Chapter 1312 Soulgobbling Clan


“Why do I get the feeling that they are cultivators from the other Celestial Planes?” Magiris utilized his eye technique to investigate the other party. 

“That is a possibility as well. We’ll know once we capture them,” Chen Feng said, bringing out some magic arrays that he had prepared beforehand. He used them to close up the cracks on the stronghold. 

By then, the chaos in the stronghold had subsided as well. The Gold Immortals and half-step Gold Immortals inside charged forward while the others assumed formations to gather their power and fire out long-ranged attacks. 

On the enemy side, countless cultivators flew out from the warships. They would either assume battle formations to attack or charge forth in war chariots. The appearance of Chen Feng’s group did nothing to make them change their plan to attack. And so, the situation fell into a state of chaos. 

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Brandishing the Longevity Bow, Chen Feng fired three more arrows in a row. However, only one of them was able to pierce one of the enemy warships. The other two flew into the enemy’s battle formations and disappeared from sight. 

“The enemy has 38 warships. The number of Gold Immortals on their side exceeds 50, but they only have 2 Divine Princes. The number of Heavenly Immortals is at around 100,000. Looks like they want to destroy this stronghold in one fell swoop,” Divine Prince Iceform said after analysing the situation, his voice making its way to the ears of Chen Feng and the others. 

“If we hadn’t come when we did, this stronghold would surely be destroyed. Although it is only the smallest stronghold, it will still be a sizable loss,” Chen Feng said. The Longevity Wings on his back flapped and his figure kept flitting through the starry space. The Longevity Bow in his hands was replaced with the Longevity Lance. A stretch of lance silhouettes flashed forward and a battle formation, consisting of a hundred Heavenly Immortals, was instantly broken apart. Chen Feng’s attacks had instantly killed off over a hundred Heavenly Immortals. 

Chen Feng aside, Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others, who charged into the enemy, were also continuously killing the enemy cultivators. They put on a highly formidable display of power and were unstoppable. Not long after the battle started, the enemy began retreating and their formation collapsed. 

Although the enemy had the advantage in numbers, they only had two Divine Princes. How could they stop the attacks from the six Divine Princes on Chen Feng’s side? Moreover, Chen Feng himself also possessed the combat power of a Divine Prince. There were also Magiris and the other Gold Immortals. Due to that, it was only normal for Chen Feng’s side to win. 

“The Soulgobbling Clan! The other party are cultivators from the Soulgobbling Clan!” Divine Prince Heavensfire suddenly exclaimed. 

Chen Feng had noticed it as well. Two half-step Gold Immortals were no longer emanating any soul power, and their bodies drifted in space. Chen Feng’s divine sense then entered their seas of wisdom and found that their soul power had disappeared. 

“Capable of devouring souls. The Soulgobbling Clan!” There was a serious expression on Chen Feng’s face. 

Naturally, Chen Feng knew of this clan. The Soulgobbling Clan could be considered as one of the strongest races amongst all the Heaven-defying races. Once, it had been one of the clans in the Celestial Planes and the Celestial Plane they occupied was known as the Celestial Soulgobbling Plane. However, the Soulgobbling Clan was highly ambitious. It had wanted to gobble up the other Celestial Planes as well. In the end, the other Celestial Planes joined forces to attack the Celestial Soulgobbling Plane to bring the clan down. Ever since then, the Soulgobbling Clan had fallen into decline. Occasionally, some cultivators from the Soulgobbling Clan would appear. But as the threat posed by them was not too high, the other Celestial Planes did not consider them to be a threat. 

At present, however, the situation was different. These cultivators from the Soulgobbling Clan had revealed a detailed plan of action. If it weren’t for the sudden appearance of Chen Feng’s group, this stronghold would have been taken down. 

Pondering the matter, Chen Feng’s body trembled. The Longevity Wings then flapped and he rapidly appeared before a Gold Immortal. The Longevity Lance in his hand swept out and the Gold Immortal was severed into two at the waist. Following that, Chen Feng grasped and a clump of blood essence flew into his hand. 

