Chapter 1291 Entering the Longevity Heavensrange


After taking that first step forward, Chen Feng felt his whole body becoming light. It was as though a knot in his heart had come undone. At that very moment, his state of mind rose again. 

Streams of energy surged out from the Longevity Heavensrange. Next, strand after strand of the power entered his body. Magiris and the others watched as Chen Feng’s aura underwent a slight transformation. 

“This kid!”

Divine Prince Heavensfire and Divine Prince Iceform exchanged glances, a look of approval on their faces. They had understood why Chen Feng insisted on coming to this Longevity Heavensrange.

As Chen Feng had chosen to come to the Celestial Longevity Plane, it meant that he would not retreat. Should he choose to not head to the Longevity Heavensrange due to fear, his will to press onwards courageously will be affected. While it may not be able to affect his rate of cultivation, it would not help him advance this quickly. 

Passing this hurdle meant breaking an inner demon. This was a great improvement in one’s path of cultivation. 

Chen Feng’s action of entering the Longevity Heavensrange caused yet another small wave of reaction. This time, he had returned to the Celestial Longevity Plane in a high-profile manner. Anyone who paid attention could see that he had been open in his actions here.

“Ha ha ha ha! So, Longevity Celestial has returned.”

“Greetings, Young Master Longevity Celestial.”

“After separating for one million years, the child from back then now has such a cultivation base. Time has really gone by.”

“Longevity Celestial, do you still remember me?”

“Greetings, Young Master.”

Upon entering the Longevity Heavensrange’s territory, Chen Feng encountered various cultivators who came over to greet him. And while he did not recognize most of them, he smiled at them. 

“You claim to be Longevity Celestial? How can you prove it?”

The harmonious situation was disrupted, but Chen Feng was not surprised. This was well within his expectations. 

Since coming to the Celestial Longevity Plane, he had yet to have a tranquil time. If it weren’t for the two Divine Princes’ actions of escorting him, at this moment in time, he would likely still be in the midst of fighting his way back. The Longevity Heavensrange was the Celestial Longevity Plane’s most important place. How could he have a smooth time trying to reach this place?

Several young cultivators swarmed forward. Every one of them was brimming with arrogance. And while they were fairly strong, they were nothing in Chen Feng’s eyes. 

Not a single one of them was a Gold Immortal.

Chen Feng’s gaze swept past them and he was able to vaguely sense something familiar about their faces. He knew then that some of them were his peers with the same age as himself. 

However, given Chen Feng’s level of vision, how could they be worthy of his attention? On his way here, he had killed off several Gold Immortals. These fellows must have either not heard of what happened or there was something wrong with their heads. To think that they would jump out to provoke him. 

Chen Feng’s gaze then swept his surroundings again and again. None of the cultivators there, even those that were hiding in the dark, could escape his gaze.

Some were gloating at his misfortune, some were simply watching out of boredom, some did not reveal their stance, but only a handful of them were feeling worried about him. 

He could sense the intentions of all present, both the good and the bad. 

Looks like my strength can only be pushed to its strongest here in the Celestial Longevity Plane, Chen Feng thought. 

“You’re Longevity Celestial? You don’t look like him to me.” The young cultivators walked to stand before Chen Feng. One of them, clad in a resplendent suit of armour, said arrogantly. 

“Young Master!”

Tun Ri and the others had wanted to step forward and say something only for Chen Feng to stop them. 


A shout from Chen Feng sent the few youngsters tumbling backwards, blood trickling down their seven orifices. They could not even cry out in pain. And yet, the look of dread in their eyes caused chills to run down the hearts of all the spectators there.

However, he did not kill the youngsters. Most of them were from the imperial family, backed by formidable forces. Rather, the forces backing them were in no way weaker than his own branch. If it weren’t for that, they would not have the courage to jump out and provoke him. 

That said, he also did not hold back. The soul attacks that he unleashed against these non-Gold Immortals caused them to suffer from serious soul damage. 

Given Chen Feng’s current cultivation base, high enough to instantly kill off the average Gold Immortal, just a casual release of his aura was enough to seriously wound or even kill off these half-step Gold Immortals and Heavenly Immortals. 

“A bunch of trashes who do not know the meaning of death.” Chen Feng scoffed and took a step forward. Once again, the youngsters were sent tumbling aside to make way for him. 

“You have a death wish!”

“You dare harm the Young Master!”


Suddenly, several Gold Immortals appeared. Some of them moved to treat the youngsters lying on the ground while some others attacked Chen Feng. 


Chen Feng brought out the Longevity Sword. With just one swing, one of the Gold Immortals was cleaved into two. At the same time, the attack from two more Gold Immortals landed on Chen Feng’s body. 

In the beginning, the two Gold Immortals had grown delighted only to become fearful instead. The power within them was quickly draining away. 

“The Heavengulping Absorption Technique!”

By then, even fools would realize what technique Chen Feng was utilizing. 

It did not take long before the two Gold Immortals fell limply to the ground. Chen Feng did not kill them. He had only devoured 90% of their power and life force. 

“Kill him!”

One of the wounded youngsters who were receiving treatment grew infuriated and shouted. 

They were all characters with formidable background, allowing them to act wantonly in the Longevity Heavensrange. When did they ever had to face such a humiliation?

This time, however, no one dared to attack Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had dealt with three Gold Immortals with just one confrontation, leaving only three more Gold Immortals. The three remaining Gold Immortals stood a distance away, watching Chen Feng warily. 

“Shut it!”

