Chapter 130: Continue Onwards


“Heh heh! We are not going to do anything. We just want to see what kind of Prized artefact that is,” said Elegant Gentleman with a sneer as he fanned himself.

The faces of the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain, who were right beside them, turned grim. It appeared as though they wanted to step forward. In the end, however, they chose to stay put. 

“Is that so? You want to see it?” Chen Feng snapped open both his eyes and the Overwhelming Astral Sword flew out from his Heavenly Origin acupoint. After circling above his head, the sword hovered in the air, its tip aimed at both Elegant Gentleman and the short, middle-aged cultivator. Instantly, Elegant Gentleman could feel a powerful atmosphere of suppression rushing towards him, causing him to involuntarily take a few steps backwards.

What a powerful pressure. It is truly a Prized artefact. Elegant Gentleman’s heart thumped and a tempted look appeared in his eyes. However, he dared not take action. Should the Prized artefact be unleashed against him, it could kill him.

“All right. We do not have any malicious intentions, just a little curious,” said the short, middle-aged cultivator coolly.

It did not take long before Mo Ji flew down with her four bodyguards and the group of young cultivators with the air of young masters. With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng kept the Overwhelming Astral Sword back, returning it to his Heavenly Origin acupoint where it steadied the situation within the acupoint. 

As expected. Since having a magic treasure to safeguard my insight acupoint, my insight acupoint has become even more stable and powerful. Additionally, part of that power can also nourish the Prized artefact, allowing my strength to continuously grow. It seems the Acupoint Aegis Art from the Longevity Scripture is truly wondrous. By then, Chen Feng could already see Mo Ji and the others arriving. He knew that these two fellows would not be making a move. Thus, he began analyzing his own body.

Chen Feng had taken two Scarlet Blood Pills earlier, creating a large amount of medicinal powers within his body. However, Chen Feng was not too worried. Given his current level of abilities, he could easily refine and absorb the medicinal powers within his body. It was just a matter of time.

The domineering medicinal power surged into the Heavenly Origin acupoint and the two Magnetic acupoints. Since opening up all three insight acupoints, he had felt as though the insight acupoints were comparable to bottomless pits. The Scarlet Blood Pills’ medicinal powers that was within his body was enough for him to reach level 2 of the Concealed stage. And yet, after he poured them into the three insight acupoints, he found that they could not even create a ripple there. Chen Feng noticed as well; the stronger he got, the bigger and more spacious the insight acupoints became.

The Heavenly Origin acupoint is gradually growing stable, but the two newly opened Magnetic acupoints are still slightly chaotic. It seems I will need to find two magic treasures to safeguard them. Chen Feng was reminded of the Acupoint Aegis Art.

But the Overwhelming Astral Sword in the Heavenly Origin acupoint is a Prized artefact. The ones used for the two Magnetic acupoints cannot be ordinary treasures too. Where should I go find two more Prized artefacts? Chen Feng’s head suddenly ached.

Should some other cultivator get wind of what Chen Feng was thinking, that cultivator would certainly jump in shock. For most cultivators, possessing one top-grade Magic artefact would already make that cultivator a lofty character. As for the Prized artefact, that was a magic treasure that only Sky Human stage experts can properly control. Chen Feng had not only fully refined a Prized artefact, he had also fused it with his Heavenly Origin acupoint. Moreover, he was considering how to get two more Prized artefacts to fuse with his two Magnetic acupoints. Disregarding whether or not Chen Feng could refine the Prized artefacts after acquiring them, the fact that he could seriously think that was scary enough.

It is high time for me to assail my 2nd sea of wisdom layer. However, this timing is not quite right for it. By then, the amount of power Chen Feng accumulated was already enough for him to break through the second barrier in his sea of wisdom to enter level 2 of the Concealed stage.

After landing, Mo Ji swept a glance at the surrounding cultivators and her brows involuntarily furrowed together. Tens of cultivators had died in the earlier chaos. Some were killed by the Thunderhawk while others were swept away by the strong winds to who knows where.

In the beginning, everyone thought that a gathering of over 100 Concealed stage cultivators was a mighty force to be reckoned with. However, they ended up suffering from such a level of casualty right after entering the place. Not to mention, that was with them staying within the Sky Soaring Warship. At that very moment, the faces of every one there had turned grim and they wondered how they should continue their journey.

“The Sky Soaring Warship is badly damaged. Next up, we will have to move forward with our own power,” said Mo Ji coolly, her face regaining a look of calmness.

“We have already entered Demon Soul Valley. How much longer will it take us to reach the place you want to get to?” a young cultivator asked.

“That is right. Didn’t you say that we will only be going to the peripheral areas of Demon Soul Valley? We are now over 100 li in. We should already be close, no?” 

“This place is too dangerous. Without the Sky Soaring Warship, should another Great Yao appear, a lot of us will either die or be wounded.”

Several of the cultivators agreed. Having seen how dangerous the place was, none of them wanted to continue venturing deeper.

“The peripheral areas of Demon Soul Valley stretch on for over 1,000 li. We have only ventured more than 100 li in and you fellows are already regretting your decisions? If anyone regrets their decision, they may leave. Naturally, there will not be any Basic Yang Pills,” replied Mo Ji with a sneer.

Hearing Mo Ji’s words, the clamouring cultivators fell silent.

“That is how it is. Since we have accepted this task, we should have accepted the possibility of us dying here. It is only natural to risk our lives in order to obtain generous rewards,” said an older loose cultivator.

