Chapter 1309 Summon


Observing the Divine Princes who were staying meek outside, a look of delighted surprise appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “You’ve recovered your strength?”

Tower did not answer. As for Chen Feng, he sensed about. Chen Feng’s soul was connected with the Longevity Tower. Thus, he could sense how the Longevity Tower was doing. 

“High-grade Divine artifact! You haven’t recovered your full strength.” In the beginning, Chen Feng had grown delighted, only to frown in the end. 

“It’s not that easy to recover my full strength. I am already satisfied at the fact that I can recover to this level,” Tower said. 

“Will there be any problems for you to appear here now?” Chen Feng grew somewhat worried. Given the Longevity Tower’s current level of strength, it could indeed sweep aside almost all opposition. However, back then, the Longevity Tower had been battered so badly. Chen Feng was worried that stronger existences might appear. 

“It’s not an issue. What happened in the war back then was a result of a series of coincidences, created by various causes and effects. Besides, even though I was nearly destroyed, the other parties did not emerge from the war unscathed as well. More, I have once again cultivated the dao of paramountcy. Even for those old fellows who used to be on the same level as me in the past, facing me will not be an easy feat for them,” Tower said arrogantly. 

“If that’s how it is, I can rest easy.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Your rate of cultivation is very fast. However, it has also left behind many hidden dangers. Next up, I will be utilizing some techniques to hone you,” Tower said.  

“Very well. Recently, I have been getting the feeling that my foundation is somewhat unstable.” Chen Feng nodded. He was very clear on his own situation. Speaking of which, was there any cultivator who could cultivate up to the half-step Gold Immortal stage without tempering themselves for countless years? Some geniuses would require tens of millions of years. Even top geniuses would require at least a million years for that. Some, for the sake of a better foundation, would deliberately choose to not undergo their tribulation, stockpiling their power until it reached a monstrous level before choosing to undergo their tribulation. 

Chen Feng possessed the Chaos Constitution that allowed him to devour all kinds of powers. However, this was precisely the factor that would bring more hidden dangers upon him. 

And yet, the pressure that Chen Feng’d had to face in recent years had been too great. One trouble after another would come knocking on his door, forcing him to keep on levelling up. With the Longevity Tower’s return, the feeling of urgency in Chen Feng’s heart finally lessened. Additionally, with the Longevity Tower’s guidance, he could avoid many detours.  

“Just stay here and cultivate with peace of mind. There is no need for you to worry about what’s happening outside now.” After saying that, Tower waved his hand and Magiris, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature also appeared inside the tower. 

“Greetings, senior!” Suddenly finding himself inside the Longevity Tower had initially left Magiris shocked, but he swiftly recollected himself and he stepped forward to salute Tower. 

Tower nodded. “You fellows can cultivate here too.”

“Thank you, senior!” Magiris was overjoyed. Cultivating here was much better compared to cultivating in any cultivation paradise. Moreover, it would appear that the Longevity Tower had recovered its strength. If he could receive some guidance from Tower, he would be able to benefit even more from this. 

“Go back now.” The Longevity Tower’s voice rang out and not one of the Divine Princes there dared to defy the order. They were simply not on the same level. The only one who could face the Longevity Tower was another Paramount Gold Immortal. However, Paramount Gold Immortals would not casually interfere in something like this. 

Furthermore, even a Paramount Gold Immortal may not be a match for the Longevity Tower. Besides, for the sake of the big picture, Paramount Gold Immortals would usually choose to not participate in an infighting. 

“With this, Longevity Celestial is safe.” Divine Prince Heavensfire breathed a sigh of relief. 

“So, this kid already had a plan in place,” Divine Prince Iceform said as well. 

“Ha ha ha! This time, those guys from the Department of Elders are in for a ‘good’ time. Their wounds aside, each of them also lost a million years’ worth of cultivation effort. That’s quite the sizable punishment,” Divine Prince Void said, laughing. 

The previous attacks from the Longevity Tower had only left an inconspicuous, see-through hole on each of the Divine Princes’ bodies. However, they were the only ones who knew just how grievous the damage inflicted by the holes were. More, Tower had also extracted a million years’ worth of cultivation effort from each of them. All of them were aware that the power would be used to Chen Feng’s benefit in the end. And yet, in the face of the Longevity Tower, there was nothing they could do about it. 

After the order from the Longevity Tower, they quickly dispersed. Naturally, there were still those who harboured other intentions within them even as they put on a façade of respect. 

Some of the Divine Princes there had their own backers as well. The backers of Divine Princes were none other than Paramount Gold Immortals. More, even the Department of Elders had Paramount Gold Immortals.

It would appear that the Longevity Tower had yet to fully recover. Should Paramount Gold Immortals choose to take action, it would not be impossible to win. 

The Longevity Tower transformed into a stream of light as it flew forward to finally land on the Longevity Celestial Summit. The body of the tower kept growing higher and higher to finally reach a height of 100,000 zhang before stopping. In the end, a formidable aura instantly spread throughout the entire Celestial Longevity Plane to announce to everyone that the Longevity Tower had returned. 

At the same time, some of the higher-ranking members of the Tower Corps also received a summon from the Longevity Tower. Due to that, some became overjoyed while some grew worried. Back then, a number of members from the Tower Corps had taken action against Chen Feng. Some were even more direct, targeting the Longevity Tower with their actions. 

However, now that the Longevity Tower had returned in such a formidable state, the upper ranks of the Tower Corps fell into a state of chaos. That was especially so for the current person in charge of the Tower Corps, the Tower Prince. He felt terribly hesitant and conflicted. 

