Chapter 1303 Chaos Flames


A strand of inconspicuous-looking black light flowed out from the tribulation clouds before shooting towards Chen Feng.

This was a very unique attack. Unlike the powers he had to face previously, this strand of the Light of Slaughter was formed by the will of the Heavensdao. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was similar to the Heavensdao Seal. 

Due to that, Chen Feng’s several attempts to stop it failed. With that, he knew that this attack was several times stronger compared to the previous death-type attacks. 

The Light of Slaughter entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom and his gigantic Chaos Gold Body began shrinking until he finally returned to his normal human body size. 

Chen Feng’s eyes were closed as he mobilized the power within his sea of wisdom to obliterate that strand of the Light of Slaughter.  

Within his sea of wisdom, his soul power had already transformed into a massive maelstrom while his soul flame burned at the centre of the maelstrom. Although Chen Feng did not know much about this Light of Slaughter, he knew that obliterating it was the best way to deal with it. 

The strand of the Light of Slaughter did not appear particularly big, but its power of devastation had reached an outrageous level. The maelstrom within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom was constantly pierced through, leaving one see-through hole after another. However, the holes quickly repaired themselves before even more attacks pierced through them. 

After several waves of the attacks, Chen Feng felt his soul power falling at a rapid rate. 

At the same time, various images of slaughter appeared within his mind, causing him to fall into a sea of slaughter. 

Chen Feng was aware that his mind would constantly be in this state until he managed to deal with the Light of Slaughter. The Light of Slaughter’s ability to damage his fleshly body was not particularly great, but it could throw him into a state of cultivation deviation, one that he would not be able to escape from. 

“This doesn’t look good,” Divine Princess Jingle said. 

“Yes. One can only use their own soul power to resist the Light of Slaughter. No matter how formidable Longevity Celestial’s combat power may be, his soul power is probably not high enough,” Divine Prince Void said. 

Divine Prince Heavensfire shook his head and said nothing about it. Clearly, though, he was feeling somewhat worried. Speaking of which, Chen Feng’s level was still too low. 

“Will the kid die just like this? Wouldn’t that be too good of an ending for him?” Ghost Matron said with a sneer. 

“It’ll be good if he dies. Next up, we’ll prepare to snatch the Longevity Scripture,” Divine Prince Carefree said icily. The two of them wanted nothing more than for Chen Feng to just fall dead. 

“Surely this is not all he has.”

Within Bing Xing’s valley inside the Longevity Palace, the Cosmic Mirror was floating in mid-air. Shown on the surface of the mirror were the images of Chen Feng undergoing his tribulation. The magic array formed using the death energy was incapable of stopping the Cosmic Mirror from spying on him. 

Standing before the Cosmic Mirror were Bing Xing and Gu Yue, the two Saintesses of the Longevity Palace. 

The one who spoke up earlier was Gu Yue. It would appear that she did not have an optimistic view of Chen Feng’s situation. 

“The Light of Slaughter is not so easily dealt with.” Bing Xing’s gaze was as calm as water. She appeared completely unconcerned for Chen Feng.

“Humph! I have also faced the Light of Slaughter before. I succeeded in overcoming it,” Gu Yue said with a somewhat arrogant tone. 

“And when did you encounter the Light of Slaughter?” Bing Xing asked with a smile. 

“When I was assailing the Gold Immortal stage.” After saying that, Gu Yue suddenly stopped talking. Chen Feng was only assailing the half-step Gold Immortal stage. There was a world of difference between the two levels.

“Forget it. This kid truly does have some skills. However, whether or not he can obliterate the Light of Slaughter is still a question.” Gu Yue waved her hand. 

“Ha ha! Sister Gu Yue, if back then, the one in the marriage contract with Longevity Celestial is you, what would you do?” Bing Xing asked again, a smile on her face. 

“This again? I didn’t think about it. However, even if it’s me, I will not help him as much as you are,” Gu Yue said after a moment’s consideration. 

“That may not be true. That said, some outstanding geniuses have been trying to court you lately. I wonder, did Sister Gu Yue find any of them interesting?” Bing Xing suddenly changed the topic of discussion. 

“Huh? What geniuses? Their strength and talents are even inferior compared to mine. Also, no matter how big their backgrounds may be, it cannot be compared with our Longevity Palace,” Gu Yue said with a tone of contempt as she shook her head. 

“In other words, none of them caught your eye. Do you not plan on finding a companion? Just look at Sister Zhui Yang, who went to explore outer space with her companion. Do you not feel jealous?” A crafty look flashed across Bing Xing’s eyes. 

“Look at you. What do you mean by that? Are you deliberately trying to ridicule me here? Or did seeing this Longevity Celestial make you fall in love?” Gu Yue laughed. 

“Discussing about that before these troubles are resolved is pointless. It’s been quite some time since the Palace Lord showed himself,” Bing Xing said. 

“You are worried that someone would come trouble our Longevity Palace? Don’t worry. No one would be stupid enough to come stir up trouble here, unless they are tired of living.”

“You can’t say that. Nothing is absolute. Back then, the Boundless Family was so powerful. And yet, look at them now, bullied to such a point.” 

“That’s because the Boundless Family has declined.”

“It didn’t decline.”

“Alright. I will not argue with you about that. Let’s check up on your lover.”

