Chapter 1310 Cultivation


In the face of this forceful summon from the Longevity Tower, the four Divine Princes would not be able to hold on for much longer. Judging by what happened earlier, the moment the four of them were brought over, they would surely be killed. 

In their opinion, as the supreme Divine artifact of the Celestial Longevity Plane, the Longevity Tower was even more inhumane than other cultivators. 

Moreover, there were very few in the Celestial Longevity Plane who would go against the Longevity Tower. 

By then, the Divine Princes had already begun regretting their decision. It would appear that the Tower Prince was incapable of facing the Longevity Tower. If only they had known, they would have flown over to submit to the Longevity Tower right from the start. But now, it was already too late for that. 

“What, are you fellows feeling fearful? Are you regretting your actions?” The Tower Prince revealed a scornful smile. 

“It is true that I am afraid. But what use is there in regretting? We have already walked this far,” said one of the Divine Princes. 

“Don’t worry. I still have some other cards to play,” the Tower Prince said, gritting his teeth. 

“What cards?” the Divine Princes hastily asked. 

“I have secretly submitted to a Paramount Gold Immortal.” The Tower Prince suddenly grew calm. 

“Which esteemed figure is it?” The eyes of the Divine Princes lit up as a hopeful look appeared on their faces. 

“It’s Sir Limitless,” the Tower Prince said. 

Hearing that, the four Divine Princes breathed a sigh of relief. With someone like this taking action, not even the Longevity Tower would be able to do anything to them. 

Another wave of summoning power arrived and the Divine Princes’ bodies shuddered violently. They were no longer capable of holding on. The summoning power would be pulling them over soon enough. Seeing that, the face of the Tower Prince sank sharply.

“Tower Prince, hurry, ask for help!”

“Don’t worry! I’ll ask for help right now.” The Tower Prince nodded his head before using a secret technique to contact Limitless. 

Inside the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng was snickering. As for Tower, his face was somewhat contorted. 

“Tower, looks like you are still not strong enough. Or is it that your powerful atmosphere of majesty from back then has disappeared? You cannot even summon over your former subordinates.” Chen Feng laughed. Hearing those words caused Tower’s face to contort further. And so, he unleashed his strongest summoning power. This move would affect his essence power, but he no longer cared. All he wanted now was to summon over the Tower Prince and his ilk and butcher them. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

All five of them, the Tower Prince included, were wrapped up by a formidable force and their bodies floated up against their wills. As their bodies flew up, their flesh kept bursting apart. This was the Longevity Tower’s punishment towards them. Their bodies would utterly blow up once they arrive before the Longevity Tower. 

“Tower Prince, I won’t be able to hold on for much longer!” one of the Divine Princes shouted. 

The Tower Prince did not reply. He had yet to make contact with Limitless, causing him to feel anxious about it. This secret technique was given to him by Limitless, but he had never used it before. Speaking of which, the Tower Prince was not feeling too confident about this. 

“Humph! Die!” Tower uttered and one of the Divine Princes simply blew up, his life force disappearing away in an instant. 

“Argh!” Those who remained cried out in terror. They were feeling terribly regretful. There was nothing they could do to resist the Longevity Tower at all. 

“Sir Longevity Tower, have mercy!” one of them shouted. 

“You fool! Begging for mercy at a time like this will only result in the same thing!” the Tower Prince berated him. 


Another Divine Prince blew up. 

This time, however, the Divine Prince did not die. Instead, his body quickly reformed itself. 

“Eh?” The Tower Prince blurted. Next, his whole body felt light and the stars seemingly moved all around him. After that, he found himself within a special space. 

Turning to look beside him, he saw that the other three Divine Princes were still there. Only, their faces were pale and their appearances somewhat wretched.

“What happened?”

“Phew! We’re saved. Sir Limitless had taken action.”

“Thank you, Sir Limitless!” A look of joy appeared on the faces of the Tower Prince and the other Divine Princes. That earlier had truly been an escape from the very jaws of death. 

Following that, a spatial passageway appeared before them. At the same time, a wave of divine sense also made its way over. “Now that the Longevity Tower has returned, you fellows can no longer stay in the Celestial Longevity Plane. Head to the Limitless Corps and report.”