With his strength, the Tower Prince could already be considered a pinnacle expert even amongst Divine Princes. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was on the same level as the Palace-guarding Divine Monarchs from the Longevity Palace. However, he had yet to comprehend the Paramount laws. Which meant he was still an Ageless Gold Immortal. 

The Tower Prince was a very ambitious cultivator. Since the day the Longevity Tower was badly damaged, his ambition had grown quickly and uncontrollably. In addition to completely taking over the Tower Corps, he also wanted control over the Longevity Tower. By possessing either the Longevity Tower or the Longevity Scripture, he would have the chance to advance further to become a Paramount Gold Immortal. 

Then, he would be able to control the Celestial Longevity Plane as well. That was truly a position of power and majesty. 

And yet, despite having spent a long time studying the dao of agelessness, taking that one step into the vaunted dao of paramountcy was terribly difficult. For someone with a mad-like ambition like him, this was a most unbearable situation. 

Due to that, the moment Chen Feng stepped foot into the Celestial Longevity Plane, the Tower Prince had chosen to secretly set up one layer of obstructions after another for the sake of capturing Chen Feng. And yet, he was faced with one failure after another. And now, with the return of the Longevity Tower, the Tower Prince found himself in a highly critical situation. 

“Tower Prince.”

Four Divine Princes appeared before the Tower Prince. They were the Tower Prince’s most loyal subordinates, characters that he had nurtured carefully over the years. All four were part of the high-ranking members of the Tower Corps. 

“What do you fellows think?” the Tower Prince asked. 

“Tower Prince, please decide. We will follow you,” one of them said firmly. 

“The boss has summoned us. Going meant certain death. If we don’t go… hah, that means rebelling. With the Longevity Tower there, the other forces would not support us,” the Tower Prince said, shaking his head. 

“Why don’t we go find refuge with another force?” another one suggested. 

“That is one option. But at this moment, who in the Celestial Longevity Plane would take the risk of offending the Longevity Tower to accept us? If a Paramount Gold Immortal were to fight the Longevity Tower, the resulting battle would be a disaster to the Celestial Longevity Plane. It is something that no one would be willing to accept,” Tower Prince felt frustrated as he said that. 

The Tower Prince also felt somewhat enraged. The efforts he had put in all these years, the development that he had overseen, all of them became so fragile after the Longevity Tower appeared. 

A thought flashed across the Tower Prince’s mind. In the path of cultivation, power was everything. In the face of absolute power, all schemes and plots were but illusions.  

Upon reaching that line of thought, the Tower Prince ended up revealing a wry smile. 

The Longevity Tower issued out the summon once more. The ones summoned were all Gold Immortals. This time, The Longevity Tower had utilized a forceful summon and some of the weaker Gold Immortals were unable to stop themselves as their bodies floated up to fly towards the Boundless Summit. 

“Tower Prince, what should we do?”

“Tower Prince, I cannot control my own body anymore!”

Those were the vocal transmissions that the other Gold Immortals sent to the Tower Prince. Even the four Divine Princes before the Tower Prince had a slightly contorted expression on their faces. 


Yet another forceful summon came. This time, with the exception of the Tower Prince and his four subordinates, all the other Gold Immortals were brought up and their bodies flew towards the Boundless Summit. 

They flew at a very high speed towards the Longevity Celestial Summit within the Boundless Summit. Then, arriving before the Longevity Tower, all of them fell to their knees.  

“Greetings, master!” Every one of the Gold Immortals there shouted respectfully. Some revealed excitement, some revealed calmness and there was no way to tell what was in their minds. Some revealed a hint of concern and fear. 

The Longevity Tower, however, did not respond. And so, all they could do was to obediently kneel there. 

“Tsk, tsk. Only 28 Gold Immortals? The strength of the Tower Corps should not be this weak, no?” Chen Feng chuckled. The number of Gold Immortals here was not even as high as the number of Gold Immortals in his family right now. 

“Humph! What do you know? These are just a portion of those in the Celestial Longevity Plane.” Despite saying that, Tower’s face was ugly to behold. The ones who came were all the average Ageless Gold Immortals. To be blunt, these were only brought over because Tower had utilized a forceful summon. 

A hint of killing intent flashed across Tower’s eyes as he once again issued a summon. This time, the summoning power was several times stronger than before. 

Any cultivator who was a member of the Tower Corps would be incapable of evading this forceful summon from the Longevity Tower. As expected, two more Gold Immortals swiftly flew over.  

The moment they saw the Longevity Tower, they fell to their knees. Their faces, though, were pale and they dared not say anything. 

“So, they are veteran Gold Immortals. Although they have yet to receive their titles, their combat power is comparable to some Divine Princes,” Chen Feng said smilingly.


Tower snorted and the head of one of the two Gold Immortals instantly blew up, his body falling limply to the ground. 

“Master, please have mercy!” The other Gold Immortal was quick to beg for mercy. However, it could not change his fate. He too, joined the previous Gold Immortal in death. Witnessing that caused the hearts of the others to palpitate. Some were openly trembling.

This guy is even more brutal than me. Seeing the Gold Immortals killed without the ability to put up a fight, Chen Feng chuckled. 

“Tower Prince, what should we do? Hurry, think of something!” The four Divine Princes before the Tower Prince had begun to panic. They could already sense an even stronger summoning power. They also saw the two other cultivators killed. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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