Chapter 1290 Two Divine Princes


When they first saw Chen Feng’s move, the Gold Immortals grew puzzled. They did not understand what Chen Feng was thinking by bringing out a talisman. What kind of talisman could stop the attacks from five Gold Immortals? Even the two cultivators who were hiding in the dark felt the impulse to take action. 

But when they recognized what the talisman was, all of them became horrified. 

“How could this kid come up with something like this? Is it a fake?” the cultivator with the flaming atmosphere said quizzically. 

“It’s real. This is a genuine aura of the Heavenly dao,” the cultivator with the icy atmosphere said solemnly.

“This is interesting. Looks like there is no need for us to take action anymore.”


If this was an attack that could grievously injure them or even kill them, these Gold Immortals would still not choose retreat. Rather, they would stay behind and give it their all to fight back. However, this Heavensdao Seal was simply too terrifying. Certainly, falling prey to it would not result in their deaths, but it would seal off their path of cultivation. For some cultivators, that was a fate worse than death.

It wasn’t just the five Gold Immortals who were fleeing, the others who were operating the great array were also feeling horrified. They had been so close to ending this fight. How could this suddenly happen?

The other party’s move to flee gave Chen Feng an opening. Or rather, it was an opening created by Chen Feng’s move. 


The Longevity Scripture flew out to release a faint-cyan radiance and the phantom silhouette of the Celestial Longevity Plane could be seen there.


Chen Feng said softly and the movements of two of the Gold Immortals faltered, causing the speed at which they were fleeing to fall. Then, wielding the Longevity Sword, Chen Feng rapidly moved forward. Two beams of sword light flashed by and the two Gold Immortals were cleaved into two each. Following that, the Heavengulping Absorption Technique was activated and the two Gold Immortals’ life forces were all devoured.

Next, Chen Feng waved his hand and the Heavensdao Seal abruptly grew in size, becoming like a mountain to charge into its surroundings. Everywhere it went, be it the killing arrays or wondrous illusions arrays, all were blown up into nothingness. Quickly, it blasted a passageway through the great array. 

“Eh?” Chen Feng was somewhat taken aback. He had only taken out the Heavensdao Seal with the intention of scaring off the enemy. Unexpectedly, it would be so effective.

And so, he used the Heavensdao Seal to open up a pathway while he followed closely behind. It was practically invincible and nothing in its path could offer a decent act of resistance. Finally, Chen Feng found one of the array cores. The Gold Immortal who was in charge of the array core fled. 

The Heavensdao Seal was simply too terrifying. An ordinary low-level member of the clan might not fear it, but cultivators who could cultivate up to the Gold Immortal stage were all geniuses, one in billions. Were there any amongst them who did not want to advance further? For that reason, in these cultivators’ minds, the Heavensdao Seal was an existence on the same level as a Paramount Gold Immortal. No, it was even more terrifying. 

In the beginning, it had felt very pleasant to see them driven before his eyes. Quickly, though, he felt frustrated. The other party was unwilling to face him head on and there was nothing he could do about it. And so, using the Heavensdao Seal to open up a way, Chen Feng quickly charged out from the Great Array of Twelve Divine Heavens. After he broke out, the great array transformed into a stream of light to quickly disappear from sight. 


Chen Feng saw Magiris’ team of three and was surprised. It would appear that he had been mistaken earlier. The three of them did not die. Instead, they were saved by some other people. 

“Greetings, Divine Princes!” Chen Feng moved over to stand before the two cultivators and saluted them respectfully.

“Ha ha ha! What did I say? Longevity Celestial will recognize us.” The cultivator with the flaming atmosphere laughed. 

“How can I not recognize the renowned Divine Prince Heavensfire and Divine Prince Iceform?” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

Hearing those words, the two of them laughed again. Given Chen Feng’s identity, he had actually met these seniors before back when he was still very young. Only, back then, he still did not know what it meant to be a Gold Immortal. The present Chen Feng, however, was different. 

After overcoming his tribulation, Chen Feng had believed that he could already be considered an expert amongst the Ageless Gold Immortals, with the ambition to sweep all opposition aside. But at that very moment, facing these two Divine Princes had still given him a slight feeling of pressure. 

