Chapter 1294 Entangled


“I feel like there is something wrong here,” said Divine Prince Iceform after a moment’s consideration. 

“Oh, what’s wrong?” Divine Prince Heavensfire asked quizzically. 

“Think about it. This kid managed to reach this cultivation level so quickly. He is surely not a fool. For him to choose to return to the Celestial Longevity Plane now, he must have a certain level of confidence about it. Another thing. Since Longevity Celestial entered the Celestial Longevity Plane, he has been acting ruthlessly, killing Gold Immortals on a whim. He either doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions or there is something giving him the confidence to do so,” Divine Prince Iceform slowly said. 

“Your words make sense.” Divine Prince Heavensfire’s eyes lit up. 

“Could it be? Is Sir Boundless really going to appear? If that’s the case, these fellows who jumped out would be nothing more than a joke. Hopefully, that is the case.”

“By the way, do not forget. There is also Sir Longevity Tower. I feel like our Celestial Longevity Plane will be entering a highly tumultuous period this time. We cannot just act to preserve our own safety here.”

“Ha ha, are we not already involved in it now?”

“Yes. Since we’ve made up our minds, we cannot back out from this anymore.”

At that very moment, a shocking scene unfolded. Chen Feng had, using but one move, stopped the 40,000-strong army that was charging over. 

Chen Feng was hovering in mid-air, his Longevity Sword firing out four thick astral swords with every swing to quickly form a thick barrier of sword energy. No matter how the other party tried attacking, they failed to do anything and were forced to back away in the end. 

The combat power of these soldiers is quite good. However, the Gold Immortals leading them are too weak. Chen Feng waved his hand and Longevity Chains flew forward to quickly tie up the four enemy Gold Immortals.

Without the leadership from the Gold Immortals, it became easier to deal with them. One Great Longevity Palm was enough to break up the four armies. 

“If you’re not afraid of dying, come!” Chen Feng said. 

Despite those words from Chen Feng, there were indeed some who were unafraid of dying. Several hundreds of the soldiers charged forward. In response, Chen Feng waved his hand again and a curtain of sword light swept forward to shred the hundreds of soldiers into pieces. 

Be it the half-step Gold Immortal stage or the Heavenly Immortal stage, before Chen Feng, they were all cabbages waiting to be chopped up. 

Seeing Chen Feng killing them for real, the remaining soldiers then became astounded. One by one, they all turned meek as they backed away. Just because they were unafraid of death did not mean they should just throw their lives away. 

“It’s escalated.”

“Yes. To think that Longevity Celestial would put on such a display of ruthlessness. Ha ha! We’ve got a show going now. The Department of Elders will surely not let this slide.”

“Longevity Celestial dares to kill even the members of the Longevity Corps. This time, he will have a hard time escaping disaster.”

As predicted, even as they were discussing the matter, a massive golden palm flew out from the Longevity Heavensrange to grab Chen Feng.

“Not good! That’s a Divine Prince!” Divine Prince Heavensfire and Divine Prince Iceform looked at each other as they blurted. Just as they were about to take action, however, they felt the space around them fluctuating. Following that, they were teleported to a separate space. 

“Longevity Space, Heavensblade, I didn’t think that you two would take action. Are you not afraid of provoking troubles here?” Seeing the two cultivators who had appeared before them all of a sudden, a look of fury glinted across Divine Prince Heavensfire’s eyes. 

“Didn’t you two take action as well?” Divine Prince Heavensblade said with a smile. 

“The quality of the Department of Elders has indeed deteriorated. Are you fellows not worried about breaking apart the Celestial Longevity Plane?” Divine Prince Iceform said contemptuously. 

“As long as you fellows do not intervene, we will not take action,” Divine Prince Longevity Space said. 

“Is that so? It’s been a while since we oldies fought one another. Let me see how much you fellows have improved!” Divine Prince Heavensfire had a relatively more temperamental personality. Brandishing a flaming blade, he then attacked Divine Prince Heavensblade.

