Chapter 1301 The Ruined Zone


“The kid actually came.” Divine Prince Carefree and Ghost Matron were standing together atop a large boulder. 

Ghost Matron was Divine Prince Carefree’s companion. Previously, the half-step Gold Immortal that Chen Feng killed was their grandson. 

While Ghost Matron was not someone from the Celestial Longevity Plane, she had been staying in the Ruined Zone for her cultivation since she arrived on the Celestial Longevity Plane. This was due to the cultivation technique that she cultivated. The death energy here was very suitable for Ghost Matron.  

“How about it? Should we attack now?” 

As Chen Feng had killed their grandson, it was only natural for them to hate him. Moreover, Chen Feng also possessed the Longevity Scripture. This was more of a reason to not let him go. 

“This is probably not the right time to take action. Heavensfire and the others are lurking around. It will not succeed,” Divine Prince Carefree said. 

“If that’s the case, we’ll just observe him as he undergoes his tribulation,” Ghost Matron said with a somewhat dissatisfied tone. 

Ghost Matron had been wanting to head to the Boundless Summit to kill Chen Feng. However, she was also aware that breaking into the Boundless Summit would not be easy. Due to that, she had been waiting all this time. She had wanted to attack the moment she saw Chen Feng only for Divine Prince Carefree to stop her. 

“Of course. We’ll watch him undergo his tribulation, fail the tribulation and die,” Divine Prince Carefree said with a sneer.

“What do you mean?” Ghost Matron grew curious. 

“It doesn’t matter what this kid’s plan may be, he will die for sure this time. Even if he succeeds in overcoming his tribulation, he will still die. This is a good opportunity. This kid took the initiative to walk out from the Boundless Summit on his own. How many are there who support the Boundless Family? Ha ha ha! Even the Limitless Family might appear this time. Although Heavensfire managed to get some helpers over, their numbers are still too little,” Divine Prince Carefree said with a derisive grin. 

“But with this, we’ll have a very hard time snatching the Longevity Scripture.”

“As long as the Longevity Scripture appears, there is hope for us.”

“By the way, isn’t the Longevity Tower also with this kid?” Ghost Matron suddenly asked. 

“No. According to the reliable information I received, the Longevity Tower has – for the sake of restoring its strength – ventured deep into space. Besides, back then, the Longevity Tower was badly damaged. For it to recover to its former strength will not be easy. If the Longevity Tower appears, maybe even more people would appear to snatch it.” Divine Prince Carefree snickered.

“Why isn’t this kid stopping?” Ghost Matron felt surprised. 

After entering the Ruined Zone, Chen Feng spread out his senses and found formidable auras in various corners. Some were openly revealing themselves while some were in hiding. Sensing them, Chen Feng sneered. 

He also saw Divine Prince Carefree and Ghost Matron. More, he moved towards them. This was quite the provocative act and the faces of Divine Prince Carefree and Ghost Matron turned somewhat contorted. 

That was particularly so for Ghost Matron, whose palm began emanating black energy. Killing intent flashed out from her eyes. 

However, Divine Prince Carefree stopped her. 

“We cannot attack. There are so many people watching. By being the first to attack here, we’ll become public enemy number one,” Divine Prince Carefree said. 

Chen Feng chuckled before walking past them. At the same time, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It would’ve been quite problematic if they had chosen to attack him.

Still, if they did not attack, then the chances of others attacking him would be even smaller. 

He was not walking around aimlessly. Rather, he was looking for a place with the highest concentration of death energy. For cultivators who had cultivated the longevity-type cultivation techniques, this place might not be a good place. But it was a different story for Chen Feng, who had cultivated the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. Death energy was also a form of energy. And so, he would be able to easily devour it. More, thanks to his Chaos Constitution, he would be able to easily absorb the energy. 

“Here.” Chen Feng said as he stopped. The death energy there was so thick that it shocked him slightly. In fact, the death energy there was pure that it could already give birth to laws. Even Gold Immortals would not casually venture their way here. 

Next, streams of death energy surged forward from every direction to converge upon Chen Feng. A massive vortex appeared above his head. 

“What is this kid doing? Is he absorbing the death energy? Isn’t he here to undergo his tribulation?”

“Humph! It’s the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, one of the most overbearing cultivation techniques from the Longevity Scripture. Even Divine Princes may not have the qualifications to cultivate it.” The one who said that was at the Divine Prince level as well. However, there was a sour note in his voice. 

“You only have yourself to blame for not being a member of the imperial family. Maybe you can cultivate it if you advance further along the path of the Divine Prince level,” someone beside him said. 

“It’s not that simple. Progressing further is difficult.”

“Eh? Why do I feel something amiss with the Heavengulping Absorption Technique that he is displaying?” This person was also a Divine Prince. However, he was a member of the imperial family. He had also cultivated the Heaven-defying secret technique known as the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. 

“Something is indeed amiss. There is the scent of the Demon Plane.” The one beside him nodded. 

“It’s the Demonic Heavengorging Art! This kid actually cultivated the Demonic Heavengorging Art! More, he has perfectly fused the two Heaven-defying secret techniques together. This is, impossible!” This person possessed the Divine Profundity Eyes and was able to see part of Chen Feng’s cultivation state. 

