Chapter 1307 The Longevity Palace Intervenes


Chen Feng mobilized all the power within him and one of his phantom silhouettes brought forth a quaint-looking longbow. Despite its appearance, it was filled with the power of life. The phantom silhouette abruptly pulled the bow and a faint-cyan arrow was formed. 

Following the formation of the arrow, the Celestial Longevity Plane seemingly quaked ever so slightly. 

“It’s the Longevity Bow, a mid-grade Divine-tier Longevity Bow!” someone exclaimed. 

Chen Feng was the only one who knew, this was not the real Longevity Bow. Encased within this bow was the Soul Demise Bow, a mid-grade Divine artifact. Fully fusing the Longevity Bow with the Soul Demise Bow was a great undertaking that needed time. 

That said, the attack that it was unleashing was truly that of a mid-grade Divine artifact. 

An arrow, a sword of light and an astral blade instantly arrived before the cultivators from the Department of Elders. 


Neither Divine Prince Longevity Space nor Divine Prince Heavensblade had the confidence to stop this attack. Due to the fear in their hearts, they had no choice but to work together to stop the attack. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

The two Divine Princes took action simultaneously to break Chen Feng’s strongest attacks. However, another sword light flashed out and the bodies of Divine Prince Longevity Space and Divine Prince Heavensblade were directly cut into two. 

Seeing that, Chen Feng then stretched his hand and grasped. As a result, large amounts of blood essence were pulled over. 

That attack earlier was from Divine Prince Dark Soul. As for Divine Prince Kill Soul, he continued to lurk in the dark to protect Chen Feng.

“Damn it!” 

The bodies of the two Divine Princes had been severed, but a high number of tendrils then emerged from their severed parts to quickly pull their body parts back and the severed parts healed up. Even so, that had caused their combat powers to plummet. Whether or not they could continue to be part of this fight had become a question. 

Following that, two Divine Princes moved forward to replace Divine Prince Longevity Space and Divine Prince Heavensblade. Divine Prince Flip Heaven and the others behind them had also moved themselves forward. 


A massive, golden-coloured palm blotted the sky as it descended upon Chen Feng. It was the Great Longevity Palm from Divine Prince Flip Heaven. 

Chen Feng attacked again and the arrow he fired pierced the Great Longevity Palm, but a small fist suddenly charged its way forward to instantly arrive before him.

“Tsk, tsk. As Divine Princes, you fellows are actually working together to attack a minor character like me?” Chen Feng revealed a scornful smile and the Longevity Blade slashed down to stop the fist. 

On the other side, sword light swung forward and the massive palm was cut into two halves. However, a golden fist suddenly appeared, slamming into something. Next, Divine Prince Dark Soul fell down. 

In a one-on-one fight, Divine Prince Dark Soul could grievously wound or even kill off other Divine Princes. However, it was a different story if he had to face several of them. Although he did manage to wound two of them, there were still around ten or so Divine Princes there. 

“Dark Soul, come out and fight fair and square!” One of them shouted, a smile on his face. 

“Indeed, you fellows are fighting fair and square,” Divine Prince Dark Soul said coolly, a calm look on his face as he wielded his sword. He was utterly looking down on them. This display from him terrified them the most. They were all well aware of just how strong he was. Thus, none of them wanted to take him on alone. More, who knows what other skills this Divine Prince born from assassinations possessed? For that reason, they quickly mobilized three Divine Princes to surround and fight him. 

On the other side, Divine Prince Bluesea and Divine Prince Cyanplume arrived before Chen Feng. However, before the two of them could attack Chen Feng, Divine Prince Kill Soul appeared to unleash a lightning-fast attack against them. 

“Longevity Celestial, do you need our help?” Magiris’ voice made its way over. 

“Don’t get involved in this! Hurry up and leave!” Chen Feng was quick to reply. Although Magiris, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature possessed quite the combat power, capable of killing a veteran Gold Immortal by working together, this was too fierce of a battle for them. Divine Princes were practically popping out left and right. It would be bad if something were to happen to them. 

“Very well.” Magiris understood. He was aware that even with their intervention, they may not be able to do anything. Rather, they might even become an unnecessary burden for Chen Feng. 

Still, simply standing by and not doing anything did not sit right with them. And so, Magiris looked around before leading Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature with him as he targeted one of the wounded Divine Princes. Naturally, they continued to follow their target until they arrived at a remote area before launching a sudden attack. 

Magiris shared the same mindset as Chen Feng, not afraid of escalating the situation. Besides, this was the Celestial Longevity Plane. Magiris did not have much scruples about escalating the issue. 