“You think I’m afraid of you? Don’t you regret taking action here. You’re going against the entire Department of Elders!”

“As if. You two do not have what it takes to represent the entire Department of Elders. Iceform, I’ll stop these two fellows. You go help Longevity Celestial.” 

“None of you may leave.” Suddenly, another person appeared, swinging a staff at Divine Prince Iceform. 

“Flip Heaven! Alright, it really is you fellows. Today, we’ll have ourselves a good fight!” Divine Prince Iceform grew enraged as well. Their side were trying their best to stop the Celestial Longevity Plane from falling into a civil war. Unexpectedly, others would instead try to target them. 

Moving away from the fight between the Divine Princes, Chen Feng’s face had turned grim. The massive golden palm coming from the Longevity Heavensrange was giving him a strong sense of pressure. 

“A Divine Prince,” Magiris said, his voice solemn.

“So what if the other party’s a Divine Prince? They’re still only an Ageless Gold Immortal.” Wielding the Longevity Sword, Chen Feng then slashed at the golden palm. 

“Attack!” Magiris did not hold back as well. Brandishing the Illusory Demon Edge, he attacked alongside Chen Feng.

Boom! Boom!

Their two attacks landed upon the massive palm and were immediately shattered by the palm’s power. However, the attacks did manage to halt the palm for a moment. Chen Feng continued to attack, the Longevity Sword transforming into an arc of light, swirling and slicing the massive palm. At the same time, he also mixed in the power of primordial end into it. Finally, he managed to cleave the palm into two. 

Only, the two cleaved halves quickly transformed into two whole palms and they slapped Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. 



Magiris and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature took action simultaneously to teleport the two palms into separate spaces. 

Given how strong the other party was, the separate spaces that Magiris and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature created would only be able to entrap them for a brief moment. For Chen Feng, however, just one breath’s worth of time was enough. 

Immediately, Chen Feng entered one of the separate spaces. Bringing out the Longevity Scripture, he suppressed the palm. After that, sword energy filled the space to quickly shred the palm. 

Following that, he entered the other separate space and repeated what he did earlier to take down the other palm. 

Chen Feng was aware that a hidden Gold Immortal had used their power to form the golden palm. Although they managed to deal with the golden palm, it did not affect the one behind it significantly. Though, this fellow must surely be feeling disappointed. 

But Chen Feng had only just dealt with the golden palm when the separate space that he was in blew up with a boom. Another golden palm appeared and its five fingers moved, surrounding him from every direction to catch him. 

Chen Feng was quick to react. The Longevity Wings flapped and he evaded this attack. Only, the five fingers of the golden palm shook to fire out five beams of sword energy, forming the power of the five elemental cycle as they spun towards Chen Feng.

This power has surpassed that of the Slaughterers’ Gold Immortal. Chen Feng instantly made a cursory assessment of the opponent’s strength. However, he was also confident in his own combat power. The Longevity Sword in his hand swung to also display the Five Elemental Sword Technique. Streams of sword energy from the two sides clashed to quickly disappear. Then, Magiris’ attacks arrived. Countless black threads entangled the golden palm and Chen Feng unleashed three sword slashes at it. Although his attacks failed to cleave the golden palm, they did leave deep sword wounds upon it. 


The golden palm turned into a fist and pulsed all of a sudden, causing a formidable power to sweep outwards, snapping apart the black threads. Next, the fist shot out to block the Longevity Sword’s attacks, knocking Chen Feng away. 

Despite that, the other party did not attack Chen Feng again. Instead, the fist pulled back to quickly disappear.

Chen Feng had already prepared himself for a fierce battle. Unexpectedly, the pressure on him would lessen as the other party gave up on fighting him. 

In the beginning, Chen Feng had assumed that the other party had some other objectives in doing so, but nothing else happened. He also did not sense any danger. With that, he knew that the other party will not be attacking anymore. 

