Chapter 1292 The Longevity Corps


“You sure are something else. Just by killing one random person, you can summon two Divine Princes,” Magiris said, pursing his lips to the side. 

“How did you know I was killing at random?” Chen Feng smiled.  

Surprised, Magiris’ eyes widened. “In other words, you did that on purpose?”

“Naturally. I just wanted to see how many more people wanted to go against me,” Chen Feng responded with a smile. 

“Seriously, you. This is the Longevity Heavensrange, the central area for the imperial family. This move of yours is a little too overboard.” Magiris shook his head. 

“Not overboard. Not overboard at all. These troubles will come sooner or later. I might as well take the initiative to deal with them myself.” Chen Feng, however, did not appear too concerned about it. 

“And how do you plan on dealing with them? They are all Divine Princes.” Magiris did not understand Chen Feng.

“Don’t forget who I am,” Chen Feng said. 

Magiris fell silent. Back then, if nothing had happened, as the bearer of the Chaos Constitution, Chen Feng would have become the most exalted existence in the Celestial Longevity Plane. His name, Longevity Celestial, was personally given to him by the Planar Lord of the Celestial Longevity Plane. In other words, there was a chance for Chen Feng to become the Planar Lord in the future. 

Even if he could not become the Planar Lord, his father was still a very formidable Gold Immortal, a renowned existence within the Myriad Celestial Planes. Additionally, there was also the Boundless Corps. It was one of the top army corps in the entire Celestial Longevity Plane. Furthermore, there were also some other miscellaneous forces. 

Truth be told, Chen Feng could have become the most arrogant member of the imperial family. But the present situation was different. Due to the war back then, the Longevity Tower nearly fell and Boundless was so badly wounded that he had not reappeared again until now. This was why others would begin to bear malicious intentions against them. If Boundless had been around, then even if these fellows were 10 times more courageous, they would not have the balls to attack Chen Feng. 

Could it be? Some speculations emerged from Magiris’ mind. 

“The Longevity Tower will come.” Chen Feng suddenly sent him a secret vocal transmission. 

“So, it’s that. And here I was wondering what it might be.” Magiris breathed a sigh of relief. Since the Longevity Tower would be taking action, there was nothing for him to worry about. 

The battle between the four Divine Princes grew increasingly ferocious. With just a glance, Chen Feng could see that all four were at the same level of strength. Even if one side could gain the upper hand, victory was not something that could be determined swiftly.

That said, Chen Feng did feel somewhat curious about Ghost Matron’s strength. He had realized that Ghost Matron was not born in the Longevity Clan. The grand dao of death that she cultivated was also incompatible with the Celestial Longevity Plane’s life force. Rather, it was facing some suppression from the Celestial Longevity Plane’s laws. Even so, the combat power that she displayed was still a notch stronger compared to that from Divine Prince Iceform. 

“Shouldn’t we take action?” said Magiris as he observed the situation. 

“No need. The time for us to take action will come soon enough.”

Chen Feng had only just said that when a small army arrived. Upon arriving, the small army rapidly surrounded Chen Feng and the others. 

“Eh, they’re targeting us?” Magiris blurted.

This small army consisted of at least 1,000 soldiers. Their individual strength was not particularly high, but they were all Heavenly Immortals. Even their leaders were only half-step Gold Immortals. However, the important issue here was the force that they were representing. 

All of the soldiers wore identical suits of silvery-white armour and cyan-coloured runes shimmered non-stop across the surface of their armour. Wielding Longevity Lances in their hands, they gave off a formidable and impactful atmosphere.

“They are the soldiers from the Longevity Corps. Usually, they are the ones responsible for the order of the Longevity Heavensrange. They are also the biggest army corps of our Celestial Longevity Plane,” Chen Feng said. 

“The Longevity Corps? I know of it.” Magiris nodded. 

They were like the Celestial Malla Plane’s Malla Corps, the equivalent of the mundane world’s imperial army. Their formidable strength was one thing. The other thing to note was that every one of them was very arrogant. They would look down on everyone else.

After they were done surrounding Chen Feng’s group, one of them waved his hand.

“Take them away!”


Brandishing their Longevity Lances, the soldiers then marched towards Chen Feng’s group. 

“You have a death wish!”

Seeing that, Tun Ri and the others immediately grew enraged. While it was said that the Longevity Corps was the strongest army corps in the Celestial Longevity Plane, there were some other forces who did not think highly of them. One such example was the Boundless Corps. 

When compared to the Longevity Corps, the Boundless Corps that spent all its time fighting other forces was truly in possession of the atmosphere of the experienced. Every one of the soldiers in the Boundless Corps was a cultivator that had experienced hundreds and thousands of wars. In this path of cultivation, where might was prized above all, how could characters like these think highly of others? 

“You guys are begging for death here!” Tun Ri held onto a battle lance and swung with it, sending tens of the cultivators from the Longevity Corps flying. 

“Tun Ri, this is the Longevity Heavensrange, not your Boundless Corps’ territory.” One of the half-step Gold Immortal leaders of the army swung his Longevity Lance to stop Tun Ri. 

“What a joke! You fellows are surrounding our Young Master for no reason at all. You are deliberately provoking our Boundless Corps!” Da Feng sneered and he stepped forward.

“You fellows are the ones who are joking. You dare stir up troubles here? Take them all away and have them be put on trial before the Department of Elders.” The captain of the Longevity Corps there waved his hand and the surrounding soldiers moved to besiege Da Feng and the rest. 

“Attack! We’ll let them have a taste of our might.” Tun Ri snickered as the will to fight soared out from his body. 

