Chapter 1302 The River of Death


“Old Ghost, you’ll have to think this through. This coming storm will be very big. Even the Department of Elders has taken action. Don’t throw yourself into it.” Seeing that the cultivator was planning to support Chen Feng, his companions grew worried. 

“Ha ha ha ha! At times like this, it’s either we just watch the show or join the show! Naturally, I will choose to join the show!” The one who was called Old Ghost was known as Old Hegemon Sword Ghost. The sword techniques that he cultivated was extraordinary and he was also a Divine Prince. He would usually spend his time exploring the starry space. He had returned to the Celestial Longevity Plane not too long ago only to encounter this situation. 

“The way I see it, we should just watch the show. Joining in is no easy matter. This kind of thing can end up killing us.”

“What is this, Redpeak? I seem to recall you being a domineering figure. Nether Deity Redpeak. Tsk, tsk. Your name is even more domineering than us Divine Princes. More, you have also established your own force in the Abyssal Zone. Why did you suddenly become so timid now?” Old Hegemon Sword Ghost said with a chuckle. 

“This is not me being timid. I just don’t want to end up participating in this for no reason. I am not a member of the imperial family. I will have no part in this thankless matter,” Nether Deity Redpeak shook his head. 

“It’s your choice.” Old Hegemon Sword Ghost did not try to force him. 

Chen Feng finally finished setting up the great array. By borrowing the power of the great array, his perceptive abilities grew several times stronger. 

After a moment’s feeling of delight, Chen Feng grew concerned. The number of experts who came this time was simply too high. Just the number of Divine Princes alone was enough to make him sigh to himself. Once again, he obtained an intuitive understanding towards the might of the Celestial Longevity Plane. 

These were just Divine Princes. Above the Divine Princes were the Paramount Gold Immortals who had comprehended the Paramount laws. In Chen Feng’s opinion, there shouldn’t be too many of these existences in the Celestial Longevity Plane. These existences were the strongest force in the Celestial Planes. Though, Chen Feng could not be certain as to what level the Planar Lord of the Celestial Longevity Plane was at. 

So many Divine Princes. I wonder, how many of them support me? Chen Feng sighed to himself yet again. Next, he restrained the messy thoughts within his mind. He will be facing his tribulation next. By successfully overcoming his tribulation, his strength would multiply. Then, he would be able to fight even Divine Princes. 


Chen Feng released his aura and began sensing the Heavensdao with it. As expected, tribulation clouds quickly gathered up in the sky. 

The last time, it was the Heavensdao Seal. I wonder what will come out this time? Still, this is my first time undergoing my Heavenly Tribulation in the Celestial Plane. What kind of new experience will I encounter? As the tribulation was beginning, Chen Feng placed all his concentration on it. 

The pitch-black tribulation clouds suddenly cracked apart. It was unknown just where the crack led to, but it gave them a very strange feeling. Next, a black, ink-like river flowed out from within. Surging forward, the river contained a formidable power of devastation and an aura of death assailed Chen Feng.

“The power of death!” Chen Feng was first taken aback, but he quickly understood what was happening. He was a member of the Longevity Clan. More, he was presently undergoing his tribulation in the Celestial Longevity Plane. Given his circumstances, the power of death was indeed the most powerful kind of tribulation that can be used against him. 

As expected, the moment the River of Death appeared, the Gold Immortals who were spectating the tribulation from the surrounding areas retreated some distance away. This being a Heavenly Tribulation was only one reason for that. The other reason was the power of death within the Heavenly Tribulation. 

More, this River of Death also contained Heavensdao laws. It was only natural for these cultivators who had cultivated the longevity-type secret techniques to not want to be exposed to this power of death. 

Chen Feng nodded, not feeling too concerned about it. In his opinion, if this tribulation was only at this level, he would have no issues overcoming his tribulation. 

Although he had a considerable number of Heavenly laws within him, most of them had been obtained through plunder. The ones that he formed were limited to the longevity laws, wicked laws and blood laws. They were also the strongest amongst his laws. However, Chen Feng knew that he would likely be adding another law type into the mix, the death law. 

Should others find out what Chen Feng planned on doing, their jaws would certainly drop from shock. The cultivators from the Longevity Clan would rarely choose to cultivate death laws. It contradicted their cultivation of the grand dao of longevity. 


Chen Feng abruptly stood straight and his body kept growing in size. Golden light shone as he transformed into his Chaos Gold Body. He would bring forth his strongest power to face this Heavenly Tribulation. He was also making use of this opportunity to put on a display of strength to deter some people from casually intervening. 

This time, Chen Feng’s Chaos Gold Body grew to a height of 30,000 zhang before stopping. When compared to its previous height of 13,000 zhang, he was over twice as big this time. 

After transforming into his Chaos Gold Body, Chen Feng grasped. The black river then became like a ribbon caught in his grasp. Golden light filled the surrounding space and the black river disappeared. 

“It’s the Chaos Gold Body! This kid has actually formed the Chaos Gold Body!” a Divine Prince exclaimed. 

“The Chaos Gold Body. This is a magic body that’s one level higher compared to the Ageless Gold Body. But, this kid still isn’t a Gold Immortal, no? How did he do something above his current level? Could it be due to the fact that he possesses the Chaos Constitution?”

“It must be the Chaos Constitution. However, Longevity Celestial’s Chaos Gold Body is only at the beginner phase, not even at the minor success phase. Once he cultivates his Chaos Gold Body up to the great success phase… tsk, tsk, he will be able to sweep aside all the Divine Princes.”

“Isn’t that too much of an exaggeration?”

