Chapter 1296 The Saintess of the Longevity Palace


The Longevity Palace was also the oldest building in the Celestial Longevity Plane. It was one of the symbols of the Celestial Longevity Plane and one of the most noble existences on the Longevity Heavensrange. 

Most importantly, the Longevity Palace was the formal residence of the Planar Lord. 

In addition, there was an important place within the Longevity Palace, the Longevity Pool. This Longevity Pool was no ordinary existence. Even for Gold Immortals, no matter how badly injured they may be, as long as just a strand of their primary spirit managed to make it out, they would be able to recover by entering the Longevity Pool. Cultivating at the edge of the Longevity Pool would allow one’s cultivation speed to soar by leaps and bounds, a thousand times or even ten thousand times greater compared to when they were cultivating elsewhere. Of course, only a very limited number of cultivators would have the honour of doing so. 

When compared to other places, there were relatively few people there in the Longevity Palace. In this regard, it was somewhat similar to the Palace of Divine Princes. With the exception of some guards with high cultivation bases, only a very small number of cultivators would enter and leave this place. 

At that very moment, however, three beams of rainbow-coloured light drifted over from different directions. Although the beams did not appear fast, they arrived before the gate of the Longevity Palace in but the blink of an eye. 

There was a total of 100 guards at the gate of the Longevity Palace. All of them were half-step Gold Immortals. Clad in identical uniforms and armed with the same weapons, they stood there quietly. Only, they were like volcanoes that could erupt at any given moment, with the ferocity of a man-eating savage beast from the wilderness of the universe.

The 100 guards had been selected from the billions of cultivators in the Celestial Longevity Plane. It was not a position that just anyone could hope to obtain. Every single one of them possessed formidable combat power, comparable to the War Immortals of the Immortal Plane. 

Additionally, they were also haughty characters who would look down on the average Gold Immortal. Some had even killed off Gold Immortals before. 

But when these haughty guards saw who had arrived, they quickly bowed respectfully, waiting until the three people had entered the temple before straightening themselves again. 

“It’s the three princesses. They must be here to find the Saintess.”

“I hear that the three princesses had grouped up to explore the Chaos Dimension some time ago, where they killed a Starry Overlord Beast.”

“I did hear about that as well. It’s incredible. A mature Starry Overlord Beast is even stronger than a Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer. Even with our level of strength, we will need many men working together to do that.”

“Humph, don’t try to paint gold on your face. How can guys like us be compared with the three princesses? If you want, just wait until we cultivate up to the Gold Immortal stage.”

“Sigh! Our immortal region is becoming increasingly chaotic, particularly the Immortal Plane. It is said that they are incredibly arrogant. And then there are the Slaughterers. I really want to go check it out.”

“That’s easy. As long as the Saintess agrees, we’ll be able to go. Though, I hear that the Saintess is planning on a trip away from the Celestial Longevity Plane. I wonder if she will bring us along.”

“Is that for real? Where did you get your hands on this piece of news?”

“Naturally, I have my own special channels. You want to know the details? Just bring out the Yin Yang Stone that you got last time.”

“Humph! I also have an important piece of news that you fellows definitely do not know.”

“Oh, what news? Tell us about it.”

“Longevity Celestial is back.”

“Longevity Celestial? Which Longevity Celestial?”

“Which one do you think? Naturally, it’s the one with the Chaos Constitution.”


One of them let out a cry of surprise. However, a harrumph quickly rang out from within the Longevity Palace and the one who let out the cry of surprise immediately paled. His divine sense had become grievously wounded. 

And so, the guards behaved themselves. Only, it did not take long before their divine senses emerged and they began discussing the issue again. They knew, as long as they did not make a sound, the ones inside the Longevity Palace would not punish them. 

“You say that Longevity Celestial has returned? Is it true?”

“Of course. Did you fellows forget? I have a clone that’s on a mission outside. Thanks to that, I know quite a bit about what’s happening out there.”

“Clone. Of course! How did I forget about that? I also have a clone outside.”