This shocked Chen Feng. It was then that he realized how much he had underestimated the situation. Or rather, he had been slightly too arrogant. The difference between the peak and the bottom of this level known as the Ageless Gold Immortal stage was simply too big. Even if he became 10 times stronger, he would still not be able to reach the peak. He also came to realize why there were so many Gold Immortals but so few Paramount Gold Immortals.

The Ageless Gold Immortal stage is already the stage of the undying. Some have been cultivating for 100 million years, some 500 million years, a billion years or maybe even billions of years. The difference in time here is great. Having reached that train of thought, another thought suddenly flashed across Chen Feng’s mind. 

If that is the case, wouldn’t the number of Gold Immortals rise to a terrifying level? When the thought emerged, it grew uncontrollably. Upon reaching the Gold Immortal stage, it would indeed be very difficult for the cultivator to die. Then, after 10 billion years or a trillion years, how many Gold Immortals would there be?

Huh! If you consider this, then the power that any of the high-level worlds are currently displaying are only those on the surface. After having reached that conclusion, Chen Feng became startled. In other words, the minor force that he had gathered up was not actually worth much. 

Was I too reckless this time? Various thoughts quickly flashed through his mind. 

Take the two Divine Princes before him as an example. They possessed the title of Divine Prince. In the Celestial Longevity Plane, there were many who had managed to obtain this title. Those who could obtain this title were all the elites amongst the Ageless Gold Immortals. It was a title that not even some veteran Gold Immortals who had been cultivating for hundreds of millions of years could obtain. 

The title was a recognition of their strength. 

By then, Magiris, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature had also regained consciousness. Naturally, they went forward to thank the two Divine Princes as well. 

“Longevity Celestial, the time you chose to come back is a little wrong,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

“Senior, please enlighten me about it.” Chen Feng nodded. 

Divine Prince Heavensfire and Divine Prince Iceform first circled around Chen Feng once, casting a profound gaze at Chen Feng. It gave Chen Feng an uncomfortable feeling. After some time, Divine Prince Heavensfire finally spoke up, “Tsk, tsk, impressive! Although you are just at the Heavenly Immortal stage, you can kill off a Gold Immortal. Worthy of the name Chaos Constitution.”

“Senior, you overpraise me,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“However, while your cultivation base is quite good, it is only enough to deal with some ordinary Ageless Gold Immortals. This strength is enough to be exploring the starry space, but it is still not enough to do whatever you want in the Celestial Planes. Perhaps, if you can advance to the Gold Immortals stage…” Divine Prince Heavensfire said after a moment’s consideration. 

“Senior, your words are reasonable. But I believe that not all the Gold Immortals in the Celestial Longevity Plane will be against me, no?” Chen Feng smiled. 

“You are correct. Given your identity and position, there will surely be a group of people supporting you. However, you have been living abroad all this time. For you to suddenly return, some experts will surely try to plot against you,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

“I’m already in danger as it is.” Chen Feng’s face turned frosty.

“This still cannot be considered dangerous. They are but some third-rate Gold Immortals. If a few Divine Princes choose to attack you, well, you can imagine the ending of such a scenario,” Divine Prince Iceform said. 

“Would Divine Princes take action?” Chen Feng asked. 

“They will.”

Chen Feng then burst into laughter. 

“No matter how you cut it, I am still a member of the Longevity Clan’s imperial family. More, the Planar Lord also cares a lot about me. I don’t believe that these fellows would dare act wantonly.” Despite the smile on Chen Feng’s face, there was killing intent swirling within his eyes. 

“Even if you say that, the items on you are simply too alluring. In the past, if it weren’t for the fact that someone had obscured your details in the Heavenly Plot, someone would have found you back when you were still in Eternal World. It would have been impossible for you to cultivate up to this level. But now that you have chosen to appear on your own, this changes things,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

Chen Feng nodded. He had figured as much. If it weren’t for that, forget Gold Immortals, even Heavenly Immortals would be able to easily find him. 

As for the person who had obscured his details in the Heavenly Plot, Chen Feng had initially thought that it was his father, Boundless. Later, however, he realized that he was wrong. Boundless’ cultivation base was not the strongest in the Myriad Celestial Planes. Meanwhile, he possessed the Longevity Scripture and the Longevity Tower. More, he was also a very important character from the Longevity Clan. Even some of the stronger Gold Immortals would choose to divine out his whereabouts. And yet, for the past one million years, no one managed to find him. This proved that the one who did it was extremely powerful. 

