Chapter 1297 Channelling Energy


Chen Feng was unaware that his every move could be seen by his fiancée. Not even the arrays in the Boundless Summit could ward off Bing Xing’s prying eyes. 

That said, Chen Feng was no ordinary character, after all. More, he possessed the Longevity Scripture. Thus, he sensed something amiss. However, despite having pushed his cultivation base to its limits, he was still incapable of finding the source of that feeling. 

It feels like someone is spying on me? Having thought of that, Chen Feng secretly utilized the Heavensdao Seal and the Heavensdao laws sealed the surrounding space. As expected, the feeling disappeared [1]

It’s true. Someone is spying on me. Only, who is it? Chen Feng relaxed and began cultivating himself. 

He was presently staying in the Longevity Celestial Summit, his place of residence back when he was still a child. 

Chen Feng was born with the Chaos Constitution, possessing formidable magic powers since birth and a mighty body. Thus, a treasured place closest to the Boundless Summit was quickly designated for him. In addition to eight bodyguards led by Lei Long, he also had a thousand soldiers to guard the place. More, there were also two half-step Gold Immortals keeping watch over the place and some Dark Soulsmen. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that, if nothing had happened to him, Chen Feng would have become the biggest chad in the Celestial Longevity Plane. He would be able to act wantonly in the Longevity Heavensrange and no one would dare stop him. It would be very different from what he was currently facing, where just his actions of returning home were met with layer after layer of obstructions.

However, he managed to return in the end. After meeting so many familiar faces, Chen Feng then shut himself in his courtyard. Various thoughts within his sea of wisdom disturbed him and despite his cultivation base, he could not calm down. 

In the end, he utilized the Primary Self-anchoring Mantra to calm himself down. Stopping himself from thinking about other matters, he then entered a state of cultivation.

He knew that there were greater difficulties awaiting him next. 


Within the valley in the Longevity Palace, the mirror before Bing Xing flashed with light. Surprisingly, it was no longer able to show Chen Feng.

A look of surprise appeared on Bing Xing’s face, but she quickly recollected herself. 

This must be the power of the Heavensdao Seal.

He is already very strong. However, he is still not a Gold Immortal, after all. Upon reaching that thought, starlight shone from Bing Xing’s eyes and she quickly made up her mind. 

“Looks like I will need to help him.” After saying that, she stretched her fingers and traced a movement in the air with them. Next, a stream of water was pulled out from the Longevity Pool located deep within the Longevity Palace. The stream of water then flowed into the mirror. 

Chen Feng was in the midst of studying the power of the Heavensdao Seal. His previous usage of the Heavensdao Seal had given him the feeling that the Heavensdao Seal was not that simple. It should possess many other functions. By researching and mastering its abilities, he would be able to use them in the coming battles. 

In his opinion, even Divine Princes would retreat in fear from this item. 

He even began muttering secretly about how Tower had gone overboard in his actions against the Heavensdao Seal back then, leaving it with only a small part of its power left. 

Naturally, if Tower were to find out what Chen Feng was thinking, he would surely unleash a string of expletives at him. 

On Chen Feng’s end, he began pondering how good it would be if he could encounter yet another Heavensdao Seal in his next tribulation. Only, he knew that the chances of that happening was very slim. In the path of cultivation, all cultivators would only encounter the Heavensdao Seal once. 

After his research on it, he finally understood some of the operating principles of the Heavensdao Seal. The power within it was not that important. Given Chen Feng’s ability, he could procure some tribulation power to replenish its power. The difficult part here was the Heavensdao laws within the Heavensdao Seal. 

That was the most important thing about the Heavensdao Seal. 

Power can be easily found, but laws were hard to find. It would not be an exaggeration to say that laws were both the core and the framework. Without the Heavensdao laws, no matter how much power he possessed, it would be useless. 

This is quite problematic. Given my current level, gathering and forming Heavensdao laws is terribly difficult. While it is not impossible, the chances of me succeeding are simply too small. Chen Feng revealed a wry smile. 

The Heavensdao could be used for offence, but to use one’s own power to simulate and create the Heavensdao was another matter entirely. No one could do that, not unless that person was strong enough to disregard the grand dao, an existence comparable to the universe itself. 

Even so, Chen Feng had still chosen to keep the Heavensdao Seal for his own use. He had a minor bit of confidence.

With that minor bit of confidence, he took action. It was very simple. He began analysing the most subtle part of the Heavensdao Seal. While it was the slowest method, it was also the most direct and effective method.

He was not thinking of fully understanding the Heavensdao Seal here. All he wanted for now was to find a way to help it recover from the damage it sustained back then. 

Just as Chen Feng was wholly concentrating, a formidable stream of power charged into his body.

A pleasant and relaxing feeling quickly spread through every part of his body. In the beginning, this had shocked him slightly. But when he realized what was happening, he became even more shocked. 

Gold Immortals would be incapable of charging into this place that he was staying in. Even Divine Princes would have to exert quite some effort for that. If so, who was behind this?

When he then figured out what was pouring into his body, though, his face took on a somewhat peculiar expression.

He had come to understand what was happening. 

So, it’s the Cosmic Mirror. No wonder they can ignore the arrays here. The spying sensation I felt earlier must be due to this Cosmic Mirror, Chen Feng thought. 

Still, this means that the Heavensdao Seal can stop the spying action of the Cosmic Mirror. Having reached that thought, Chen Feng grew somewhat delighted. 

Quickly, though, the endless stream of power that was charging into him left him with no time to ponder about that. And so, he began to furiously devour and refine the power.

The power within the Longevity Pool is truly good. Chen Feng’s Chaos Constitution displayed its might. No matter how much power came, he was able to instantly gulp them all down. 

His body was like a bottomless pit, seemingly connected to another world. This amount of power could overload the average Gold Immortal. But for Chen Feng, it was nothing more than high-quality supplements.

“The Chaos Constitution indeed!” Light glinted across Bing Xing’s eyes. Chen Feng’s state had exceeded her expectations. 

Finally, Chen Feng’s fleshly body reached a certain limit and the speed at which he was devouring the power began slowing down. However, with a thought from Chen Feng, the power entering his body then flowed into his bodily worlds. 

Due to that, the power became somewhat insufficient. 

“Too slow,” Chen Feng said.

“Humph!” Chen Feng’s voice immediately elicited a grunt from Bing Xing. Her finger jabbed forward again and yet another stream of water flew out from the Longevity Pool. With that, there were now two streams of power flowing into Chen Feng’s body. 

“Huh! This feels good!” Chen Feng let out a loud shout. The power within him was steadily climbing and his bodily worlds were rapidly expanding. 

 1 Changing the translation of ‘Heavenly dao law’ to ‘Heavensdao law’ to give it a bit more differentiation from the ‘Heavenly law’. It was mentioned earlier that Chen Feng, at the Heavenly Immortal stage can already form Heavenly laws. This chapter, it is mentioned that he cannot form Heavensdao laws. So, those two are very different.

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