Chapter 1298 Cultivation Base Improves Greatly


Chen Feng had already figured out who was helping him. However, he did not refuse. More, given the circumstances, he could not refuse. Rather, all he could do was to give it his all to devour even more of the power. 

In the beginning, Bing Xing had maintained a very calm expression on her face. But it did not take long before her face sank. The amount of power that Chen Feng was absorbing was too great. 

Given her level of authority, channelling out this much power from the Longevity Pool was already her limit. And yet, Chen Feng had yet to reach his limit, far from it. 

A troubled look appeared in Bing Xing’s eyes before she finally waved her hand to bring out a token. The token flew into the Longevity Pool, where it immediately churned. Following that, another stream of water flowed out from the pool. This stream was even bigger than the two previous streams combined.

The moment the token entered the Longevity Pool, a female cultivator who was inside another valley within the Longevity Palace was alarmed. 

This female cultivator was Gu Yue, one of the three Saintesses.

While Bing Xing had an air of flawless beauty, Gu Yue exuded an air of purity and elegance. She furrowed her brows and quickly found out what was happening. And so, she took a step forward. With but a few steps, she jumped through space to arrive before Bing Xing.

“Sister Gu Yue,” Bing Xing said with a smile. 

“Why did you use the token that the Palace Lord gave you?” Gu Yue said solemnly. 

Bing Xing did not answer, but Gu Yue already knew what was happening. She had only asked that as a nonchalant question. Seeing Bing Xing not replying, she could not stop herself from sighing. 

“Helping him like this, is it worth it?” Gu Yue sighed. 

“It’s worth it,” Bing Xing answered calmly. 

After pondering it for a moment, Gu Yue then said, “Very well. This is your affair. No one may interfere. However, there are some other geniuses besides Longevity Celestial in our Celestial Longevity Plane.” 

“What kind of genius can match up to the Chaos Constitution? Besides, this is a marriage contract that the Planar Lord bestowed upon me. Who dares go against it?” Bing Xing said.

“That was in the past. At present, I fear that Longevity Celestial is not in a good position.” Gu Yue shook her head. 

“For that reason, I need you all to take action.”

“You want our Longevity Palace to intervene?” A look of surprise flashed across Gu Yue’s face.

“If the Department of Elders can intervene, why can’t our Longevity Palace?” Bing Xing said coldly.

“The Department of Elders is no easy opponent. Every one of them is a Divine Prince.” Gu Yue frowned. 

“So what if they are Divine Princes. They cannot just oppress other cultivators willy-nilly.” 

“Bing Xing, do you still not understand the present situation? The moment Longevity Celestial arrived, he had killed off a high number of people. Unless the Palace Lord speaks up, our strength alone is simply insufficient to fight against the Department of Elders.”

“Earlier, Hai Qing and the others have already visited me. I know what happened outside,” Bing Xing said. 

“Despite that, you still intend on intervening?” Gu Yue asked. 

“I am unable to intervene. That’s why I am hoping that you all will help.”

“Sigh!” Gu Yue shook her head.

“What is it, Sister Gu Yue? Are you unwilling to help?” Bing Xing grew somewhat anxious. 

“I can take action, but it will be a measured one,” Gu Yue replied after a moment’s consideration. 

“That’s enough.” Bing Xing nodded. In Bing Xing’s opinion, as long as someone from the Longevity Palace took action, it would signify the Longevity Palace’s position on this matter. With that, they would be able to put on some pressure on the Department of Elders while lessening the pressure on Chen Feng.

“Seriously, you! I wonder, is this decision of yours right or wrong?” Gu Yue sighed again. 

“What if the one in the marriage contract back then was you?” Bing Xing suddenly asked. 

“Err, I never thought of that before.” Gu Yue blushed.

As the two of them were chatting, the Longevity Pool returned to a state of calm and no more water flowed out from it. The Cosmic Mirror also fell back into Bing Xing’s hands. However, the token that was tossed into the Longevity Pool earlier did not fly out. That was the price she had to pay for utilizing the Longevity Pool’s power. 

“Thank you!” Chen Feng’s voice made its way over and spread out across the valley.