Chen Feng shouted icily and the youngster who was shouting immediately fell silent. At the same time, his head blew up with a bang. Even his primary spirit was blown up. One of the Gold Immortals had wanted to collect the shattered primary spirit, but failed. 

It was a very normal situation. A Gold Immortal could obliterate a half-step Gold Immortal, both in body and spirit, through will alone. 

First, the place fell into a state of silence. Next, everyone began discussing the matter. Chen Feng could clearly see the gloating looks on some growing stronger. 

Even the expressions on Divine Prince Heavensfire’s and Divine Prince Iceform’s faces fluctuated somewhat. Back then, Chen Feng had killed off a high number of Gold Immortals, but they did not even bat an eye. But now, a hint of concern could be seen deep within their eyes. 

“Longevity Celestial, do you know who you just killed?!” one of the Gold Immortals shouted, gnashing his teeth. The Gold Immortal was feeling terribly distressed. The Young Master that he was supposed to be guarding had died. Thus, he would likely end up suffering from a harsh punishment. Perhaps, he would be sent off to accompany the Young Master.

Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward to re-appear before the Gold Immortal, where his hand shot out to grab the Gold Immortal’s throat. It was so fast that the two Divine Princes’ eyes widened slightly. 

As for the other two Gold Immortals, they hesitated for a moment. In the end, however, they did not take action.

“Go on, who did I kill?” Chen Feng asked coolly. 

“You killed Divine Prince Carefree’s grandson. You’re a dead man!” The Gold Immortal who was caught in Chen Feng’s grasp hissed through clenched teeth. 

“Oh, so it’s Divine Prince Carefree.” Chen Feng nodded. He did feel somewhat surprised, but he did not feel too concerned about it. 

“Then, do you know who I am?” Chen Feng asked.

“It doesn’t matter who you are. You’ve offended Divine Prince Carefree, even death will be a luxury for you!” the Gold Immortal continued shouting. 

“Is that so. I didn’t know that there is such a character in our Celestial Longevity Plane, one even greater than the Planar Lord,” Chen Feng said with a derisive grin. After that, he used the Heavengulping Absorption Technique on him. This time, he did not show mercy and devoured all of the Gold Immortal’s life force away.

“Unexpectedly, the cultivators of our Celestial Longevity Plane are so weak. What should we do once the Immortal Plane’s army comes after us?” Chen Feng sighed. 

“Kid, you sure know how to cause troubles. Divine Prince Carefree is not easy to handle.” Divine Prince Heavensfire also sighed. 

“Naturally, I am aware that Divine Prince Carefree is strong. However, no matter how strong he is, he is nothing before my father.” Chen Feng shook his head, a contemptuous smile on his face. 

“Well said. But where is Boundless?” Suddenly, a domineering voice rang out. Before the voice even disappeared, a cultivator in white robes appeared before Chen Feng. His hand shot out to grab Chen Feng. It was the same move that Chen Feng had used on the Gold Immortal back then. 

It was then that two palms suddenly appeared to repel the white-robed cultivator. 

Divine Prince Heavensfire and Divine Prince Iceform, who were standing beside Chen Feng, had taken action. 

“Heavensfire, Iceform, you insist on interfering?” the white-robed cultivator shouted icily. 

“Carefree, I advise you to just go back. Cultivating this far is not easy. Do not throw your life away for nothing,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

The white-robed cultivator was none other than Divine Prince Carefree. He had been keeping an eye on everything that was happening here the very moment that Chen Feng stepped into the Longevity Heavensrange. However, he failed to anticipate that Chen Feng would suddenly choose to kill. It was so sudden that not even he could respond in time. 

Moreover, the one who was killed just so happened to be the grandchild that he doted on very much. He was someone with quite the decent talent. There was hope for him to assail the Gold Immortal stage. At that very moment, however, even the imprints of his primary spirit had disappeared and not even a Paramount Gold Immortal could revive him. 

Due to that, the killing intent within him churned. However, with Divine Prince Heavensfire and Divine Prince Iceform there, there was likely no way for him to vent his desire to kill.

“To be displaying such viciousness at such a young age. Make up for my grandson’s life with your own!” 

Divine Prince Carefree had been pondering whether or not to make a move when a massive, bone-like palm suddenly ripped its way out from space to grasp Chen Feng.

Light flickered within Chen Feng’s eyes. Even though they were within the Longevity Heavensrange, a place filled with concentrated life force, the bony palm actually contained a pure and formidable death energy. Additionally, this person was also very strong, at the Divine Prince level. 

“It’s Ghost Matron!”

The faces of Divine Prince Heavensfire and Divine Prince Iceform turned solemn while Divine Prince Carefree revealed a look of delight. Laughing, he attacked Chen Feng again. Yet again, it was a massive palm. This time, however, it was formed using the longevity energy. 

“One each.”

Divine Prince Heavensfire waved his hand and a flaming blade slashed towards the palm that Divine Prince Carefree created. As for Divine Prince Iceform, he brandished a sword of ice to stop the bony palm. 

Chen Feng waved his hand. Both he and Magiris stepped aside, their eyes focused on the fight. 

“These fellows are very strong.” Magiris sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission. 

“All four are Divine Princes. Of course they’re strong,” Chen Feng replied coolly. 

“The one who came in just now must be Ghost Matron, right?” Magiris asked. By then, the bony palm had disappeared, replaced by a middle-aged female Gold Immortal with a highly vicious expression on her face. 

“She is indeed Ghost Matron. She is also Divine Prince Carefree’s companion. The two of them are both at the Divine Prince level. This is what makes them such a domineering existence,” Chen Feng said.

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