“That’s right. The Demonic Heavengorging Art is similar to our longevity-type secret techniques. Those with different genes are simply incapable of cultivating our secret techniques. How did Longevity Celestial do it?”

“Nothing is impossible. Do not forget. Longevity Celestial possesses the Chaos Constitution. It is only very normal for him to be able to do that which ordinary people cannot do.”

“The Demonic Heavengorging Art is the number one secret technique of the Demon Plane’s imperial family. It is something that the Divine Heavengorging Beasts created based on their own divine skill. Although the grade of its foundation cannot be compared with our Heavengulping Absorption Technique, its overbearing aspect has actually surpassed the Heavengulping Absorption Technique somewhat. Still, this is my first time seeing someone fuse these two secret techniques together.”

“This is also my first time seeing something like this.”

“This doesn’t feel right. Will this fellow just continue to cultivate here?” Some of the cultivators there began doubting Chen Feng’s intentions. 

“Probably not. He is probably trying to arrange some magic arrays.”

As expected, after Chen Feng had absorbed a sufficiently high amount of death energy, countless mysterious runes sprayed out from his body. The runes sprayed out in a violent and furious manner only to quickly move in an orderly fashion around Chen Feng. As the runes there hovered about, the streams of death energy that were farther away were quickly pulled over, where they flowed into and fused with the runes, causing the runes to continuously grow bigger. 


Space fluctuated and a formidable power rippled outwards in a circular fashion. In the end, even space became somewhat blurry. Some with lesser cultivation bases found that they were actually incapable of seeing Chen Feng.

“What kind of magic array is this? Is it from the Longevity Scripture?”

“What a wondrous magic array!”

“It must be from the Longevity Scripture. It clearly contains the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. No, it is the Great Heavengulping Array! What is this kid up to? Could he be planning to devour all of the death energy here? Ha ha ha! If that’s the case, he will become a great hero for our Celestial Longevity Plane.”

Naturally, Chen Feng was incapable of devouring all of the death energy there. However, devouring a certain amount of it – enough for what he intended – was still within his abilities. The runes floating around then became like living objects. After that, a change happened to their operations. 


This time, the quake caused circular cracks to appear in space. Some of the cultivators who were relatively close to Chen Feng’s position backed away. The magic array had given them a feeling of danger. 

“It must be a defensive magic array. Looks like he came here with a plan. By using the death energy here to form a barrier, he will be able to stop a portion of the cultivators here.”

“Is it not for helping him with the Heavenly Tribulation?”

“How strange. I have never seen this type of magic array before. However, longevity-type secret techniques can be seen in most of the magic array’s structure. It must be from the Longevity Scripture. Humph! This time, I must snatch over the Longevity Scripture, even if it’s only a fragment.”

“Iceform, what kind of magic array is this?” Divine Prince Heavensfire asked. 

“I have never seen it before either. I think it must be from the Longevity Scripture.” Divine Prince Iceform shook his head, his eyes staring intently at the runes that were constantly flying around the place. He could see that the runes were extraordinary. Correspondingly, the magic array that they formed would be even more extraordinary. Observing this scene had given even someone like him some strokes of inspiration. 

“A magic array that not even we can recognize must be a very high-grade magic array. Hopefully, it can help this kid stop the Heavenly Tribulation somewhat.”

“I don’t think this magic array is for stopping the Heavenly Tribulation. Rather, it is for those fellows planning to secretly take action against him.” Divine Prince Iceform chuckled. 

Naturally, Chen Feng did not know what was within the minds of all the cultivators there. He was fully focused on constructing the magic array.

This magic array that Chen Feng was constructing was indeed from the Longevity Scripture. However, he had added some other things into it to alter some of its functions. 

This was his first time doing this. That said, with the power of the Longevity Scripture, he was not fearful that he would fail. 

Chen Feng believed that this magic array, constructed by borrowing the power of the death energy here, would be able to stop the attacks of Divine Princes for a moment.  

While he had already made some preparations beforehand, for the sake of ensuring his safety, he had still taken action, making some more arrangements. Only when he had brought his power forth could Chen Feng feel truly at ease. 

Setting up this magic array took quite some effort, exhausting some of his power. However, after the magic array was complete, most of the cultivators there could no longer see Chen Feng’s figure. Not even Divine Prince Heavensfire and Divine Prince Iceform could see him. 

“It had to be said. This kid is truly formidable. If he could grow up, he will surely become the number one expert amongst Ageless Gold Immortals.”

“The Chaos Constitution indeed.”

“What’s so great about it? In the end, he’s just relying on the power of the Longevity Scripture.”

“Ha ha! It looks to me like you’re jealous.”

“Tsk, tsk. There are so many Gold Immortals here. For so many Divine Princes to come watch a Heavenly Immortal undergo his tribulation, this is unprecedented. Even if this kid fails his tribulation, he would still have made a name for himself.”

“I think that Longevity Celestial will succeed in overcoming his tribulation. The atmosphere that he gives off is simply too steady. I had originally only wanted to come here and watch, but now I’ve changed my mind.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to support Longevity Celestial.”

“You’re crazy. Can you not see what’s happening right now?”

“Ha ha ha! I simply believe in Longevity Celestial. Speaking of which, it is strange. This feeling came out of nowhere. You know as well, at our level, notions will not just appear out of nowhere.”

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