Regardless of what the others were thinking, Chen Feng continued to work on obliterating the Light of Slaughter within his sea of wisdom. By then, various types of power had appeared from the soul maelstrom. For example, the power of primordial end, Ageless Blazelight and the Devastation Light of Yin and Yang. There was also the power of Divine artifacts coming from the Wicked Sceptre and Longevity Sword. Like webs, those streams of power kept slashing forward to instantly shatter parts of the Light of Slaughter. The shattered parts then disappeared into the soul maelstrom.

Having found the right way of dealing with it, Chen Feng then intensified his efforts as he continuously channelled more power into his sea of wisdom. 

Finally, the strand of Light of Slaughter was completely crushed and obliterated. Whatever remained was utterly devoured by Chen Feng. At the same time, the outline of the law of slaughter began to take form. Given just a little more time or just a little more power of slaughter, Chen Feng would be able to completely form this law. 

The second phase of the Heavenly Tribulation had been dealt with. 

Due to the magic array, some of the cultivators could not see Chen Feng. However, they could still sense his aura. 

“He actually succeeded!” Many were surprised. Though, there were also some, like Divine Prince Carefree, who felt disappointed. 

“The first phase was an attack using the power of death. The second phase was the will of the Heavensdao. I wonder what will come next?” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

The soul maelstrom slowly disappeared and Chen Feng opened his eyes. His aura was somewhat weak, but it quickly recovered. Obliterating the Light of Slaughter had exhausted too much of his power. 

The third phase of the Heavenly Tribulation had yet to appear, but Chen Feng’s body was already giving him a warning cry. He knew, this next Heavenly Tribulation will be even stronger. Even the last two phases had not given him such a feeling of alarm. 

Grey-coloured flames, stretches of them, floated down, scorching the Celestial Longevity Plane’s space in their wake. Even some of the laws existing within the space – the laws of the Celestial Planes – were burned away. Likewise, the magic array that Chen Feng had set up around him was continuously melting away. In the face of the grey flames, the power of death became like ordinary wood chips.

“Well, that looks bad. Those are Chaos Flames.” Chen Feng said, even as his face took on a more relaxed expression. More, the hint of a smile appeared on his face.


The appearance of the grey-coloured flames threw the surrounding cultivators into an uproar. They had not expected to see those flames here. 

“Chaos Flames. To think that it would be Chaos Flames!”

“Ha ha ha ha! This kid is a goner! He will surely be burned to dregs. In the face of this flame, even Gold Immortals will be burned alive!”

“To think that it would be the Chaos Flames. Longevity Celestial is a goner.”

“Not even the magic array formed using the power of death could stop them. Looks like Longevity Celestial will be burned to ash. Get ready to take action.”

“This is bad.” Divine Prince Heavensfire and the others felt concerned. That was especially so of Divine Prince Heavensfire, who cultivated the grand dao of fire. He had done some research on the Chaos Flames before. Thus, he knew just how terrifying the Chaos Flames were. 

“This kid probably never expected to encounter the Chaos Flames. I wonder how he will deal with it.”

“The Chaos Flames sure are fierce. They could so easily burn away even our Celestial Longevity Plane’s space.”

“Ha ha ha, he’s a goner! This time, he will surely die!”

This remark was from Divine Prince Carefree and Ghost Matron. The two of them were laughing loudly, showing no scruples about it. It was as though they could already see Chen Feng dying. 

“Things don’t look good for your lover,” Gu Yue said. 

In the beginning, a look of concern had flashed across Bing Xing’s eyes, only for her to quickly recollect herself. 

“For Longevity Celestial, there is no easier Heavenly Tribulation to overcome than this one,” Bing Xing then said with a smile. 

“What are you saying?” Gu Yue grew surprised. She did not understand where Bing Xing found the confidence to say that. 

“Just look at that smile on his face. This proves that the Chaos Flames are nothing in his eyes. More, the appearance of the Chaos Flames has instead made him happy, very happy,” Bing Xing then said. 

“He’s probably gone crazy from fear, no?” Gu Yue said. 

Bing Xing shook her head and said nothing more about it. Naturally, there were also some other cultivators besides Bing Xing who managed to realize something. 

Finally, the Chaos Flames arrived before Chen Feng. In the face of this oldest and strongest flame, all Chen Feng did was stretch his hand out, allowing the Chaos Flames to land on his palm and then his body. 

Quickly enough, Chen Feng became utterly wrapped in grey flames. By then, the magic array around him had disappeared, burned away by the Chaos Flames. Due to that, everyone there could clearly see what was happening to him.

“Sigh! He’s about to be burned to ash.” Someone sighed. 

The grey flames continued to burn. Appearance wise, the flames were burning Chen Feng. However, a few formidable cultivators could see that Chen Feng was having a good time. He was enjoying the feeling of being burned by the flames.

“This is even more enjoyable than taking a bath. Still, in order to disappoint some fellows, I should end this as soon as possible,” Chen Feng said, all the pores on his body opening up to release a devouring power. Swiftly, the thick layer of Chaos Flames around his body were all devoured, brought into his body. 

Chen Feng then flexed his body slightly before transforming once more into the Chaos Gold Body. This time, his Chaos Gold Body reached a height of 33,000 zhang. 

“He’s actually fine? More, he actually became stronger? Am I hallucinating right now?” someone exclaimed. 

“Sigh, and you call yourself a Divine Prince? Is your vision so limited? Longevity Celestial possesses the Chaos Constitution. Although the Chaos Flames are formidable, they cannot do much damage to Longevity Celestial. This is what it means to be a Heaven-defying constitution,” someone else said, a note of envy in their voice. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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