Magiris and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature unleashed their eye techniques simultaneously to send the wounded Divine Prince into a separate space. Following that, all three attacked, going through a serious battle to finally – with all three grievously wounded in the end – kill off the Divine Prince. 

“Huh! If Longevity Celestial is here to help out, we would not end up in such wretched states,” Magiris gasped. Chaotic streams of energy kept surging out from the wounds on his body. 

“Let’s go. We cannot take action anymore. It’ll be safer for us to return to the Boundless Summit.” All three were in not in a good state. Should a Divine Prince suddenly choose to take action against the three of them, they would surely end up dying. 

Chen Feng was unaware that the three of them had managed to kill off a Divine Prince. Even if he did, he would not care about it. Besides, he simply did not have the luxury to care. He was facing the combined attacks from two Divine Princes and was forced to constantly give ground. 

As Chen Feng had successfully overcome his tribulation, his combat power had improved greatly. Facing a Divine Prince no longer gave him a feeling of pressure. At that very moment, however, he had to face two Divine Princes. Additionally, more Divine Princes might come forward. 

Furthermore, he had only just overcome his tribulation and had yet to fully stabilize his cultivation base. 

Still, the fact that I can improve my strength to this level is already not bad. Chen Feng felt somewhat satisfied. 

Swords and blades flew out to stop the attacks from one of the Divine Princes. At this very moment, the Longevity Bow could no longer be used. And so, Chen Feng changed from using the Longevity Bow to the Longevity Lance, stabbing at the other Divine Prince with it. 

The one multi-tasking mind was a state that Chen Feng had managed to attain early on. And now, his main body and his phantom silhouettes attacked at the same time, not a single hint of clumsiness in their attacks. Additionally, they were able to complement one another perfectly, causing the power behind their attacks to become increasingly strong.

And yet, despite having pushed his combat power to its limits, Chen Feng was still incapable of stopping the attacks of his opponents. 


Suddenly, a massive fist appeared out of nowhere to strike Chen Feng and send him tumbling. Next, Divine Prince Bluesea waved his hand and a river swept Chen Feng up. At the same time, various arrays, layer after layer of them – like ropes – tied up Chen Feng.

“It’s done!” Divine Prince Bluesea breathed a sigh of relief. 

Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others were all occupied with their own opponents each. Even though they wanted to go help Chen Feng, they could not. Thus, all they could do was feel anxious about it. 

It was then that the after-image of a crescent moon suddenly appeared to cut the river entangling Chen Feng to pieces. At the same time, another crescent moon flew forward to force Divine Prince Bluesea back. 

“Gu Yue!” A look of surprise flashed across Divine Prince Bluesea’s face. Even the faces of the other Divine Princes from the Department of Elders sank. Seeing Gu Yue here had naturally caused some speculations to pop up within their minds. 

“Gu Yue, does your Longevity Palace intend to intervene in this matter?” Divine Prince Bluesea’s eyes flashed with light. 

“Isn’t your Department of Elders also intervening?” Gu Yue replied coolly. The number of men from the Longevity Palace was not high. There were only two other cultivators wielding lances from the Longevity Palace there. Adding Gu Yue to the mix, they had but three cultivators. And yet, the cultivators from the Department of Elders were pressured by their appearance.  

Those two cultivators from the Longevity Palace held the title of ‘Divine Monarch’. It was one level higher compared to the title ‘Divine Prince’.

The Longevity Palace had a total of nine Palace-guarding Divine Monarchs. This time, they had mobilized two of them. More, it was led by a Saintess. 

“Heh! Longevity Celestial had killed off a high number of soldiers from the Longevity Corps. We are here to capture him for that. Is this not a good reason?” Divine Prince Bluesea said with a chuckle. 

“Reasonable.” Gu Yue nodded with a calm expression on her face before continuing, “Our Longevity Palace wants to protect Longevity Celestial. This is even more reasonable.”

“You! Your Longevity Palace insists on interfering?” Divine Prince Bluesea’s face sank. 

“That’s correct. This time, your Department of Elders has gone too far,” Gu Yue said. 

“Humph! Your Longevity Palace does not have the right to interfere with the actions of our Department of Elders!” Divine Prince Bluesea sneered. Although he was unwilling to offend the Longevity Palace, it did not mean that he was afraid of the Longevity Palace. Now that it had come to this, there was no longer the possibility of retreating. 

“If that’s how it is, let’s just attack!” Divine Prince Bluesea and Divine Prince Cyanplume looked at each other and came to that same conclusion. And so, they attacked Gu Yue simultaneously. 

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