Chapter 1305 Twists and Turns


Despite the severe rate at which Chen Feng’s power was depleting, the rate at which he was recovering was also very fast. The power stored within the depths of his body was released to quickly replenish his depleted energy reserve, allowing his strength to gradually rise up once more. His Chaos Gold Body that had shrunk to a height of 20,000 zhang grew once more. 

At the same time, a light began brewing within Chen Feng’s soul as he planned on finishing off this Heavensdao Seal in one fell swoop. He had even begun planning what to do after he succeeded in overcoming his tribulation. 

“Phew, this is incredible! I have never seen such a formidable Heavenly Immortal!”

“He’ll become a half-step Gold Immortal soon enough. Seeing the Heavensdao Seal here has given me some strokes of inspiration. Perhaps, the Heavensdao Seal is not that terrifying.”

“Ha ha ha! What we see is only superficial. It’ll be different if we’re the ones who have to face it. Besides, the Heavensdao Seal that we have to face will surely be much stronger compared to the one that this kid is facing.”

“But of course. We are Divine Princes.”

“Still, now that Longevity Celestial has succeeded in overcoming his tribulation, what do you fellows think about it?”

“I will just watch the show. Given my present level of strength and status, there is simply no need for me to join in.”

“Yes. There is no reason to do so. This time, a number of Divine Princes will surely fall. For the sake of the so-called Longevity Scripture, this price doesn’t feel worthwhile.”

“But some don’t think that way. Many will likely choose to get involved this time. Sigh! This is a loss for our Celestial Longevity Plane.”

“Are there any places without conflicts? The way I see it, these fellows and their wrong mindset are the cancer of our Celestial Longevity Plane.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! In other words, you’re thinking of supporting Longevity Celestial?”

“That’s just what I think of it. I will not be taking part in this civil war.”

“I won’t either.”

“Sigh! Back then, Sir Boundless had helped me out by guiding me. I will be taking part in this.”

“Divine Prince Time Flow, is there something wrong with your brain?”

“Ha ha ha! There is nothing wrong with me at all. I can differentiate between gratitude and grudges very well. Back then, Sir Boundless had guided me. So, I choose to repay him. Even if I become seriously wounded here, I will simply accept it. But Clearpeak, in the past, Sir Boundless had saved your life. Do you plan on repaying an act of kindness with ungratefulness?” The one known as Divine Prince Time Flow said in a ridiculing tone. 

“Humph! I won’t stop you if you want to get yourself killed, but don’t drag me into this.” A dark look appeared on Divine Prince Clearpeak’s face.

“Ha ha! To think that I would be acquainted with someone with such a vile character like you. This is a stain on my reputation.” Divine Prince Time Flow then chuckled. 

“What did you say?” Divine Prince Clearpeak suddenly grew furious. 

“Are you thinking of attacking? You better look around you before you do,” Divine Prince Time Flow said with a smile.  

Only then did Divine Prince Clearpeak realize that there were several Divine Princes casting ridiculing looks at him. Some were already preparing to attack. 

“Just you wait.” Knowing that he would not be able to gain any wins by taking action now, Divine Prince Clearpeak grunted and left. 

“What a vile fellow.” Divine Prince Time Flow scoffed before turning to look at Chen Feng once again. 

“Eh, something is happening!”

Chen Feng’s Chaos Gold Body had suddenly stopped growing in size. He had sensed that the pressure bearing down on him was increasing. 

Raising his head, Chen Feng was immediately left dumbfounded. 

A stream of light flowed out from the depths of the universe to make its way into the Heavensdao Seal. After that, the Heavensdao Seal began expanding in size to quickly recover to its previous size. More, it continued to expand, growing twice as big before finally stopping.

“This, this.” Seeing that left Chen Feng somewhat tongue-tied. This development had gone beyond his expectations. 

This Heavensdao Seal was different from the previous one. Not only was it stronger, it could also replenish its strength. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt as though the Heavensdao was bullying him here. 

“What is this supposed to be? Are you bullying me here?!” Chen Feng blurted out loudly.

“Oh, no!” The relaxed expression on the faces of Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others turned grim once more. None of them had expected this. 

“Twists and turns, twist and turns.” Some of the spectators shook their heads and sighed. 

“Looks like Heaven itself wants to destroy this Longevity Celestial,” said Divine Prince Carefree, who had a grudge against Chen Feng. 

“Humph! If that’s the case, bring it on!” Chen Feng recollected himself. Now that it had come to this, he would not retreat, nor could he retreat. Next, he punched and punched and punched. 


The Heavensdao Seal only shook slightly as a result and Chen Feng immediately knew that the situation did not bode well for him. As he continued to attack, the Heavensdao Seal up in the sky abruptly accelerated, arriving atop Chen Feng. There, it released a pulse of power and Chen Feng’s gigantic body began shrinking. The magic array around him blew apart once more. At the same time, the lands quaked and waves of energy swept into his surroundings. The tough lands of the Ruined Zone were thus reduced to nothingness. 

