Chapter 1306 Dark Soulsmen


And so, a battle broke out. Divine Prince Heavensfire had recruited several Divine Princes over to their side. Some of them had connections with the Boundless Family. These Divine Princes were very strong. While they would not go all out, stopping the other cultivators to lessen the pressure on Chen Feng was still not an issue here.  

Naturally, there were also some who had changed their minds there, wanting to help Chen Feng. Some, though, left the place, not wanting to fall together with this genius. 

“Ha ha ha ha! Let’s take action as well.” Old Hegemon Sword Ghost laughed loudly as he too, charged forward. As for Nether Deity Redpeak, he had not wanted to take action. But he shook his head before following suit. At any rate, this was not a real fight to the death. He would simply consider this as an exercise session with the other veterans. 

The situation thus spiralled into chaos. Due to the participation of Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others, no one was able to reach Chen Feng for the time being. 

Looks like the situation’s development has gone beyond my expectations. Observing all that was happening, Chen Feng smiled. It would appear that not everyone was against him. Thinking about that, Chen Feng felt much more at ease.

“Why are there so many people siding with this kid?!” Ghost Matron said in a vexed tone. 

“Isn’t this a good thing? We can make use of this opportunity to take action,” Divine Prince Carefree said with a smile. Next, his figure elongated, his hand reaching out through space to grab Chen Feng.

The reason Divine Prince Carefree was given the title ‘Carefree’ was because of his unfathomable moves and carefree movement techniques. He had cultivated the Longevity Steps. Thus, he knew of just how profound the secret techniques recorded within the Longevity Scripture was. This was why he harboured such a great desire for the cultivation techniques there. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

This move from him caused the magic arrays around Chen Feng to blow up. However, the power of the magic arrays managed to stop Divine Prince Carefree.

Chen Feng waved his hand and surging streams of energy transformed into blades of light to attack Divine Prince Carefree. At the same time, the power of death that were within a range of hundreds of thousands of li flowed towards him. 


Ghost Matron took action, waving a long banner. With every swing, the banner would devour large amounts of death energy. 

“Ha ha ha ha! Ghost Matron, a hag like you dares to act wantonly in our Celestial Longevity Plane?” As Ghost Matron was stepping towards Chen Feng, a golden blade swept towards her, extinguishing the power of death, chaos energy and even space in its wake. 

“Time Flow Blade! You are Divine Prince Time Flow!” Ghost Matron’s face sank and she retracted her Malevolence Mustering Banner. Next, she placed both her palms together and webs appeared before her. The webs were formed using the power of death and the power of laws flowed across the surface of every web. 


Even so, it failed to stop the attack from the Time Flow Blade. With a flash from the blade, the web was instantly cut into two. Following that, the blade slashed down towards Ghost Matron once more. 


Ghost Matron harrumphed coldly and she used the wooden staff in her hand to block the attack from the Time Flow Blade. 

“A wooden staff made from Dead Spirit Wood!” Divine Prince Time Flow laughed.

“Divine Prince Time Flow. This should have nothing to do with you. Why must you interfere?” Ghost Matron shouted. 

“Ha ha ha! I forgot to mention. Back then, Sir Boundless had helped me out. Naturally, I cannot simply watch and do nothing as Longevity Celestial is being bullied.” After saying that, Divine Prince Time Flow swung his Time Flow Blade casually and a blade of light floated forward. 

Ghost Matron was aware that Divine Prince Time Flow possessed a formidable cultivation base. He would not be an easy opponent. And so, she stopped talking and brandished her wooden staff to fight Divine Prince Time Flow. 

Seeing that, Divine Prince Carefree grew highly infuriated and a feeling of extreme hatred towards Divine Prince Time Flow emerged within him. Without Ghost Matron’s assistance, he would not be able to swiftly deal with Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! 

Blades of light kept emerging from every direction to attack Divine Prince Carefree. Due to that, he could not move forward. 

“Ha ha, Carefree! It hasn’t been all that long since our last encounter. Why did your strength fall so much?” A cultivator in white clothes and a sword in hand walked forward in mid-air. With a wave of his hand, a broad sword ripped through the magic array standing before his path. 

“What is this, Swiftfalls? Do you want a piece of this as well?” Divine Prince Carefree asked coolly. 

“My objective is different from yours. You are here for revenge while I am here for the Longevity Scripture. Our interests do not overlap.” The dashing-looking sword cultivator’s name was Sword Immortal Swiftfalls. Despite his relatively ordinary title, he was a genuine Divine Prince. 

Hearing those words, however, nearly caused Divine Prince Carefree’s nose to turn crooked. It was true. Outwardly, he was taking action against Chen Feng in order to avenge his grandson. However, his real objective was still the Longevity Scripture. 

Even though he was feeling extremely enraged, he remained calm and said, “Yes, I am trying to avenge my grandson’s death.”

“That’s good, then. Let’s work together. You get to avenge your grandson, and I get the item,” Sword Immortal Swiftfalls said with a smile. 

“Not a problem.”

Tsk, tsk. This doesn’t look good. Two Divine Princes are coming over. Although Chen Feng was in the process of cultivating himself after the tribulation, he was still very aware of what was happening in his surroundings. 

And so, he waved his hand and the magic arrays around him immediately rumbled and countless whips attacked Divine Prince Carefree and Sword Immortal Swiftfalls. In addition, there were also some astral blades and sword beams mixed in. All of that were part of the magic arrays’ power. Chen Feng was aware that this would only be able to stop them for a moment. Normally, he would have charged forward himself. But he had only just overcome his tribulation. This was a crucial moment for him. 

In his mind, though, Chen Feng had already decided that these fellows must die. 