“Maybe the other party is not feeling confident,” Magiris said. 

“Regardless of what the other party is thinking, they had chosen to take action against me. I will remember this and settle this account with them in the future. Only, I wonder which Divine Prince that was.” Chen Feng sneered. 

Just because the other party had retreated did not mean that they did not have any other cards up their sleeve.

Number wise, the Longevity Corps should have had the advantage in the battle. However, the four strongest Gold Immortals in their armies were captured by Chen Feng while the rest were broken up by his move. It was only natural that they would be incapable of fighting against the soldiers led by Lei Long. 

When it came to their individual combat power, these soldiers from the Longevity Corps were not as good as the elites handpicked by Lei Long. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that the Longevity Corps did not dispatch their strongest force for this. 

After a period of chaos, Chen Feng’s side gained the upper hand in the battle completely. The armies of the Longevity Corps, tens of thousands of them, were dispersed. Some ran and some were captured. 

In this battle, the Longevity Corps’ reputation had utterly fallen down the gutter. Even so, Lei Long and the other high-level cultivators revealed a look of concern. The Longevity Corps was the number one army corps in the Celestial Longevity Plane. There was no doubt about just how strong its strength and foundation were. If the entire Boundless Corps were here, they would not show fear. Rather, they were confident in their ability to fight their way to the depths of the universe. Under Boundless’ leadership, the Boundless Corps had always been waging wars against formidable foreign existences. The results of the wars were what made the Boundless Corps so strong. 

But the situation here was different. The forces that Lei Long and the others brought over were the forces that they had gathered on their own. They could also be considered as Chen Feng’s personal force. Naturally, they would show no fear against equal number of enemies. However, this was the Longevity Heavensrange. This was the main territory of the Longevity Corps. Moreover, it was also backed by the entire Department of Elders. The Department of Elders was something that even Boundless had to be wary of. 

While they did have an enjoyable fight earlier, if the Longevity Corps were to dispatch one of the stronger armies, what then?

However, those thoughts merely flashed through Lei Long’s mind for a brief moment. As the Young Master had appeared, they would follow whatever decision the Young Master made.

“Young Master, what should we do with these fellows?” Lei Long asked Chen Feng regarding the captured soldiers. 

In the earlier fight, they had managed to wound and capture thousands of the soldiers from the Longevity Corps.

“Just release them. What can we do with these wastrels?” Chen Feng waved it off. 

“Understood!” Lei Long did not hesitate and he hurriedly went ahead with it. In the past, Chen Feng had only been a ten plus-year-old child when he went missing. Now, having met Chen Feng again, he could see that every move Chen Feng made brought with it a special atmosphere. There was also the sense of dominance and carefreeness brought about by his might.

When he first saw Chen Feng, Lei Long and the others had felt a sense of unfamiliarity. They could no longer associate him with their image of Chen Feng as a child. Naturally, Lei Long knew that some time was needed to familiarize himself with this. At any rate, Chen Feng had been too young back when he first left. Additionally, it had been too long since then. 

In fact, if it weren’t for Chen Feng’s special identity and Boundless, the bodyguards from his childhood days might not have waited for him so wholeheartedly. It had to be said. These fellows were all geniuses that Boundless had personally handpicked. Even now, a number of forces were secretly trying to recruit them. 

“We’re letting you guys go. Now hurry up and scram, you trash!” Tun Ri laughed loudly. 

“Just you wait! This isn’t over!” one of the half-step Gold Immortals there put on a strong front and said. 


He had only just said that when Tun Ri’s fist struck him heavily, sending him flying. 

“In that case, you can stay.” Tun Ri then chuckled. 

Chen Feng frowned. It would appear that his trip to the Longevity Heavensrange would involve a lot of fights with the Longevity Corps. While he did not think highly of the Longevity Corps, it did not mean he was not wary of it. 

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