Chen Feng shook his head. Taking one step forward, he left the small battlefield to re-appear elsewhere. Immediately after that, Magiris and the other two Gold Immortals followed him to re-appear there. 

Chen Feng had no interest in participating in this small battle. In his opinion, the 1,000 patrolling soldiers from the Longevity Corps were not even enough for Tun Ri and the others to get a proper warm up.  

As expected, upon clashing with the 200 cultivators under Tun Ri, the 1,000 soldiers from the Longevity Corps ended up giving ground again and again. Many of them were beaten to the ground. 

As there was no order from Chen Feng, Tun Ri and the others dared not kill their opponents. Even so, it took them but a few breaths’ worth of time to smack every single one of the soldiers. Not being able to kill did not mean they had to hold back. Tun Ri’s group showed no mercy as they battered their opponents, leaving them grievously wounded. 

“They truly are a bunch of trash.” Tun Ri snickered again. Truth be told, Tun Ri and the others had prepared themselves for a brutal fight. Unexpectedly, the other party was so weak that they were able to sweep the floor with the soldiers so easily. 


Ghost Matron, who was in the middle of fighting Divine Prince Iceform, suddenly found the time to fire a ghostly talon at Chen Feng. A massive ghost talon, formed using a formidable power of death, swiped towards Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng, on the other hand, revealed a derisive grin as he brought out a piece of withered bone and swung it. The pitch-black talon with an incredibly ghastly appearance was shredded into pieces before finally transforming into chaotic streams of energy that then flowed into the withered bone. 

“Its attribute just so happens to be suitable and can meld together with the Withered Bone. I can use it to increase the Withered Bone’s grade.” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

The piece of withered bone was something that he had snatched over from the Withered Bone Daoist in the past, a magic treasure with a propensity for wickedness and death. It was the most suitable item to be used for this moment. 

If Ghost Matron had attacked with all her strength, her attack might have been able to endanger Chen Feng somewhat. However, her wanting a casual move like that to wound Chen Feng was a joke. 

Chen Feng, of course, was absolutely confident in his own strength. 

As for the others who did not know anything, seeing Chen Feng take the attack from Ghost Matron greatly shocked them all. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The reinforcements from the Longevity Corps arrived. There was a total of four groups, each consisting of 1,000 soldiers and led by half-step Gold Immortals. While the Longevity Corps also had soldiers at the True Immortal stage, bringing them out at a moment like this would be the equivalent of begging for humiliation. 

“Do we take action?” Magiris asked.

“No.” Chen Feng shook his head.

Four thousand against two hundred. Once again, another battle erupted. In the beginning, both sides had shown a certain level of restraint. However, the death of a high-level Heavenly Immortal under Tun Ri triggered a change in the battle.  

“Die!” Tun Ri became infuriated and he immediately transformed back into his original form. Next, he unleashed his innate skill, opening his mouth to devour hundreds of enemy soldiers in one breath. 

With that, the fight between the two parties truly became one of life and death and cultivators kept falling. Chen Feng’s brows twitched. These cultivators were the elites amongst his followers. Every death was a loss. 

And so, he waved his hand and the nine Poisonous Vileblood Wyrms that had been cultivating within the Blood Mustering Bead roared as they charged forward. By then, however, they were no longer wyrms. They had evolved into Nether Dragons.

The levels of the nine Nether Dragons were not that high. All of them were at the high-level Heavenly Immortal stage. However, every one of them possessed the combat power of a half-step Gold Immortal. More importantly, they were bloodthirsty and savage. Entering the battle, they would either slaughter the soldiers from the Longevity Corps or devour them. 

Four thousand soldiers from the Longevity Corps were incapable of defeating Tun Ri’s two hundred men. 

“So what if you fellows are powerful? This is our Longevity Corps’ territory. Your Boundless Corps has killed people here. Not a single one of you may leave today.” One of the captains of the Longevity Corps shouted furiously before bringing out a command flag. The command flag transformed into countless phantom silhouettes, which flew outwards in various directions. In the blink of an eye, all of them disappeared. 

After several breaths’ worth of time, a dragon appeared. It was a dragon formed using 10,000 soldiers. The atmosphere that they were exuding alone was enough to tell that this army was stronger compared to the few groups of soldiers they faced earlier. 

After that, the dragon dispersed into ten groups of soldiers, each led by a chariot. The 10 groups of soldiers then moved to surround the battlefield from very direction. 

“They’re even mobilizing the chariots? Aren’t they going too far here?” Chen Feng mumbled. 

Even so, he still did not take action. At the same time, he turned his gaze into the distance. 

A lightning radiance and a golden radiance appeared in the distance and they quickly elongated, making their way over while paving an avenue made from shimmering light each.

“Those are your reinforcements?” Magiris asked with a smile. 

“My old companions.” Chen Feng nodded.

The two avenues – one was made from lightning radiance while the other was made from golden radiance – elongated their way forward until they arrived before Chen Feng. Immediately, two fellows appeared before Chen Feng, kneeling on one knee each. Next, they shouted respectfully, “Greetings, Young Master!”

Both of them had tall and muscular bodies. One was clad in a suit of lightning armour and a lance in his hand while the other was clad in a golden suit of armour and a staff in his hand. The power within their bodies were such that it felt as though they could not be contained. 

More importantly, they were followed by 20,000 heavily-armed soldiers. Each and every one of them radiated killing intent and the formidable aura that they exuded shook the entire battlefield. 

“Ha ha ha! Lei Long, Wu Jin, you fellows came at the right time!” Tun Ri laughed loudly. 

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