“Understood, sir!”

The Tower Prince and the other Divine Princes exchanged glances, a somewhat frustrated look on their faces. They understood what Limitless meant by that. Join the Limitless Corps and leave the Celestial Longevity Plane? That meant joining the wars in outer space. 

That said, the fact that they could survive the Longevity Tower was already the best-possible scenario. Thus, none of them dared to resist. Every single one of them stepped into the spatial passageway. 

All of them had the title of Divine Princes, after all. Given their level of strength, they would be able to establish themselves firmly no matter where they go. 

Tower’s face was somewhat dark. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that it had failed. 

“Limitless interfered,” Tower said.

“Limitless, that uncle of mine. Ha ha ha!” Chen Feng laughed. Although the Longevity Tower had recovered to the high-grade Divine tier, Limitless was also a Paramount Gold Immortal. More, he was an expert amongst Paramount Gold Immortals. Due to that, the Longevity Tower would be unable to do anything about it for now.  

“For now, I am still no match for Limitless. Forget it. I’ll just stomach this one loss. Still, I did manage to recover the Tower Corps,” Tower said coolly. 

Chen Feng nodded. The fact that they could recover the Tower Corps was good. That said, the Tower Prince managed to escape. He would likely end up taking away a portion of the Tower Corps’ forces. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, though, while the Tower Corps was not the strongest army corps in the Celestial Longevity Plane, it was still one of the stronger ones. Additionally, thanks to the Longevity Tower, it can be counted as one of the oldest army corps. It was quite the sizable force. 

Following that, Chen Feng simply focused on cultivating himself inside the Longevity Tower. The other matters were all handed over to Tower. Even the matter of the higher-ups of the Tower Corps was handed to Tower. 

Chen Feng cultivated inside the Longevity Tower for a whopping 10,000 years. Half of that time was spent studying and comprehending the experiences that Tower left inside his sea of wisdom. As for the remaining time, he spent most of it improving his body and stabilizing his foundation. Only a small portion of that time was used to cultivate some other secret techniques. 

When Chen Feng finally emerged from the Longevity Tower, he found that only 10 years had passed outside. 

The atmosphere he exuded had undergone some changes, becoming more reserved. It gave off an unfathomable feeling. 

“Not bad. Although you did not devour any other powers all this time, the power within you have become purer. Additionally, some of the hidden dangers have also disappeared.” Tower’s voice made its way to Chen Feng’s ears.

“I should have no problems advancing to the Gold Immortal stage now,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. However, he also knew that it was impossible. He had already made up his mind. He would stockpile his power for a long time and wait until his foundation was rock solid before even considering the matter of advancing to the Gold Immortal stage.

Of course, with his present level of strength, he could already be considered as an expert amongst Gold Immortals. 

“Ha ha ha! I managed to gain a lot from this cultivation session!” Magiris also appeared before Chen Feng, laughing loudly. 

Looking at the smug smile on Magiris’ face, Chen Feng knew the years spent inside had greatly benefited him as well.

In the past, Chen Feng had pondered about it again and again. How should he go about to establish a firm foothold in the Celestial Longevity Plane? But with the appearance of the Longevity Tower, all the troubles were pacified. In the face of absolute power, some schemes were simply useless. 

During the past 10 years, the Longevity Tower had been standing atop the Longevity Celestial Summit and countless Gold Immortals had wanted to visit. However, Tower turned them all away. In the end, though, Tower grew vexed and released a wave of power that spread throughout the Celestial Longevity Plane. With that, tranquillity returned to the Longevity Celestial Summit and even the members of the Boundless Family dared not casually step foot into the Longevity Celestial Summit. 

No matter how you cut it, the Longevity Tower’s majesty was something that had been accumulated for hundreds of millions of years. At its prime, even Paramount Gold Immortals had to come pay homage to it. 

On the other hand, the Department of Elders had been surprisingly quiet. It was unknown if this was due to fear towards the Longevity Tower or if they were secretly doing something. 

Chen Feng, though, was not feeling too concerned about it. Since the Longevity Tower had taken action, it would mean that the powers involved had risen to the next level. This was the highest level of power in the Celestial Longevity Plane. Should a fight break out between members of this level, the Celestial Longevity Plane itself would surely end up falling. Such an incident would prompt the intervention of the Planar Lord. 

