they were channelling into the warships, pushing their flight speed to its limits. 

When they arrived at the seventh stronghold, they found that it had been ripped apart. Thunderous sounds burst about, energy streams roiled, sword beams and astral blades flew, storms swept about and cries of misery and death accompanied the brutal sounds of collisions. It was a most savage sight to behold. 

Within this chaotic situation, in addition to the soldiers from the Boundless Corps, there were also two other forces. One force shone with lightning radiance while the other shone brilliantly with white light. They were lightning cultivators and cultivators from the Holy Light Clan. Despite the chaos raging around the place, they were very eye-catching. 

“Those who are wounded, rest up first. The rest, charge!” Chen Feng said, his figure immediately dashing out from the warship. The other Divine Princes were in no way slower than him. 

“Guys, let’s work together for this.” Seeing Chen Feng disappear, Magiris shook his head and turned to Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature. 

“Alright!” Heng Ri nodded. 

“I’ll restrain them and you fellows kill,” Magiris said as he targeted a lightning cultivator. Next, space shifted and the Gold Immortal stage lightning cultivator was teleported to a separate space. Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature then moved forward to attack simultaneously. 

By relying on the speed of the Longevity Wings technique, Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward a few times, killing off two Gold Immortals. As he was about to attack the third Gold Immortal, however, a beam of lightning and a beam of holy light arrived before him at the same time. 

There was not enough time to evade the attacks. And so, Chen Feng brought out the Longevity Shield to block, but the formidable power behind the attacks forced him to give ground again and again. The attacks had left two deep dents on the Longevity Shield. 

Very formidable attacks, Chen Feng thought. The Longevity Wings on his back swiftly elongated. Flashing a few times, they swept up a high number of Heavenly Immortals and half-step Gold Immortals. 

The Holy Light Clan and lightning cultivators were both races with formidable offensive powers. Although the ones behind the two attacks earlier were not yet at the Divine Prince level, Chen Feng could not afford to underestimate them. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Ten thousand beams of holy light descended, intertwining with one another to form a cage that moved to encase Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng simply brandished the Longevity Sword to easily cut apart the enemy attack. Quickly, though, two cultivators from the Holy Light Clan arrived before Chen Feng.

The two cultivators also sported a pair of wings on their back, silvery-white in colour. They were the Holy Light Wings. Although this technique could not be compared to the Longevity Wings Technique, it was still much stronger than the other spiritwalking techniques. More importantly, all the cultivators in the Holy Light Clan could utilize this spiritwalking technique. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that this was an innate skill of the Holy Light Clan. 

“Scram!” Chen Feng did not want to be entangled by them. For him, the most important issue right now was to find his third brother. The Longevity Sword in his hand swung to form an arc of sword light. This sword light was different from the past, formed using slaughtering sword intent and slicing sword intent. That one sword swing sent the two Gold Immortals from the Holy Light Clan flying and their bodies were cut into two each as they flew backwards.

Suddenly, a massive lightning hammer smashed down towards Chen Feng’s head. Lightning patterns covered the surface of the hammer and the surrounding space was ripped apart while a series of booming sounds became compressed to the extreme.

Chen Feng was startled. He had instantly recognized the hammer as a mid-grade Divine artifact. 


1 li = 0.5 km

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