Chapter 1304 Heavensdao Seal Once Again


The moment the Chaos Flames appeared, most of the cultivators there had believed that it was the end for Chen Feng. At any rate, that was the pinnacle of flames in the universe. Those flames could easily burn even Gold Immortals to ash. 

Some had already prepared themselves for Chen Feng’s death, where they will take action to snatch the Longevity Scripture. 

Some, though, felt sorry from Chen Feng. As for those who were close to the Boundless Family, they grew anxious. 

But when they all saw Chen Feng so easily devour the Chaos Flames, the faces of all the cultivators there – though there were a handful who did not – froze all of a sudden.

They never expected that the formidable Chaos Flames could be dealt with just like that. 

Only after hearing some people bring up the Chaos Constitution did they realize that the Chaos Constitution was so strong. It could even devour the Chaos Flames. 

“Hah! I didn’t think I’d encounter such an interesting Heavenly Tribulation. If that had been a different type of flames, Longevity Celestial might have needed more effort to deal with it. But what is the Chaos Constitution? That is a special constitution containing chaos laws, capable of devouring all the power born from chaos. The relationship between this constitution and the Chaos Flames is like that of fish and water. Back then, the Light of Slaughter had wounded Longevity Celestial somewhat. But with the power of the Chaos Flames, not only did Longevity Celestial recover from his wounds, his cultivation base also grew. Looks like overcoming this tribulation will not be an issue for Longevity Celestial anymore.”

“The Chaos Constitution! This is the number one legendary Heaven-defying constitution. Even guys like us do not know the exact details of what special abilities it has. However, I have a good impression of Longevity Celestial.”

“Me too. Once the Chaos Constitution is fully developed, it would mean another super expert. It will become part of our Longevity Clan’s strength.”

“Yes. Our Celestial Longevity Plane’s rank might go further up with this.”

“That’s right, we can prioritize nurturing him. I believe that Longevity Celestial, with his Chaos Constitution, is fully capable of advancing to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage.”

Unbeknownst to Chen Feng, his action of easily devouring the Chaos Flames had actually led to a number of cultivators there choosing to support him. 

For Chen Feng, at that very moment, his body was in its best state ever. A formidable power was surging and palpitating through his body. The process of refining the Chaos Flames proceeded very quickly and it did not take long before all of the grey flames melded with his fleshly body, perfectly fusing as one with his own power. More, a strand of grey flames also appeared within his soul flame. Following that, the strand of grey flames kept spreading out. Like paint spreading out across a body of water, every part of his soul flame quickly became grey in colour as well. 

The colour changed! Chen Feng grew surprised. However, sensing the energy waves emanating from the soul flame caused a smile to appear on his face. 

His soul flame had levelled up once again to a new level. 

This was an improvement to the very essence of his life. After turning grey in colour, his soul flame began to shrink. In the end, the clump of flames became but a strand of flames, still grey in colour. And yet, this strand of flames was tens of times stronger than before. 

“Phew! It’d be great if there are more Chaos Flames. Those are super-grade supplements for me,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

As the Chaos Flames had replenished the power that Chen Feng exhausted earlier, he became more confident in facing the next tribulation. 

“There should be one last phase,” Chen Feng said. 

Next, he abruptly grasped with his hand and the surrounding streams of death energy swirled forward to converge once more. This time, the speed at which Chen Feng set up the magic array was several times faster than before and he was able to finish setting it up even before the next phase of the Heavenly Tribulation arrived. 

Suddenly, the tribulation clouds disappeared, causing Chen Feng’s eyes to widen all of a sudden. He had sensed a familiar aura. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Chen Feng became somewhat excited. His gigantic Chaos Gold Body began quivering, a display of both dread and delight. 

He had already figured out what the next Heavenly Tribulation will be. His Chaos Gold Body then flared brilliantly with golden light as a ferocious will to fight charged out from him without respite. 

“What a formidable atmosphere of oppression! Just what kind of Heavenly Tribulation is this?” The cultivators who were observing the Heavenly Tribulation, be it those watching out in the open or those lurking around, felt uncomfortable. Rather, cries of alarm even began ringing out for some of them. 

Chen Feng’s guess came true and a massive talisman slowly appeared before descending upon him at a leisurely pace. 

“The Heavensdao Seal!”

Even the Divine Princes cried out in shock at the sight of the Heavensdao Seal. Some reflexively backed away. 

It was simply too terrifying of an existence.

“It really is the Heavensdao Seal. This is strange.” Chen Feng was not feeling too shocked. At any rate, he had faced the Heavensdao Seal before in the past. 

He only felt slightly baffled. According to the known information on the path of cultivation, every cultivator would only encounter the Heavensdao Seal once. More, only Gold Immortals would encounter it. 

Chen Feng, on the other hand, had already encountered it twice. Furthermore, he was only a Heavenly Immortal. Due to that, he could not help but feel baffled. 

Suddenly, a thought flashed out within his mind. Would the Heavensdao Seal appear for every one of his successive Heavenly Tribulations?

Speaking of which, Chen Feng did feel somewhat fearful of the Heavensdao Seal. Back then, if it weren’t for the Longevity Tower’s intervention, he would have been incapable of stopping the Heavensdao Seal. In the end, the seal would have sealed off his cultivation base, ending his ability to advance any further along the path of cultivation.  

At the same time, though, he was also aware of the benefits of overcoming this tribulation. This Heavensdao Seal was stronger than the previous one, but his own cultivation base was also several times greater than before. Thus, he had a fighting chance here. 

Succeeding here meant advancing to the half-step Gold Immortal stage. And by successfully dealing with the Heavensdao Seal, he would be able to further strengthen his killer move. 

