Chapter 1308 The Longevity Tower Appears


Behind Divine Prince Bluesea and Divine Prince Cyanplume were three more Divine Princes. In their opinion, the five of them would have no issues facing the three from the Longevity Palace. Besides, this was not a fight to the death. They were simply entangling one another. 

Their group still had three more Divine Princes who went forward to surround Chen Feng. 

“Sigh! Our Longevity Palace can only help you this much.” Gu Yue sighed. In truth, the two Palace-guarding Divine Monarchs that Gu Yue brought over were very strong. They would have no problems singlehandedly fighting against two or even three opponents. But this was an internal issue of the Celestial Longevity Plane. Thus, the two of them would not be utilizing their killer moves for it. They were already helping Chen Feng by entangling five Divine Princes.

“Only these three? I don’t think this is quite enough,” Chen Feng said calmly, not showing any hint of concern on his face. Despite his situation, Chen Feng was able to spare the time to assess the battlefield. The cultivators who were on his side, the cultivators who were taking action against him, the cultivators who chose to simply observe by the side, none of them could escape his sight. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, four beams of golden light flew over from four different directions. They quickly arrived to surround Chen Feng. All four were Divine Princes. However, their figures were shrouded by the golden light, making it impossible to tell who they were. 

The appearance of these four Divine Princes did not surprise Chen Feng. He instead looked at the Divine Princes from the Department of Elders and secretly scoffed. 

“Since you’ve already chosen to take action, why bother using this method to hide your identity? I really wonder how you fellows can cultivate up to the Gold Immortal stage,” Chen Feng said, a look of ridicule on his face. 

By then, even a fool could tell that these four newcomers were also from the Department of Elders. That said, the fact that the Department of Elders was willing to pour in so much effort into this had still surprised them all. 

“Looks like the Department of Elders is determined to obtain the Longevity Scripture. Thankfully, we did not participate in this. Cultivating up to the Gold Immortal stage is not easy. It is better to just keep ourselves safe,” one of the spectating cultivators said with a sigh. 

“How does Longevity Celestial plan to deal with this? It seems to me like Longevity Celestial is not worried at all. Does he have some hidden moves up his sleeve?”

“That’s possible.”

“No matter who it may be, the fact that he can cultivate up to this level meant that he is no fool. More, Longevity Celestial is a member of the Boundless Family, someone who knows all too well the situation in our Celestial Longevity Plane. For him to be doing this, he must surely have a plan.”

“It’s hard to say. This time, the Department of Elders has chosen to intervene. No matter how strong Longevity Celestial may be, he would not be able to defy the Heavens. If he is already at the Divine Prince level, then maybe he could do it. But that’s not the case. He has to face seven Divine Princes alone. He only has so many reinforcements while the Department of Elders still has many more.” 

“Let’s just observe. Although I do not want to see the Chaos Constitution fall, this is not something that we can take part in.”

“Humph, the Department of Elders is becoming way too overbearing! I can’t stand this anymore!” A Divine Prince could not hold himself back and he waved his hand to summon a lance before charging forward. 

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t be reckless!”

“Longevity Celestial, you still have a chance. Hand over the Longevity Scripture and we’ll let you go!” said one of the Divine Princes shrouded in golden light. 

“Do you fellows think that’ll happen?” Chen Feng smiled. 

Chen Feng did have his own plans in mind. However, looking at the Divine Princes around him, he began hesitating.

Only some small fries came out. This feels insufficient. Chen Feng shook his head. Finally, he made up his mind and a mote of light flew out from the glabella of his main body. Next, the mote of light swiftly grew in size to become a massive talisman, which then charged towards the Divine Princes surrounding him. 

“The Heavensdao Seal!”

As Chen Feng predicted, the moment the Heavensdao Seal appeared, the formidable Divine Princes reflexively backed away. 

It was not that these Divine Princes were incapable of stopping the Heavensdao Seal. At any rate, if Chen Feng could stop it during his tribulation, these formidable Divine Princes would surely have no issues doing that as well. Only, the feeling of fear towards the Heavensdao Seal was something born from their hearts. And so, as they were retreating in fear, Chen Feng locked down on one of them and charged. 

His 50,000-zhang-tall Chaos Gold Body rapidly shrank but the phantom silhouettes on his back abruptly elongated, transforming into broad Longevity Wings. With a flap of the wings, Chen Feng’s speed spiked and he dashed towards the retreating Divine Prince. 


This time, the weapon in Chen Feng’s hand was the Longevity Staff. The swinging attack from the staff was forceful and overbearing, creating a booming sound as it made contact. As a result, the Divine Prince was sent flying, his body breaking apart even as it flew backwards. 

Ignoring if the Divine Prince was alive or not, Chen Feng dashed forward again to appear before yet another Divine Prince. Yet again, he unleashed a staff swing. 

However, this Divine Prince was prepared. He brandished a lance to stop the attack from the Longevity Staff. At the same time, a stream of Ageless Light swept towards Chen Feng.


The corners of Chen Feng’s lips curled as he snickered. He had long since predicted this. Suddenly, the Longevity Scripture flew out to release a faint cyan glow, which stopped the Ageless Light from the Divine Prince. Next, it spun and the Divine Prince felt his body lurch. It felt as though his soul was about to be pulled out. 

“Not good!”


As the Divine Prince was feeling a sense of foreboding, the Longevity Staff in Chen Feng’s hand smashed against his body.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Popping sounds rang out as the Divine Prince broke into pieces. 

The Heavensdao Seal hovered above Chen Feng’s head and he held the Longevity Scripture in one hand and the Longevity Staff in the other hand. He strode forward, the Longevity Staff in his hand swinging around without respite. None could oppose him and the remaining few Divine Princes were also sent flying. However, they were not as badly injured as the previous two Divine Princes. 