“Eh, this fellow’s strength is quite good. He is actually capable of sending his voice over.” Gu Yue became somewhat surprised. 

For Chen Feng, receiving the power from the Longevity Pool had saved him almost hundreds of thousands of years’ worth of cultivation effort. Additionally, it wasn’t just a simple matter of accumulating power. The Longevity Pool also contained the power of chaos laws. That was what Chen Feng found to be most beneficial for him.

Putting aside the great progress his fleshly body made, his bodily worlds had also grown by nearly one third. Additionally, his soul flame also gained a strand of cyan flames.

In the previous tribulation, facing the Heavensdao Seal had led to Chen Feng’s soul becoming damaged and his soul power became seriously depleted. Since then, he had been constantly thinking of replenishing his soul power, but to no success. This strand of cyan flames, while not as big as the amount lost in the past, was far greater in quality. 

The Longevity Pool is indeed a good thing. It’d be great if I can keep on cultivating in it. Chen Feng then shook his head. He knew that it was an unrealistic idea. 

This huge increase in his cultivation base was thanks to his fiancée. Thinking about this caused a troubled look to appear on his face.   

For her to show willingness to help me, looks like she is interested in me. It is said that Bing Xing has the Cosmic Saint Body, possessing a bodily world since birth. This Heaven-defying constitution is already a top-grade constitution. By putting two Heaven-defying constitutions together, there is a high chance for the next generation to inherit special constitutions. That’s probably what the Planar Lord was thinking, Chen Feng thought. 

However, the image of another female cultivator then appeared in Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. With a slender body clad in white clothes and a beautiful appearance, it was none other than the one who guided him to join Extreme Celestial Sect back in Eternal World, Bai Ziyan. 

Next, the image of Bai Ziyan disappeared, replaced by the enchanting and sensual Mo Ji. It was then followed by Xue Luosha, who was clad in her fiery-red suit of armour. 

Chen Feng shook his head to clear those thoughts from his mind. At the same time, he felt puzzled. He did not understand what was wrong with him today. Why would he end up having such thoughts?

Next, Chen Feng began divining Bai Ziyan’s whereabouts. Back when he was in Eternal World, Bai Ziyan had disappeared. At the time, Chen Feng did not think too much about it. But now, upon thinking about her, the thoughts became like overgrown weeds. No matter how much he tried, he could not clear them all away. 

Given Chen Feng’s present cultivation level, even if the target was a Gold Immortal, his divination efforts would reveal some clues about the person. This time, however, Chen Feng was disappointed. Despite having utilized a wondrous divination technique, one that involved the River of Space-time and Fate, he was still incapable of finding any clues regarding Bai Ziyan. 

“How strange.” Chen Feng shook his head and repeated his divination effort again. Once again, all he found was a stretch of chaos. Even though he had utilized the Heaven-hoaxing Technique, Heaven-shrouding Technique and Heaven-stealing Technique, he could not find any clues. 

For something like this to happen, it either means that this person’s life has come to an end… no. If a person’s life has come to an end, some of their imprints should be at the River of Space-time and Fate. If so, Bai Ziyan must be in a special place right now. After coming to this conclusion, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. This meant that Bai Ziyan was still alive. 

After he was done divining Bai Ziyan’s whereabouts, Chen Feng calmed down. 

Looks like it’s time I consider the matter of my dao companion. Chen Feng nodded. He had been spending all this time cultivating, never considering this matter at all. 

Thinking about it, Chen Feng felt amused. Many male cultivators at his level would have a high number of dao companions. That was especially true for the cultivators with some special constitutions. For the sake of obtaining a formidable heir, there were even more with harems. Some who were more overbearing would resort to their own methods to search for dao companions with talents as good as theirs.

Before that, however, there are many issues that I have to resolve. Thinking about the issue gave Chen Feng a headache. The situation was somewhat different from what he had expected and the number of people who supported him appeared small. On the contrary, it would appear that there were more who wanted him dead. 

Hopefully, my hunch is correct. With my strength alone, I would truly be incapable of handling this. Finishing up his thoughts on the matter, Chen Feng then headed out. 

“Young Master!”

Seeing Chen Feng walk out, the 100 guards keeping watch outside the courtyard respectfully saluted him at the same time. 

