Chapter 129: Repulse


Chen Feng rapidly circulated the Longevity Scripture’s cultivation formula and felt the numbness within his whole body disappearing swiftly. At the same time, strands of power began emerging from his body.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Thunderhawk’s claws kept flicking about and three more beams of sharp potent energy shot towards Chen Feng and Lu Ta. The beams came at an incredible speed, arriving before Chen Feng and Lu Ta in less than an instant.


Chen Feng and Lu Ta disappeared again and more holes appeared upon the cabin wall. When they re-appeared, Ye Ziming had one hand on each of them as he panted.

“Let’s just go. We won’t have the opportunity to do so anymore later.” Pulling them, Ye Ziming wanted to drag them both and fly out from the cabin.

“Hold it. One more time. It will definitely succeed. Earlier, I had cut that fellow’s talon halfway through,” Chen Feng hurriedly said. He was unwilling to leave right now.

“Do you still have the strength for it?” Ye Ziming asked with an annoyed tone.

“Naturally.” Suddenly, two pieces of Magic crystals appeared in Chen Feng’s hand. Circulating the Longevity Scripture’s formula, he caused the two Magic crystals to instantly disintegrate as he felt his energy recovering somewhat. However, it was still insufficient.

Pa! Pa!

Two more Magic crystals were fully absorbed by Chen Feng.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Thunderhawk attacked once again as sharp and forceful energy beams kept firing out from its claw. The beams shot towards Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta. In face of the rampaging beams, Chen Feng was unable to find the time to recover his strength. On the other hand, the wound on the Thunderhawk’s talon was quickly recovering.

Not good! Chen Feng screamed bitterly to himself as he dodged the beams. Under such circumstances, he would not be able to cut off the Thunderhawk’s talon.

At the same time, Mo Ji, who was within the central area of the ship’s magic array zone, was shocked. “That move the youngster just used is most likely the Voidslip technique of the Central Plains’ Xu Clan. As for the other fellow, he is even stronger. Not only has he condensed out his Soulflame, he also possesses a Prized artefact. Judging from all those factors, it would appear that the three of them are not ordinary loose cultivators. They probably have quite the background. Perhaps they are the core disciples of some big sects. Still, they don’t look the part.

“However, the three of them are quite courageous. Even now, they refuse to leave. Fine, I will lend them a hand.” A strange light flashed across Mo Ji’s eyes and she opened her mouth to spray out a pure breath of life force into the magic arrays. Instantly, the power of the magic arrays soared.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Mo Ji sent piece after piece of translucent, scarlet-reddish spirit stones out into the magic arrays. The stones disintegrated and the magic arrays immediately exuded a mighty power.

Those were top-grade spirit stones, Scarlet Blood crystals. They were several grades higher compared to Magic crystals.

After the Scarlet Blood crystals melded into the magic arrays, the whole Sky Soaring Warship abruptly gave a shudder. Powerful air currents surged into existence around it to combine with its surroundings, offsetting the lifting force exerted by the Thunderhawk. Slowly, the Sky Soaring Warship came to a halt and no matter how hard the Thunderhawk flapped its wings, it was incapable of pulling it higher.

“This Thunderhawk is quite strong. Little girl, do you want me to take action?” Suddenly, an elderly voice entered Mo Ji’s ear. 

“No. I can handle this. Also, how many times do I have to say it, don’t call me little girl,” muttered Mo Ji with a slightly dissatisfied tone and a pouting face. Should the other cultivators in the cabin see her face, they would surely grow shocked. 

Weng! Weng! Weng!

The Sky Soaring Warship rapidly turned. And yet, Chen Feng and the others who were still inside the cabin did not feel dizzy from the manoeuvre. It was a peculiar feeling.

Following the rotating move from the Sky Soaring Warship, the Thunderhawk’s large body too, rotated. At the same time, the surrounding cultivators were able to find the opportunity needed and their attacks landed upon the Thunderhawk’s body. Although their attacks failed to grievously injure the Thunderhawk, it was still very painful.

“Puny humans, you have finally made me angry! Watch as I tear this crappy ship of yours into pieces!” The Thunderhawk roared. Originally, it had wanted to take the Sky Soaring Warship as a trophy. Now however, it was enraged.

“Break.” The Thunderhawk stopped paying attention to Chen Feng’s group and its large talons raked furiously, eliciting the sounds of contorting metal from the Sky Soaring Warship. It was a disorienting and nauseating sound.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! 

The Sky Soaring Warship took action once more. Air currents surged out, condensing into ropes to wrap around the Thunderhawk’s talons, binding it to the warship.

“A good opportunity!” seeing that, Chen Feng yelled out. 

“Hurry, help me. This time, it will definitely succeed.” The power within Chen Feng’s body was already roaring out.

“All right, but we don’t have much strength left. Whether or not we can succeed will depend on this one attack,” said Ye Ziming helplessly.

The power from all three flowed into the Overwhelming Astral Sword once more and it radiated with the power of a Prized artefact once more.

“Not enough, still not enough.” After saying that, Chen Feng retrieved two Scarlet Blood Pills and stuffed them into his mouth. The ferocious medicinal power exploded outwards and Chen Feng’s eyes turned bloodshot. He then sent the resulting tidal wave-like power into the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

“This fellow’s really gone crazy!” Ye Ziming could not stop himself from screaming out.

Those are Scarlet Blood Pills. They can be considered as top-grade items amongst Human-tier medicinal pills. Those three truly do have some background. Mo Ji thought to herself.

“Brother Chen, let us help you.” To Chen Feng’s surprise, Big Pot Bro and Second Pot Bro approached them.