Immediately, two of the guards made contact with their clones and their faces immediately took on a look of utter astonishment. 

“What is it? Hurry, spill the beans!” Some of the other guards became anxious. 

“It really is Longevity Celestial!” One of them nearly blurted aloud. Thankfully, he managed to hold himself back. 

“Hasn’t it been a million years since Longevity Celestial went missing? Why did he return now? Besides, so what if he’s back? It’s not a particularly big matter. Just look at the looks of surprise on your faces.”

“Sigh! That’s not it.”

“Then, what is it?”

“I’ll tell you. That Longevity Celestial has been putting on an extreme display of arrogance the moment he appeared in the Celestial Longevity Plane. He would practically kill anyone standing in his way, even gods. Thus far, he had already killed off over 10 Gold Immortals. As for half-step Gold Immortals and Heavenly Immortals, he had killed tens of thousands of them. 

“Surely not. Are you joking here?”

“Of course not. I’m not the only one with a clone outside. You can go ask the rest.”

“It’s true. Hai Hun is telling the truth. However, I also received the latest news. Longevity Celestial has entered the Longevity Heavensrange. There, he killed off hundreds of thousands of the Longevity Corps’ soldiers, even repelling the attacks from a Divine Prince.”

“Bao Liu, your stories are becoming increasingly exaggerated. How can Longevity Celestial be that strong? What, is he a Divine Prince as well? Besides, he killed so many soldiers from the Longevity Corps? Does he have a death wish?”

“Bao Liu speaks the truth. I got the same news.”

“If so, what level is Longevity Celestial at? Right, he possesses the Chaos Constitution. If he’s already at the Gold Immortal stage, he can fight against a Divine Prince.”

“Not a Gold Immortal. A Heavenly Immortal, a high-level Heavenly Immortal.”

“What, impossible!” One of them actually blurted aloud again. The guard hastily shut his mouth. However, no actions came from the Longevity Palace this time and the guard thanked his good fortune. 

“A high-level Heavenly Immortal repelled a Divine Prince? Hey, I don’t believe it. Not unless I see it with my own eyes.”

“It is up to you whether to believe it or not, but what I said is the truth. However, for Longevity Celestial to put on such an overbearing display, we’ll have a good show here.”

“By the way, I hear that Longevity Celestial is engaged to Her Highness, the Saintess.”

“Shh! You must have a death wish! You dare talk about that?”

“But, for the three princesses to come to the Longevity Palace at this time, are they also here because of Longevity Celestial?”

“It’s possible.”

“Still, no matter how powerful Longevity Celestial may be, he still cannot go against the Longevity Corps, unless…”

“Unless he does have the strength to do so. Or perhaps, there is something giving him the confidence to do so.”

“Could it be Sir Boundless?”

“Sir Boundless will be emerging from his cultivation retreat!”

After reaching that subject, they all fell silent. 

“Guys, don’t make random guesses. This matter will not affect our Longevity Palace.”

“Not necessarily. Do not forget…”

“Shh! Enough with the nonsense!”

As the guards’ divine senses were discussing the matter, the atmosphere within the Longevity Palace became somewhat strange. 

The Longevity Palace. Despite the ‘palace’ in its name, it had a world of its own inside. Strictly speaking, the space within it was comparable to a universe.

Within a medium-sized valley, four female cultivators – each exuding a unique atmosphere – were chatting with one another. 

Faint laws of chaos drifted about within the valley at all times and the column of waterfall cascading down from above consisted of pure spiritual liquid. 

For an ordinary human, drinking this spiritual liquid would immediately increase their life span. Even without cultivating, they would be able to advance to the Human Immortal stage.

Despite their unassuming appearances, the birds and animals there, even the various kinds of fishes swimming within the pool there, possessed formidable cultivation bases. Should any one of them find themselves in the Immortal Plane, they would be able to become a powerhouse or an overlord there. 

The orderly herbal fields aside, even the weeds growing in between the cliffs had managed to cultivate out their own spirits, thanks to the nourishment of the spiritual energy and laws there.