For the sake of the Longevity Scripture, they simply did not care about his identity or status. Naturally, Chen Feng himself was harbouring the same thought. If he was strong enough, he would kill off all these fellows who dared to attack him. He didn’t care if his actions would weaken the Celestial Longevity Plane or not. Rather, in his opinion, these fellows were but malignant tumours growing in the Celestial Longevity Plane. Finishing them off was a good thing. Moreover, this would also frequently occur in the other Celestial Planes. The Celestial Planes were simply too big, after all. Their cultivators would often look down on the other worlds. This was also an important reason as to why the Immortal Plane was able to develop itself in recent years. 

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, two more Divine Princes appeared. Additionally, they had appeared in an unexpected manner. 

The two Divine Princes had silently burst out from the ground. The swords in their hands flashed out quickly and a see-through hole appeared on the bodies of both Divine Prince Carefree and Sword Immortal Swiftfalls. The power of death then spilled out non-stop from their wounds to permeate their surroundings. 

Immediately, the insufferably arrogant Divine Prince Carefree and Sword Immortal Swiftfalls felt their hearts pounding as terror assailed their seas of wisdom. They had recognized the two cultivators who attacked them.  



The two of them fled as fast as they could. They had completely abandoned their desire to target Chen Feng. At any rate, their lives were the most important thing here. That earlier attack had already destroyed a major portion of their vitality. Should the other party attack them again, they would surely die.  

That incident shocked the entire battlefield and Ghost Matron exclaimed. She stopped fighting Divine Prince Time Flow as she instead covered for Divine Prince Carefree to quickly leave.

The two cultivators who had suddenly burst out from the ground wore black clothes and sported ordinary-looking faces. They did not appear striking in any way. Rather, their bodies were not exuding any energy wave at all. A glint of icy light flashed across their eyes and they disappeared from sight. Even the Divine Princes who cultivated eye techniques were incapable of figuring out how the two of them had disappeared. 

“It’s those two Gods of Carnage!” However, every single one of the formidable Divine Princes there was able to recognize them. 

In addition to the Boundless Corps, Boundless possessed yet another force, a very formidable force. They were the Dark Soulsmen. When compared to the high number of soldiers in the Boundless Corps, the number of Dark Soulsmen was small. However, every single one of them was an expert. They were the elites amongst elites, proficient in assassinations, tracking and hunting techniques. It wasn’t just the Celestial Longevity Plane. This force had a renowned reputation even in the Myriad Celestial Planes. 

This force was trained by two Dark Soulsmen, Dark Soul and Kill Soul. They were none other than the two men in black who had appeared beside Chen Feng earlier. They were also Divine Princes. 

With the immediate crisis lifted, Chen Feng smiled and continued with his cultivation. These two fellows were the experts that Chen Feng had arranged beforehand. That said, he did feel somewhat surprised. The two of them had been hiding underground all this time, unaffected by his tribulation. 

In truth, the two of them were wholly capable of killing off Divine Prince Carefree and Sword Immortal Swiftfalls earlier. However, they had showed mercy, only leaving them badly wounded. These two fellows were more thoughtful that Chen Feng had expected. In Chen Feng’s opinion, killing off Divine Prince Carefree and Sword Immortal Swiftfalls would have triggered a greater commotion, further escalating the situation.

That said, Chen Feng was still very satisfied with this result. The appearance of Divine Prince Dark Soul and Divine Prince Kill Soul had shocked many of the cultivators there. 

Some who had been eager to take action fell silent. 

However, a group of ten or so Divine Princes suddenly appeared. The moment they appeared, these Divine Princes charged towards Chen Feng in a highly overbearing manner. No one dared to stop them. 

The Department of Elders had finally taken action. 

The ones in the lead were Divine Prince Longevity Space and Divine Prince Heavensblade, followed closely by Divine Prince Flip Heaven, Divine Prince Bluesea and the others. Their appearance instantly shocked the entire battlefield. 

“Shameless!” Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others could not stop themselves from swearing. Even the faces of the others sank. This action of theirs signified the actions of the Department of Elders. The strength of the Department of Elders was very big. It was not something that Divine Princes like them could resist. 

“Humph! These old fogeys really have no sense of shame.” Chen Feng scoffed, fire flashing within his eyes. In the face of this pressure, Chen Feng no longer had the desire to continue cultivating. In its place was an intense killing intent. 

“Seniors, you need to do your best here. Better yet, kill off a few of them,” Chen Feng said softly. 

“That might not be a good idea.” The voice of Divine Prince Dark Soul made its way to Chen Feng’s ear. 

“Seniors, do you not recognize my position and identity? If you do not want to obey my orders, you can leave now,” Chen Feng said coldly. 

“Do we obey?” Divine Prince Dark Soul said in a playful tone. 

“Very well, we’ll listen to you.”


Golden light began radiating from Chen Feng’s body. Additionally, a hint of grey light could be seen amidst the golden light. Chen Feng had activated his Chaos Gold Body and his body grew bigger and bigger, easily surpassing the 33,000 zhang mark. He grew up to a height of 50,000 zhang before stopping. At the same time, two phantom silhouettes swiftly emerged from his back and formidable waves of energy swept out from Chen Feng’s body. 

A look of grimness flashed across the faces of Divine Prince Longevity Space and Divine Prince Heavensblade, who were in the frontmost position. Next, however, it was replaced with an intense look of murder. In the past, Boundless was already a highly formidable existence, one that could look down on the Department of Elders. Should Longevity Celestial be allowed to grow up, wouldn’t this be an affront to the position and majesty of the Department of Elders?

More, Longevity Celestial also possessed the Longevity Scripture and Longevity Tower. No matter what, they could not let Longevity Celestial go. 


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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