“Where do I go now?” Chen Feng, though, became somewhat lost. Should he head to the Boundless Corps or return to the Immortal Plane? Continuing with his cultivation was no longer possible. He had been cultivating for 10,000 years. For the present Chen Feng, this was already his limit. Next up, he will need to train and get more experience. 

I’ll check on the situation with the Slaughterers first. Having thought of that, Chen Feng then utilized a secret technique to contact the Dark Kirin. After that, he sent his divine sense into the Six Daos Alliance in the Immortal Plane. After coming to a certain understanding of the situation, he retracted his divine sense. 

“How is it?” Seeing Chen Feng retract his divine sense, Magiris hastily asked. While Magiris was also capable of doing that, it would not be as easy.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng said in a concerned voice, “The Immortal Plane’s momentum is very fierce.”

“How bad is it?” Noticing the dark look on Chen Feng’s face, Magiris knew that the situation was quite serious. 

“The Slaughterers’ momentum is very strong. Their numbers did not decrease at all. Rather, it had increased. Additionally, the Immortal Plane is also constantly drafting soldiers, working alongside the Slaughterers to plunder and annex one life-bearing world and planet after another. By now, the Dark Plane, Demon Plane, Blood Plane, Nether Plane, Ghost Plane and some other stronger life-bearing worlds have already formed an alliance. Even so, it would appear that they are still not strong enough to stop the attack from the Immortal Plane,” Chen Feng said slowly.  

“This move from the Immortal Plane sure is sinister. They are using the Slaughterers as vanguard forces. If the Immortal Plane can annex the Demon Plane and the other life-bearing great worlds, the Myriad Celestial Planes would likely be no match for the Immortal Plane.” Magiris grew somewhat concerned.  

“As it is, there is nothing we can do to change the situation. All we can do is to strengthen ourselves and grow stronger,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Yes. We are overthinking it. This matter is for those old guys to worry about. Although the Immortal Plane’s momentum is fierce, devouring the Demon Plane and the other great worlds will not be that easy. It will be a long time before the war between them and the Celestial Planes happen,” Magiris said with a smile. 

“That’s not it.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“Do not forget. The Myriad Celestial Planes have also established their own forces in other places. And yet, the Immortal Plane is attacking the other worlds in such a manner. Why are they not afraid of coming under attack from the Celestial Planes?”

“You mean?” Magiris’ eyes widened. 

“Yes. Some other Celestial Planes must have chosen to work together with the Immortal Plane. Of course, it could also be some other forces that are aiming to take over some Celestial Planes.”

“It’ll be bad if that’s true. This is a good chance for the Celestial Planes to dispatch their soldiers forward. If we wait until the Immortal Plane tramples down all the obstructions in its path, they will be even harder to deal with,” Magiris said, a grim look on his face.

“And what? You’ve seen for yourself the situation in our Celestial Longevity Plane. Our Planar Lord is absent and the Paramount Gold Immortals are unwilling to step forward. All we have is infighting after infighting. If one force chooses to step forward, there is the possibility of other forces taking action to hinder them instead. If I have to guess, it must be the same for your Celestial Malla Plane, no?” Chen Feng said with a wry smile. 

Magiris also revealed a wry smile. “My situation is even worse than yours. As it is, I don’t even have control over the Blackwater Tribe. The Blackwater Tribe, on the other hand, is only one of the many forces in the entire Celestial Malla Plane. My words do not carry much weight in the Celestial Malla Plane.”

“At present, I can also mobilize the Tower Corps’ forces. Unfortunately, the Boundless Corps has been constantly engaged in war in the Chaos Dimension all this time. The creatures there are even stronger than Slaughterers,” Chen Feng said after a moment’s consideration.

“Maybe I can head back now and compete for the controlling rights of the Blackwater Tribe. However, the role that my one tribe can play in this large-scale war is very limited,” Magiris said. 

“Alright. We have plenty of matters to take care of. I will support you in becoming the Chieftain of the Blackwater Tribe. But before that, I need to head to the Boundless Corps,” Chen Feng said. 

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