Chapter 1299 Aquafiend


“I did hear about Second Brother’s situation. Although there is no news about him, his Soul Lamp is not extinguished. That means that he is doing fine. Additionally, given his talent, he must have reached the Gold Immortal stage long ago,” Chen Feng said, nodding his head.

“I think so too.” Jin Liu and Feng Gang nodded as well. 

“During the past few days that I spent in cultivation, did anything happen to the Longevity Heavensrange? I had killed off so many people. The Department of Elders will surely not let it slide,” Chen Feng suddenly asked. 

“It is very strange, but the Department of Elders has been staying very quiet.”

“Quiet? Ha ha ha! The Department of Elders had taken action against me back then. It was something that they had decided upon since I entered the Celestial Longevity Plane. For them to not do anything right now, who knows when they’ll take action? These old fellows are very difficult to handle.” Chen Feng revealed a contemptuous smile. He did not have any good impression for the Department of Elders. If he was strong enough, he would have fought his way over.

However, just because his strength was lacking now did not mean that it would remain the same in the future. For this reason, Chen Feng had his sights set on the Department of Elders. 

“Divine Princes are nothing great. We still have time.”

Next up, Chen Feng and the two Gold Immortals discussed the Celestial Longevity Plane’s situation. Just as the two Gold Immortals were about to leave, a formidable aura suddenly charged towards the Boundless Summit. 

“There’s a total of 20 Gold Immortals. Is the Department of Elders finally taking action?” Jin Liu and Feng Gang felt somewhat concerned. 

“It’s not the Department of Elders. It’s Aquafiend,” Chen Feng said coolly. 

“Aquafiend? What’s he here for?” Jin Liu and Feng Gang grew even more concerned. 

“We’ll know once we go look.” Chen Feng, on the other hand, was not worried. 

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Cousin Longevity Celestial, you have returned!” A loud sound of laughter rang out even before their arrival. The one in the lead had a tall and muscular body. Clad in a black combat armour, he sported a handsome face. Only, there was a look of arrogance on his face. Behind him was a group of Gold Immortals. Upon entering the Boundless Summit’s territory, they did not slow down in the slightest. Instead, they smashed apart all the arrays in their path. 

“Remove the arrays,” Chen Feng said. Jin Liu and Feng Gang nodded and displayed some secret techniques, causing the arrays to disappear. And so, Aquafiend and his men had an easier time arriving before Chen Feng. 

Along the way, though, tens of divine senses belonging to Gold Immortals had rushed out, giving rise to the feelings of wariness within Aquafiend. He still hadn’t fully grasped how much power the Boundless Summit possessed. This was why he did not dare to recklessly take action all this time.   

However, Longevity Celestial’s sudden return ended up moving his hand.

“Little cousin, it’s been a long time. It’s good that you’re back,” Aquafiend said, stretching his hand out to pat Chen Feng’s shoulder. 

Jin Liu and Feng Gang’s eyelids twitched, but they did not take action. This was the Boundless Summit. If Aquafiend were to go overboard with his actions, he would have a hard time leaving. 

Meanwhile, Chen Feng did not evade the move. He allowed Aquafiend’s palm to slap down on his shoulder. Next, a tsunami-like power surged into his body. 

Even so, his face remained an unreadable mask. He did not reject the incoming power. Instead, his body became like a bottomless pit and the power that flowed into his body utterly disappeared. 

A look of surprise flashed across Aquafiend’s eyes and he quickly retracted his palm. It was a tense situation, but a cultivator who did not know what was happening would have assumed that Aquafiend was sincere in his actions here. 

“What are you here for?” In the face of the passionate display from Aquafiend, Chen Feng displayed only frostiness. He would not show courtesy towards someone who had once attacked him in the past. 

That said, he did feel somewhat surprised. Back when Aquafiend took action against him, Aquafiend was only at the half-step Gold Immortal stage. In the face of the attack, the imprint that Boundless left within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom had taken action to deal with Aquafiend and even taken away a million years’ worth of cultivation away from Aquafiend. Naturally, Chen Feng had long since devoured that power. 

Maybe his clone is the one at the half-step Gold Immortal stage while his main body is a Gold Immortal, Chen Feng thought. He could sense that Aquafiend was very strong. And while he was not yet at the Divine Prince level, he was close. 

“Naturally, I am here to visit you, little cousin. What is this? Do you not welcome your older cousin?” Aquafiend said with a smile. 

“You’re not welcomed. If there is nothing, you may leave now,” Chen Feng said coolly. The expression on his face revealed that he did not think highly of them. 