“It’s not exaggerated at all. This is the monstrous aspect of the Chaos Constitution. Just look. Longevity Celestial is only at the Heavenly Immortal stage, but he could already easily kill off the average Gold Immortal. Once his Chaos Gold Body reaches the great success phase, he would have at least reached the Gold Immortal stage. How much stronger would he become then? Just think about it.”

“In other words. Once Longevity Celestial succeeds in overcoming this tribulation, even Divine Princes would be incapable of taking him down?”

“Not necessarily. Let’s observe the situation first.”

After Chen Feng devoured the River of Death, a second River of Death appeared. Following that, more streams of black light flowed down from the tribulation clouds before transforming into torrential Rivers of Death. As for Chen Feng, he kept attacking, grabbing the Rivers of Death as though they were ribbons. After extinguishing some of the power within the Rivers of Death, he collected them into himself. 

However, two Rivers of Death – like wyrms – wrapped around Chen Feng. The power of devastation and death kept assailing and slicing Chen Feng’s body. 

This phase of the Heavenly Tribulation consisted of nine Rivers of Death. After Chen Feng managed to deal with three, the remaining six charged towards Chen Feng simultaneously. 

“The strength of this Heavenly Tribulation is indeed very high. It is at the Gold Immortal stage. However, for Longevity Celestial, this should not be an issue,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

“This is just the first phase. The following ones will only become increasingly stronger,” said a female cultivator in beautiful and decorous white-coloured clothes.

“Jingle, looks like you still do not understand Longevity Celestial’s strength. The way I see it, this tribulation is not a problem for him. The biggest problem here are the Divine Princes,” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

“It’s not looking good. The allure of the Longevity Scripture is simply too great. Even some old fellows who have been staying in cultivation retreat all this time came out. A war might break out at this rate. But no matter what happens, it will be our Celestial Longevity Plane that ends up losing,” another cultivator said. 

This cultivator was also one of the cultivators that Divine Prince Heavensfire and Divine Prince Iceform invited over. Beside him were several other cultivators. The invitation from the two Divine Princes was only part of the reason why they came. These cultivators all had some connection with the Boundless Family. Thus, they chose to side with Chen Feng.

The figure of the cultivator who spoke up flickered faintly, seemingly not existing within this layer of space. He was Divine Prince Void, born with the Holy Void Constitution.

“Something else might happen,” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

“Something?” Some of the cultivators there grew curious.

“What do you fellows think about Longevity Celestial?” Divine Prince Iceform asked. 

“What do we think? We have never met him before, how can we know? However, he possesses the Chaos Constitution. His cultivation talent will surely be good,” Divine Prince Void said with a smile. 

“There is one thing that you fellows may not be aware of. In the war back then, Longevity Celestial’s Chaos Constitution was damaged and he spent the past one million years in deep slumber within the Longevity Tower. He had only just recently managed to restore his Chaos Constitution,” Divine Prince Iceform said with a smile. Both he and Divine Prince Heavensfire had only just found out about this not too long ago. 

“What? That happened?”

“If that’s the case, this Longevity Celestial is extraordinary.”

The Divine Princes sucked in a breath of cold air. Speaking of which, they were all men with great talents. If it weren’t for the fact that Chen Feng possessed a special identity and the Chaos Constitution, they would not have bothered with him. However, things were different now. Even Divine Princes had to admit. Their rate of cultivation was inferior compared to Chen Feng’s rate of cultivation. 

“His Chaos Constitution was damaged and he had to stay in a lesser world. And yet, his rate of cultivation surpassed my understanding. Now, with the Chaos Constitution restored, won’t his rate of cultivation rise even higher?”

“His potential is immeasurable.”

“Looks like we made the right choice.”

The Divine Princes kept lavishing praises on Chen Feng. Divine Prince Heavensfire and Divine Prince Iceform looked at each other, the hint of a smile in their eyes. Although they did manage to bring these helpers over, how much help would they give during critical moments was still in question. Thus, the two of them decided to reveal all that in order to give these fellows more confidence. 

“Actually, there is one more thing. I do not know if you fellows have heard of it before, but Longevity Celestial can control the Heavensdao Seal and use it against his enemies,” Divine Prince Heavensfire then added some more fuel into the atmosphere. 

“The Heavensdao Seal!” As predicted, the cultivators there were moved and a look of shock flashed across their faces. For cultivators like them, the Heavensdao Seal was simply too terrifying. 

“I did hear about that as well. In the beginning, I had thought of it as just a rumour. Unexpectedly, it is real. For him to be able to control the Heavensdao Seal, this is interesting.”

“Hurry, look. The first phase of the tribulation, the Death Tribulation, is about to end.”

The Rivers of Death around Chen Feng’s body blew up. Meanwhile, Chen Feng’s massive hands did not simply stay idle. Instead, he swung a few times to finish off the Rivers of Death. 

For Chen Feng, this phase was simply too weak. After devouring and refining the power of death, Chen Feng quickly formed a new law, the death law. The moment this death law was formed, the phantom silhouette of the grand dao of death shimmered and swayed about. The first phase of the Heavenly Tribulation had resulted in an increase in Chen Feng’s strength. 

“I wonder what’s next?” Chen Feng’s Chaos Gold Body grew slightly taller, reaching a height of 31,000 zhang. The golden light radiating off his body was retracted while countless runes began appearing. 

“Tsk, tsk. The Chaos Gold Body has grown again. How enviable,” Divine Prince Void said. 

“Ha ha ha! Although your constitution is not as good as the Chaos Constitution, it is already one of the best constitutions around,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said, laughing. 

“Eh, what kind of Heavenly Tribulation is this?”

“Not good! That’s the Light of Slaughter!”


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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