“The Longevity Scripture!”

This display of power from Chen Feng astounded them all, but the Longevity Scripture in his hand was even more alluring. Even Divine Princes who had been cultivating for billions of years started breathing raggedly. 

“Hand it over!” 

Instantly, several great hands emerged to grab the Longevity Scripture. 

Chen Feng’s palm flicked slightly and the Longevity Scripture in his hand released a thick sphere of light, blocking the great hands. Only, this move failed to break down the great hands. At any rate, how much power the Longevity Scripture could release was dependent on Chen Feng’s personal strength.

In the face of the various forces descending upon him, Chen Feng’s fleshly body was constantly becoming deformed. The Longevity Scripture in his hand, though, kept shining brilliantly. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Those were the sounds of Chen Feng’s body cracking. It was a terribly unfavourable situation for him. Seeing that, Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others grew concerned. 

Chen Feng’s actions of bringing out the Longevity Scripture had triggered the desires of some of the Divine Princes. 

In the valley within the Longevity Palace, Bing Xing observed Chen Feng’s situation using the Cosmic Mirror. Seeing Chen Feng facing this crisis, Bing Xing’s fingers quivered as she wondered if she should take action or not. 

“Sigh! Even if I take action now, it will likely be incapable of changing anything.” Bing Xing then sighed, a hint of worry appearing on her delicate face. 

Through the Cosmic Mirror, Bing Xing could see things that others could not. Due to that, she could tell that, in addition to those who were attacking Chen Feng, there were still some more cultivators lurking around. Analysing the situation, Bing Xing came to the conclusion that they were also here to snatch the Longevity Scripture. 

“Longevity Celestial! The Longevity Scripture is a scripture of our Celestial Longevity Plane, not yours alone. Just hand it over.”

“Hand it over? To you? Or to your Department of Elders?” Chen Feng said with a derisive grin. 

“Naturally, our Department of Elders will be securing it.”

“Ha ha! Your Department of Elders does not have those qualifications just yet!” Chen Feng laughed, the Longevity Wings on his back flapping non-stop in an attempt to break out from this predicament. Only, the power pressing down on him this time was too strong. The fact that he could endure this long was in fact, mostly thanks to the Longevity Scripture’s power. 

“Since you are unwilling to hand it over, do not blame us for being rude.”

“What a joke! Since when were you fellows not rude?” Chen Feng waved his hand to keep the Longevity Scripture. Following that, formidable forces moved to descend upon Chen Feng from various directions. 


Next, Chen Feng disappeared into thin air. There had been no indications of this at all. And so, Bing Xing, who had been planning to take action, also stopped. 

“Longevity Celestial has disappeared!”

In the beginning, they assumed that Chen Feng had simply teleported to a different position. However, despite the scanning efforts from all the Divine Princes there, they failed to find his whereabouts. They knew then something beyond their control had happened. 

“Strange. How could he simply disappear for no reason? Did a Paramount Gold Immortal take action?”

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Suddenly, purple beams of light burst out from the void. The beams of light were not purple-gold in colour. Rather, they were a pure purple colour. Every single one of the purple beams locked down on one of the Divine Princes there. 

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

It did not matter how formidable the Divine Princes were. All those who chose to attack Chen Feng were struck by the purple beams of light. A series of wretched cries then rang out as a small see-through hole appeared on the bodies of each of the struck Divine Princes. 

Not one of them managed to evade. Some had been fast to react, bringing out a mid-grade Divine artifact to block it. Even so, the purple beam of light had still pierced through their bodies.

A stream of essence power flowed out from each of the wounds to disappear into the void. 

“A Paramount Gold Immortal!”

The Divine Princes were aghast. As for Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others who were on Chen Feng’s side, they revealed a look of delight. 

“Not a Paramount Gold Immortal! This is the aura of the Longevity Tower!” someone said in a hushed tone. 


As expected, a nine-storey tower – not too big in size – suddenly appeared high up in the sky. The formidable atmosphere of majesty that it emanated caused several of the Divine Princes there to instantly got down on one knee. 

These cultivators had once served under the Tower Corps. And the one that stood at the pinnacle of the Tower Corps was none other than the Longevity Tower. 

“The Longevity Tower has appeared!”

A look of shock and awe appeared on the faces of the other Divine Princes. Despite their status of Divine Princes, some had still chosen to kneel. Some others chose to bow respectfully. 

As for some who had been thinking about getting their hands on the Longevity Tower, sensing the power exuding from the Longevity Tower, those thoughts within their minds fell apart. They knew then that the Longevity Tower, the existence that had once deterred the Myriad Celestial Planes, had returned. 

Naturally, most of the Divine Princes there were feeling delighted. The return of the Longevity Tower meant that the strength of the Celestial Longevity Plane would rise again. 

Chen Feng was casually seated within the Longevity Tower, a faint smile on his face. Speaking of which, it had been quite some time since he last saw the Longevity Tower. He did miss it somewhat. 

Light flashed before his eyes as a youngster with a bright smile appeared before him. The youngster jabbed his finger forward and a mote of starlight flew into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Next, a vast and formidable amount of information filled his sea of wisdom. 

After what felt like countless years, Chen Feng finally managed to recollect himself. 

“Those are a portion of what I experienced all this time and also some insights into the dao of cultivation,” Tower said with a smile. 

“A portion?” Chen Feng asked quizzically. 

“A small portion.” Tower nodded. 

“It’s been a long time.” Chen Feng then laughed and stood up. 

“I have been keeping an eye on you all this time,” Tower said, jabbing his finger forward once more before tracing the air with it. Next, a screen of light appeared before him and everything that was happening outside was displayed clearly there. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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