Aquafiend had maintained an impassive expression, but the cultivators behind him became somewhat furious. One of the Gold Immortals then shouted, “Longevity Celestial, you are being too arrogant here! Our Young Master’s action of coming here is a show of respect for you!”

“Who do you think you are? A minor servant like you have no right to be opening your mouth here. Hurry up and step back!” Chen Feng retorted loudly. 

“You!” The Gold Immortal became even more infuriated. 

“Take him down!” Chen Feng then shouted and Jin Liu and Feng Gang immediately took action to easily subdue the Gold Immortal. 


The other Gold Immortals behind Aquafiend took action, forming a fan-shaped formation as they surrounded Chen Feng, Jin Liu and Feng Gang.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Magiris, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature swiftly appeared as well. At the same time, the auras of Gold Immortals also charged out from the surrounding mountain peaks. The formidable pressure caused the Gold Immortals on Aquafiend’s side to immediately cool down. 

“This is the Boundless Summit, not your Limitless Summit,” Chen Feng said coolly. 

“You broke into our Boundless Summit by force. More, you dare put on a display of insolence? A punishment is necessary. While I can spare you the capital punishment, you must be punished nonetheless. One of your Ageless laws will be extracted,” Chen Feng said, stretching his hand to grasp. Next, the Gold Immortal who was subdued by Jin Liu and Feng Gang grunted and an Ageless law was pulled out from his body. 


Aquafiend was finally incapable of holding back. He too, stretched his hand out and grasped in the direction of Chen Feng’s arm. However, Chen Feng’s other hand transformed into a Great Longevity Palm, which then rapidly grew in size. Following that, the mountainous palm pressed down on Aquafiend.


A hint of fury flashed across Aquafiend’s eyes and his palm transformed into a sharp blade of water to cleave the Great Longevity Palm from Chen Feng. By then, however, Chen Feng had finished extracting the Ageless law from the Gold Immortal. 


After that, Chen Feng kicked the weakened cultivator’s body aside. 

“Aquafiend, it’s been a while since we last met, but it looks like your strength did not improve,” Chen Feng said smilingly, a law – looking like a golden dragon – swirling around his palm.

“Longevity Celestial, hand over the law and I can forget that this happened,” Aquafiend said solemnly. 

“Hah! Are you joking with me here?” Chen Feng laughed. 

“Longevity Celestial, do you still not understand the situation? You have offended so many forces as it is. Do you want to add our Limitless Summit into your list of enemies?” Aquafiend suddenly turned quiet. 

“I did not offend anyone. There were some death-seeking fellows who kept coming after me. Since they have a death wish, I simply obliged.” Chen Feng snickered.

“I don’t know if there’s something giving you this confidence or if your brain is simply broken. Originally, our Limitless Summit had wanted to help you. But now, it would appear that there is no such need anymore,” Aquafiend said. 

Help? Your Limitless Summit? What a joke! Back then, if it weren’t for the shenanigans of your Limitless Summit, I would not have ended up drifting in space for a million years! Not once have I forgotten that! We will have plenty of time to settle this score.” Killing intent abruptly burst out from Chen Feng’s body. Even his face contorted, becoming somewhat savage.  

“And now, with this handful of men, you dare come stir up trouble in our Boundless Summit? For me, this is a good chance.” Chen Feng’s aura began rampaging about. 

“Humph! I’ll give you fellows one breath’s worth of time. Now, hurry up and scram!” Chen Feng said icily. 

“Longevity Celestial, do you really fancy yourself as a hotshot? Just the Department of Elders is enough to easily finish you off. If you want to continue surviving here in the Celestial Longevity Plane, you only have one option, and that is to submit to our Limitless Summit!” another Gold Immortal shouted arrogantly. 

Instantly, Chen Feng came to realize the objective behind Aquafiend’s trip here. And so, the killing intent coming from his heart intensified. 

“Attack! Take them down!” Chen Feng said, bringing out the Longevity Sword to attack Aquafiend.

The very instant that Chen Feng issued the order, Magiris, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature attacked. Jin Liu and Feng Gang shook their heads, but they did not hesitate to unleash an offensive secret technique as well. 

Simultaneously, the entire Boundless Summit stirred. Several wondrous attacks flew out from various directions to target Aquafiend and his men. 


Aquafiend harrumphed and waved his hand. Next, a small bead flew out, swiftly expanding in size to encase him and his men. At the same time, the bead also blocked all the attacks coming at them from various directions. 

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