The clump of blood essence then blew up, transforming into countless blood-coloured runes that hovered around him before quickly staining the bodies of tens of thousands of cultivators. 

“Only a portion of them is from the Soulgobbling Clan,” Chen Feng said. Earlier, he had utilized a minor secret technique. This secret technique was not an offensive technique, but it could – through the power of blood – find out the race of its targets. 

“Looks like the Soulgobbling Clan has partnered up with other forces,” Magiris said, coming to hover beside Chen Feng. In his hand was a half-dead Gold Immortal.

“It doesn’t matter what their backgrounds may be. They are not going back today,” Chen Feng said. His hand swung to send the Blood Mustering Bead forward. Next, bloody light billowed outwards. Everywhere the bloody light went, be it Heavenly Immortals or half-step Gold Immortals, all would blow up before transforming into clouds of blood. The Blood Mustering Bead then devoured them all. Even Gold Immortals could forget about escaping once they fell prey to the technique. 

In but the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of enemy soldiers had died to Chen Feng. The rest were killed by Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others. Even the warships were destroyed and only a handful of enemy soldiers were able to fly out from the warships. 

“This move of yours is too ruthless. A large-scale attack.” Magiris had always felt envious of the fact that Chen Feng possessed so many magic treasures. That was especially so of the Blood Mustering Bead. Not only was its grade high, it was also incredibly overbearing. 

“A pity. They are all ordinary cultivators.” Chen Feng shook his head. The power of blood from cultivators at this level was indeed beneficial for the Blood Mustering Bead. However, its effect in helping the Blood Mustering Bead advance to the next level was too small. 

“Ha ha ha! Looks like you want to level up the Blood Mustering Bead to the high-grade Divine tier,” Magiris said, laughing. 

“Is there even a need to say that?” Chen Feng then nodded. 

“I know of a place. The power of blood there is very strong. The quality is also far superior compared to that from the Blood Plane. If you go there, you will likely get the chance to level up the Blood Mustering Bead up to the high-grade Divine tier. Tsk, tsk. If you can have a high-grade Divine artifact, you will truly become invincible amongst Ageless Gold Immortals,” Magiris said with a chuckle. 

“You’re talking about the Chaos Sea of Blood,” Chen Feng suddenly said. 

“Yes, you know about it?” Magiris asked, slightly surprised. 

“Nonsense. You think you know more than me?” Chen Feng said in a dissatisfied tone. 

“That can’t be right. Compared to you, I have been spending all this time in the Celestial Planes. Moreover, the Chaos Sea of Blood is a very secretive existence. Even many Gold Immortals are unaware of its existence,” Magiris continued, feeling somewhat puzzled about it. 

“Right, I forgot. I have accepted a portion of the Longevity Tower’s memories. Thanks to that, I know of the situation of the universe. Even Paramount Gold Immortals may not know as much as me,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

The envious eyes on Magiris’ face turned red. 

“To think that something like that could happen. You really are a highly enviable fellow.” Magiris shook his head. 

“Ha ha ha! There’s no helping it. I have more cultivation talent than you,” Chen Feng said, laughing. 

“What does this have to do with cultivation talent?” Magiris was still feeling somewhat entangled about it. 

“Then, just think of it as my luck being better than yours,” Chen Feng said lackadaisically. As he said that, Chen Feng also muttered to himself. His luck was indeed very good.

“Wait. If my luck is very good, back then, I would not have had to face that disaster.” Chen Feng then shook his head. Although he was blessed with luck, his own efforts and the Longevity Tower’s assistance were also important.

“Of course you are lucky. With the Longevity Scripture and the Longevity Tower, you will become the future Planar Lord of the Celestial Longevity Plane.” Unlike Chen Feng, though, Magiris did not think too much about it. 

“Planar Lord? Ha ha ha! It’s not that simple. It might be many millions of years before I even get a chance for that.” Chen Feng laughed. 