After considering it for a moment, Mo Ji waved her hand and a small mountain, nearly 10 metres high, appeared before them all. The small mountain consisted entirely of medicinal pills. The thick medicinal scent kept wafting out from the small mountain and the cultivators who breathed in the scent immediately felt their spirits lifting; their bodies too, felt lighter.

“Every person gets 20,000 Basic Yang Pills. Consider this a deposit for your fees,” said Mo Ji coolly.

Seeing so much Basic Yang Pills, the eyes of everyone there turned red and they rushed to the fore to grab their share.

“Well played. After entering Demon Soul Valley, it is simply unrealistic to exit the place with their own strength. Now that Mo Ji has taken out so many medicinal pills, they can only follow her to the end,” said Chen Feng with a sneer.

“They are not fools. Everyone knows what she is doing. However, they can only accept it. Heh heh. All right, it is our turn now,” said Ye Ziming with a snicker.

The small mountain of medicinal pills was quickly split away by the cultivators. After three joss stick’s worth of time, everyone began to journey forward again. As for the wounded cultivators, they could only force themselves to follow along. Getting left behind would only mean death for them.

When considering the number of those critically wounded and dead, they had lost up to two teams. All in all, Chen Feng’s team was relatively lucky. No one from his team died. Chen Feng and the others had only exhausted their power and suffered some wounds. Still, after some time, they had recovered. That was especially true for Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, who possessed a great deal of Magic crystals on them. The rate at which they were recovering was several times faster compared to the others. Amongst the three of them, Chen Feng was the one with the highest rate of recovery. His longevity-type primary energy was better than any sacred healing medicine. At that moment, they were journeying forward, but Chen Feng was also secretly making preparations to assail his 2nd sea of wisdom layer. Ye Ziming and Lu Ta had seemingly realized what Chen Feng intended on doing and they moved beside Chen Feng, one on his left and one on his right, keeping him protected between them.


Chen Feng inhaled deeply. All of the Scarlet Blood Pills’ medicinal power had been absorbed by his three insight acupoints. However, they were not completely refined. It was something of a temporary storage action. Chen Feng would have to wait for a more opportune moment to slowly process it.

“Thanks for the assistance earlier,” said Chen Feng with a smile as he looked at the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain. 

“He he! We are teammates. It is only natural for us to be helping each other.” Big Pot Bro grinned.

“In that case, please accept these 1,000 pieces of Magic crystals to restore your strength.” Chen Feng waved his hand and a small pile of Magic crystals flew towards Big Pot Bro.

Big Pot Bro responded with a wave of his own and a soft force wrapped up the Magic crystals in front of him.

“These are Magic crystals! So many of them.” Big Pot Bro stared with widened eyes.

Again, one piece of Magic crystal was the equivalent of 100 Basic Yang Pills. The 1,000 pieces of Magic crystal were the equivalent of 100,000 Basic Yang Pills. The reason all the cultivators there were risking their lives was in order to get 100,000 Basic Yang Pills. This move from Chen Feng shocked them all. They could not believe that Chen Feng could possess so much money. Even the distant Elegant Gentleman and the short, middle-aged cultivator were unable to stop themselves from turning their gazes at Chen Feng. The two of them secretly discussed amongst themselves and ferocious light glinted across their eyes. It would appear they had come to a decision.

“We cannot accept this. Brother Chen, please take it back.” Looking at the pile of Magic crystals in his hand, Big Pot Bro was clearly moved. However, he quickly recollected himself. With another wave of his hand, he sent the Magic crystals back to Chen Feng.

“That is right, Brother Chen. You should take it back. These Magic crystals are too valuable,” Second Pot Bro too, quickly said.

“Like you said earlier, we are teammates and helping teammates is only natural. You fellows have probably exhausted a considerable amount of energy earlier. Absorbing Magic crystals is the best way to restore energy.” Chen Feng waved his hand to push the Magic crystals back.

After a series of back and forth, Big Pot Bro was only willing to accept 200 pieces of Magic crystals. No matter what Chen Feng said, he was unwilling to accept more. Seeing no other option, Chen Feng could only keep the Magic crystals.

Two hundred Magic crystals. That was already a considerable amount of wealth for Concealed stage cultivators.

Since pulling out those Magic crystals, Chen Feng could feel murderous gazes secretly aimed his way. Some cultivators were openly staring at Chen Feng.

“Is this kid an idiot? Doesn’t he know not to show off his wealth? Now that he is targeted by others, it is just a matter of time before he suffers.”

“The kid doesn’t seem to possess a high level of cultivation. How could he possess so much Magic crystals on him?”

“Heh! Who cares about that? When this task is over, or maybe, when we have an opportunity later, we can just rob him.”

“Brother Chen, this action of yours will invite a lot of problems,” Ye Ziming was unable to stop himself from saying.

“I did not think too much about it. I just thought that that those five fellows’ characters and cultivation bases are pretty good and are worth befriending. If anyone truly wants to attack us because of such a small number of Magic crystals, tsk, tsk, they are likely not that hard to deal with,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

“I was wounded in the earlier fight and have yet to fully recover. I will be using a secret technique to recover soon. Brother Ye, Brother Lu, I will have to depend on you two for now,” Chen Feng deliberately said those words with a moderate tone, one that the surrounding cultivators could hear.

Next, Chen Feng waved his hand and sword light shone out from his body to envelop his body. Next, as the others steadily flew forward, Chen Feng closed his eyes and immersed himself wholeheartedly into seemingly healing his body.

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