“Bing Xing, what do you think?” The one speaking was a female cultivator in a bluish-green robes with very little accessories. Even so, she appeared very beautiful, with an outstanding temperament that made others fearful of gazing directly at her. 

This female cultivator was known as Princess Hai Qing. The two female cultivators beside her, also possessing extraordinary atmospheres, were Ming Ru and Yan Ran. The three of them were princesses. Not only did they have an extraordinary background, they were also strong, with a vast fiefdom each. They were important figures in the imperial family.

As for the one known as Bing Xing, her appearance, temperament and cultivation base were superior to that of the three princesses. 

She was a Saintess of the Longevity Palace. 

In the current era, the Longevity Palace had but three Saintesses. Bing Xing was one of them. The other two Saintesses were Zhui Yang and Gu Yue.

Bing Xing possessed an extremely refined and flawlessly beautiful appearance. Due to the cultivation technique that she cultivated, starlight would flash constantly within the depths of her eyes. It gave off quite the entrancing feeling and anyone who looked at her in the eyes would quickly become lost within them. At times, even her acquaintances like Princess Hai Qing would not dare to casually look her in the eyes. 

And while Bing Xing was the Saintess of the Longevity Palace, she also possessed another identity. She was Chen Feng’s fiancée. This marriage contract was something that the Planar Lord of the Celestial Longevity Plane had decided upon.

“What can I think about? I’ll just go with the flow,” Bing Xing said coolly. 

“Ha ha! Are you really just going with the flow? I’ve heard that you have been secretly inquiring about news regarding Longevity Celestial,” Princess Hai Qing said with a smile. 

“I’m just inquiring. I didn’t intervene. Besides, given the situation, I am in no position to intervene,” Bing Xing said coolly. 

“Looks like you want to give up on Longevity Celestial. That’s good as well. Now that Longevity Celestial is involved with this situation, it is a good opportunity for you to get rid of him,” Princess Ming Ru said. 

“Get rid of him? Why would I?” Finally, Bing Xing revealed a smile. The smile was like the coming of spring and the three princesses became dumbfounded for a brief moment by her response. 

“Bing Xing, what do you mean?” Princess Hai Qing was somewhat surprised. 

“The marriage contract is something that the Planar Lord decided. I will not go against it. Besides, Longevity Celestial and I are quite compatible.” Bing Xing’s face returned to normal.

“Bing Xing, how can you think that way? This is a good opportunity. Longevity Celestial has offended the Department of Elders. He will surely die due to this. This is the time to get rid of your marriage contract,” Princess Hai Qing said anxiously. 

“Ha ha! I don’t intend on doing anything. If Longevity Celestial dies like this, then the marriage contract would naturally disappear,” Bing Xing said with a chuckle. 

Hearing that, the three princesses looked at each other, not understanding what was going on inside Bing Xing’s mind. However, Bing Qing not taking action was the equivalent of the Longevity Palace not taking action. With this, Longevity Celestial will surely die. 

The three princesses were well aware of how strong the Department of Elders was. Even if Longevity Celestial was a Divine Prince, he would still be incapable of changing the situation. 

After that, they made some small talk before the three princesses then bade Bing Xing farewell. 

Bing Xing was the only one left within the valley.

It was then that she sighed. With a wave of her hand, a quaint-looking mirror appeared before her. Various images were playing out on the surface of the mirror. They were none other than the events that Chen Feng had encountered since entering the Celestial Longevity Plane. Even the images of Chen Feng trapped within the Great Array of Twelve Divine Heavens were clearly displayed there. 

It was very obvious that this mirror was a very high-grade magic treasure. Ordinary Divine artifacts were incapable of doing this. 

“Sigh! While I may not be able to intervene this time, it doesn’t mean that our Longevity Palace cannot intervene. The Department of Elders is extending their reach farther and farther now,” Bing Xing said, light flashing within her eyes. It was unknown if that was killing intent or…

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