There was no need to make any complicated guesses before a name appeared in Chen Feng’s mind. 

The Planar Lord of the Celestial Longevity Plane.

Only through the actions of a character like the Planar Lord of a Celestial Plane could his fate be thoroughly obscured to the point where no one could find him. 

“You mean the Longevity Tower and the Longevity Scripture,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Yes. Those two items could drive the Myriad Celestial Planes crazy. But now that you have appeared, you should quickly find a safe place to hide,” Divine Prince Heavensfire suggested.

“A safe place?” Chen Feng laughed.

“Yes. Either the Longevity Heavensrange or the Boundless Corps. However, we would recommend that you head to the Boundless Corps. There are too many forces in the Longevity Heavensrange. More, there is no telling when Sir Boundless would emerge from his cultivation retreat. I fear that some veterans would discard their reputation and take action against you,” Divine Prince Heavensfire continued. 

After hearing those words, the feeling of wariness within Chen Feng began lessening. Judging by their words, it would appear that these two did not harbour any ill intentions towards him. More, given their level of strength, they could have simply attacked him. 

“I thank you for your advice.” Chen Feng thanked them. 

“I believe you should already know what is up with all the obstructions in your way, no?” Divine Prince Heavensfire suddenly said. 

“The Tower Prince is the one who instigated it,” Chen Feng was quick to reply. 

“The Tower Prince is the commander of the Tower Corps. He is also an elite amongst the Divine Princes. If this old fellow takes action, you may end up in a difficult spot.”

“The Tower Prince. Heh! I will be sure to settle the account with him.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“Is Sir Longevity Tower here?” Suddenly, Divine Prince Iceform asked respectfully. 

“The Longevity Tower is not with me,” Chen Feng replied. 

“Understood. Have you made up your mind, then? We’ll escort you,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said. 

“I’ll head to the Longevity Heavensrange first. That place is my home. I have to go check it out.” Chen Feng did not spend much time considering it. 

“Are you certain?” The two Divine Princes were somewhat surprised. They had assumed that Chen Feng would surely choose to head to the Boundless Corps. That was the headquarters of Chen Feng’s family branch.

“I’m certain.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Alright. No matter what, we have decided to put our bets on you. We must contribute first,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said with a wry smile while shaking his head.  

“Let’s go.”

Divine Prince Iceform was more direct. He waved his hand and an avenue made from ice appeared. The avenue of ice had fused with space-time and Chen Feng, despite his cultivation base, was incapable of seeing the end of the avenue. 

And so, Chen Feng and the others moved along the avenue of ice. Chen Feng was incapable of figuring how fast they were advancing, proving that this was a very formidable spiritwalking technique. 

However, their way forward was not an uneventful one. Along the way, the Tower Prince came to stop them, but the two Divine Princes repelled him. 

Chen Feng could tell, though, that the Tower Prince did not bring out his full strength for it. Rather, it was just a probing move. The moment he saw the two Divine Princes there, he quickly retreated. 

That said, that was the only interruption they faced. They had a tranquil time moving forward after that. And so, it did not take long before they reached the Longevity Heavensrange. 

Chen Feng secretly sighed. He had underestimated the difficulty involved here. If it weren’t for the assistance of the two Divine Princes, he would have a hard time reaching the Longevity Heavensrange. 

Upon arriving at the Longevity Heavensrange, the avenue of ice disappeared. As for Chen Feng, he sensed the familiar aura there and fragments of images from the depths of his memories emerged non-stop. Even the genes within his blood began stirring. 

“This is where I was born,” Chen Feng said. Finally, his whole person turned silent. 

For cultivators, a trip to the starry space could last for tens of millions of years. Some would not return even after billions of years. However, Chen Feng’s situation was different. Back when he was forced to leave the Celestial Longevity Plane, he was only a small child. Even after arriving at Eternal World, he had to wander around for some time, becoming subjected to some difficulties. 

No one disturbed Chen Feng. They could understand what he was feeling. 

“Let’s go,” Chen Feng then said, smiling. 

“Kid, you need to understand. What awaits you is danger and unpredictability,” Divine Prince Heavensfire said again. 

This time, Chen Feng did not reply. Instead, he strode forward.

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