Next, Chen Feng came to an understanding of the situation. Perhaps, this was the tribulation for the Chaos Constitution. At any rate, there was no such thing as a perfect existence in this world. While the Chaos Constitution brought him great strength, it also brought with it a corresponding level of danger, one greater than those the other cultivators had to face.

“Ha ha ha ha! This time, this kid is surely a goner! So what if you can handle the Chaos Flames? This is the Heavensdao Seal! This is something that only those who study the Paramount laws would encounter!” Divine Prince Carefree laughed loudly. 

“Strange, didn’t Longevity Celestial already encounter the Heavensdao Seal once before? Why did it appear again?” Divine Prince Heavensfire grew puzzled. 

“Could this actually be his first time encountering it?” Divine Prince Void asked. 

“No. Longevity Celestial has a Heavensdao Seal in his possession. He must have encountered it before in the past.”

“If so, this is his second time facing the Heavensdao Seal.”

When they thought of that, all of them sucked in a cold breath of air. While they were all Divine Princes, this was simply too shocking for them. 

“Could it be?”

“Perhaps, the bearer of the Chaos Constitution has to encounter the Heavensdao Seal many times. If that is the case, Longevity Celestial will have to face many difficulties in the future.”

“It is possible that only the bearer of the Chaos Constitution would encounter something like this. What do you fellows think? Can Longevity Celestial succeed?”

“Heh! If he can succeed the first time around, he will have no problems this time.”

“But there will be a third time, a fourth time and even more.”

“Ha ha ha! Do not forget what level Longevity Celestial is currently at. The next time he encounters the Heavensdao Seal, his cultivation base will surpass us Divine Princes.”

“Makes sense. There is no point in thinking too much about it. Let’s just continue observing.”


Chen Feng, still in his 33,000-zhang-tall Chaos Gold Body form, unleashed a punch. This punch caused the brows of the Divine Princes there to furrow. 

“Could there be such a formidable Heavenly Immortal?”

“There is likely none throughout the history of the Myriad Celestial Planes. If he can grow up… tsk, tsk. This is a blessing for our Celestial Longevity Plane.”

“We cannot let him continue to grow!”

“We have to kill this kid!”

That one simple punch from Chen Feng caused various different thoughts to appear in the minds of the Divine Princes.

That skyward punch caused the speed at which the Heavensdao Seal was descending to slow down, but it continued to descend. 

As for Chen Feng, he laughed. With that punch, he was able to gauge the strength of the Heavensdao Seal. At the same time, he grew more confident. In his opinion, this Heavensdao Seal was not beyond his ability to resist.

Maybe I can stop it without the Longevity Tower’s help. Besides, I am now in the Celestial Longevity Plane. With the support of the Celestial Longevity Plane, my strength should become several notches stronger. Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng punched once again. 

Chen Feng did not utilize any offensive secret techniques. Instead, he simply unleashed one simplistic punch after another. Having transformed into his Chaos Gold Body, some secret techniques were no longer useful. Instead, this most primitive and direct form of attack was the strongest. 

In but one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng unleashed a total of 10 punches, finally shattering the Heavensdao Seal apart. Quickly, however, the Heavensdao Seal reformed itself. 

Chen Feng frowned and he unleashed several more punches within one breath’s worth of time to break apart the Heavensdao Seal again. 

Twice, the Heavensdao Seal was broken and twice, the Heavensdao Seal recovered. Although some of its power was lost in the process, Chen Feng failed to achieve his objective. What he wanted was to obliterate and weaken the will of the Heavensdao within the seal. Only then would he be able to devour it. 

“This fellow. Every punch of his is a full-powered punch. I would like to see how long he can continue. Even if this is the Chaos Gold Body, he will surely be unable to handle this action of constantly over exhausting himself.”

“How dangerous! To think that the Heavensdao Seal would be so difficult to deal with. This is also our first time seeing it. At least, when we encounter it in the future, we will already have experienced how strong it is.”

“I wonder. Can Longevity Celestial overcome this?”

“It’ll be hard. This is something formed using the will of the Heavensdao. His purely offensive attacks contain formidable power, but they do not have the best effect.”

The Divine Prince had only just said that when a strand of grey-coloured light flew out from Chen Feng’s glabella, shooting towards the Heavensdao Seal.


The Heavensdao Seal was cleaved into two halves. 

“Ageless Light! A grey-coloured Ageless Light!”

“It must be a mutation due to him devouring the Chaos Flames earlier. However, why is his Ageless Light so strong?”

The Ageless Light kept sweeping around. In but the blink of an eye, it sliced the Heavensdao Seal into pieces. The Ageless Light had been formed using Chen Feng’s will. It was the best move against the Heavensdao Seal.

As expected, after the Ageless Light cut apart the Heavensdao Seal, the rate at which the talisman joined back up slowed down. And so, Chen Feng made use of the opening to grab several fragments of the talisman and kept it inside his body.

Due to that, the power of the Heavensdao Seal became weaker and weaker. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

After the Heavensdao Seal had been utterly cut into pieces, the Ageless Light began disappearing. Chen Feng’s giant hand grasped and the fragments of the Heavensdao Seal became like a torrent of water to disappear into his body. 

With that move, the size of the Heavensdao Seal shrank by a third. 

However, after the Ageless Light that Chen Feng fired out disappeared, his Chaos Gold Body began shrinking all the way down to a height of 20,000 zhang. 

That display of might from Chen Feng earlier had exhausted a large amount of his power. 

Only, Chen Feng did not feel too worried about it. Whatever remained of the Heavensdao Seal was very easy to deal with. 

“Phew! I didn’t think that it would be so easy this time,” Chen Feng mumbled, a smile on his face.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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