Chen Feng, who was in the centre of it all, had to face the brunt of this power. He knew that he had to turn the situation around. It would all be over for him if the Heavensdao Seal was allowed to enter his body.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Booming sounds kept ringing out from Chen Feng’s Chaos Gold Body as it kept trying to grow bigger again. However, in the face of the pressure from the Heavensdao Seal, every attempt was met with failure. In the end, cracks began appearing on the Chaos Gold Body.  

Chen Feng then gritted his teeth and his gigantic body swiftly shrunk back to its normal size. Following that, the Ageless Light shot forward once more to instantly slice the Heavensdao Seal into two.

Instantly, the pressure on him lessened. Next, the Ageless Light sliced a few more times and the Heavensdao Seal was sliced apart quicker, its fragments becoming smaller. However, the Ageless Light also disappeared after that. The rate at which the Ageless Light consumed Chen Feng’s power was greater than before. As a result, Chen Feng’s heart lurched. He rapidly calculated it and came to the conclusion that this Heavensdao Seal was three times stronger than before. 

“Sigh!” Chen Feng sighed before stamping his foot. Two massive phantom silhouettes emerged from his back. Following that, the phantom silhouettes became clearer. Looking at Chen Feng from a distance, it would appear as though he had three upper bodies.  

One of the phantoms was holding the Longevity Lance while the other one was holding onto the Longevity Blade. As for Chen Feng himself, he held onto the Longevity Sword. 

Three formidable waves of aura charged forward at the same time and the Heavensdao Seal that had only just reformed itself was blown into fragments again. After that, Chen Feng’s main body and that of his phantom silhouettes opened their mouths to furiously suck in the fragments and power of the Heavensdao Seal.

“Incredible! This fellow is truly a defiance of the Heavens!”

“Triple combat power! More, his phantoms are so clear. Even his Longevity weapons have reached the mid-grade Divine tier.”

“So, he still has this card up his sleeve. I’ve underestimated this fellow.”

“This must be Longevity Celestial’s final move.”

“A very formidable trump card. I wonder, can this turn the situation around?”


Chen Feng stamped his foot once again and the Celestial Longevity Plane seemingly shook. Then, a stream of power moved to enter and assist Chen Feng’s body. Thanks to that, Chen Feng’s strength rose again. His body grew once more to a height of 10,000 zhang. Likewise, the phantom silhouettes on his back grew as well. 

Throughout the process, the three Longevity weapons never stopped attacking. 

In the pursuit of victory, Chen Feng had once again established a link with the Celestial Longevity Plane’s essence. The Celestial Longevity Plane did not let Chen Feng down. Perhaps, it was to reward Chen Feng, who was fighting against the Heavensdao, but the supporting power provided by the Celestial Longevity Plane actually contained a strand of will, the will of the Celestial Planes.

Following that, Chen Feng, who was already bursting with power, burst forth with even more power. His depleted Ageless Light recovered, shooting out from the glabellas of his main body and his phantom silhouettes. 

Three streams of Ageless Light spun to quickly assail the Heavensdao Seal. First, it was shredded into pieces, then into powder, then into the purest and more basic form of energy. 

Chen Feng then grasped and the power surged forward like a dragon to enter his body. 

This time, Chen Feng had devoured all of the Heavensdao Seal in one fell swoop. However, he did not let his guard down. After what happened just now, Chen Feng was worried that something else might happen. 

It would appear, though, that Chen Feng was overthinking it. The majestic atmosphere of oppression from the Heavensdao disappeared and a wave of energy, formed from the will of the Heavensdao, descended. Only then did Chen Feng determine that he had succeeded in overcoming his tribulation. 

He had successfully advanced to the half-step Gold Immortal stage.

Upon recollecting himself, Chen Feng quickly took action. One command flag after another flew out swiftly to set up a great array around him. This was a magic array that Chen Feng had created beforehand. The very moment the array was fully set up, it immediately began devouring the surrounding streams of death energy. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Seeing Chen Feng succeed in overcoming his tribulation, those lurking in the dark began taking action. In less than half a breath’s worth of time, tens of Divine Princes had taken action.

Humph! It is as I had expected. Chen Feng revealed a contemptuous smile. He did not become worried. Instead, he swiftly adjusted his state of being. The tribulation had left him somewhat weak, but a formidable seed was quickly growing within him. 

In his opinion, these Divine Princes were not that strong. 

“Kid, hand over the Longevity Scripture and we’ll spare your life!”

“Longevity Celestial, come out!”

“Kid, I only need the cultivation method for the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. As long as you hand it over, I will leave immediately.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Longevity Celestial, I am not a greedy fellow. I am also a very fair fellow. As long as you promise to let me have a look at the Longevity Scripture, I promise to take action against these fellows. How about it? A fair deal, no?” 

“You fellows can just scram!” While there were those who wanted to harm Chen Feng, there were also those who supported him. The moment those fellows took action, Divine Prince Heavensfire and those on his side also took action to stop them. 

“Heavensfire, don’t be nosy.”

“Ha ha ha ha! We are not being nosy here. Attacking Longevity Celestial means provoking us.”

“Since you fellows are unwilling to give way, do not blame us for being rude. Fellows, let’s deal with Heavensfire and his group. Longevity Celestial will not be able to escape.”


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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