“By the way, why did you capture this guy?” Chen Feng then pointed at the Gold Immortal in Magiris’ grasp.

“This fellow is not a cultivator from the Soulgobbling Clan. I want to try and find out where he is from,” Magiris said.

“That’s easy.” Chen Feng stretched his hand out and grasp. Next, a phantom silhouette emerged from the captured Gold Immortal’s head. The phantom silhouette kept twisting and wretched cries and screams for mercy could be heard.  

A clump of flames suddenly appeared from Chen Feng’s palm. As the flames burned, some streams of black energy emerged from the phantom silhouette and a black hole appeared on Chen Feng’s palm to devour the phantom silhouette. 

“Tsk, tsk. You can devour souls at will. This is already more or less similar to the methods of the Soulgobbling Clan,” Magiris said with a chuckle. 

“It’s different. Not only do I possess a special constitution, I also cultivate a special secret technique. The Soulgobbling Clan, on the other hand, are born with this skill. That’s much scarier.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“So, what did you find out?” 

“It is as we have guessed. These fellows were sent by the Immortal Court. Only, they did not come from the Immortal Plane, but from the other strongholds in outer space,” Chen Feng said. 

“In other words, the Soulgobbling Clan and the Immortal Court have partnered up.” Magiris nodded. 

Chen Feng pondered it before saying, “In truth, this is not surprising. The Immortal Court wants to expand its territory and has long since set its sights on the Celestial Planes. As for the Soulgobbling Clan, it is also setting its sights on the Celestial Planes. Rather, it wants to conquer all the Celestial Planes. As their interests are aligned, it is only normal for them to partner up. Moreover, I do not believe that the Soulgobbling Clan is the only one involved. It’s a chaotic situation. Some Celestial Planes may appear tranquil, but there may be various plans and actions secretly in motion.”

“Makes sense. We can only see what’s on the surface. Looks like I will need to get in contact with the Celestial Malla Plane. Maybe I can obtain some useful information,” Magiris said solemnly.  

“Greetings, seniors!” The Gold Immortals from the stronghold led a number of half-step Gold Immortals with them forward to greet Chen Feng and the others. 

“If it weren’t for your arrival, we would not have been able to hold this stronghold. More, we would have died as well,” said the Gold Immortal leading the group. 

“I have a question. Didn’t you fellows ask for help from the other strongholds just now? Is there no response?” Chen Feng asked. 

“You are…” The leader looked at Chen Feng with a slight look of surprise. Although this youngster’s display of combat power earlier was incredibly strong, he was unable to recognize him.  

“Qing Lang, hurry up and salute Young Master Longevity Celestial!” Huo Zhuo shouted. 

“Young Master Longevity Celestial!” Qing Lang was taken aback. Next, a look of pleasant surprise flashed across his face and he quickly got on one knee. Immediately, the Gold Immortals and half-step Gold Immortals behind him followed suit. 

“Greetings, Young Master Longevity Celestial!”

This was not out of fear, but respect. 

“Get up,” Chen Feng said coolly.


The Gold Immortal known as Qing Lang was like Huo Zhuo, also once a Deputy Commander of the Boundless Corps. After advancing to the Gold Immortal stage, he voluntarily left his Deputy Commander position. Although he did not have any position and title, he did enter another department, the Boundless Gold Corps. 

Compared to the regular army corps, this Gold Corps had less men. However, all of them were at the Gold Immortal stage.

Regarding Qing Lang and the others, Chen Feng raised his brow. It would appear that the situation was not looking too good. 

“Young Master, after the battle ended, we sent out a distress signal once more. However, we have yet to receive any response. Even the teleportation array is incapable of reaching them,” Qing Lang said. 

“Perhaps, the other strongholds are also under attack and their communications have been cut off,” Magiris said. 

“I’m worried that might be the case. Let’s head inside the stronghold first.” Chen Feng revealed a wry smile. Thankfully, he had brought this force with him. It would’ve been difficult to do anything without support here.  

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