Chen Feng nodded calmly in response. Although all of the guards had extraordinary cultivation bases, given his present status, there was no need for him to say much here. 

After Chen Feng emerged, the two Gold Immortals who were protecting the Longevity Celestial Summit also appeared to greet Chen Feng. 

Like the guards, the two Gold Immortals were also there to protect Chen Feng. Only, they would generally not appear unless there was something serious happening. Thus, Chen Feng had rarely seen them back during his childhood days. 

At present, however, the situation had changed. Chen Feng’s strength was clear for all to see. Although the two Gold Immortals were veterans with decent cultivation bases, they dared not show haughtiness in front of Chen Feng. The things that Chen Feng had done since entering the Celestial Longevity Plane had already spread out and the two Gold Immortals knew that they would have been incapable of doing that.

In the past, they had showed Chen Feng respect due to his identity. At present, they showed him respect due to his strength. 

At the same time, Chen Feng swiftly familiarized himself with the situation in the Boundless Summit. All of his immediate family members were not there. All this time, the ones who had been firmly standing guard over the Boundless Summit were all the veteran members and men loyal to the Boundless family. 

“Young Master, what do you plan on doing next?” One of the Gold Immortals was known as Jin Liu while the other was known as Feng Gang. They were both native cultivators of the Celestial Longevity Plane. They had joined the Boundless Family since they were children and had spent more time in the Boundless Family than Boundless himself. Naturally, back then, the family was not known as the Boundless Family. 

“Seniors, please tell me about the situation here,” Chen Feng said with a smile. He showed great courtesy towards these two seniors. Of course, the two of them were not the only Gold Immortals in the Boundless Family. Any place within the Boundless Summit that had any significance would be protected by Gold Immortals. 

Boundless was a formidable figure who had swept his way through the Myriad Celestial Planes. The fact that he had cultivated a number of Gold Immortals aside, there were many other Gold Immortals who willingly chose to become his followers. 

This was an important reason as to why no other forces had come to pick a quarrel with the Boundless Family after Boundless disappeared. The other reason was that no one could be certain as to when Boundless would re-appear. 

“It’s not looking good. Some people are already starting to target our Boundless Summit.” Jin Liu sighed. 

If Boundless was only in a normal cultivation retreat, everything would be fine. Even if it was for millions of years or over ten million years, it would be considered as a normal situation. But this situation was different. Before entering his cultivation retreat, Boundless had been badly wounded. During the time that he had been spending in cultivation retreat, not once did his clone appear. As time went by, it was only natural for ill-intentions to rise up from some people.  

In addition, the Boundless Corps had been constantly fighting wars in outer space all this time. That was particularly true in recent years, where the corps had become entangled outside and could not return to the Celestial Longevity Plane. Due to this, many people believed that the Boundless Corps was on the decline. 

“Oh, is that so?” Chen Feng said coolly. Although he had already guessed that something like this might be happening, hearing that had still caused two beams of killing energy to shine out from his eyes like blades. Everywhere the killing energy went, they would leave circular ripples in the air. 

“It is simply how it is. As the family head has not appeared for a long time, people’s hearts began to sway. Besides, the Boundless Corps is also currently tied up in the Chaos Dimension. It is said that the corps has suffered from heavy losses lately and the number of soldiers in the corps is also continuously falling,” Jin Liu said, a look of concern on his face. The imprints of the Boundless Family had become embedded within their blood. This was their home. As a problem had arisen, it was only natural for them to become very worried. And while Chen Feng was not yet a Gold Immortal, he was still Boundless’ son. He was currently the master of the entire family. Only with someone to gather around and entrust their faith in would they feel at ease.

“The Chaos Dimension.” Chen Feng frowned.

“That is a very dangerous place. I wonder, how are my brothers doing right now?” Chen Feng sighed, a look of affection appearing on his face. 

“Ha ha ha! The Eldest Young Master and the Third Young Master have already advanced to the Gold Immortal stage. In recent years, they have been leading the corps to fight in outer space. As for the Second Young Master, he headed out into space for an adventure. It has been hundreds of thousands of years since we had any news of him,” Feng Gang said.

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