Of the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain, three had already flown out from the warship, leaving only the two of them. Big Pot Bro had a calm and steady demeanour while Second Pot Bro was tall and thoughtful. Although they were on the same team and had some interactions earlier, the relationship between them was not too deep. Unexpectedly, they had stepped out to help them at a time like this.

As the two of them were not as strong as him, Chen Feng was not fearful of them trying anything funny. He nodded his head. “Thank you.”

With the additional power from the two brothers, the Overwhelming Astral Sword finally unleashed its strongest power yet. Naturally, due to the various surging powers involved, Chen Feng could feel himself slowly losing control of the Overwhelming Astral Sword. This was not his own power after all. Rather, it was the combined might of many. The miscellaneous types of power involved made it difficult to control.

“This is the final one. Success or failure rests in this strike!” Chen Feng shouted and the Overwhelming Astral Sword erupted with a dazzling firework of light. It was as though the shining moon was exploding with light.


A talon, over one-zhang in length and thicker than a thigh, was cut off by the Overwhelming Astral Sword. The Thunderhawk, which was in the midst of combating the other cultivators, released a sky-shocking roar of rage. The power of the resulting shockwaves immediately knocked two nearby cultivators unconscious. At the same time, it quickly spread open its wings. Big and rough feathers shot out like sharp swords. With its talon cut, the Thunderhawk was finally going all out, employing moves that would harm even itself in order to fight them (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

Chen Feng was quick to respond. With a wave of his hand, he sucked the large talon in and kept it into the Longevity Tower. Next, the Overwhelming Astral Sword shone with sword light once more to envelop himself, Ye Ziming and the others before swiftly slipping out from the Sky Soaring Warship to appear in the sky outside the warship.

The instant they exited the warship, Chen Feng could feel the strong winds blowing around them. If it were not for the protection of the Prized artefact, they would have been swept into the strong winds and disappear from the place.

The enraged Thunderhawk glared at Chen Feng and bolts of lightning shot out from its mouth, all aimed at Chen Feng.

“Heh heh! Feathered beast, this young master has no time to play with you today,” said Chen Feng with a laugh. He had succeeded in cutting down one of the Thunderhawk’s talons and thus, gained considerably from that. Naturally, he was in a good mood. He kept dodging all the lightning bolts shooting towards him as he fled to the ground.

It was at that moment that the Sky Soaring Warship suddenly released two pillars of scarlet-red light. The power behind the two pillars of light was even greater compared to the attack that Chen Feng had unleashed earlier. The two attacks shot towards the Thunderhawk.

One of the pillars of light pierced the Thunderhawk’s wing, leaving a large see-through hole on it. As for the other pillar of light, it shot towards the Thunderhawk’s head, seemingly wanting to kill off the Thunderhawk in one hit.


The Thunderhawk bellowed out and its gigantic body instantly shrank to a length of only one-zhang. It had become about the same size as an ordinary hawk. And yet, the power exuding off its body grew even more violent and the toughness of its fleshly body increased. Its cut talon and pierced wing began to quickly heal up. Slowly, flesh began growing out from the cut portion of its talon.

Thanks to its small size, the blood-coloured pillar of light missed. Immediately, the Thunderhawk grew big and it broke the ropes restraining its body.

Next, the Thunderhawk unfurled its broad wings, flapping furiously with it to force the surrounding cultivators away. After that, it transformed into a stream of light and flew high into the sky. In but the blink of an eye, it had disappeared from sight.

The wound that the red pillar of light inflicted upon this Great Yao had struck fear into its heart. It no longer dared to continue the fight or even find Chen Feng for revenge. It had quickly made up its mind to flee.

The two red pillars of light must have come from the eerie lance. As expected, its power is extraordinary and the amount of damage it can inflict is much greater compared to my Overwhelming Astral Sword. Chen Feng had also noticed what happened earlier.

“The Thunderhawk has left at last.” The group of young cultivators besieging the Thunderhawk breathed a sigh of relief. In the earlier fight, this group of exalted geniuses had failed to gain the upper hand. Naturally, they had also been holding back on using their ultimate moves.

When Chen Feng’s group landed on the ground, they saw the other escapee cultivators gathering together. Some were left with tattered clothes, a truly wretched appearance. Some others, however, were even more unfortunate. They had been seriously wounded and a few amongst them seemingly did not have much vitality left in them. They were practically half dead.

“Big Bro, you two finally came out. You had me worried there.” Third Pot Bro hurriedly ran forward. Behind him were Fourth Pot Bro and Fifth Pot Bro.

With a thought, Chen Feng kept the Overwhelming Astral Sword into his Heavenly Origin acupoint before sitting down. He said nothing and simply concentrated on refining and absorbing the medicinal powers within his body. In the frantic situation earlier, he had taken two Scarlet Blood Pills. At present, their medicinal powers were surging about chaotically within his body. Not suppressing and absorbing them could lead to some complications later on.

“Heh! It seems I had underestimated you fellows.” It was at that moment that Elegant Gentleman and the short, middle-aged cultivator arrived before Chen Feng’s group. The two of them had quickly slipped away from the warship earlier and not a single wound could be seen upon their bodies.

“That weapon earlier is a Prized artefact, right?” asked the short, middle-aged cultivator coolly as he regarded Chen Feng, who was in the midst of cultivating his body.

“What do you fellows want?” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta swiftly stepped forward to place themselves before the two. At the same time, they secretly cried out in alarm. Earlier, they had exhausted too much of their power and had yet to recover. Should these two fellows decide to attack, the two of them would be incapable of stopping them.

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